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  Miles Morales  
Miles Morales (Scenesys ID: 987)
Name: Miles Morales
Gender: male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Student, Volunteer, Hero
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Harlem
Education: Some Private School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 11 Sep 2002 Played By
Height: 5'7" Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: brown Eye Color: brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Miles is a young teen trying to find his way through a private high school. He's grown up in a world of super heroes and is now having this greatness thrust upon him by chance and circumstance. He has to carve his own spidery path.


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* 2004: Miles is born to his mother and father in Harlem.
* 2011: Even quite young, Miles wanted to go out and help his father and others after the attack on New York.
* 2017: Miles gets selected in the lottery to attend the prestigious private school. As a way to get extra credit and for his own sake, Miles starts volunteering at a shelter nearby.
* 2019: Miles is bit by an experimental spider, escaped from it's lab and granting him spider-like abilities. Miles is still learning and coping with this new life.

IC Journal

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Miles is and always has been one to put others before himself, even if it would get him in trouble or danger, Miles always cared for everyone.

Miles rarely does something without having thought it out or without knowing what the possible consequences are. He is quite smart and yet he's also cautious but not to the point of inactive.

Maybe not an outcast but he does have a few good friends, he isn't exactly the one to have a lot of little friendships, though he does act friendly, he just doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve and is a bit of a loner at times.

Character Sheet


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Miles has an adaptive camoflauge ability where he and what he's wearing and even holding (depending on size) turn fully invisible to the visible spectrum.

Miles has a subtle precognition that only acts when he feels a sense of approaching danger, though it does rise and fall in intensity depending on the level of danger, but it doesn't tell him where or what, it's just a feeling he has to learn how to use.

Super Strength:
Miles has enhanced strength proportionate to that of a spider, he's super strong and as such his muscles allow him to move faster than a normal human as well, though his true reaction times are the same, his muscles move faster and thus he does have enhanced agility.

Venom Strike:
Miles can release a bio-electrical blast from anywhere on his body though the main focus is the hands. It's basically a taser at his finger tips.

Wall Crawling:
Miles can now climb and even walk or run up walls and ceilings, even through clothes, and even shoes he can stick and support himself on vertical surfaces.


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Miles likes to spend his free time working on his art and design skills, good with a pen and pencil, better with a can and paint, he's not shy about graffiti.

People Person:
Miles can smooth talk people when the inspiration or need arrises though he's not exaclty the best at it, as he's just as likely to get himself into more trouble than not.

Miles, as a young man wanting to rebel, has always skated around the city, avoiding the helmet his mother bought him as soon as he was out of sight, so he's able to move up and down the city streets and sidewalks with some skill on a board.


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Emergency Family:
His father is a NYPD cop as his mother is a Nurse at a near by hospital and they both worry about their boy non-stop.

Miles has a couple of old skateboards, one broke but it was older and a new long board for getting around town and is a bit more easy to use for transportation.


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Science Experiment:
He is a metahuman, there's no way if a true scientist learned about his physiology he wouldn't be captured and disected or at least experimented on.

With such obvious connection to spider-man he's going to be called and considered a sidekick or a back up or second rate. Automatically he's starting behind the curve and yet he doesn't know how to deal with it or react to the idea.

Miles looks up to his uncle, greatly, though he doesn't know about the nefarious second life his uncle lives, working for the kingpin and other such dark figures.

Miles isn't even out of high school yet, he's young, impressionable, inexperienced, and still lacking in some convictions. He's got a decent grasp on what is right and what is wrong but he's still learning.



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Miles Morales has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Coincidental Collision December 19th, 2020 No description
Right time, Wrong Place. October 6th, 2020 Miles finds a body and wolves, and a name Kingpin.
A Jewel Heist! October 5th, 2020 And so The Penguin has escaped! But little does he knowthe tracker placed on him by Spoiler or the card he unluckily left! The heroes have a clue to where he'll be next! What is happening at Haverford's Freezer Warehouse? What did The Penguin Mean by turning Gotham into a glacier? Find out next time!
Spider Spray, Spider Shop March 29th, 2020 Spiders bump in the night, discuss names, origins, webbing and conventions and conference calls.
Getting High(In elevation) March 27th, 2020 Miles and Chizue talk about finances.
Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting... March 23rd, 2020 Two Spiders find themselves dealing with NINJAS!
Along came a... Beacon March 21st, 2020 Beacon and Carbon Spider run into trouble at the Gotham Docks, where Red Robin helps out and gives some advice to the young Gotham Heroine.
The Web Widens March 21st, 2020 Carbon Spider meets Spider-Man...and Supergirl. And eats the best apple pie in New York.


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Miles Morales has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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