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  Death Dealer  
Selene Corvinus (Scenesys ID: 2092)
Name: Selene
Superalias: Death Dealer
Gender: Female
Species: Hungarian Vampire
Occupation: Death Dealer
Citizenship: Hungarian
Residence: Bludhaven
Education: Private
Theme: IDW (FC)
Apparent Age: 637 Actual Age: 637
Date of Birth 3 June 1383 Played By Kate Beckinsale
Height: 5'7" Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Black/Brown Eye Color: Brown/Silver
Theme Song: "Enjoy the Silence" (Depeche Mode Remix)

Character Info


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Infamous among those that live in the "underworld", Selene has a reputation being the most accomplished Death Dealer that has ever been among the great covens of Europe. Carrying the banner in the war fought against the Lycans for hundreds of years out of revenge for her murdered family, and now with the scattered Lycan packs having resurfaced in the New World, Selene has been sent to reinforce the Death Dealers of their Coven in that region. The United States is an unknown territory to Selene, but the reputation it comes with, due to the activity of the super powered people that reside in it, she is all too eager to keep her Coven completely out of the lime light of the retribution that they could suffer in the hands of the major heroic groups patrolling the coasts of the United States. Her focus? Solely resides upon the eradication of the Corvinus Lycans that are searching for strength in the dark corners of the US Northeast's major cities.


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* 400s :: Alexander Corvinus, a Hungarian warlord, is infected with a virus.
- The virus spreads throughout his territory, leaving him the sole
- As the first to be infected, the virus mutated inside of him.
- It turned him into the first of the Immortals.
- He passed it on to two of this three sons who were born later.

* 450s :: Marcus and William Corvinus, with their father's immortality,
are infected with vampirism and lycanthropy.
- The brothers begin a family feud, and begin to recruit members.
- Viktor, a warlord, is sired by Marcus.
- Viktor turned his army to vampires, to begin the Death Dealers.
- William ran rampant across the lands, turning randoms to his
cause with the lycanthropy infection.

* 1350 :: Viktor discovers his daughter Sonja has becomre pregnant with the
child of a lycan named Lucian.
- Sonja is executed via sunlight while Lucian is forced to watch.
- Lucian escapes, and takes Sonja's pendant with him.

* 1383 :: Selene is born, the daughter of a Hungarian architect.
- Selene's father was respected in their village.
- Selene's father built the castle that their Lord lived within.
- Selene had two siblings.

* 1402 :: The secret war between the Vampires and the Lycans has a large
conflict that leads to Selene's village being burned to the ground.
- Her home and family are killed in this conflict.
- Viktor, the Lord of the land, found Selene and took her in.
- Viktor tells Selene that the Lycans killed her family.
- He saw his former daughter's persona within her, and cared for her.
- Viktor, and the vampires, are the true killers of Selene's family.
- Selene was sired by Viktor, and started her path as a vampire.

* 1412 :: Selene enters into training to join the Death Dealers.

* 1500 :: Selene becomes a General in the Death Dealer forces.

* 1700 :: Lucian is thought to be killed, and the war all but won.
- Viktor goes to his hidden dungeon to fall into a hibernation sleep.
- He asks not to be woken up for 400 years, to restore his youth.
- The hibernation state is meant to make one younger than when they
were originally sired, through vampire healing, and a slowing of

continued in Timeline2...

* 2016 :: Lucian resurfaces, alive and well, in the United States.
- It is discovered he is recruiting Lycans again.
- The vampire covens are attacked by the new era of Lycans.

* 2019 :: The New World Coven (USA Coven) is established in NYC.
- Selene is sent to the New World Coven to train their Death Dealers.
- Selene is sworn to return to Hungary before Viktor's revival in

* 2020 :: The secret war between Lycans and Vampires is gaining steam in the
United States.
- The Lycans wish to turn mutants in to members, to bolster their
- Selene, and the Death Dealers, are attempting to stem the tide.

IC Journal

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Dangerous and stoic Selene in the image of cold even among the undead. Her steely-calm demeanor even in battle has served her well, and gained her quite a reputation. Though she is not without her own passions, and her motivations are certainly what keep her going.

Selene's sense of righteous revenge, and purpose, have driven her through the ages as a destructive force against her enemies. Though under all of that battle hardened fervor doubt exists when concerned for what to do with herself outside of these matters of combat and war. The changing times and lack of enemies has let apathy creep into the heart of the great Death Dealer as she searches for new purposes.

The end of the war is visible, and Selene is unsure of what she will do with herself if, and when, it comes.

Character Sheet


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From avoiding the swipe of a massive claw with a seemingly impossible act of flexibility as she bends backwards, to managing to predict and slip out of the path of bullets Selene's speed and dexterity is perhaps her most finely toned trait.

With a moments concentration she can pull off normally impossible feats of speed dashing and attacking multiple enemies in a passing moment, or crossing normally long distances.

Though these acts typically force her to push her vampiric body to its very limits but cause her to turn into merely a blur to her foes and onlookers alike.

This is agility in the sense of a martial arts expert, infused with the endurance of a Vampire.

Despite the fact she's over 600 years old Selene hasn't aged a day since she was turned at the age of nineteen.

As long as her body isn't destroyed she'll never be touched by the harshness of time or the decay of disease. Her age as a warrior among her kind has afforded her great enhancement to her innate abilities able to push herself harder and further to inhuman feats then younger vampires.

It also leaves her open to develop abilities and feats once thought impossible. Selene's age has become a power, of sort, allowing her to hone her Vampiric powers that most Vampires rarely get a chance to do, as most are not quite as Elder as she is, nor nearly as dedicated at training and learning as she is.

The natural weapon of the vampires her fangs are sharp and capable of piercing almost any hide to delve into the blood within or rip the flesh free to leave a vicious wound.

Bullet wounds close and eject the slugs, gashes from blades mend, and broken bones knit back together.

Some of the many perks of undeath that allow her to keep going despite the damage done to her body as she's able to heal the most gruesome of wounds within hours of sustaining them.

Note: This is not Wolverine's level of healing, but is likely 2 to 3 times slower.

Selene is capable of being damaged, like most creatures of flesh and blood, but her resilience to pain and suffering is top tier.

She feels pain, she feels suffering, but it won't stop her from pushing onward. Her skin is room temperature, but it is also capable of healing itself and that healing process beings the moment she is injured, which leaves her feeling little of the pain from a normal wound, as her body is already providing the healing sensations the moment a wound is taken.

Of course, this has its limits, as mortal wounds can still be quite terrible to endure... but she is still far past the standsard Resilience of a normal human.

Selene has a number of advanced sensors over the human standard, due to her Vampiric curse and the Corvinus bloodline there-in.


She can scent someone's sweat, and hear the beating of their hear when they're standing before her.

Additionally, her eyesight can shift from advanced-human to a low-light 'predator vision' which allows her to better see in the dark. This predator vision causes Selene's pupils to shift from brown into a silvery-blue shade.

Forged through six-hundred years of being undead, and ceaseless war, Selene's strength is unmatched among her peers of which there are few.

Able to fall from great heights without missing a step or slash clean through a Lycan with a single cut, or even jump great heights and distances only to land gracefully. Her lithe, yet athletic, stature is certainly deceptive of the immense power that lay within her muscles, easily able to throw large objects like a car or wrestle with a beast twice her size.

Selene's strength can be pushed up to the 5 ton range, before she peaks.


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Selene has learned a number of languages throughout her centuries of being undead. Her primary languages that she is fluent most in are...


She knows bits and pieces of other languages, enough to get by in many parts of the world, but not enough to be considered fluent.

Leading the men and women under her command has never been an easy feat. But being the best often inspires others to follow and it's a responsibility that Selene doesn't take lightly. Every one of her soldiers is trained and honed into a weapon by Selene herself and she will not suffer weakness nor hesitation among her troops and it has honed her force into the elite Death Dealers that are known and feared today.

Selene has 600 years of battle tactic experience. She's been leading the army of Death Dealers from the Hungarian 'Old World Coven' for the bulk of those six hundred years. Though their numbers of dwindled in recent time, they're still an elite force, especially under her command.

Along these lines, the Death Dealers effectiveness surges if Selene is in command, and may suffer without her direct leadership.

Among all the covens across Eurpe, and now the United States, Selene is the most sought after instructor when it comes to the art of killing.

Her combat methods and prestige allow her to take even the rawest of recruits and turn them into formidable fighters.

Because of this it is not uncommon for others to travel far and wide for a chance to learn under her.

This is additionally why Selene has been sent to the shores of the United States, to train the Death Dealers of the New World Coven. She was requested specifically by the New World Coven's mistress, Amelia.

With over six-hundred years of combat experience Selene has mastered the use of almost every small-arms weapon imaginable from the sword to the gun and everything in between.

Employing even some weapons unique to her kind such as her customized machine pistols often loaded in unique ammunition or the razer sharp throwing stars with adjustable metals for different enemies, though silver often the weapon of choice.

Selene also generally keeps a selection of silver spikes, usually in the sleeves of her leather trenchcoat.

Selene hasn't just learned about the history and advances of the world she'd been exposed to every single one of them. Every war, every triumph, every failure, and every leap on technology and change in society where humanity has SOMEHOW endured.

Because of this Selene is afforded a wisdom and education beyond what most people could even dream of in their lifetimes. Obscure facts of bygone ages and even first hand encounters of legendary figures of the past are but some of the things within the aged mind of hers.


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Corvinus Council:
The Corvinus Vampire Council, also known as the Elite Council, is a group of chosen Vampires that were overseen by the Vampire Elders. They are the most powerful Vampires within the Vampire society, second only to the Elders, and are responsible for deciding laws and political matters, as well as passing judgment on Vampires who have broken the Coven's laws.

Corvinus Elders:
Marcus Corvinus is a member of the Corvinus Clan, the progenitor of the entire clan of covens, as well as a Vampire Elder. His twin brother William Corvinus, was the first Werewolf and where the feud ultimately began. He is one of the sons of Alexander Corvinus. Viktor was a Hungarian general and warlord born sometime in the 5th century. According to Andreas Tanis, Viktor was a ruthless and cruel feudal Hungarian warlord and is described as having ruled over his domain with an iron fist. He is also Selene's sire who took pity on her after she reminded him of his deceased daughter, he turned her into a vampire and took her as his. Amelia, born in the early 6th century, was sired by the first Vampire, Marcus Corvinus, to help control the chaos created by Marcus's twin brother William, the first Werewolf of the Corvinus line.

Death Dealers:
As the military leader of The Coven Selene commands the Elite Death Dealers. The renown and infamous army of vampire warriors that protect and fight The Covens battles for them. Trained mostly for combat with Lycans they employ an array of silver blades, throwing weapons and firearms that posses various ammunition types some unique to their order. The average Death Dealer isn't as powerful or cunning as their leader but still a force to reckoned with, after all they were each trained by Selene herself.

Eastern Coven:
The Eastern Coven, also known as the Corvinus Coven and the Eastern Sector, is a Coven of Vampires led by Cassius, Semira, and the other members of the Vampire Council. Their seat of power is a castle, located outside of Prague. The Eastern Coven was founded in the 6th century by the Vampire Elder Amelia and her son David is the pure-blooded heir to the the Eastern Coven rule

New World Coven:
The New World Coven is both the society and the sprawling mansion in which the vampires of her bloodline live.

Ruled over by an Elder named Amelia, the New World Coven is her pride and joy, her chance to rule her own Coven in the United States.

The coven's home itself is built with state of the art technology and security with automated guns, armed security, and windows with thick steel shutters to block the sunlight as well of course.

It's from this ominous fortress that the New World Coven does its business and seeks refuge from the prying eyes of humanity and enemies alike.

Nordic Coven:
The Nordic Coven, also known as Var Dohr, is a Coven of Vampires led by Vidar. Their seat of power is a castle located in the northern peak of Scandinavia. Amelia founded the Nordic Coven and helped them in times of need. Semira was once sent to the Nordic Coven. However, despite her time within the Coven, Semira disagreed with their more peaceful ways. The Nordic Coven is more independent than the other Covens, as they do not answer to the Council and live as they wish, away from the politics and the wars among the species of Vampire and Lycan. It would seem that many are unaware of the Coven's existence as well, with some believing that the Nordic Coven is only a legend.

Old World Coven:
The Old World Coven was formed in the 6th century, as the Vampires began to take action against a powerful enemy, the bestial Werewolves who sought to destroy all in their path. When Hungarian warlord Viktor agreed to wage war on the Werewolves on behalf of Marcus Corvinus in return for immortality and turned his army into the first Death Dealers, the foundation for a society was laid. Under the leadership of the three Vampire Elders, this society grew and rules were established. Thus, the Covenant and the Coven with it were conceived.

Synth Blood:
Selene's Covens have created a synthetic blood that allows their people to not need to feed on the blood of humans. This is all apart of the plan that the Vampires have to separate themselves from society, once the Corvinus Lycans have been eliminated, and are no longer a threat to their Covens.

Through the ages The Covens has kept their own researchers and scientists crafting weapons and technology to suit their unique needs as vampires. From bullets that inject silver nitrate into a Lycans blood, to better blood storage and replenishment for their human servants. Always possessing the bleeding edge thanks to their control of major corporations around the world The Coven has access to anything they might need for their war or conflicts beyond.


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Elder Burden:
Selene longs to return to the days where she didn't have to be involved in the politics of the Elders Council. Though old enough to sit on it herself she instead leads military force and because of this she is often at the whim of the Council's decisions instead of her own which can lead to frustrating circumstance or even grudges between herself and the members of the Council that resides over all the Covens.

There's plenty that want to possess her for their own wicked ends, and others that want her dead. The reality of being as old as she is among a powerful organization is that you end up with more enemies then friends.

'The Death Dealer' is known by many, despite her true nature she's seen by plenty in the world's darker corners who know of her as a heartless killing machine good only for bringing an end to the lives of others.

This reputation has followed her through the ages and any Lycan from the oldest to the newest pup knows of and desires nothing more then to be the one to end her. Plenty of Vampires in the various covens of the world, and others, even see her as a rival to be challenged or bested if only to prove they are better.

Being a legend isn't easy after all especially when you're not yet dead.

Lycans are a separate breed of Werewolves, descended from William Corvinus's Werewolf bloodline. Once, normal humans who were infected by the firstborn Lycan or another of his victims, they are unlike the first breed in that they retain their human personalities while transformed, as well as being capable to take human form. In this article, "Werewolf" will be used to refer to both Werewolves and Lycans collectively (except where otherwise noted), for when both generations need mentioning at the same time.

Lycans are constantly at war with the Corvinus Vampires due to their former status as oppressed slaves, and the Corvinus Vampires begin a campaign to exterminate the entire species after the Lycans stage an uprising that nearly destroys the entire Vampire species in the 15th century. Although the war was believed to be a righteous cause of the noble vampires against the savage Lycans, in truth the war was instigated by Viktor out of hatred for Lucian for impregnating his daughter Sonja. The war has recently come to a temporary end, after the death of Marius.

Vampire's Curse:
Through the ages Selene has learned what her weaknesses are, and the worst of them all comes in the form of Sunlight.

The sun's ultraviolet rays will cause great harm to Selene's skin if she's exposed to it, and within minutes, she can suffer being burned away by it, turned to literal ash.

Fire is additionally a powerful weakness for the vampire of the Corvinus strain.



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Selene Corvinus has 15 finished logs.

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