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Maxima (Scenesys ID: 342)
Name: Maxima
Superalias: Maxima
Gender: Female
Species: Almeracian
Occupation: Crown Princess
Citizenship: Almeracian Empire
Residence: Earth
Education: Finest Almeracian Imperial Tutors
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 15 Jul 2000 Played By Alexina Lorna Graham
Height: 6'2" Weight: 164lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Warrior Queen" - Visigoth

Character Info


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The Crown Princess of the Almeracian Empire, a conquering warrior from the depths of space, the young woman known as Maxima is one of the most powerful beings that her empire has ever created. Indeed she is likely one of the most powerful beings in known space. Standing at the pinnacle of Almeracian blood legacies, Maxima has cast her gaze beyond the Empire in search of a genetic lineage that she might consider her equal in order that with the submission her completed genetic legacey to the Imperial Blood House she might finally ascend as Queen of Almerac and Empress of the Empire.


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"She is our Queen! Our leader bred to rule and conquer! Only Maxima can deliver us..." - Justice League America #63

* 2000: Maxima emerges from the genetic engineering Creche of the Imperial Blood House of Almerac, the result of their finest genetic legacy to date, the very pinnacle of Almerac genetic engineering.

* 2005 - 2018: Maxima is educated and trained to be the ideal Crown Princess of the Almeracian Empire. She is schooled academically, militarily, and in the use of her powers.

* 2018: Brainiac attacks the Almeracian Empire and manages to abduct a city from one of the planets in the Core Almerac star system before being repelled and making his way towards Earth.

* 2019: Maxima dispatches her Simulacrum to pursue Brainiac and the lost city across the stars and ultimately to Earth.

* 2020: Maxima loses her psychic connection to her Simulacrum on Earth. Unknown to her after a conflict involving Brainiac's drones it has begun to malfunction and overlay telepathically absorbed earth data with the information about Almerac that resides in its mind. Maxima decides to head to the backwater rimworld called Earth to pursue Brainiac, get to the bottom of her missing Simulacrum, and recover the lost Almeracian city.

IC Journal

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Almeracian Honor:
"Turn around. I loathe attacking from behind!" - Supergirl (2011) #36

Maxima is the Crown Princess of the Almeracian Empire and descended from a long line of Warrior Queens. Hers is a warrior culture and like many other warrior cultures has a very strong sense of Honor.

For example Warriors of Almerac will generally not attack an opponent from behind. In their eyes, a fight should be face to face and on equal terms so that the strongest may prevail. To this end they also prefer one on one duels whenever possible, though might acquiesce to letting a number of weaker opponents team up in order to enjoy a greater challenge. Similarly they can and will work together with brutal efficiency against suitably powerful foes.

This is not to say the warriors of Almerac are completely without guile. They know when the proper time for a direct confrontation is and when to avoid walking into a trap. An opponent that displays a flagrant lack of honor may find the rules of engagement no longer apply to them. Similarly subterfuge might be employed off the battlefield when there are few other options, particularly in situations when fighting is simply not a viable option.

As a paragon of this tradition Maxima embodies all of this and more as she strives to be a leader her people can look up to.

"Maxima will accompany you and single-handedly defeat that pig, Brainiac!"
- Superman Vol. 2

  1. 66

    Maxima is arrogant. Maxima is extremely arrogant. Maxima has very good reason to be

arrogant. Born into the Imperial family, standing at the peak of known Almeracian Blood Legacies, possessing powers that exceeded those of her teachers by the time she was a teenager. Maxima is an incredibly powerful and priveleged being, likely the most powerful individual in the entire Almeracian Empire, and she knows it. Since childhood Maxima has known nothing but praise, she is MAXIMA, and thus finds little use for humility. Maxima is accustomed to being the most powerful, most beautiful person in the room. In her mind she is simply telling the truth.

"Guy, I am contacting you telepathically. Do not let the others know this. I want you to sneak out of here and follow my instructions."
- Justice League America #68

With her seeming focus on direct conflict and single combat, one could be forgiven for not realizing how cunning Maxima truly is. Despite her often espoused preference for settling things with Honorable Combat, even Maxima acknowledges there are cases where a straight show of force cannot carry the day.

This is particularly true in the realm of Interstellar politics. While the Almeracian Empire seeks to ever extend its borders, it is not stupid enough to pick fights it obviously cannot win and neither is Maxima. Yet Maxima also hates losing and outside of the Battlefield principles of Honor can be a little more flexible when few other options remain. She is not only not above subterfuge to get what she wants in such circumstances, she is also quite good at it.

"She stirs. Despite the battering she's taken, despite the weakness that leaves her exhausted, she has a planet to reclaim and she intends to do it."
- Justice League America

  1. 64

    Maxima's will is indomitable and nigh unbreakable. She is dauntless and utterly fearless

in the pursuit of her goals. Once the warrior princess sets her mind upon doing something, come hell or high water she will accomplish it or die trying and woe betide any who get in her way. To her dying breath she will not stay down. This is the same indomitable will that is the source of her tremendous psychic power.

"Her thoughts, her sympathies toward Earth, can only be guessed at, but the defeated and disgraced queen took immediate and decisive action. She ordered her ship abandoned. When the loyal crew refused, she calmly ordered the ship's course altered and set for intercept with the oncoming monstrousity."
- Superman: The Man of Steel #117

In a warrior society like that of Almerac loyalty is valued as much as Honor. A warrior of Almerac is expected to be loyal to any they have sworn allegiance to, such as their superiors in the Almeracian military, obeying their orders and looking out for their best interests. This is a two-way street however as superiors are also expected to be loyal to their subordinates and not sacrifice them needlessly.

Loyalty between allies is also considered a cardinal virtue and an important matter of Honor. But it only lasts so long as that loyalty is reciprocated. Hell hath no fury like an Almeracian Warrior Queen scorned.

Noblesse Oblige:
"Sacred Gods, I commend to you this soul of a warrior most proud! A soul stolen by death because I wasn't on my throne where I belong!"
- Justice League America #63

Nobless Oblige is an extension of Almeracian Honor and Loyalty. As the next ruler of the entire Almeracian Empire, Maxima has a sacred duty to act in a protective and generous manner towards her subjects. In many ways this is like the two-way loyalty of the Almeracian military but on the scale of the entire empire. They are all her subjects and she stands above them all. Barring criminal acts or rebellion she will treat them benevolently and in accordance with the laws of Almerac. To do otherwise would be nigh unthinkable.

"Maxima asks no one's forgiveness nor does she deign to beg for mercy! But having witnessed the evil of Brainiac, Maxima pledges with all her honor to stand beside you in the ultimate battle against Warworld's might!"
- Superman Vol. 2 #66

Maxima does not beg and nor does she ask forgiveness for the actions she takes. She is Imperial royalty and carries herself with a supreme confidence and regal bearing one typically associates with such a position. As the Crown Princess and future Empress of the Almeracian Empire, she was raised in the Imperial family by the finest Imperial tutors to exude honor, poise, and dignity. It is one thing to have royal blood in one's veins, it is another thing to act royal, which Maxima does in every action she takes.

"Cry? Maxima does not cry. I need help from no one."
- Justice League America #65

The Warriors of Almerac are expected to never show weakness. To do so is to bring shame upon their genetic lineage and Blood House. As the pinnacle of Almeracian Warriors the expectations upon Maxima are exponentially higher and as the Crown Princess she lives up to them.

Warrior Spirit:
"Your onslaught does little but stimulate me creature! Maxima welcomes this. For only when a warrior faces death can a conflict be deemed truly WORTHY!"
- Adventures of Superman

  1. 497

    Maxima was created first and foremost to be a warrior and to fight, a purpose which she

embodies with every fiber of her being. For Maxima there is no greater calling than the battlefield, no greater thrill than to place her life on the line in mortal combat. It is in these life and death struggles that she feels truly alive and for an Almeracian warrior such as she there is no greater honor than to perish fighting on the field of battle.

Character Sheet


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Astral Combat:
"Damn you, stand fast! You are my finest Psychic Disciples! We won't be beaten by such an unsophisticated attack! His Ego Warriors are simplistic, almost childish! I will not be intimidated by raw power!" - Extreme Justice #18

Maxima's potent telepathic powers not only allow her to enter the Astral Plane but she may bring others with her as well. In this space she is an incredibly potent force, capable of creating psychic items such as weapons and armor and even manipulating her environment through the sheer strength of her will. As a psychic warrior though Maxima does not rely on raw force of will alone. She is a trained and disciplined psychic combatant capable of remaining standing even when all others seem to fall.

"I've found the Creature! He's hate, death, and blood lust personified!"
- Justice League America #69

Maxima is an extraordinarily powerful Empath. Unless she chooses not to she can easily passively sense large concentrations or particularly powerful bursts of emotion around her in an area approximately the size of Metropolis. In addition through actively channeling her potent psychic will she can extend this power to a planetary scale, allowing her to locate creatures like Doomsday or terrible events where many are suffering.

She can also hone this power in on an individual or smaller group to assess their emotional state and even overcome a lack of language with particularly mentally undisciplined creatures to essentially 'hear' emotions as a form of communication.

Her control over this power and her own emotions is such that only the most intense of emotions around her has a chance to passively affect her and despite her natural temper most attempts to manipulate her emotions psychically will fail.

"Know that I am of a hearty star spanning people." - Action Comics #651

Almeracians of the Warrior caste are literally built for War, tireless, endless War. The various genomes of the genetic legacies that ultimately lead to Maxima's creation were partially selected for well above average health and endurance with this in mind.

She is capable of peak physical exertion for days on end without tiring. Terrain that would be exhausting to humans does not slow her down in the least. Further when she does rest, she requires far less than a human would for similar results.

She also heals much faster. Injuries that would take months for a human to heal from, Maxima might bounce back from in a matter of days. Her cells also enjoy far greater longevity than a human's causing her to seemingly stop aging upon reaching maturity.

Finally her supercharged metabolism and immune system render her immune to all natural poisons and diseases. Even magically altered or otherwise enhanced versions would have difficulty getting past her body's natural defenses.

Energy Manipulation:
"I have this situation in hand. Fear not, warrior. You are safe... and my prisoner!" - Justice League America #82

Maxima is capable of manipulating Energy at the molecular level through her telekinesis. This ability takes two primary forms: Force Fields and Energy Constructs.

Force Fields: Maxima can create Force Fields around herself and others both for protection and imprisonment. She has used her force fields for things ranging from keeping herself dry while operating underwater, all the way up to resisting a tremendous amount of physical force, such as blows from serious Kryptonians and Atlanteans. She can also surround others with these force fields as a form of imprisonment. Both uses are equally strong and require the same tremendous amount of force to break in to or out of.

Energy Constructs: Maxima can create small scale constructs out of pure energy, these are typically daggers and swords or other weapons she might use when something suitable is not at hand. It is limited to relatively small hand held objects with something the size of a polearm already pushing its limits. Weapons made this way are exceedingly sharp with true mono-molecular edges. The constructs however, while they can be thrown at a target, do not last long once they have left her grasp. A more advanced form of this technique combines with her Matter Manipulation abilities to convert the energy construct into solid matter. This gives it a more permanent existence, though it also requires a great deal more power and focus, so she rarely bothers with this feat.

"What the..? Our ship is coming apart at the seams!"
"Not so hard to accomplish when one has Mastery over all things Metal."
- Justice League America #73

Maxima has demonstrated a seeming total mastery of all things metal. Using what some would dub 'Ferrokinesis', she can bend, rend, liquify, and reform metals as she sees fit, even shifting them into other useful implements such as weapons and armor. This includes even advanced technologies she is familiar with or any other shapes she should desire. She can even cause machines up to and including androids and starships to disassemble themselves down to their component parts or reassemble themselves back to working order.

"Maxima! I will require your assistance to fly." - Justice League America #85

Through the use of her vast telekinetic powers Maxima is capable of flight at hypersonic speeds. She can also reach escape velocity allowing her to break free of Earth's gravity. Once in outer space and unencumbered by friction or air resistance and the like she can move at far greater speeds still, letting her easily traverse solar systems or even interstellar distances. Though a starship is still recommended for comfort given the rigors of long range space travel.

Through the use of her telekinesis she is also able to grant flight to others who otherwise lack the ability. While it is still under Maxima's control, paired with her Telepathy she can read the recipient's surface thoughts telling her where they would like to go and allowing it to mimic true flight.

Hypnotic Gaze:
"My Lady! We will learn nothing from her in this state!"
"I do not wish to Sazu. She annoys me."
- Action Comics #645

Maxima is able to paralyze others with her hypnotic gaze. Against opponents with powerful wills of their own she is capable of holding them paralyzed for as long as her eyes meet theirs. Humans however can be affected in much larger groups and left in a seemingly zombie-like highly suggestible hypnotized state until someone comes along to snap them out of it.

In this state they will obey simple commands, though left to their own devices they will just stand there staring off into space. Once Maxima's direct influence is gone the effect is easily dispelled by shaking them or the like.

Illusion Projection:
"So I projected an illusion at him in which his other side had broken free, and moved for the attack. The shock of seeing it was sufficient to send him into a semi-comatose state, having taken the illusion unto reality for himself"
- Aquaman (1994) #41

Maxima is capable of projecting illusions in the minds of others. These illusions are wholly believable and convincing, unless the recipient has some reason to doubt them. Combined with her telepathic powers she is capable of using these illusions to prey upon the fears and mental weaknesses of others with near perfect believability. This has been demonstrated to great effect even against some very powerful beings.

"Away from me worm! I require no man's protection! And if your insignificant little mind is unable to comprehend that then a demonstration is in order! As you can see nothing may harm me EVER!" - Justice League America #61

As the pinnacle of a race of warriors bred for combat Maxima's base physiology has been rendered highly resistant to physical damage. Even under regular circumstances, things like bullets and most conventional physical harm simply have no effect on her.

When this is combined with her ability to turn her telekinesis inward and wrap herself in a field of repulsory force while simultaneously holding her own molecules tightly together to prevent penetration, it takes the blows of one with a similar level of superhuman strength to her own or a similar truly massive amount of force to phase her.

She is also capable of withstanding truly extreme temperatures, radiation, and the ravages of outer space.

Matter Manipulation:
"And you might start by dressing more conservatively!"
"If you insist." *Shimmer*
- Justice League America #66

Maxima's telekinesis is capable of affecting matter at the molecular level allowing her to do things like reshape physical objects into different forms and even compositions. The most common use of this power is changing her attire into whatever outfit or battle armor suits her whims at the time, as well as, altering the furnishings of her chambers to be more fitting of an Imperial Princess.

Mental Defenses:
"I shall never forget this insult! Your will is strong Brainiac... but, even with all the power of Warworld at your command you are far from omnipotent! You cannot pierce my own mental shields... my thoughts remain my own... and I swear that I shall die before I become one of your Mind Slaves!"
- Action Comics #675

Maxima's mind is a veritable fortress. As a psychic of immense natural talent with some of the finest training in the galaxy her mental defenses are as strong or stronger than her physical ones. Even when Brainiac boosted his telepathic powers to Cosmic levels using the power of the planet War World he was still unable to penetrate Maxima's ironclad defenses.

Note: These defenses have been shown to fail against magic. For example the powerful magical possession of a cosmic entity was able to take control of Maxima.

Mind Bolt:
"For all your strength, all your brawn, Orion, you cannot possibly withstand a psychic assault."
- Superman Vol. 2 #65

One of Maxima's more infamous powers, the Mind Bolt is an intangible projection of raw psychic energy directly into the target's mind. Depending on the intensity and duration of exposure, these bolts have been shown to cause intense pain, loss of conciousness, brain damage, and even death. Even the likes of the more powerful New Gods and Kryptonians have been easily rendered unconcious by this potent ability.

Mind Control:
"Hnh?! They're attacking me? and their eyes... blank! Maxima is controlling them mentally, turning them into human weapons!" - Action Comics #730

Though an ability she rarely chooses to use finding it dishonorable in the extreme, Maxima is capable of dominating the minds of others and bending them to her will. Entire groups of humans are easily brought under her sway while those of stronger will require all of her focus and control to bend. That being said even a cosmic being when magically possessing her was stunned by the scope of her abilities.

Optical Force Beams:
"Get out of my way!" *THOOM* - Action Comics #651

Maxia is capable of firing off beams of optical force by focusing her telekinetic powers through her eyes. These beams can vary in effect depending on how tightly they are focused. They can be applied as wider cones of pure concussive force over a larger area or narrowed down to pinpoint laser-like heat beams capable of melting through even very high density materials and superhuman flesh.

"Can you catch me Superman? Do try! I have waited so long for this, do not disappoint me!" - Action Comics #651

Maxima is fast, Maxima is incredibly fast. On her own Maxima is more than capable of moving at super sonic speeds and able to easily dodge bullets and the like.

When fully empowering herself by making use of her telekinesis however, Maxima can push those speeds well into the hypersonic range.

She is also capable of perceiving others using super speed and reacting to it. She is fast enough to impress Kryptonians, keep up with them in a fight, and even evade their attacks at full speed.

*KA-POW* "By the House of Almerac, you still stand eh? You WILL bow down before me Creature! "

  • KRAAAAAASH* - Adventures of Superman #497

    The sheer physical power of the Crown Princess of

Almerac is a marvel to behold. Without even drawing upon her psychic might, her strength is naturally prodigious. Maxima is capable of lifting more than one hundred tons without a great deal of effort.

However, when she truly gets serious, this power can be enhanced to a frightening degree by her Telekinetic abilities. By employing what is commonly referred to as 'Tactile Telekinesis', Maxima can not only match the strength of the most powerful adversaries out there (such as fully charged Kryptonians, Doomsday, and the like), but she can also lift things that would otherwise break under their own weight due to the laws of physics (such as buildings, ocean going vessels, spaceships, and the like).

Suspended Animation:
"The powers of my mind allow me to temporarily halt my body's vital functions." - Action Comics

  1. 651

    Maxima is able to temporarily halt all of her vital functions, giving her the appearance

of death such that even Kryptonian heightened senses are unable to tell that she still lives. Thanks to her powerful telepathic abilities, Maxima also retains full awareness in this state making it ideal to draw an adversary close and take them by surprise.

"My Telekinesis is quite effective!" - Extreme Justice #12

The power to physically move things with one's mind. Maxima is one of the most potent Telekinetics in known space with a wide array of powers capable of affecting Matter and Energy down to the molecular level. At its most basic, telekinesis allows Maxina to lift and move objects with her mind. In terms of raw telekinetic force she is capable of some truly amazing feats, such as lifting and manipulating several massive objects at once, a myriad of smaller objects over a vast area, or even pulling the tectonic plates of a dying planet back together again. On a smaller scale she is also capable of very fine control, manipulating objects with the delicate touch of a skilled artisan.

"No jokes, Bug. You have allied yourself with the only Mind that could possibly match Brainwave, so I have forged an alliance of my own." - Extreme Justice #17

Maxima is an extraodinarily powerful telepath. One of the most powerful psionic beings in known space.

"Having probed his mind in the past, I can telepathically scour the city for his unique emanations until I find him. Done." - Justice League America #68

At their most basic, Maxima's powers allow her to send her thoughts to others as easily as thinking them. She can connect multiple minds together in a sort of telepathic conference call with herself as the hub. She can also read the surface thoughts of others, though anything deeper, such as delving into an egoscape, requires a great deal of focus and concentration. The range of these powers is such that she can communicate with individuals across an entire city or use it to search for a specific individual that she knows within a similarly wide area.

Unearthly Beauty:
"Is that..? Mera? Is that Queen Mera? She looks so much more... uh... ENHANCED Maybe she had some work done." - Aquaman (1994) #41

Maxima has been bred to be physically perfect. This extends beyond just pure strength and resilience. While Almerac, with their superior genetic engineering, is certainly capable of producing a hulking mountain of muscle they also value aesthetics of beauty which are surprisingly close to those of Earth. As a result while she may be what some would call amazonian in physical proportions with whipcord muscle readily visible when flexing or exerting herself, Almeracian scientists have ensured that their Crown Princess still maintains an almost impossible feminine physique through what can only be described as a miracle of alien technology.


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"I told you we should have gone first... Gardner and Gold would barely qualify as cannon fodder on Almerac." - Justice League America #80

War is what Maxima was bred for and Almeracian Warriors are some of the finest in the Galaxy. Maxima stands at the pinnacle of that Almeracian Warrior Caste. From the time she could walk she has been schooled in the arts of war. The hand to hand martial arts styles of the countless worlds that make up the Almeracian Empire have been drilled into her until their movements became second nature. In addition to those, she has also had been imparted with the Imperial Blood House's own closely guarded fighting techniques. She has also been trained to use all weapons common to the empire and many exotic ones, as well. Another major part of her training was that from the time of their first manifestation, she was taught how to make the best use of her various powers in battle. As a result Maxima finds few equals on the battlefield.

Foreign Relations:
"Hold, War is an honorable way of settling conflict. But there are governing councils out there you have yet to meet who will stand behind Chaq and enforce his rights with more War. I dare say that with their superior forces Earth will be overrun." - Justice League America #68

As the Crown Princess of Almerac Maxima is not only a known quantity among the various Interstellar empires but, due to the necessity of trade and foreign relations that don't always take place at the end of a sword, she knows quite a bit about them as well. Not only can she identify most major stellar civilizations and their space going vessels, she knows enough about their customs and proper protocals as well not to make a fool of herself. She is also aware of the various trans-galactic councils and organizations along with the treaties and laws which govern them. Earth, however, being a backwater rimworld does not fall under any of this knowledge.

"Let me show you something I was able to seize from remnants of Mongul's Empire, a map of your own genetic code." - Action Comics #651

Thanks to her Almeracian education and the Empire's highly advanced level of Scientific and Technological sophistication, Maxima has a strong understanding of advanced technology in general, with a deep understanding of Genetics in particular. She is able to do things like analyze the characteristics of DNA, identify the genetic footprints of individuals, map genomes of various species, and determine compatability to create new Genetic Legacies. With the right equipment she is also capable of overseeing the creation of new Warriors from the creches and the creation of highly advanced temporary energy clones called Simulacra.

Imperial Education:
"The text is ancient, but I recognize its roots in old Interlac."
- Justice League America

  1. 68

    Maxima is highly intelligent, as is to be expected of the finest genetic lineage, and

highly educated. She comes from a civilization significantly more advanced than the Earth's and her education fields such as Math, Science, and Technology has matched that level of development. As a future Monarch her education also featured the Almeracian version of the Humanities, the Linguistics, Literature, Social Studies, History, etc. of her own empire and the other major powers as well. Finally being the Crown Princess of an imperial warrior society, she has been educated in finer points of leadership, governing, military history, military science, strategy, tactics, and how all of these intersect with both Almeracian Honor and the need for diplomacy.

Interstellar Lore:
"Wait THIS doesn't belong. A foreign substance.. like nothing I've seen on any planet." - Justice League America #68

Maxima has visited many planets and seen many things, both within the Almeracian Empire and beyond. Further she has studied even more than she has visited. While there are certainly plenty of obscure space based phenomena that are beyond her ken, she knows a great deal more than most present on Earth about space, the people and things found therein, and their goings on.

Stellar Navigation:
"We are on course and beginning to slow, Mistress. Estimated Earth arrival in two hours." - Adventures of Superman #458

Maxima is quite proficient at stellar navigation and getting around space in her starship. She has visited a great many planets this way. She even has flown all the way from the heart of Almeracian space to the distant backwater rimworld of Earth.


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Diplomatic Immunity:
"Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Kent, but we just got a major news leak. The Feds took custody of Maxima, and then let her go! The State Department is willing to let her get away with murder in order to avoid any further alien invasions! There's talk of an informal non-aggression pact!" - Action Comics #651

While alien civilizations are not technically covered by the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, as a head of state of an interstellar empire the United States government has shown demonstrated a great reluctance to attempt to hold Maxima accountable for any crimes up to and including murder. Barring truly heinous acts, such as Crimes Against Humanity, and possibly even then, Federal Officers of the State Department will typically show up if she has been incarcerated and insist on her release in order to avoid an interstellar war with the powerful Almeracian Empire.

Imperial Fame:
"Though I owe you no explanation, Almerac is well known to those who traverse the space ways." - Justice League America #61

Just as Maxima knows a great deal about the movers and shakers of other stellar empires, they also know of her. In fact most of civilized space will easily recognize her on sight as the Crown Princess of Almerac. This can be a double edged sword. On the one hand so long as she goes through the proper channels she is likely to be treated as a visiting dignitary when travelling to other stellar empires, on the other it makes any sort of covert movement through the civilized areas of space all but impossible.

Imperial Resources:
"My family has spent millennia forging a rich empire throughout our galaxy. Our power is vast, our rivals but few." - Action Comics #651

"Earth's paltry system of wealth is of no concern to me."
- Justice League America #61

Maxima is the heir apparent of an interstellar empire, one of the major powers of space. The sheer amount of resources such an empire, spanning countless star systems, has at its disposal transcends what most Earthlings can even imagine. Were she on Almerac Prime her access to wealth, soldiers, weapons, starships, and anything else she might desire would be virtually limitless. However on Earth she is limited to what precious commodities and technological marvels she is able to carry with her. Still the trade goods that she has on hand are enough to supply her with tremendous wealth by Earthly standards, enough that doesn't really want for anything in terms of material comforts.

Imperial Starship:
"Imperial space craft approaching! Concentrate all laser batteries on the target and fire!"
"How DARE they fire at Lady Maxima herself! This is an outrage! Despite this craft's ability to withstand almost any barrage this one is far too strong!"
- Justice League America

  1. 63

    Maxima's personal spacecraft is one of the flagships of the Almeracian naval fleet. It is

a wonder of advanced space technology capable of traversing the space ways at far beyond the speed of light and making the trip between Earth and Almerac in a matter of days rather than several lifetimes. The ship is incredibly durable, between its strong hull and energy shields, it is capable of withstanding most attacks barring a completely overwhelming amount of force. It is largely automated and possesses an advanced machine intelligence capable of operating the ship's functions and answering questions by accessing the knowledge within its databases and performing advanced calculations and probability equations. It also possesses an impressive array of weapons, an energy encapsulation pod system for making planetfall, and a cloaking device to conceal it in orbit.

Portal Key:
"Take the portal key. When Comet is ready, use it to return to Crucible."
- Supergirl (2011)

  1. 39

    The Portal Key is a marvel of advanced Almeracian technology. Rather an an actual key, in

the traditional Earth conception of such objects, it takes the shape of a simple wide-banded golden ring embedded with mirco-circuitry. The wearer of the ring is capable of opening portals between two points in space allowing for instantaneous travel, even to other planets.

There are some caveats to the use of the device. The portals only stay open for a few seconds. There is a limit to the amount of mass that can pass through in the neighborhood of a few thousand pounds. Once activated it needs approximately an hour to recharge between uses. Generally the user must been to the place in question or have very precise coordinates calculated so that they don't wind up in the middle of a volcano or similar hazardous location upon arrival. Related to the dangers of falling into a volcano the wearer also cannot determine the state of things on the other side of the portal before stepping through adding to the risk of this method of travel. Of course these risks are balanced by the benefit of being able to travel potentially between planets instantaneously. For many, it's worth the risk, particularly in an emergency.

Simulacrum Apparatus:
"The dissolution of Mongul's rule, triggered in no small part by your act of defiance, demanded my immediate attention. Thus, I ordered the construction of a Simulacrum, a near perfect double of myself." - Action Comics #651

Aboard Maxima's Imperial Starship is a wonder of advanced Almeracian technology, the Simulacrum Apparatus. This high tech marvel allows a near perfect clone of an individual to be created as a stable energy construct. The clone will have a basic mental imprint of the person in question allowing it to function on its own. In the case of super powered beings much of their power is retained though the energy construct clones are not quite as potent or durable as the original. A powerful telepath such as Maxima can also possess her clones from afar, making them an idea tool if she happens to need to be in two places at once.


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Almeracian Honor:
"No. This is a struggle between two warriors who have an important difference to settle. A true victor must emerge." - Justice League America #65

Maxima abides by the code of honor of Almeracian Warriors. What's more she will often project her views of honors on to the affairs of others. She is not likely to interfere in a one on one duel if she believes it is an honorable one. Even informal single combat is likely to be left alone by her. Though in the latter case she may intervene to save a life if her ally has clearly lost, depending on the circumstances. She will also approach all combats under the precepts of Almeracian Honor, at least initially. A dishonorable foe may lose this privilage, but sometimes that is all the time they need to get the upper hand. She will also keep her word of Honor to those she considers Warriors or to her own people, though outsiders and profiteers may be met with subterfuge.

"Maxima needs no lesson in heroism from the likes of you! Blasphemous miscreants! No one, not even an Earth Princess, can speak to Maxima, Ruler of Almerac with such impudence!" - Superman Vol. 2 #66

Those who stand above, stand alone. Maxima's arrogance causes her no end of difficulties. To start with most people are not terribly fond of extremely arrogant individuals. It is also lonely at the top. When you see few if any as your equals it can cause difficulties making friends or even working in a group. Even when she does accept allies she still has great difficulty not seeing them as beneath her. Maxima is accustomed to being in charge Taking orders and following is not her natural state of affairs. Somewhere like Earth, outside the Almeracian Empire, this can cause many problems for her.

"I have had enough of your belligerent, crude, simple-minded remarks! I should crush your skull like an egg shell!" - Justice League America #70

Maxima can be very passionate about things. Passionate to the point of having a rather hot temper. She is also not accustomed to being told 'No' or given orders. Those who cross her will be met with sharp words at best, if not outright violence. A cunning foe can also goad her into becoming angrier and angrier, such that she might charge into an unwise situation or respond with a disproportionate amount of force.

Fish Out of Water:
"How ignorant can this planet be? Royalty of Maxima's caliber should have attendants to help her bathe. Why did the one named Desk Clerk laugh so hard upon hearing the request?" - Justice League America #62

By Almerac's reckoning Earth is a primitive backwater at the edges of known space. The upbringing of a Crown Princess of an Interstellar Empire has left her ill prepared for Earthly society. In terms of culture, social norms, and the primitive nature of the technology, everything is different, foreign, unknown to her. While she may adjust with time, for the moment she is a fish out of water and tends to stick out like a sore thumb.

Imperial Enemies:
"Stand to battle usurper, so that I might send you to the deepest pits of Hell itself!" - Justice League America #63

Almerac is an Insterstellar Empire, Maxima is the Crown Princess and future Empress of that Empire. Empires have a lot of enemies, both internally and externally. These can range from rival Imperial factions and rebels discontent at the conquest of their worlds, to rival space empires and other factions. There are any number of individuals and groups who would love to take a shot at Maxima, the Almeracian Imperial Blood House, and the empire as a whole given the right opportunity.

"I am Eclipso, but with all of Maxima's powers!"
- Justice League America Annual

  1. 6

    Maxima is an extraordinarily powerful being. She is the peak of Almeracian genetics. She

is psionically gifted. She possesses advanced alien technology. But for all of this she has one glaring flaw, one thing the Almeracian Empire has overlooked for all of the technological sophistication, she has no resistance to the forces known as 'Magic'.

The mystic arts are a blind spot for the Almeracian Empire. In all of their conquests they have yet to come across a truly threatening magical civilization. The weaker ones they have encountered have been dismissed and set aside. It is a ticking time bomb that will eventually explode in their faces.

Maxima herself has been shown to be vulnerable to magic powers, such as becoming possessed. It is perhaps the most effective way to counter her, because she doesn't even understand its threat.

Noblesse Oblige:
"Attack those who stand with Maxima and you attack Maxima herself!"
- Justice League America

  1. 61

    Maxima is an honorable ruler even to her own detriment. While the enemies of the empire

will fall before her and those who will not kneel shall be crushed beneath the heal of her boot, to those who become citizens of the empire and serve loyaly she herself is incredibly loyal in turn. Maxima will fight ferociously for her people and will sacrifice much to ensure their safety. Such is the sacred duty of the one who would stand above all others at the head of the empire.

Psi Inhibitors:
"I knew that S.T.A.R. Labs would have the equipment on hand with which to handle you. At any rate this headband should hold your mental powers in check." - Action Comics #651

While at her full potential Maxima possesses a terrifying degree of power, much of that power is derived from her potent psionic abilities. Devices which inhibit psionic powers, such as the headbands produced by S.T.A.R. Labs, can make her far easier to deal with and contain.

Psychic Exhaustion:
"Exhausting though this is I have almost, managed to pull this gaping trench back together. But how much good can this possibly accomplish? There are many fissures and weak as I am I cannot possibly handle them all!"
- Justice League America #65

Maxima may be strong, she may be powerful but even Maxima knows fatique. While the upper reaches of her power are capable of some truly spectacular things, they are also utterly exhausting to keep up at that level for any length of time. She may be dauntless, she may be relentless, but even she will eventually reach a point where she cannot stand. Part of a Warrior's Training is knowing how much of their power to use when and that using too much in a short time can have serious consequences in a protracted campaign.

"This display of weakness shames your royal ancestors, Lady Maxima! I implore you TRY! Try to save us!" - Justice League America #65

While the Warriors of Almerac are expected to never show weakness, the truth is that much like the humans of Earth they are not perfect and they are not machines. They still despair, sometimes they want to cry out for help, but to do so is to bring shame upon their genetic lineage and Blood House and so most suffer in silence.

"NO! Maxima... has...never...bowed to anyone... You're as good as DEAD Brainiac!" - Superman Vol. 2 #66

To cross Maxima is to court death. This trait is the other side of the coin to her senses of honor and loyalty. Those who wrong or betray her will be pursued to the ends of the universe for retribution until she is satisfied.



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Maxima has 51 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Ant-Man vs. The Ultraa Himbos October 27th, 2022 Scott Lang's suffering at the hands of the Almeracian Empire continues as two Almeracian Himbos visit him looking for Maxima. Many ceilings and doors are harmed in the making of this episode.
Monarchs of Heaven and Earth October 16th, 2022 Maxima visits the new spaceport displeased by news of the Shi'ar presence. There she meets T'Challa and eventually they find some common ground.
Shi'ar: Our House August 8th, 2021 The Justice League fights off the enemy fleet and back onto the Watchtower. While several members drive the cruiser T'Korr from Earth orbit, its sister-ships engage in a destructive battle with Carol Danvers and Maxima, one ending up completely destroyed as the later's own warship rejoins the fight. On the Watchtower, Diana (and Jumpa) fight off several members of the guard and ultimately captures Magique, the illusion-caster who had been giving them so much trouble. And Karen gets her payback against Xenith, leading her away from the moon and closer to the sun, tiring her opponent as she grows stronger herself, until she can deliver a final blow. One by one, the remaining Imperial Guard begin to surrender, only for Ambassador Shakari to deliver a final threat by hologram. Factionalism and fracture seems to split the Shi'ar, as a Galaxy away, another struggle nears its own conclusion.
Double Redheads, Double Trouble July 31st, 2021 Angela meets Maxima.
Shi'ar: We Come in Peace, Part II July 28th, 2021 Diplomacy breaks down over the value of life, and the Justicue League comes to blows with the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. The battle sprawls across the moon and space, almost threatening to destroy the former as Kryptonians and Strontians trade mountain-cracking blows. In the end, Superman calls a retreat, and with the aid of the Brotherhood, the Justice League regroups on Asteroid M rather than seeing the Watchtower or the whole moon destroyed. Now both sides lick their wounds, the Leage looking to reclaim their home and drive off these invaders, while the Shi'ar begin their hunt for the Phoenix.
Shi'ar: We Come in Peace, Part I July 19th, 2021 The Shi'ar arrive around Earth, announcing their hunt for the world-destroying Phoenix, and are met by its many heroes, who draw some firm boundaries around their beloved homeworld. Tense diplomacy ensues, while the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive bearing their own Shi'ar refugee, Lilandra. Ultimately, Superman and the Shi'ar ambassador agree to a formal meeting on the moon, while Terry O'Neil communicates with Rocket to teleport his passenger off the Milano and past the Shi'ar blockade to Earth.
Excuse me, how do you Earth July 2nd, 2021 Scott Lang takes Maxima to a Mall, it goes about as well as one could expect.
The Gold Pearl of Psidontas June 8th, 2021 Superman and Aquaman send Maxima on a quest for a pearl that does not really exist. However things take a turn when they run into the Scavenger! While the Scavenger is quickly defeated by Maxima, he manages to escape she turns him over to Superman for 'Earth Justice', teleporting away.
Return of the Warrior Princess June 4th, 2021 Maxima returns to Earth and declares her intent to be part of the Justice League. Kara is surprised. Aquaman is not impressed. Clark challenges her to a wild goose chase beneath the sea.
Homecoming: The Imperial Court May 22nd, 2021 Scott Land and Power Girl accompany Maxima to the Almeracian imperial capitol of Tae Tamrac for an audience with the Empress. Scott is rewarded for his service to the Empire, Maxima is banished until she can secure her Blood Legacy for the Imperial House, and Power Girl questions Almeracian traditions.
Homecoming: Restoring the Lost City May 15th, 2021 With a stolen Brainiac size beam, a phone home to Earth, and some help from Power Girl, Scott manages to do what not even he was sure was possible and restore a bottled alien city to its proper size earning the gratitude of an interstellar empire.
Grand Theft Oa April 30th, 2021 Scott tries to lie to Maxima about where his new vault came from, she plays along for awhile and continues to look down on the human race.
Parting Ways Among the Stars April 27th, 2021 Some food and drink is enjoyed before the ships part ways, though the Raacal has an additional unexpected passenger for the journey.
Krypton or Bust: Argo City April 17th, 2021 Argo City never made it to K-2 and the last of its people perished. But the last of Krypton -- Zod and the House of El, find a common ground laying the city and its people to rest.
Setting the stage for an Expo April 16th, 2021 The team at GIRL plans for the first-ever GIRL Expo!
Krypton or Bust: The Dead Planet April 8th, 2021 The journey takes them to the Rao system, finally, where they witness the devastation of a lost civilisation. A record was found on one of Krypton's surviving moons that showed Argo City flying away from the system and an audio message from Kara's father, Zor-El, inviting survivors to join them.
It is a big starship March 13th, 2021 Conner goes exploring and meets Maxima (or perhaps a simulacrum of her)
Krypton or Bust: The Sto-Oa System March 6th, 2021 Upon arriving in the Sto-Oa system, the happy travel party is met with some very unhappy Oan ships and a fleet of Green Lanterns en route. Declaring that transportation of Kryptonians is a war crime, a stand off ensues resulting in Superman, Power Girl, and Super Girl surrendering to the Oans to get answers. Meanwhile, Jon Kent escapes the phantom zone and casually meets his dad and aunties and Maxima declares Green Lanterns forbidden from her empire. I am Groot!
Chocolate Trouble March 1st, 2021 Nebula kills more innocent chocolate. Groot grumbles about revenge! Not really.
MaximAnt February 24th, 2021 A cultural exchange as Scott learns about Almeracian fashion and Maxima learns about Earth music.
Krypton or Bust: Up Up and Away February 20th, 2021 Kryptonians, family and friends gather on the Milano, which then docks with Maxima's ship. Greetings are made and the ships begin their journey to Oa.
Friendship has no dimension of distance February 19th, 2021 After talking to Power Girl, Maxima visits Kara and extends an invitation to ferry the House of El to Oa and Krypton.
Dude Where's My Planet February 8th, 2021 Scott wakes up and is presented with an offer he can't refuse.
A Meeting Above the Clouds February 6th, 2021 Maxima runs into Power Girl in the skies above Metropolis. A conversation is had and an offer is made. No cities or planets were destroyed in the making of this episode.
It Came from the Deep: Pelagic Nightmare January 25th, 2021 Unleashed extra-dimensional terrors are fought, Meggan impales Eldritch Horror with her giant spear, Hyperion discovers his Laser Eyes are over 9000, Orbital weaponry is fired, new volcano created, Julio eats a kaiju, Scott is abducted into SPACE!, and Rhodey has a fascinating report to write.
It Came from the Deep: Into the Abyss January 17th, 2021 A city is saved, a Simulacrum put to rest, and an Ancient Evil unleashed. Also Meggan is secretly a sparkly bright shining glitter princess.
Another You: GAMMA WOMMAN FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION January 14th, 2021 Doppleganger Jennifer Walters goes on a rampage in Times Square, doing major property damage and scaring the heck out of tourists. A rag tag bunch of heroes show up to stop her before she manages to kill someone.
Alien Ant Farm, One Hit Wonder January 13th, 2021 Scott clashes with himself to save Cassie, from himself. Then Maxima arrives to make everything far more complicated and bloody.
It Came from the Deep: Bazaar of the Bizarre January 12th, 2021 Maxima, Supergirl, and some of Supergirl's Titan allies follow a tip from one of Namor's agents about a possible lost city sighting. There they are confronted with more of the Lurkers that have been plaguing Atlantis before following a trail leading to the deepest of all oceanic abysses.
Training to the Max...ima December 24th, 2020 Scott is working on his size-changing when he's accosted by an alien princess intent on stealing his power. Scott nobly and bravely runs away.
ZZGU: Stronger Together December 13th, 2020 The Justice League, The Titans, SHIELD, and the DEO enter another Earth to fight a space horror named Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth before it can launch a full on assault against our Earth. One niggling detail, there's another Kara Zor-El and she's a bit insane in the membrane. The heroes fight on both fronts and win the day. For some measure of win. (kaboom x many)
Winter Wonderland: The Dome Appears November 27th, 2020 A dome separates the Suicide Slums from the rest of Metropolis, and a army of toys is fought.
ZZGU: Reinforcements November 19th, 2020 Dreamers premonitions take a team of heroes to the Metropolis Naval Base where they encounter a coup of the otherworldly kind. Using the slime of ZZGU intruders recruit a small army and attempt to bring ZZGU in to this world through a portal. Siobhan crossed over to ZZGUs world to battle another version of Kara Zor-El and is now trapped there. Maxima declare war against the monster. Hela thinks magic might be the solution.
Toyman meets Royalty November 3rd, 2020 Schott meets Maxima and annoys her greatly
Trolls in Oklahoma October 23rd, 2020 Trolls attack a small town, and the group who comes to help is capable of the task. Grisly remains are found, and a girl with an axe.
Evil Explodes October 19th, 2020 The avatars of ancient Egyptian Gods fall down upon Central Park NYC. Heroes Assemble to due battle with the Avatars and save the day before evil explodes across the land!
Living Like Royalty October 15th, 2020 Namor gifts Maxima more gifts because royal entitlement is unfair to all. And then they become arrogant crazy people and destroy a random island in a duel.
City In A Bottle In A City Probably October 5th, 2020 Maxima comes to the Atlantean Empire in search of her city. Namor offers royal hospitality and at least a little arrogance.
Money September 26th, 2020 Siobhan meets Maxima and Maxima learns that Earth requires money in exchange for goods and services.
Of Bottles and Moons August 31st, 2020 Kara brings Maxima too the Watchtower looking for her people. There is talk of Earth Defense and Alien Supremacy.
War of the Worlds Finale August 21st, 2020 Earth's defenders draw away the Warzoon and finally confront General Zod. They drive the rogue Kryptonian away, but at what cost for the House of El?
Descent of the Warrior Queen August 20th, 2020 Maxima arrives on Earth disrupting traffic and is greeted by a contingent of the World's Finest, also Doom.
The (Not So) Public House March 16th, 2020 Shaw meets with Lorna and makes her and offer she can't refuse; Maxima discovers the HFC
Inser John Hughes Movie Title Part 1 February 25th, 2020 No description
As the fire dies down... February 24th, 2020 After a fire is stopped, some heroes have a talk.
Downtown...Dinosaurs February 24th, 2020 A bunch of dinosaurs attack downtown but thanks to the actions of the heroes onhand, the dinos were stopped and so was a bank robbery. Who knew?
Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Target February 23rd, 2020 A Group of thugs try to attack the wrong person and end up getting arrested (lucky for them).
Spider to the Max February 22nd, 2020 Maxima meets Spider-Man for breakfast, and schedules progress for brunch.
I Gotta Bail February 21st, 2020 Madrox has bail posted by time traveling hitmen on rocket boots. After being saved by Rachel, Daniel and Morrigan, he's re-arrested but offers pizza. Maxima witnesses a day in the life of Mutant Town.
E Pluribus Unum: Surprise Announcement February 20th, 2020 All the lovely people gather for Tony Stark's small announcement.
Rescue on Genosha(1 hour after the attack) February 13th, 2020 Hal and Pals destroy 2 Sentinels and save 100 people. Not all of them want to leave their home, though.


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