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  Tomb Raider  
Lara Croft (Scenesys ID: 696)
Name: Lady Lara Amelia Croft
Superalias: Tomb Raider
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Archaeologist / SHIELD Agent
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Residence: Greenwich Village, Manhattan NYC
Education: University College London (UCL)
Theme: IDW (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 14 February 1998 Played By Camilla Luddington (Voice)
Height: 5'9" Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @LaraCroft (V)
Theme Song: "Lose" - Hannah Gill

Character Info


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Due to the publicity of the events of Yamatai Island (and the death of celebrity James Whitman) it is not hard for someone to 'know of' the name of Lara Croft. She's been labeled by the media as a modern day 'Indiana Jones' and though it has died down as of late many have sought her out for interviews and attempted deals to tell her story in other formats such as television and movies.

After Yamatai, Lara was approached by SHIELD to join their WAND division as an Asset Collection Agent and knowing the resources SHIELD has to offer that could help her accomplish her life's goals, Lara agreed. She's since moved to New York and has settled in as one of the higher experienced members of WAND.

Primarily, Lara explores the world to find artifacts and retrieve them before they can fall into the wrong hands.


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* 1998: Valentines Day - Lara was born\, as the only child of Lord Richard and Amelia Croft.
* 2004: Lara's mother dies in a tragic airplane crash. Lara's father subsequently becomes more distant from his daughter as he is stricken with grief over the loss of his wife and best friend.
* 2010: Lara's father dies in an apparent suicide in his office in Croft Manor. The previous six years he'd spent obsessed with the occult and any and all legends that revolved around resurrecting the deceased. He'd taken Lara on many adventures abroad in search of life saving rituals or artifacts.
* 2010: Lara is taken in by her father's best friend, Conrad Roth after she failed to behave for the family's butler. She locked the butler in the kitchen freezer and this was the last straw. She was there-by sent to live with Conrad Roth who was an adventurer and survivalist who would pass on his training and skills to Lara while also continuing her education in a variety of schools around the world.
* 2016: Lara is enrolled at University College London and refusing to attend her father's preferred school of Oxford. Its here that she meets her best friend Samantha Nishimura.
* 2019: Lara graduates UCL with a degree in Archaeology and her first adventure has her booked as a crew member aboard the SS Endurance. The Endurance sets sail the flagship in searching for a lost Japanese island known as Yamatai...

* 2919: Yamatai: The Endurance is crashed off the coast of Yamatai and the crew is shipwrecked on the island. the island is inhabited by cultists known as the Solarii who are sacrificing young women to their Queen Goddess Himiko's spirit in hopes of resurrecting her by finding a member of Himiko's bloodline. For years these cultists have been luring vessels to the island in hopes of finding the true heir to Himiko's legacy and that heir is finally discovered in Samantha Nishimura's bloodline. Samantha is captured and taken to the Queen's Spire to be placed in the ritual that will bring Himiko back to life within Samantha's body. Lara Croft, dismantles the Solarii and puts a stop to this ritual. Though many of the Endurance's survivors are lost on the island after the wreck of their ship, Lara's efforts single handedly save many other's lives and she becomes known as the Savior of the Yamatai disaster.

* 2020: After the events of Yamatai Island, Lara deals with many legal issues in Tokyo and while there she's approached by Nick Fury of SHIELD. Nick Fury recruits her to be a member of the WAND division, specifically as a 'artifacts acquisitions agent'. After the legalities are handled in Japan, Lara reports to United States and the Triskelion where she begins her journey as a new member of SHIELD, a professional Archaeologist who's goal is to recover dangerous artifacts before they fall in to the wrong hands.

IC Journal

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Lara knows that her strength of will is her key to success and becomes of this when she becoems locked on a goal, she's entirely Committed to seeing it through.

Die Hard:
Lara has learned more about herself since Yamatai than she ever expected to know. She's a force to be reckoned with and she now knows that she can survive anything if she just keeps moving, keeps standing, keeps her legs working and keeps pushing onward.

Lara, at her heart, wants to do good for the world. This is what really is the base line foundation of all that she strives to do. Its why she took the job with SHIELD. She wants the world to be /better/ and she thinks that her education, her skills, and her insight into what truths lie behind legend can lead her to doing true good for the world. She wants to be a force for good in the world.

Lara's life has lead her to believe that her own family is key to many secrets in this world. That through her father's studies, she can uncover severely important artifacts that can impact the safety and security of the planet. Because of this, Lara can sometimes lose herself inside of her own self importance. Though she's not proud of this, she's aware that it is an issue. She can easily be lost in her own family's name, her own goals and achievements. She's not /proud/ of it, but even she cannot deny it in her heart.

This ia a benefit and a detriment. Lara focuses on a singular objective and it comes her sole purpose. It becomes her everything. She begins to see it as the only thing worth focusing on and there-by can eaisly forget other things, other people, if she's not pulled back in to reality by those around her.

Character Sheet


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Lara Croft grew up with the world of wealth. One of her favourite hobbies was archery and as such she is an expert marksman with any kind of bow. Having taken such a shine to the activity, Lara even learned the art of creating her own bows and her own arrows. She's quite adept at crafting a bow with makeshift supplies. A deadly archer, she can hit the tiniest of targets from great distances. Though she thought she'd forgotten most of it as a childish hobby, her first adventure on the island of Yamatai reintroduced the young Miss Croft to the art of Archery and she's grown a new-found love for it once again.

Chopper Pilot:
Lara croft is a fairly skilled commercial-grade pilot. She's clocked in a little over a hundred hours in a number of different types of helicopters. Though she's not as good as she'd like to be, she's confident in her ability to control the vehicle in fairly dangerous weather conditions, should the need arise, though if there were a more skilled pilot available she would gladly yield to their knowledge.

Lara has aspirations to get a pilot's license in commercial airplanes as well, if she manages to find the free time to build upon the limited time she's had in the cockpit of them so far.

Dirty Fighter:
Lara Croft will do anything to survive. She doesn't care if her opponent is 60 cm tall, or 600 cm tall, she'll find a way to defeat them and she'll do it by any means necessary. She's become a very proficient hand-to-hand combatant and continues to take additional lessons at any gum or dojo she can with whatever spare time she's capable of. At this stage in Lara's life, she's killed people in many brutal ways these images haunt her, but also have 'steeled' her resolve. She knows she can kill, if she has to.

Lara Croft is an exceptional driver. She's driven in many of the harshest of conditions, from the badlands of Syria to the wilds of Africa Lara's driven through it all in a large variety of vehicles; trucks, cars, motorcycles and many different types of boats. If it has an engine, Lara can maneuver it.

Lara is the Countess of Abingdon, so it may not come as a great surprise that she's no stranger to a horse. She grew up with a stable on her father's property and her favourite horse was a Spanish Mustang named "Buttercup". From hopping fences to galloping through forested pathways, Lara is an experienced rider.

Lara's been traveling the world with Conrad Roth since the death of her father. Conrad is a lifelong experienced survivalist and a mountain climber. He took Lara under his wing like an adopted daughter and has taught her everything he knows about scaling the tallest peak and finding a way to the top of the mountain. When any other person would see no way to climb further, Lara can find a way, due to Roth's mastery-level training.

Gun Nut:
Conrad Roth taught Lara many survival skills, one of which was how to properly maintain a gun; specifically handguns and rifles. She's a very proficient shot with almost any variety of these types of weapons, though handguns are her preferred favourite. Her experiences on Yamatai Island have led her to being quite adept at weapon restoration and modification as well. She can get even the oldest, and gnarliest of weapons functioning again.

Hardcore Parkour:
This was never something that Lara truly focused on that greatly, prior to her first adventure on Yamatai Island. She had taken a couple semesters of a Parkour class in school, enjoyed it a great deal but never considered it to be anything more than a fun side-activity. However, on Yamatai, Lara put the skills to use in a way that saved not only her life, but the lives of many of her friends.

Lara has been studying other languages since she was even able to speak English. Being that she was home schooled by the best teachers that money could buy, she had an upper-hand in learning languages that would specifically benefit her in her life's future goals. She has the same love for culture that her father had, and because of this he was always there to help encourage her to speak, read, and translate. Lara thusly has progressed to learning th esame suite of languages that her father Richard knew.

1. English
2. Latin
3. Spanish
4. Ancient Greek
5. Egyptian
6. Old Norse
7. French
8. Arabic
9. Khmer
10. Mandarin
11. Japanese
12. Russian
13. Middle English
14. Vedic Sanskrit
15. Yucatec
16. German

Lara's training with Conrad Roth taught her the ability to survive in any of the world's climates. She could be left naked and afraid in the jungles of the Amazon and still manage to scrape by, overcome the odds and live. Her first adventures on the island of Yamatai further reinforced this and gave her valuable confidence in her Survivalist abilities / skills. She can take the worst survival situation, and problem-solve it to resolution.


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Lara is a graduate of University College London (U.C.L.)]) and holds a degree in Archaeology. This is something she's quite proud of, though she wishes to continue her education throughout the rest of her life. She has no plans to ever cease learning new things.

Lara's distant and absent parents lead to her best friends, growing up, being the books within her father's home. Due to her father being in the field of Archaeology and world history, this has led the young girl to be extremely well read in the field. She knows her ancient myths like none other. But beyond that, she knows the world of Earth well-over like few others. From basic geography to the minute details of the cultures that reside within the deepest reaches.

Croft Manor:
Lara's family home in Surrey. This massive estate sits on a large plot of land and is filled with valuable artifacts from her mother and father's success in life. It is the sitting home of the Duke and Dutchess of Surrey and her extended family has tried to usurp it from Lara's ownership on more than one occasion.

Lara's fondest memories of her father are of the times that he would take her on his trips around the world to meet with important dignitaries from other countries and societies. As such, Lara has gained the ability to understand the diversity of her world and embrace it. She cherishes the colour of other cultures and will never shy away from honouring others beliefs (so long as they're not morally egregious)).

Lady Lara Croft is the Duchess of Surrey. Surrey is a county in the south east of England and Croft Manor is the home in which the sitting Duke and Duchess of the county have resided. The means that Lara Croft is British Royalty and occasionally has to fulfill public duties as a member of the royal family. Public appearances and behind the scenes work are often asked of Lara, though she's notoriously troublesome in getting to perform said duties.

Both of Lara's parents were wealthy, her father especially so. Being the Earl of Abingdon, Lord Richard's coffers ran deep. His manor in England is where Lara grew up. However, Lara wishes not to use the wealth of her parents to fuel her own life. She thinks fondly of her home, but wishes to forge her own path in life however, that wealth is there should she ever need it.


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Due to her parents being distant and absent (and then both dying), Lara grew up mostly alone aside from house staff that were employed by her parents. She spent most of her time by herself, or with her horse. This has lead Lara to being severely independent and sometimes socially awkward. She loved her parents dearly and their tragic passings has affected her deeply.

Lara has been lonely her entire life. She loved her parents dearly, but their busy lives meant they never were around. She never had a friend her own age until she went to University and met Samantha Nishimura. Though Sam has helped reduce Lara's loneliness, it still rests deeply embedded in her heart. She feels detached from modern human society, as though she doesn't ever belong when surrounded by other people.

Lara never truly liked to work with others even before her first adventure on Yamatai. But after that, she fears the safety of those around here and pleads with others not to put themselves at risk for her foolhardy endeavours. Lara is a caring person, and she believes this is why she has to be a loner.

Yamatai Island; though it was an experience that lead Lara to find an inner strength she never knew she had, it was also the place that awoke a 'beast' inside of her. It was the place where she had to take lives, in order to preserve her own, as well as many of the lives of the people she cared about who were with her. Lara has dreams of the many men she killed on Yamatai. She can see their faces in her sleep, in the shadows around her. She can hear their voices, the gunfire, their screams as well as her own. Lara is severely traumatized by all of this and if she were less of a strong person, it might eat her alive. She has trouble sleeping now, choosing to focus solely on her work to find answers to her many questions.



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Lara Croft has 80 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
1000 Faces: I Just Want You For Your Body March 28th, 2021 In part I, trouble is afoot with the rusalka in Vermont.
The Legendary Secret of the Bronze Bowl March 22nd, 2021 Daisy and Lara head back to Nepal, starting in Afterlife, to seek out the strange disturbance in the force Daisy was feeling. An adventure is had up through the mountain with a mysterious adversary, a cuddy leopard, and eventually an ancient temple to be published in journals. Treasure was found and an uneasy alliance was forged.. temporarily.
Fortune and Glory: Pandemonium March 14th, 2021 The treasure hunters start hunting the treasure hunt makers.
Fortune and Glory: Dont Shoot the Messenger March 7th, 2021 Several candidates for Lott's legacy are chosen. Three in particular; Bane, Cinque and Jovian investigate clues to what is going on and why they were chosen. News of the hunt leaks around the world and the focus on who is seeking it and what it is increases as does scruitiny of the Nazca cartel, drawing the attention of Lara Croft as Jovian asks her help which in turn draws the scruitiny of W.A.N.D.
Thai Food February 26th, 2021 Lara and Grant enjoy some dinner in together after being shot at by crazy weirdos in an alleyway.
Courier Is Not Just A Font February 25th, 2021 Grant Ward and Lara Croft quietly escort a courier, until he's waylaid and they have to jump into action. Viola Fiore sees the firefight and tries to lend the agents a hand without revealing herself as a mutant.
Lara and Sebastian's Lounge Raiding Adventure February 4th, 2021 Lara and Shaw get to know one another.
Another You: May Be Time For A Search Engine January 28th, 2021 May calls Lara and Jane in for a consult on how to find her own version of the rage staff. They make it seem way more complicated than she wants. But they're SHIELD. Impossible is just another day at the office.
Friday Night's All Right For Spelling, Sans Demonic Tomes and Nazis January 23rd, 2021 Weird liquor for the cost of a childhood memory? Sure! As long as I'm not paying.
Times that Bind: Epilogue January 18th, 2021 The best of SHIELD gather at the SWORDFISH to welcome Agent May back to the present. Cake is had. Whiskey and shots. And a very surprising hologram.
Climbing the Social Ladder January 15th, 2021 Lara climbs a mountain when some old goat shows up.
That Thing You Found in the Place January 13th, 2021 Lara and Jane spend a bit of time together catching up and Lara-splaining about the mysterious Dropa Stones!
Tonight we drink in HELL. December 29th, 2020 Two rich heiresses share their troubles over excellent drinks.
Drinks in Manhattan December 21st, 2020 After Pakistan, Lara and Talia meet for drinks at the Hellfire Club to discuss a mystery.
Snakes in the Desert December 17th, 2020 Peggy leads a team of agents, including Jessica Drew and Lara Croft, into the Mojave Desert to locate a new time anomaly. They encounter unexpected resistance.
Time for an Update December 14th, 2020 Agent Morse gathers her troops -- in this case, Agents Carter, Croft, and Fitz -- for a situation update regarding the retrieval of Melinda May from out of the past. When Fitz delivers a time phone, things get a whole lot more interesting... and Agent May gets the present in the past.
Old Neighborhood December 3rd, 2020 A chance encounter in Greenwich!
KNOCK KNOCK! November 26th, 2020 Someone dares to insult Alexander by robbing Lara. He takes steps to defend his honor.
Zatanna's House of Mageek November 21st, 2020 Lara delivers an ancient artifact of great power to the person she thinks could help her most with understanding it better.
World Travelers November 19th, 2020 Lara Croft crosses paths with Talia al Ghul in the airport. They have tea.
Invasion Egypt: Aftermath! November 13th, 2020 Team Alex meets up to discuss their recent successes!
The Future Becomes The Present, The Present Becomes Me November 5th, 2020 Edward admires a puzzle artifact in a museum, that just so happens to have been discovered by Lara Croft. They have a bit of a friendly chat!
Mood Rings October 20th, 2020 Jessica and Lara tell Thor stuff, and Thor probably retains most of it, maybe.
Trip To The Past: Tomb Raiding! October 19th, 2020 Lara and T'Challa work their way through the Narobian tomb from which the artifact came
Evil Explodes October 19th, 2020 The avatars of ancient Egyptian Gods fall down upon Central Park NYC. Heroes Assemble to due battle with the Avatars and save the day before evil explodes across the land!
The Crashing Of The Waves October 9th, 2020 A trip to the beach for Tropical Storm Yancy yields driftwood, videos, and plans to visit Jonah's restaurant.
The Drones Come Home October 5th, 2020 SHIELD faces the might of a full drone army, inside the Triskelion. It attempts to take control of the quantum computers and become unstoppable, but agents faced the drones down and stopped it at the very last few feet.
Later That Arabian Night October 1st, 2020 After the Avenger's benefit, T'Challa finally has some time to speak with Lara. Halloween plans are considered.
ZZGU: The DEO calls in a favor September 30th, 2020 A piece of ZZGU is in the wild, the research facility is lost, but SHIELD has a sample.
Accidental Brute Force Summoning September 28th, 2020 Lara Croft accidentally summons Levian with an unknown artifact. They have a discussion and learn about each other, becoming friends???
Arabian Nights costume gala September 25th, 2020 The Avengers have an Arabian Nights themed costume charity event.
Visiting the Monks of Toth September 18th, 2020 Amanda, Alexander, and Lara go to visit the Monks of Thoth to learn more about Zalmoxis and his mysterious tablet.
Trip To the Past: Camping September 17th, 2020 On the hunt for a site where an artifact was discovered, Lara and T'Challa make camp and share a meal while discussing many things.
On the Trail of the Tablet September 12th, 2020 Amanda goes to meet Alex's next door neighbor Lara. Together, the three track down the 3rd piece of Zalmoxis' Tablet.
A Trip To the Past September 9th, 2020 Lara and T'Challa carve their way towards a potential African archeological site that was the source of an artifact
Do Kings Care About Messy Apartments September 7th, 2020 Lara and T'Challa meet in her Greenwich Loft to discuss plans for an expedition regarding secrets of Wakandan history. Lara also sews the seeds of T'Challa acquiring a Man Cave.
An Expert's Eye September 3rd, 2020 T'Challa enlists the aid of Lara Croft to investigate an antiquity found with poachers on the Wakandan border
Ice Palace: Sharing what we know August 30th, 2020 The Infinity Watch and friends devise several plans to deal with the Sorcerer Vega.. and Loki who seems to be pulling strings behind the scenes.
The drone superhighway August 23rd, 2020 When the Ninja Turtles and SHIELD crash a drone sewer party, new allies are made but the drone threat is not done yet.
Stuffy Boring Parties July 24th, 2020 Lara and Johnny enjoy a bit of conversation after a social outing!
The issue of the Oni July 16th, 2020 Lara Croft deep dives back in to the lore of Wa
Black Sun: Last Exit to Brooklyn July 15th, 2020 Mariposa isn't dead thanks to the timely engagement of a bear, a sword, ICERs, a broken guitar, and a Sorcerer Supreme paid with one sock.
Black Sun: Manhattan Transfer July 15th, 2020 The Grail is saved, but at what cost?
Black Sun: Winter of Our Discontent July 15th, 2020 SHIELD enters the fray in Long Island and discovers the Third Reich alive, thriving, and growing. The world burns beneath the light of a holy relic. To be continued.
Citysoul: Vayechi July 13th, 2020 Infinity Watch is born!
Citysoul: A Wound in the Soul July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City gather to witness the birth of a new, dark god ... and get more than they bargained for!
Citysoul: The Blight July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City sail the putrid mire of Hudson, the River of Blight, to battle the Threefold God!
Citysoul: No Sleep Till Brooklyn July 12th, 2020 The Heroes of the City venture into shadow-plagued Brooklyn to save its very soul!
Black Sun: Small Mercies July 10th, 2020 SHIELD finds the trail of a killer, but not quite soon enough to save their quarry. But in death, clues are offered to save another life.
Citysoul: Soul Survival July 4th, 2020 A group of mystics gather to manifest the Genius Loci of Manhattan. Hands are held. Magic is done.
Dude, Where's my Jeep July 4th, 2020 Lara and Julie enjoy a leisurely stroll through NYC and a nice Jeep ride toward some dinner!
Thorns and Thatch July 2nd, 2020 Alexander asks for Lara's help.
WAND: Beat It June 27th, 2020 SHIELD has a vampire!
WAND: Smooth Criminal June 25th, 2020 Caught by vampires, SHIELD agents fight their way free of a persuasive power and chase the clutch out into the night.
That Belongs in an Embassy! June 19th, 2020 Lara brings an old spear to Shuri and it is revealed that it is something from Wakanda from centuries prior.
Follow Up June 15th, 2020 Lara and Bolo meet to discuss Ebenezer.
Gratitous Backup June 9th, 2020 Lara finds a treasure. Jovian makes a contact. Ebenezer goes to jail.
Park Hopping June 3rd, 2020 Lara and Alexander meet in a park to talk about their college experiences.
A Bark covered Log! May 20th, 2020 Lara meets her neighbor Alexander, and swears she's not spying on him! She's spying on him tho.
Epicenter: Part 2 - Tracing the Tremors May 17th, 2020 SHIELD takes out a nest of neo nazi scum, then meet a new old face.. hail hydra.
Black Mirror May 12th, 2020 Bad mirror is bad! Roald Amundsen would've kicked its butt!
Shield Briefing - Talk to the Animals! May 8th, 2020 Daniel gives a briefing on his research into communicating with the shadow creatures and things don't go well.
Hunting the Faux: Part 3 May 5th, 2020 Escape? Faux get about it
Moving Up and Moving In May 2nd, 2020 Newly-minted SHIELD Agent Dane Whitman gets his official...cubicle. But at least the conversation is good!
Dropa Stones: Seeing Red May 1st, 2020 Lara introduces her new partner on the Dropa Stones expeditions to all she has on the stones so far!
The Hunger: Wings of Destruction April 20th, 2020 A surprise attack on the Stark Expo in Flushing Meadows leads to a pitched battle on the ground and in the skies!
Flocking Together April 14th, 2020 Batgirl and Sparrow interview two new Bird or Bird Adjacent Heroines and hook them up with Oracle-Tech
HFC: The Dungeon ReOpening April 14th, 2020 Dancing drama and drinks at the Dungeon.
A Journey to Somewhere April 13th, 2020 Lara meets a mysterious man on her trip to Africa to recover a mask that might control the rain!
To Check the Time April 6th, 2020 AGENT CROFT meets a TIME TRAVELER and they have a chat and a bit of a run!
Mutant Rights Fundraiser! April 4th, 2020 Money is raised, art is made.
The Kestral Key of Krakkan April 3rd, 2020 No description
Calling In A Siege Expert March 24th, 2020 Lara Croft and Dane Whitman examine the Siege Perilous, and consult someone with firsthand experience....
Siege of the Ghost Spider: Rude Awakenings March 22nd, 2020 After being awoken by HYDRA soldiers, Gwen, Lara, and Zee trek to the Siege Perilous. Gwen goes home. Many tears are shed. But is it truly over -- or just a new beginning?
Siege of the Ghost Spider: Extreme Glamping March 20th, 2020 Team Siege Perilous goes out in search of the location - and are shot down!
Tea In The Park March 17th, 2020 Lara and Daniel wax on about each other's talents until the conversation segues to.. pizza?
Siege of the Ghost Spider: Lara Raids Shadowcrest March 17th, 2020 Lara comes to Shadowcrest to speak with Zee on sending Gwen home. Despite warnings, Zee seems determined to carry through. Gwen is a plucky blonde love interest.
What's in an era March 11th, 2020 Tea. It's a British thing.
Studying an artifact... March 8th, 2020 Lara brings a strange artifact to Bruce. The dagger has her baffled as she can't pin down how old it is or whether or not there is anything... supernatural about it. It is a bit outside of Bruce's realm of expertise but he agrees to at least give it a radiocarbon dating so that she might have more info to go on.....
Its Gotham March 4th, 2020 Lara runs into THE QUESTION and finds out he has no face! He's also a very effective hostage negotiator, so it seems. She doesn't arrest him, because he seems nice tho and she's new to this SHIELD thing.


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Lara Croft has 80 finished logs.

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