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Mercy Thompson (Scenesys ID: 1357)
Name: Mercedes Athena Thompson
Superalias: Coyote
Gender: Female
Species: Skinwalker
Occupation: Mechanic
Citizenship: American Citizen
Residence: NYC
Education: College Graduate
Theme: IDW (FC)
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 20 Nov 1990 Played By
Height: 5'6" Weight: 120 lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Mercy Thompson is a woman who knows about the otherside of life. The world where the fantastic exists; werewolves, wizards, witches, vampires, ghosts and more. That doesn't stop her from living her life to the fullest nor helping others get through their life as best they can.


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* 1990: Born to Margi and Joe.
* 1990: Mercy's father Joe died in an apparent car accident.
* 1990: As a baby Mercy began to change shape when startled or surprised. Mercy's mother, Margi, enlisted the aid of a relative who knew the local wolf pack in town.
* Mercy was raised within the wolf pack, though she never found full acceptance in the wolf pack.
* 2007: After graduating highschool Mercy went off to college.
* 2011: She obtained a BA in history. She did try to teach but found it really wasn't her thing.
* 2013: Instead she went with her second passion fixing things. Specifically cars. Even more specifically Volkswagens.
* 2013 to Current Day: She worked for a man named 'Zee' when he retired he left his garage to Mercy and that's hwere she is now. She lives and works at Mercy's Garage in Harlem.

IC Journal

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Doesn't Lie:
Mercy doesn't like to outright lie. Lie by omission doesn't make her feel good either, but if it comes down to safety she will omit the full truth, but all in all Mercy's going to tell it like it is and give her honest thoughts on something should she's asked about it.

While she may not seem like it Mercy is very faithful. Her faith is enough that she's used it against vampires the few times she's fought against them. IT's not something she shoves in anyone's face, but her faith is there in God.

Her Word:
Mercy is a woman of her word that means if she gives it she won't break it. As such, promises are something that she holds near and dear and if someone breaks their word to her, it's a sure bet she won't forget it.

If there's one thing you learn about growing up in a wolf pack is loyalty. You protect your family and packmates and Mercy has never forgotten this - even if she does grumble about pack life. From this if you've earned her friendship you've earned her loyalty and she will always be there to help you.

Mercy was raised in a pack of wolves that generally saw her as an anomaly. She neither belonged or didn't, but that didn't stop her from growing up and doing what she wanted to do, or what she thought best. As such, Mercy is a stubborn sort. Not easy to sway off a set way of thinking if she's already made her decision on how best to handle something. Some people like to say she's bull-headed, but stubborn sounds much nicer.

Character Sheet


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Coyote's Physique:
Along with Mercy's enhanced senses both her coyote and human physique is different. No matter what form she holds Mercy has the ability to lift and press up to a six to seven hundred pounds of weight on her own. Along with that increase of strength is an increase in speed and while she can't say she can run sixty miles per hour in human form, her reactionary time is definitely enhanced. Her reflexes are just above Olympic level performance and there's a chance that she can possibly avoid attacks if she's aware enough.

Coyote's Senses:
Mercy has the various heightened senses of a coyote; eyes, ears, nose, touch and even taste. She can hear the smallest of sounds a mile or so out, she can smell scent trails that are both old and new. Even in human form Mercy has access to these senses and she often uses them in practical ways - listening for the odd sounds engines and cars make when something is broken, using her enhanced eyesight to look for the smallest of signs that something is wrong, or damaged and even her sensitive touch to feel when something isn't right. There are limits to her abilities, of course. For instance her range isn't what she would call supermely super human. It's only better than the average coyote out there thanks to her unique heritage.

Magic Sensing:
Mercy is a magical creature and while she herself is neither witch, nor wizard, or spellcaster, she still has the ability to sense magic around her. This could be magical beings, magical spells, or magical items. If she can sense she can, but with everything there are things that are so shielded, or so complex, or so hidden, that she could miss it as well. No one is perfect, after all.

Semi-Magical Immunity:
Another aspect that Mercy benefits from with her mystical heritage is immunity to some forms of magic. While she isn't immune to all spells, or magic based attacks, what she is somewhat immune to is coercion based attacks. This could be something as simple as a magical hynposis, to magical commands, to magical stares, but all of it will find itself blunted against her own mystical heritage and her mind better protected against the magical onslaught. So, while she may not be fully immune to everything, she does have a better chance to resist the manipulation itself.

Mercy can see and sense ghosts or spirits. Those souls that choose to stay on the mortal plane, as it were. Along with the ability to see these wisps Mercy also has the ability to speak and hear ghosts, and lastly command them. For Mercy herself she will never willfully command ghosts, not unless it's a life or death situation. That goes against everything that she is. Often times Mercy will also help them transition to the other side if they need that help from her. Typically with something as simple as telling them to look for the light and go to it.

Mercy is a skinwalker. Or walker. This basically means that Mercy is able to change shape to a specific shape. In her case she's able to shift from human to coyote. Unlike werewolves there is no half-form, no 'were' form, and she isn't affected by the moon. When she shifts from human to coyote it only takes a second. In her coyote form she is a slightly larger than a normal coyote and can run a max of fifty to sixty MPH. She also has the sight, smell and hearing of the coyote as well. Even in human form she retains those heightened senses.


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Listen sometimes you just need to make some chocolate chip cookies. Mercy knows this. Because of this the girl can bake. Cookies, brownies, cakes. It all gets baked in her kitchen.

Mercy holds a BA in history. She even tried to teach History to college kids, but she found it not to her likely. Still, though, she has the knowledge and can definitely throw out tid-bits of information on historical subjects that she's familiar with.

Hunting and Tracking:
Mercy was raised in a wolf pack and if there's one thing you will absolutely learn is hunting and track. She's at the very best in her coyote form, but even in her human form she's good at hunting and tracking people and animals, and even cars and things that give off a scent. Those that have a better skillset than herself would obviously be harder to track, but your every day thug isn't usually that smart.

Mercy's native language is English, but she's also fluent (reading and writing) in German and then the main dialects that the Blackfeet tribes speak.

Mercy is a damn good mechanic. Especially with Volkswagens. Her job is a combination of physical strength and past experience and skill with fixing cars. She has a variety of tools and equipment that help her throughout her day job, including the computers to diagnosis the more modern cars. As such, she's good at working on your average car to the more modern, and she's re-built enough cars to be able to work on all aspects from body work to engine, to even electrical. She may not be the absolute best, but she's still good.

Mercy is a purple belt in a local dojo. So while she's neither beginner or expert, she's experienced enough to be able to protect herself from the local flavor thug that can typically be found upon the streets. Combine that with her enhanced physique and she's ok with holding off a couple of thugs, anything more though and it's a good bet she'd just shift and run away.


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Mercy is the child of a mortal and a god which makes her a demi-god. While currently unaware of her nature, this nature is both boon and flaw, boon in that she could possibly call upon other demi-gods, or magical creatures. She also ages far slower than most people and while not fully immortal it will be a long time before she grows old and dies. And lastly she can possibly call upon her father, the Trickster God Coyote - though the jury is out on whether this is resource and flaw, or just flaw itself.

Mercy's Garage:
Mercy's Garage is her place of residence and business. She lives and works there and while it's not necessarily a cash cow she makes enough to live comfortably.

The Pack:
Mercy is part of a wolf-pack that spans several states. While she would be loathe to call upon them (she's very independant thank you), if she was really in dire straight she could call upon the Alpha of the pack and ask for help. Likewise if they asked her for help she would help them, even if she may grumble about the wolves eating all her cookies.


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Mercy's father is the Trickster God Coyote. While this can be a boon this can definitely be a weakness as well, since there's the potential that all the answers he has for her aren't exactly the ... truth. Which can cause all sorts of trouble for the young woman. She also will have to understand that about her father, as well. She's quite straight-forward and doesn't tend to lie if she doesn't have to, whereas her father doesn't necessarily believe the same thing.

Only a Coyote:
You know, Mercy's only a coyote. She's not big and super strong like a werewolf, nor is she a powerful witch or wizard, or god, she's just a slightly larger than average coyote. Against other people and creatures of more considerable strength she's definitely at a disadvantage, but thankfully she's smart and quick on her feet which can compensate for some of that.

Unknown Birthright:
Mercy is unaware of her birthright currently. She thinks she's just a regular Skinwalker not a child of a God. As such, this lack of knowledge could get her in trouble, or be used against her. Especially by those who see her father as an enemy. One day she'll figure it out, but that day is not yet here.



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Title Date Scene Summary
After the Accident May 11th, 2020 Shen decides he needs a car and a trustworthy mechanic. Mercy decides to think it over.
It Was An Accident May 9th, 2020 A traffic accident with a fire hazard results in the best of New Yorkers showing through.


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