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Sarah Rainmaker (Scenesys ID: 1816)
Name: Sarah Rainmaker
Superalias: Rainmaker
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: College Student/Activist
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City
Education: College Education
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 9 May 1999 Played By Brenda Schad
Height: 5'10" Weight: 147 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage

Character Info


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To most in the public, Sarah Rainmaker is an outspoken Apache college student at Empire State University in New York City, known for her activism and support of social justice movements for minorities and the oppressed. But when she's Rainmaker (a heroine who doesn't wear a mask), she's a lesser known, new heroine whose control over the weather is formidable and who often helps out with weather related emergencies along the East Coast, or more rarely criminal activity that threatens innocent people.


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* 1986 - Special Forces Ranger Stephen Callahan volunteers for a U.S. government program designed to artifcially activate metahuman potential. The results are mixed, but Callahan (codenamed "Wraparound") and other successful subjects are formed into a new metahuman covert operations unit, Team 7.
* 1997 - Team 7 is disbanded and its members separate. Callahan retires from active service and meets a full-blooded Apache named Rebecca Rainmaker. The two fall in love and marry.
* 1999 - As Rebecca is about to give birth to their first child, the doctor is paid off to report them both as having died in childbirth. Rebecca and her baby, Sarah, are kidnapped by a rogue government unit intending to train Sarah as part of a new generation of metahuman killers. Rebecca escapes with her baby and goes into hiding in the San Carlos reservation in Arizona.
* * 2000 - Callahan, grieving at the loss of his wife and child, goes on to remarry.
* 2000-2014 - Sarah grows up isolated among the Western Apache with her mother and her uncle Billy. At a young age she begins showing signs of her weather control powers, which she uses to quietly improve the lives of her people.
* 2020 - Stephen Callahan and his new wife are murdered by agents of CADMUS, who steal away Sarah's half brother and sister, Matthew and Nicole and brainwash them as part of their covert metahuman team.
* 2015 - Rebecca passes away after a long fight with cancer. Sarah's uncle Billy is gunned down by local police during a drunken bender, leaving her alone save for a distant relative, John Two-Raven.
* 2017 - Sarah is discovered by another former member of Team 7 following rumors of a girl who can control the weather. Unfortunately he is followed by CADMUS agents who pursue both into the desert, attempting to capture her. After three days of evading pursuit, the rogue agents are driven off by another government organization, but Sarah discovers she has been made a ward of the government due to being a minor. She is promised she will be allowed to live at a boarding school where she can learn to better use her powers, Project Genesis.
2018 - Sarah discovers Project Genesis is in reality a covert lab studying metahuman teens that is a cover for forced recruiting into CADMUS. Attempting a breakout on her own, Sarah is captured and put in a cell for study and abuse by the sadistic director of the school, Ivana Baiul.
* 2019 - Sarah is freed as part of a larger breakout by a group of Gen13 students assisted by former Team 7 members and Caitlin Fairchild and escapes the facility. She is established as a student in New York City, where she hopes she lose her pursuers in the mass of humanity living there.
* 2020 - Sarah decides she is tired of hiding and sets out to make a public identity for herself she hopes will protect her from being recaptured.

IC Journal

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Because of growing up learning to stay hidden and preparing for the worst, she is very disciplined, and willing to work hard to get what she wants. She's used to being self-sufficient and not having much help to accomplish her goals. For example, she's trained hard in mixed martial arts from a young age to learn to protect herself, and works every day to keep herself in top physical condition. She applies the same dogged determination to mastering her powers, so she can be ready to defend herself and her friends, which is one of the reasons she's so advanced in her ability to use her weather powers despite being relatively young.

If Sarah feels she or another are being mistreated, it can make her combative and impulsive, even hot-headed. She has a hard time holding in snarky comments about such things. She is willing and able to fight when pushed, and is very much a warrior in that sense, even when it's more physical than just a war of words. This can be irritating for friends and acquaintances when they don't meet her standards for social justice and inspire a lecture from her, which can be either a source of annoyance or amusement depending. Luckily for her friendships and general social life, she's dedicated to being a peacemaker and finding common ground to explain her views, and is patient enough to understand that change does not usually happen overnight or through violence, but through understanding and awareness. But sometimes, she finds it hard to be patient.

Sarah has a very confident, strong personality. She believes in standing up for what she believes is right and calling out injustices when she sees them. She is particularly aware of many of the inequalities that are part of being a Native American minority woman and a lesbian in modern society. She has educated herself and worked to push back against what she sees as social injustice. She is more interested in reasoned debate, when she can get it, or simply on calling out such things. This often makes her a diplomat who is willing to compromise - but only to a point.

Trust Issues:
When it comes to Sarah's heart, she's less fiery and more shy at allowing people close. She has a hard time opening up to people, as her social isolation growing up means she she can be awkward when dealing with friends. This can frustrate her, more at herself and her inability to overcome her hesitation and fear of rejection, rather than the other person themselves. Part of this is likely an outgrowth of her feelings of loss over her father; part of it is simply a clear knowledge of how she's been treated by some in the past as a minority lesbian in society. Either way, she has a fear of losing friends because she makes them uncomfortable or, worse, offends them, and tends to keep her love life private from people she doesn't know well. She does not always trust easily as a result, especially after so many years of being in hiding from the people hunting her.

Sarah grew up on a remote ranch in the desert of Arizona, where she rarely saw many people other than her mother and her uncle Billy. As a result, she didn't really learn the hidden social mores that are common in larger populations. She has a tendency to be blunt and tell people exactly what she thinks if asked. She doesn't seen the point of little white lies, she prefers to be direct and honest. This is especially true when someone has riled up her temper, where she's more likely to say the first thing that comes to her mind without pausing to filter it first. She also never developed a strong feeling of body shame, especially as much work as she puts into keeping herself fit. In the middle of nowhere, not worrying overly about being bare to nature is one thing; in a city, with people who very much do have more strict taboos over what is shocking in terms of physical nudity, it is more problematic. Sarah doesn't intentionally set out to shock or titillate, certainly, but she's sometimes suprised by what people find offensive when it comes to the human body. Things like being seen in the nude while swimming or in a state of undress when changing between normal clothes and her costume simply don't register as embarrasing to her. Though she's as likely to be annoyed as anyone at being leered at without permission in that state.

Character Sheet


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Rainmaker is capable of using her mind to control wind strength, air pressure, and the direction of air currents, allowing her to create powerful gusts of wind outside of a storm system. She can use this ability to stir up dust, sand, and other ambient materials to create blinding sand storms or dust devils. She lacks the skill for fine control of air molecules, meaning she cannot create a vacuum or separate individual gases, though she could selectively blow away chemical vapors or create a wind wall that blocks an outside gas from entering an area if she's aware of it. This can also be used to deflect light projectiles such as arrows or thrown weapons away from her or a group of people she is protecting. If she focuses, she can prevent a small group from from breathing in, or disrupt their inner ear with changing air pressure. She can shift air pressure between two different weather systems through a combination of this ability and her ability to raise or lower the air temperature.

Rainmaker can use her ability to control air to fly by riding air currents. Her top speed is roughly 250 mph, which she can maintain for about an hour before needing to rest. She can also use her ability to easily hover, to the point where she can seem to be "standing" on a cloud, something she can maintain for hours if needed. She can create air bubbles of breatheable air allowing her to fly safely into the upper atmosphere or into areas contaminated by noxious fumes, but she must have a source of breathable air to do so. These bubbles can also shield her from air friction at high speeds, as well as being extended to cover other people she carries with her. The more people she carries, the more quickly she tires at the precision control needed, however. Since she can create air jets in any direction, she is highly manuverable as a flier, able to dodge incoming fire with rapid movements and aerial acrobatics.

Rainmaker can control of all types of precipitation, humidity and moisture at the molecular level, including control over temperature. For example, this allows her to evaporate water into steam, pull water out of the air as precipitation or fog, or flash freeze targets in combination with polar winds. She can directly control the movement of water, such as ocean currents or water in pipes within perhaps 100 meters of her. The larger the body of water, the harder it is to manipulate. She can create air-filled pockets underwater with preparation in combination with her aerokinesis, but it is very draining for her to maintain than for perhaps a half hour at most before she'll need to rest. This ability lets her dry or soak a target, which she shamelessly uses for drying her hair perfectly when out of the shower.

Rainmaker can channel ambient electromagneticism and direct it from her hands as electrical blasts, either by touch or at distances up to rougly one kilometer away, though her accuracy diminishes over distance. If she has a storm system to draw on, she can draw down multiple lightnings bolts directly from the stormclouds at different targets up to five miles away, or direct it into a single powerful strike at about 150-200 million volts, with heat reaching up to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. She can scale down her lightning into less obvious taser-like shocks she can deliver by touch as a non-lethal alternative to knock opponents out, or to short out electrical equipment. She can also manipulate electricity from other sources than weather, though the power of such blasts are dependent on the source being used. This lightning is conducted as normal if it strikes a metallic object or is otherwise grounded, usually through the target into the ground, unless she uses her costume gaunlets which help her to more accurate control electrical energies.

Weather Control:
Rainmaker has the power to psionically manipulate weather in a large scale area. This includes aspects of weather such as controlling environmental temperature; control of all types of precipitation, humidity and moisture at the molecular level; channeling ambient electromagnetism into electrical blasts and controlling lightning; and control over atmospheric pressure. The closer the current weather in the area is to the effect she wants to create, the easier it is; turning a tropical storm into a hurricane is easier than creating a thunderstorm from clear skies in the middle of the desert. Often to maintain a powerful effect, Rainmaker will be moving weather energy from one system to another, using the second system as a power sink or power draw depending if she's increasing or decreasing the intensity of local weather.

Likewise, the duration she can maintain a weather pattern depends on the power of the weather system. Powerful weather phenomena, such as tornados, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and blizzards she can maintain for shorter periods than less violent weather, such as a light rain, a steady wind, thick fog, or making a rainbow. She can dissipate such weather into clear blue skies with the same level of difficulty.

Her abilities allow her to manipulate weather in an area hundreds of miles in radius at maximum strain, usually encompassing a discrete storm system. Soemthing localized within a mile she can maintain for a longer period than something spanning fifty. The effects she creates are only sustained as long as she concentrates on them, unless the environment was already ripe for those conditions; a storm will dissipate if it could not have already existed in the area she affects, though a weather system that Sarah has intensified or weakened may retained its current power level. She can manipulate any natural weather, whether on Earth, on an alien world, or in unusual environments; as long as it is part of the usual natural weather patterns that involve some combination of air, water, and temperature, she can manipulate it.

Weather Sense:
Due to her ability to control weather patterns, Rainmaker is sensitive to the ebb and flow of the weather patterns around her, and to a lesser extend air and water. When concentrating on her power, for example, she could sense someone moving at high speeds through the air if they got close to her, or feel someone moving through a fog if she was concentrating. This close in sense covers roughly 100 meters around her. Powerful disruptions to natural weather patterns don't usually require concentration on her part to sense, and can be felt by her up to ten miles away, though she does need to concentrate to narrow down where the epicenter of the disruption is located.


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Rainmaker is proud of her Apache heritage, and knows a great deal about her people's heritage and customs. She speaks the Western Apache dialect of the Athabaskan language fluently and knows a great deal about their culture, as well as a smattering of culture about other Native American peoples. She follows many of her people's customs when she can, including Apache taboos concerning sickness and not talking of the dead.

Sarah is an excellent cook, having grown up learning to make meals on her own. She primarily specializes in Southwestern dishes and bbq, though she's not above trying other interesting styles of cooking, especially if they're spicy. She's made a special effort to learn traditional Native American dishes from other native peoples in the area.

Sarah is an avid reader and enjoys expanding her mind by learning. She's informed on a wide variety of subjects, though she's not an expert.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
Sarah has trained in mixed martial arts since she was a young woman and has continued to train independently as an adult. She is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter.

Marksmanship: Sarah is a ranch brat who learned to shoot at a young age with her uncle Billy, and is competent with most firearms. She has the most experience with automatic pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and hunting rifles.

Sarah has studied exactly how weather works in order to understand her own powers. She knows a great deal about natural weather patterns, such as types of clouds, how different types of precipitation forms, and how warm and cold fronts interact.

Sarah speaks English, Spanish, Western Apache fluently, and is competent in a scattering of other Southern Athabaskan languages.

Natural Tactician:
Natural Tactician: Sarah has a natural gift for battle tactics, partly due to her tactical awareness created by her water sense. She often innovates and uses her powers in new ways depending on the battle situation.

Rainmaker has a gift for seeing both sides of an argument, and for either finding a compromise or convincing the other side of the rightness of the other side's cause. This makes her a fair abitrator and an excellent debater.

Strong Willed:
Sarah has formidable willpower, having enduring being hunted and resisting brainwashing while being held against her will by Project Genesis. She can stubbornly resist those who would try to force her to do anything against her will.

One of the things that made Sarah feel less isolated, being stuck on a reservation out in the desert with just her mother and uncle, was keeping in touch with styles and pop culture. Now that she's in the big city, one of her personal vices has been to acquire a wardrobe that showcases the sort of clothes she always wanted to wear...elegant, fashionable, and striking. She's kept up on the latest styles and dresses more like a model than a college student at times, and can be rightly teased for the size and quality of her closet.


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When she escaped from Project Genesis, Rainmaker was able to steal a costume specially created to work with her powers that was self repairing and had enough armor to help protect her from small arms fire. Team 7 donated a pair of gauntlets to her that further assist her by making her electrical attacks much more accurate when worn, along with having basic communications and GPS mapping gear that is shielded from her lightning powers.

Sarah escaped with a group of other teens from Project Genesis who were likewise slated to become part of DV8. While they've scattered, they still have strong bonds from working together to gain their freedom. Just as Sarah is willing to help other Gen13 teens, they're generally willing to help her.

Sarah has won on her own educatoinal merits a collge scholarship aimed at helping Native American students go to college. This has allowed her to live the modest lifestyle of a college student, abet with a better quality than average wardrobe.

Team 7:
Sarah's father, Stephen Callahan, aka "Wraparound" was a member of the Team 7 metahuman covert operations unit of the U.S. government before it was disbanded. While her father is dead, his former brothers and sisters in arms are willing to go out of their way to help his daughter.

Sarah frequently volunteers for a variety of nonprofits or other good causes, and has built up a fair amount of goodwill among the people who work for those causes. She can sometimes draw on favors from those people, be it minor things like meals, swag, or more concrete help.


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Sarah is the daughter of one of the founding members of Team 7, and full-blooded Apache Rebecca Rainmaker, making her a "half-breed" among more traditional Apache. She is the half-sister of Matthew Callahan (Threshold) and Nicole Callahan (Bliss), both of which were taken by Cadmus and have been conditioned to hate her. Her surviving relative, John Two-Raven, still lives on the reservation but Sarah cannot contact him without putting him at risk. Thus, either she can't contact her current surviving family, or they are actively trying to capture or kill her.

Behind Team 7, Project Genesis, and NOWHERE is the shadowy government organization known as CADMUS, which works tirelessly to find counters to aliens, metahumans, and mutants should they become a threat to the public. While publically seen as a legitimate check on powered individuals, it covertly has overseen numerous illegal programs like Weapon X as well as being infiltrated and used as a pawn by outside groups. Sarah, like the other members of Gen13, are still being actively hunted by CADMUS agents who hope to acquire her formidable powers for their own use, often by other Gen13 teens forced to work with DV8. While fleeing to New York has made it harder to find her or isolate her, it does not mean she is safe, and she knows it.

While not a flaw in and of itself, Sarah identifies as lesbian and is a member of a minority in the United States. As an Apache she has experienced first hand the crushing poverty and discrimination often aimed at minority populations; as a LGBT woman, she has had her share of hate thrown her way. Who she is as a person can make her a target, as much as being a metahuman does. Though just figuring out what she feels her developing identity is can be confusing for her at times.



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White Eyes, Bakeneko September 18th, 2020 Courtney and Sarah meet Katsumi and try to reassure and destress her. It doesn't go well.
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Staying Grounded September 10th, 2020 A meetup at Washington Square Park's fountain leads to chatter about art and helping others.
New Friends And Old Friends September 6th, 2020 The Titans hold a meeting on getting organized and what to do about their missing team members, and end up gaining a new ally in Sarah Rainmaker.
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Rain and Lightning August 26th, 2020 Sarah and Mary meet at NYU campus, and chat a bit about classes, jobs, powers, and D&D.
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Hellfire Purgatory Teen Club Grand Opening August 15th, 2020 The grand opening is a hit! Drinking, dancing, socializing, loads of fun... oh, and a cameo by a very annoyed one-eyed security goon.


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