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  The Greywitch  
Nettie Crowe (Scenesys ID: 2314)
Name: Annette Victoria Crowe
Superalias: The Greywitch
Gender: Female
Species: Homo magi/Human
Occupation: Witch, shop owner
Citizenship: British
Residence: New York City, NY
Education: Private, Mystic
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 30s Actual Age: 166
Date of Birth 15 Nov 1854 Played By
Height: 5'3 Weight: 128
Hair Color: Silver-grey Eye Color: Aquamarine
Theme Song: "Burn" Cover by Stabbing Westward

Character Info


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If at first you mistake her for an advante garde young Neo-Pagan, no one would blame you. Annette 'Nettie' Crowe is a friendly and outgoing woman who seems wise beyond her years, working on blending teas in a new age store called 'Candle, Booke & Belle'and occasionally does tarot readings or advise patrons on items. Most don't suspect that the youthful appearance is connected to tragedy in Victorian England! Mystical, magical, and haunted by the years spent between fighting the Good Fight and dreadful isolation, Nettie always lends a friendly ear at least -- or a powerful ally in the magical arts if needed.


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* 1854: Born at Stonecrow Hall, Lincolnshire, England to Harrison and Mabel Crowe, fourth child following the eldest sister Ellen and brothers Richard and William. She was followed by another boy three years later, Albert.
* 1860: Began tutilage under her maternal uncle, Johnathan Brone, in magic. Both families, Brones and Crowes were mixed heritage mages. Nettie was unusually talented at a young age and required additional training after accidentally enchanting a large spoon to run amok around the house to her delight and the maids' collective horror.
* 1862: Nettie summoned a familiar spirit, Corvax, in the shape of a crow. She continues to enjoy all the fineries of being a noble lady in the Victorian era otherwise and enjoys riding horses and reading popular adventure stories.
1865: An argument between the Crowe family and the church breaks out over a land boundary. Ellen, at the age of seventeen, is wed to a wealthy Londoner.
* 1868: Ellen, her husband, and their young child murdered. An attempt to lay her to rest in the family crypt is waylaid by a church official to claims she had converted in London and wishes to be laid to rest elsewhere; Nettie and Albert steal their elder sister's skull. Nettie attempts to contact her sister, trading the color of her hair for information. She can only grow gray hair from that moment on. The ritual goes wrong and requires her father and uncle to step in.
* 1870: The family is betrayed; a group of witch-hunters with new weaponry and powerful magics attempt to end the family. Nettie escapes with Root Brown and her brother Albert. The two travel first to London, then board a ship bound for Italy.
* 1874: The siblings relocate to India. Albert has noticed that his sister has stopped aging. The pair start a small shipping business in India.
* 1888: Albert marries, and gives up a life of magic, preferring the much more quiet and safer life of business. Nettie continues to travel and collect items and knowledge to return to her brother.
* 1895: Nettie moves to Tibet, and keeps corrospondence with her brother as his wife had noticed his 'younger sister' retained such youthful looks.
* 1905: Nettie moves to Ireland, after friends in Tibet noticed she did not age and were beginning to suspect something was wrong.
* 1914: Nettie aids British troops first as a nurse, and then as a messenger. An officer jokes she must fly on a broom and calls her the Grey Witch. She flies important missives over the German blockade of Britain -- indeed, on a broom.
* 1917: Nettie has a brief fascination with the Americans arriving to battle. She carries some messages for General Pershing before returning to the front lines.
* 1920: Nettie retires back to Lincolnshire after learning of her brother's passing. She runs a tea house and small inn near the ruins of her birth home, keeping remaining dividends from her part in the Crowe Shipping company.
* 1930: Nettie moves to Japan after selling her tea house.
* 1937: Nettie smuggles herself out of Japan, making strikes against the Japanese in aid of the Chinese in the Sino-Japanese war leading up to involvement in WWII's Pacific Theatre.
* 1942: Nettie quietly helps Allied troops in the German theater, acting as a translator. She finds her youngest nephew is a POW enroute to a camp, and halts the train. She is recognized by an older veteran as The Greywitch, and immediately leaves the area, returning behind allied lines to join the American WAC's and aid as a nurse.
* 1955: Nettie travels the world, gaining knowledge and studying folklore. She enrolls in Oxford as a student of folklore and languages in celebration of her hundredth birthday.
* 1967: Nettie remains receiving dividends from the Crowe Shipping, now routed as 'care of familial cemetary plot' funds. She moves to Los Angeles and enjoys the New Age Movement of North America. She joins in the protest of the Vietnam War.
* 1985: Nettie moves back to England, settling in London's punk scene, and avows to fighting the growing Neo-Nazi movement. She's beaned

* 1994: Nettie rents a cottage in Ireland. She misses the entire 90's Boy Band music outfit.
* 2007: Nettie enrolls in a local community college for New Age studies and gains an interest in blending teas.
2017: Nettie moves to New York City and enmeshes herself with groups of New Agers. She loves the energy.
* 2020: Nettie starts the 'Candle, Booke & Belle' shop, arranging for shipments from the Crowe Shipping company and selling a variety of new age and spiritual items and running a nice, quiet little tea shop. She has an apartment below the shop that she uses as a base of operations for continued learning.

IC Journal

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Don't try to BS her. She might be an old soul, but Nettie doesn't have patience for liars, cheaters, or racists. She's had to overcome her own outdated ideas through her travels, and expects those who work closely with her to be open to others as she is; she is definitely fighting on the side of meta-humans and powered people everywhere.

Old Soul:
Patience is a virtue that is best learned over time, and Nettie has had pleanty of time to practice it. She's a bit old fashioned, hardly ever has the right lingo or slang on purpose, and has let people blow their bluster completely out while working at her various positions through the years. She's somewhat unflapable; there's always something that might surprise her, but she faces it head-on and with temperance. She's gracious with gifts (both giving and receiving) and has a love of working with others.

One hundred and sixty years of activity (minus a few years here and there for R&R) is bound to either leave you dismissive and jaded or somewhat perky and jaded. Nettie is perky, generally happy and enjoys company. She'll happily let people go on and talk about themselves over a cuppa tea and some biscuits, draw out a conversation of a young student just getting into herbalism, listen to the passion of a tattoo artist and happily make talk with small children and old folks alike. She has spent so many years on her own, while traveling, that feeling a connection with people becomes slightly difficult, and while she can be described as 'aloof' at times, she is generally an extrovert with a good ear.

Character Sheet


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Nettie is ageless. Her body remains that of someone in their late teens or early twenties, her hair and nails still grow (although she had given the color of her hair as a sacrifice, it grows in old lady gray). She is not immune to damage, and can be killed by most other means.

Blood Pact:
The creation of a blood pact is a serious matter. Creating a blood pact ties the user temporarily to Nettie for an agreed upon period of time (up to 13 days) wherein the pact holder will be able to use magic to augment a physical ability -- strength, speed, physical looks, etc OR perform magic to be used on them for teleportation or summoning as if they were a familiar spirit, telepathy through the crystal ball, Nettie's Telegraphic Memory spell, or detailed divination. The pact requires several ounces of blood from the requester, a crystalizing agent and a blend of herbs and resins which must be burned at the time of the finalization of the pact. The more powerful the augmentation, the shorter the pact lasts. Upon fufillment of the pact, the parchment that the pact is detailed on is rendered to ash.

Crystal Ball:
Useful for those times when you just can't pick up the phone. Nettie can create small crystal balls for others to contact her with, but to connect to others through her crystal ball she needs to have a small cotton cloth with a little blood on it to connect to the ball via ritual.

Using tarot cards as a focus, Nettie Crowe is able to get little, mysterious glimpses into the future or past of a person, place or object. Sometimes the cards get sassy and go awry.

Nettie, with the limitations and requirements listed below, is able to work magic:

* Flight: Requires Besom (Witch's Broom). Her normal means of light travel. Hand-made broom with ash handle and hand-gathered broomcorn, bound with willow. Max speed is 300mph (better hold on tight).

* Telekenesis: Requires wand; Nettie can focus magic through the wand to perform telekenesis and move inanimate objects.

* Transmutation: Requires wand; Nettie can change natural materials colors and cuts. Synthetic fibers or highly worked metals are beyond her ability.

*Teleportation: With a complicated ritual circle composed of chalk in place with specialized sigils for location, Nettie is able to teleport up to two people including herself to a location. It is very taxing to do, and there is always a chance of a wrong location. The further the distance, the larger and more detailed a circle is required and the greater risk of getting it wrong.

* Elemental Manipulation: Requires wand. Nettie is able to telepathically manipulate elements, though she is most comfortable with water, turning it to ice or vapor. She can create a fireball from her wand (or a small burst to light a candle), shift earth and rock in three foot sections and change the local temperature of the air by +/- 10 degrees C.

Familiar Summoning: Nettie can summon Corvax, an unremarkable crow who has human intelegence and the ability to speak.

*Telegraphic Memory: Though true telepathy is beyond her and she cannot receive any information back, Nettie is able to send memories to select individuals (bound by blood pact).


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Nettie studied folklore, mythology and language at Oxford. She is familiar with world folklore from her many travels, magical practices and ritual work. She also runs a New Age store where people seek her out for such knowledges.

Nettie picked up folk guitar in the late 60's, but is wise enough to not pick up and play at a party.

Local Parlance:
Nettie picks up languages easily, and is able to speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Bangledeshi, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Lhasa (Central Tibetan).

Occult Knowledge:
Nettie has amassed a small collection of occult books, scrolls and items and uses them as reference materials. She may not have the widest breadth of collection, but what she does have she guards jealously.

Tea Blending:
It takes a master to blend the perfect tea. She has deep, intimate knowledge of dried herbs to blend for medicinal and magical effects, whether it's lemongrass and ginger with mint and green tea to sooth morning sickness or something like a vanilla cinnamon red tea blend for energy and pep, she's your girl if you want a specialized cuppa tea.


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Candle, Booke & Belle:
A New-Age catchall and tea shop in New York City. Whether you're looking for a custom tea, smudging materials and apothecary herbs, resins for your inscense burner or a really cool new hooded cloak, you may be able to find it at the Candle, Booke & Belle. There is occasionally poetry readings and ritual workshops hosted here.

A crow familiar spirit. Corvax is capable of speech and serves as an advisor and focus for Nettie. Corvax can be summoned by the witch with a thought. The two have a blood pact that helps keep Nettie on the plane of the living.

Crowe Shipping Company:
Founded by her brother Albert in 1874, there is a percentage-based dividend that is deposited for the upkeep of familial lands, buried deep in the continued paperwork. The dividend pays for the Candle, Booke & Belle shop building and the basement apartment below.


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Blood Magic:
To work powerful magic for others (like teleporting them places, accessing telepathy through her crystal ball, affecting physical features like glamours or atributes for strength), Nettie requires the blood of the requester. She prefers hygenic means, and stores the blood on a white cloth with the 'donor's' name on it, but in a pinch...

Nettie can also use her own blood to augment her spellwork and her connection with Root Brown requires a monthly sacrifice of blood.

Book, Candle, Bell:
Annette Crowe is reliant on multiple foci in order to work spells and 'charges' her on-the-fly magic with rituals performed on a weekly or monthly basis. If she cannot perform the rituals to charge her materials, they weaken and eventually break.

Touched By Death:
Nettie's daring dabble to try and discover her sister's murderer cost her more than the color of her hair. Unable to age physically she has no permenant home and finds deep and true friendships hard to come by as she tries to hide her inability to age. Sleuths would be able to find her in pictures from various protests, older heroes or those who participated in the Great War or WWII may recognize her distinct gray hair and voice as Greywitch.

Additionally, those who can sense magical ability sense that she is surrounded by darkness. Most animals do not like being near her for very long except for those associated with death, disease, and darkness. Extended physical contact may cause awful nightmares and visions of death.

She has several sigils tattooed into her back that keep her anchoed to the world of the living, thanks to her father and uncle's work.

Removal of the sigils would unachor her from the world of the living and cause her to pass between Death and Life, most likely ending up in some version of Hell. You don't live so long and not cast a few long shadows, after all...



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Nettie Crowe has 6 finished logs.

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Talk to the Hand February 22nd, 2021 Creepy Amatur Carny Causes Chaos and Gets Away. No one Harmed.
Teatime for a Dragon and Crowe February 20th, 2021 Koga Miura finds himself in the East Village looking for a hot cup of tea and an apartment. He finds the tea, and gets his fortune read.
Of Tea and Evil Twins February 13th, 2021 Jovian escapes the cold and discusses his doppleganger with someone slinging tea at the Booke Candle and Belle. Nettie considers getting involved more with the outside world.
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... or encounters an odd, gray-haired girl who seems to know far, far more about dangerous books than she lets on. And tea!


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Nettie Crowe has 6 finished logs.

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