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  Detective Chimp  
Detective Chimp (Scenesys ID: 4311)
Name: Bobo T. Chimpanzee (Magnificent Finder of Tasty Grubs)
Superalias: Detective Chimp
Gender: Male
Species: Chimpazee
Occupation: Detective
Citizenship: None
Residence: Gotham
Education: Self Educated, College level general education
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Gothamites, Mystic Arts, Street Level, JL Dark, Legacies, SHIELD
Apparent Age: 71 Actual Age: 71
Date of Birth 23 Dec 1950 Played By Tongo the Chimpanzee
Height: 3'6" or 112Cm Weight: 74lbs or 34kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Chimp is a good guy, a bit of a grumpy drunken uncle at times, but over all, he tries to help folks and hopes for the best but expects the worst. While he has learned to accept government and corporations do not accept his status as a person, when it is on a more personal level it will upset him quite a bit. He finds himself working for civil rights for all beings, even if he hides the fact from others at times


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* 1950 Magnificent Finder of Tasty Grubs was born in the wilds of Africa
* 1960 Fred Thorpe came into possession of MFTG naming him Bobo and trained him.
* 1961 Bobo got loose and he and a companion found the Fountain of Youth, which enhanced both Bobo and his Companion
* 1962 Bobo uses his enhanced abilities to help solve a murder.
* 1970 A member of BRPD contacts Bobo they offered Bobo work, and he used this to take care of a now elderly Fred.
* 1983 Wand offers Bobo a position with benifits of being able to have a business license and of course pay taxes.
* 1985 Bobo started the Detective Chimp Detective Agency, working in the shadows but paying the bills.
* 1990 Bobo had an out with Wand, still working with them on rare occasion but more freelance.
* 2007 Bobo has been able to be a bit more open with his Agency with the coming of hereoes, but has become somewhat embittered over the years.
* 2022 Bobo is still helping with the dark and occult things, and seems he may reluctantly have to become active again in a more open way.

IC Journal

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Chimp has seen a lot, and it has left him with a darker outlook on life. There is still a part of him hoping for better but he expects the worse.

Bobo can be a grumpy old chimp. He can be talked into helping as he knows it is the right thing, but he often is not happy about it.

Reluctant Hero:
Bobo can ignore a lot of things, but when push comes to shove, his better nature will cause him to try to help.

Character Sheet


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Bobo is a Chimpanzee and as such he has the strength, agility prehensile feet, senses and such of one.

Eternal Youth:
Bobo drank from from the fountain of youth, and this has granted him agelessness. Bobo's physical form is immune to the effects of aging. He can still be hurt or killed, it is just be it 1960 or 3290 Bobo will be the same physical age.

Genius Intelligence:
Bobo was also granted top notch intelligence from drinking from the Fountain of Youth. From this when Bobo puts himself to something he normally excels at it. His detective skills being the main example of this.

Universal Translator:
The third ability drinking from the Fountain of the Youth, Bobo was granted the ability to speak to any living creature in their own languages, and read all written languages. When he speaks to an animal, all who hear him with understand him, but only those who understand the language of those he it talking to will understand what is being told back to him.


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While working with the the BPRD/WAND Bobo studied and became knowledgeable of working a crime scene, and getting as much information from the clues he finds there.

Between his experience through the years, training he worked through and natural talent. Bobo is a master detective

Magical Knowledge:
Bobo has been investigating magical and occult things for over half a century, and from that he has built up quite the knowledge base from personal experience and studies. While he does not practice it, he has one of the best understanding of how magic and the occult works, and how people believe it works as well.

Over the years of drinking while Bobo has found his preffered drinks he has tried many and learned to make even more of them.


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Bobi is on the lower side of middle class. He has an office with a back room that he lives out of. He has enough cash to buy things when he wants them, but if it is a bigger purchase he has to save up or will be eating rammen for a while.


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Bobo is a functioning alcholic. If he is forced to go an extended time without a drink, he will get a bit jittery and will occasionally make a bad decision if it grants a better chance at getting a drink

Bobo is a chimpanzee this means people react differently than they do normal people. With the emergence of mutants and other types of people, he does not get quite the same effect as it used to be, but it is still there.

As a chimpanzee Bobo does not have all the same legal rights as human beings. Some of them he can fudge using his BPRD/Shield connections to make appear as so, and some he maybe able to bluff through but when push comes to shove Bobo is a chimp.



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Detective Chimp has 63 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A new case for the chimp December 28th, 2023 Info is gathered but the client disapears
Membership Drive December 15th, 2023 A gym video goes viral and it may be fatal.
Rockefeller Skating +1 Alien November 28th, 2023 Essix goes to Rockefeller center to witness some of the holiday spirit and while there meets a few new faces.
=Parkour & pencils November 9th, 2023 Vivian Vision does art. Harper does Parkour. And Detective Chimp? He shreds it on a skateboard. It's radical. There were also hotdogs. Mysteriously no portals back to the 90s are involved.
An evening at the park. October 20th, 2023 No description
Merge into MODOK! September 29th, 2023 In which our intrepid heroes run into MODOK as he merges to form MODOK. Expect a toy soon!
A roof is a roof September 11th, 2023 Detective Chimp offers Help to a roaming cat...
A night away from normal haunts August 28th, 2023 New people are met and news discussed.
Triggers at the Triskelion August 9th, 2023 Melinda May returns to SHIELD and spars with Natasha over coffee provided by Detective Chimp.
Into the Mountains II: Quell the Riot July 18th, 2023 Rescuers from the Shazamly, Justice League Dark, and a notable Spirit of the Eagle help keep Pookie, a gemstone-formed snow leopard and guardian spirit of a mountain in the Himalayas, from a military's grasp.
Nettie's Tea: Investigate the Scene of the Crime June 26th, 2023 Detective Chimp pays a visit to the Bulwark Nursing Home to investigate Dorothy's room.
After Necromancer Pizza June 10th, 2023 Gabby gets pizza delivered to the tea shop. Nettie is recovering from the encounter with the necromancer Kulan Gath. Detective Chimp and Tynan are brought up to date with current events.
So Is This What Jurassic Park Is Like May 29th, 2023 Detective Chimp, Jessica Drew, and Steve Rogers review some of the research footage of the dinosaurs in the Savage Land.
The River Bend Break May 21st, 2023 When DOLMOLOR THE CLEAN-ED ONE erupts from a Hellmouth whose binding is breaking down, Phantasm (Michael Hannigan) Osprey (Austin Reese), Detective Chimp (Detective Chimp) and Balm (Phoebe Beacon) reckon with acidic demon scrubbing bubbles, various imps, and what happens when the Michelin Man goes Bad.

Come for the Demonic Outbreak, stay for Phantasm and DOLLY THE CLEANER shouting insults back and forth

Central Park Meet-Up and Blues May 17th, 2023 On a rainy day, Phoebe, Detective Chimp and Michael Hannigan enjoy some music and conversation.
A Blind Man, a Chimpanzee, and a SHIELD Agent Walk Into A Bar April 30th, 2023 People gather at Josie's Bar to watch the basketball playoffs. When Bullseye feels slighted, things turn murderous.
A Bloke and a Chimp April 16th, 2023 Chimp gets a job to track John and Not John.
A night out letting the fur down. March 27th, 2023 Man or Animal, Manamal? Probably not.
The Great Switcheroo Part Deux March 9th, 2023 Clea weaves a spell to pull all of the displaced minds back to the dream realm and then push them back to their correct bodies before the Hulk exacts his revenge.
The Circus March 4th, 2023 No description
Tearing Off the Tail: Hydra Edition February 21st, 2023 A SHIELD Strike to steal a new experimental Hydra craft goes well. With many, many explosions along the way.
=Storytime at the Library February 19th, 2023 The seeds of the animal people revolution are planted. Or, just some storytime and conversation in a library.
A big belly burger, info and catching up January 31st, 2023 No description
Dangerous Investigations January 26th, 2023 Alderic and Detective Chimp have a nice conversation in a not so nice abandoned building.
Round About Questioning January 23rd, 2023 Detective Chimp comes to grill Delores Klein about The Artificer.
Operation BIRTHDAY: January January 22nd, 2023 Happy birthday to all! A cheerful moment for SHIELD.
A Winter's Nightmare January 10th, 2023 Pamela has one hell of a nightmare that Gotham joins in and others have to save her from.
Bad Book January 1st, 2023 People are breaking into a used bookstore for a bad book. It gets stolen! By one of them.
Seasonal Teas December 15th, 2022 As Nettie decorates for the Holiday Season, folks stop in and take in tea and holiday cheer. Mary Jane brings a gift to Nettie from WAND, Detective Chimp does not smoke a bubble pipe, and Patience Alperen gets a lead on some old family heirlooms.
Hell of a Chimp December 14th, 2022 No description
Mutanimal Monkey Business November 22nd, 2022 While on a case in NYC Detective Chimp notices more 'animal people' and investigates.
Opening Moves November 12th, 2022 No description
Not the Spook You're Looking For November 5th, 2022 No description
That's Show Business! - Holiday Hope Release Party November 4th, 2022 Another successful release party is had for the Holiday Hope fundraiser. There is an interesting turnout to their guest list. Chimps, Tigers, and 10 year olds, Oh my!
Chimps bring the most interesting things. October 24th, 2022 Experiments are planned and dinner is made
Questionable Moments October 23rd, 2022 The story of how Detective Chimp ended up in Mike's arms
GTG, We Got Cows October 2nd, 2022 Bessie the vampiric cow strikes! The sea casts up a foul curse that reshapes man and beast into one. Mayhem ensues, though no steaks were wasted in the filming of this madcow adventure.
Beating Down the Bar September 27th, 2022 A group of off duty SHIELD Agents, an Avenger, and an Asgardian walk into a bar..
Spilling the JLD Tea September 22nd, 2022 Gabby, and Nettie meet Balder, Patience and Detective Chimp at the new JLD tea house. Tynan ninjas on through.
Joker vs ACME September 21st, 2022 In which the Joker goes clowning around, since the ACME Corporation has come to town! Be here next bat time, same bat channel!
Knights of the Nation September 16th, 2022 Hellboy and Detective Chimp meet at the Knights Table and talk about a wide variety of things...including sportsball!
Simian Healing Session September 11th, 2022 When Detective Chimp needs a hand and a heal, Phoebe Beacon/Balm is happy to help
Good, Ol' Fashioned Gotham II September 9th, 2022 Continuation of the knock-down-blow-out gangwar prompted by the Steel Cobras of Gotham messing with the St. Patrick Slithers outta NYC.

Talia al Ghul engages in swordplay against someone who thinks they have her number. Detective Chimp steers the fighting dogs towards freedom as the GCPD sets up a barricade to stop the gang violence from spilling further out into the streets. The FLAMEBIRD meets acquaintance of one Alexander Hyde, who has determined he is now a Snakebuster and whacked a couple of people who were pickin' on the ones in the Halloween pajamas. Orphan initiates a lesson in stealth fighting which Balm initially fails horribly, but gets better, and Detective Chimp escapes having to file paperwork.

Good, Ol' Fashioned Gotham I September 8th, 2022 Following up on Red Robin and Orphan's report from one Alex Hyde of the St. Patrick Slithers, Balm, Osprey and Orphan take on a Steel Cobra's warehouse where presumably the kids related to the Slithers are being kept, and are joined by unlikely Allies Detective Chimp (following up on the dog fighting ring) and none other than Talia al Ghul, who shows remarkable restraint in not killing everyone. When Balm alerts that there is a Bomb, Osprey springs into action and saves everyone's bacon!

... but the fight is now spilling out and into the street, with Slithers and Cobras, GCPD and who knows what else!

Sword Comparisons September 6th, 2022 Chimp is getting a sword, Megan is getting a tutor, and Gabby gets to learn something new!
Ghost September 6th, 2022 Hellboy and Detective Chimp go into the subway expecting a ghost. Mercy Thompson helps them dispatch said ghost. Hellboy may or may not have taken some bricks to the face.
Metallic Mystery September 5th, 2022 Upon crash-landing in Gotham from deep space, Detective Chimp is here to save the day, and teach the naive nanodroid some things abou the really strange world she ended up in.
Balm for a Simian Sleuth August 29th, 2022 Detective Chimp comes in with an injured shoulder, leaves full of scotch and questions.
Hydra on a Hellicarrier August 28th, 2022 Hydra attacks S.H.I.E.L.D.'s newestly christened Hellicarrier. They're driven off in a daring mid-air fight by heroic Agents of SHIELD and members of the Avengers!
15 Fears: Infestation August 26th, 2022 The JLD suffers an invasion force in the form of an avatar of The Crawling Rot. The defense is successful but the Sitting Room is going to need a deep clean before anyone is willing to use it again.
Dark Fairy Godmother's Aftermath August 25th, 2022 Phoebe gives Detective Chimp a head's up on possible dealings with Delores Klein, and recruits him to help with finding some answers to the Ringmaster's threats.
Urban Legends: The Devil's Church August 25th, 2022 Chimp goes Ape, Megan Gwynn gets to Snap Crackle and Pop an energy shield, Michael Hannigan shed a little light on the subject, Patience Alperen got to use a Really Cool Ice Trick, and Charlie Gage's Anti-Angel/Demon Gloves make things go POP.

Phoebe was lucky to have this group around to rescue her from... THE LIZARD METALHEADS OF THE DEVIL'S CHAIR

Pigless Iron August 25th, 2022 Donovan comes into Klein's Bottles looking for help after someone powdered his apartment floor with iron. Luckly, Detective Chimp was there to take the case!
Alcoholic Beast of Ages Past August 24th, 2022 A group of intrepid heroes encounter a booze demon. Sobriety will never happen again.
15 Fears: Buried Secrets August 22nd, 2022 The JLD manage to get through the trials deep in the bowels of the castle and find that they are Wardens of a prison of some of the worst the universe has to offer. What they do with that knowledge is now up for debate, but they have been given a tool that could help defeat the Old Gods plaguing them and reality.
Sorry D. Chimpanzee August 18th, 2022 Detective Chimp brings Delores something to say he's sorry. Turns out it's incredibly valuable to her. He also has a request.
Urban Legends: Firebird Tunnel August 17th, 2022 When a pair of thrillseekers disappear investigating The Firebird Tunnel legend, Gabby Kinney, Detective Chimp, Rose Wilson, Daniel Ketch and Phoebe Beacon investigate, and find that a portal in the tunnel led to a dangerous side-step of reality, where Mantid-Bees have captured the Tik Tok-ers. You won't bee-leave what happens next!
Not Monkeybusiness August 16th, 2022 Detective Chimp comes upon The Curio, and while investigating its menu makes an aquaintence of one of the regulars -- Idu, the canine companion of Phoebe Beacon.
15 Fears: Squirm August 13th, 2022 Mercy recounts her harrowing ordeal at the hands of The Crawling Rot's avatar and a new face visits the Velvet Room.
Vetting the Veteran August 13th, 2022 Off to the Velvet Room they go!
Measure of a Monkey August 12th, 2022 Delores Klein examines Detective Chimp...from out of the room? Secrets are kept. Probably more secrets than either of them individually realize.
Out for a bit August 10th, 2022 And the Chimp and the Cat chat
Chimps Need Healing, Too August 8th, 2022 Detective Chimp comes into Klein's Bottles looking for a few special herbs. He and Delores have a private talk about supernatural things in the staff breakroom.


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Detective Chimp has 63 finished logs.

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