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Joshua Foley (Scenesys ID: 853)
Name: Joshua Foley
Superalias: Elixir
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Bronx, NY
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 15 feb 2003 Played By
Height: 5'9" Weight: 157 lbs
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @L33TSk8ter
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A young mutant about to really be in over his head. The debut of his power will wreck his world and change the course of his life.


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* February 15th 2003: Josh was born to Howard and Grace Foley, the youngest of three brothers, in the Bronx, NY.

* 2010: Josh's parents were old school New York racists and were never ones to like immigrants found a new problem with the propagation of Super Heroes but especially mutants.

* 2011: Josh's parents and their friends including many in their neighborhood are alarmed with the rise of the Brotherhood out there using violence for 'mutant rights'.

* 2012: Mutants are out there saving the world with the Justice League, which just raises their profiles in the media and helps spark distrust in some quarters like Josh's home.

* 2012: Josh met his best friend Duncan in the second grade. Josh just falls in line wanting badly to belong and follows Duncan into all sorts of trouble in grade school.

* 2016: Mutant Town in New York really starts to take off. Putting the problem as far as Josh's parents were concerned right in their backyard.

* 2017: Senator Kelly nearly assassinated by a Mutants. Which while the X-men were responsible for the rescue and wins them some good will starts to radicalize people like Reavers and Donald Pierce.

* Josh and Duncan are Sophmores in High School

* Christmas 2019: Duncan starts attending some of the Reavers meetings over Winter Break and doesn't tell Josh right away.

* February 2020: Genosha is destroyed shocking the world but also energizing the Mutant Hate groups.

* March 2020: Duncan drags Josh to one of the Reaver recruitment meetings. He gets entangled with their plans to strike at the mutants in Mutant Town and goes along with the peer pressure.

* 2022: Joshua goes with the Reavers on several raids and attacks. He starts to feel uneasy about what he's doing, but cannot express why. On Halloween night, Joshua finds out that he too, is a mutant. It drives him away from the Reavers and into hiding.

* 2023: Living among the homeless in Mutant Town, Joshua has been trying to eek out an existance and come to a better understanding of his powers.

IC Journal

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He acts cocky and self assured hiding his fears and insecurity that are pretty deeply rooted.

Josh wants to belong and be popular, badly, and he ends up falling in with groups and following their lead in things.

Beneath everything is the youngest child of a household that is pretty judgemental and distant. As much as he tries to follow others or bluster his way through it, he is deep down insecure and has anxiety.

Character Sheet


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The foundation of all of Josh's abilities are Biokinesis. He is capable of controlling anyone's biological structure down to the genetic level. While it will take practice and knowledge of what he is actually doing to master there is very little he can't do when it comes to manipulating living things and their life force. This will range from healing physical damage done to his body or the bodies of others, reactivating suppressed mutant abilities, repairing cerebral functions, and altering the composition molecules.

Death Touch:
(Biokinesis) Josh has it within him to do as much harm as he does good with his Biokinesis. He can kill with a touch. With the same practice, knowledge, and skill he will be able to finely control what detrimental effects he can inflict inversely to how much he could heal.

Genetic Detection:
(Biokinesis) Once Josh has the proper understanding and training he will be able to use his powers to detect and understand Genetic Abnormalities and anomalies.

(Biokinesis) At first he will only be capable of basic healing such as broken bones, severe burns, and even things as severe life threatening injuries such as stab wounds or gunshots. With sufficient knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biology though he will be able to master his healing performing truly miracles acts of healing such as regrowing hearts, curing cancer as well as rare diseases and viruses, and more. Eventually this will result in Josh being able to instantly regenerate from any wounds or damage he personally suffers.

Life-Force Manipulation:
(Biokinesis) Josh is able to sense others life force and the state of it. Eventually he will be able to transfer, absorb, and manipulate the life-force of others.

(Biokinesis) Josh is capable of literally bringing people back from the dead, himself included. He has virtual immortality as while he can die he resurrects himself before too long.


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High School:
He knows about as much as any other High Schooler about things.

He is pretty good, he thinks it makes him cooler so he really has worked on it a lot.


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High Schooler:
Josh doesn't really have any resources of his own. He is a High School student and is dependent on others for food, shelter, and spending money right now. He does have a really nice skateboard. Also the ubiquitous cellphone and tablet most teenagers have these days.


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Dichromatimorphic Skin:
Eventually he will develop a secondary mutation which will cause his skin to change color depending on how he uses his powers. When he is healing his skin will turn a golden color. If he uses his powers to damage or kill his skin turns a deep metallic black. This appears to be a completely involuntary reaction, and he will have trouble switching from Black to Golden when he uses his powers to harm.

Josh struggles with anxiety and insecurity. He wants to be popular and belong with the cool kids very badly. This leads him to make some very poor decisions in his life.

Power Limitation:
Using his powers for extreme feats of biological manipulation can wear out his body, causing him to collapse. After passing out from pushing his powers too far will remain in a coma for some time and his DNA will reboot itself.



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Joshua Foley has 92 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Ziti and Confessions February 19th, 2024 Joshua and Sara come home from the shooting at Josie's Bar and have a heart to heart that leads to confessions that had finally come to fruition.
Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin' February 18th, 2024 Saturday night fun is turns sour for some of the FDNY off shift for the night. Friends old and new help save the day when bangers decide to bring their turf war to Josie's Bar.
Fledging Out January 30th, 2024 Joshua Foley-Crowe has decided to head to Oxford, to take up on their spring semester. He shares a farewell with his adopted mother, Nettie Crowe.
JLD Book Club I: Codex Sanguinus January 19th, 2024 The first Book Club meeting takes the Codex Sanguinus from a dance club/auction house. Patience and Daniel Ketch's Spirit of Vengence discuss the qualities of apologies
X-men Danger Room: Potent Pairings January 18th, 2024 The X-men and students gather in the Danger Room to work on cooperation and power combinations.
Bad Day at Work January 8th, 2024 Joshua comes home to Sara. There's a discussion of their days, some righteous justice and discussion of Aunt Ruth's ziti.
Monsters Smooshing You Is Bad Mkay January 8th, 2024 Members of Xavier's school come together in the infirmary where Julian and Remy independently end up seeking treatment.
Formation at Hell Creek January 5th, 2024 On the tail of whomever threw a brick into the Candle, Booke & Belle shop, Nettie and Kelly employ Lydia, Josh, Audra and Jason Blood to try and find the first link to Kelly Praetor's transformation.

There is a ghost dinosaur.

Sword and Paper January 2nd, 2024 Nettie is brushing up on her longsword skills when Joshua Foley makes his way to deliver holiday presents to his adoptive mom -- including the paperwork to make it official
Not All Of Us Can Hide December 31st, 2023 Olivia arrives at the school for an appointment and meets Joshua and Monet and gets to see Joshua's power in action. As if the gold skin wasn't enough of a giveaway.
You Find the Darndest Things In The Surf December 13th, 2023 Joshua Foley is in Genosha when a girl washes up on a beach, nearly dead. He heals her wounds, and helps Kiana over the ensuing two weeks before he returns home.
Visits with Mum December 9th, 2023 Josh drops off Christmas Presents at the Candle. Nettie and Josh argue about who is the most gift-ed of the two of them softly. Everyone cries.
Decking Pezzini House December 1st, 2023 Joshua surprises Sara with a tree! And they talk about the upcoming holidays and flirting.
Tis the season.. December 1st, 2023 Danny, Gabby, Josh and Patience begin to decorate the Candle's lounge for the winter holidays.
How Do You Explain the Demogorgoose November 19th, 2023 Sara returns home from offing a major demon, shared some of her regrets with Joshua over coffee and spends the night on the couch.
Goose 3: Fowl Happenstance November 18th, 2023 When the Candle Booke and Belle gets wrecked, it's up to a small cadre of interested personalities to determine where the owner has vanished to
Happy Birthday Nettie! November 15th, 2023 Nettie was surprised (not really) by Joshua, Sara, Talia and Clark Kent for her birthday. Gifts were given, she got a cupcake of her very own, and tea was sipped.
An Unexpected (And Unwanted) Visitor November 15th, 2023 Impling invade the Pezzini House kitchen and Joshua deals with them accordingly.
The Arrival of the Aunt... With Food November 5th, 2023 Joshua meets Sara Aunt Ruth... and gets her approval.
Work Lunch November 2nd, 2023 Sara visits Joshua at work. They have a small moment of emergency and make dinner plans.
Justice League Dark - Pumpkin Party November 2nd, 2023 Pumpkin Party!
Skateboard Shopping Over Kill November 1st, 2023 A trip to the American Dream Mall in NJ is mixed snow boarding, the food court, a ride on one of the tallest Ferris wheels around, and a face off with mutant haters blocking entry to the water park. Sara and Josh grow closer throughout the date, and Witchblade himself takes over to chat with Joshua.
Out of My League Chinese October 31st, 2023 Sara and Joshua meet for Chinese. They discuss what they are looking for in the other and Sara makes an offer to him before they have to deal with a small bigot problem.
New Roommate and Take Home Chinese October 31st, 2023 Sara and Joshua go out for Chinese as a first date. A rude couple ruins their dining, so they retreat to her house to finish their meal and talk.
Do a Kickflip October 30th, 2023 The skatepark gets an alien visitor and Joshua teaches her how to skateboard! Dick may never forgive him.
Blushing Tiger, Shocked Witchblade October 30th, 2023 Joshua and Sara come across each other while getting hot beverages. Talk turns to flirting and plans are made for a second date.
What's a Date October 29th, 2023 Sharon ambushes Joshua while he's studying and the two make plans for a future date.
Mutant Town Checkup October 26th, 2023 Kiden comes to the clinic in the middle of a bad downer and is treated by the youngest healer on their staff.
Down the Halfpipe October 26th, 2023 Joshua and Gabby finally have that skating date, which turns out to the last date.
Fair Winds & Following Seas October 17th, 2023 Space Yacht! The heroes stop the pirates, with minimal injuries. The spae yaht is damaged perhaps irreperably
Reavers: Epilogue October 16th, 2023 Nettie seals the deal with Donald Pierce.
Emplates and Extermination October 16th, 2023 On a dark Friday the Thirteenth, Emplate breaks into Xavier's Mansion, looking for mutants to feed upon. And is fought off, with traumas brought up and used to strengthen rather than terrify.
Reavers: Assault on Cooterman's Creek October 15th, 2023 This is it! Nettie leads a mixed-team attack on the Reaver's base in Australia. The Reavers are stopped, Gateway is freed and the contract of Joshua is voided.
Reavers: A Call for Help October 12th, 2023 When Nettie researches the Reavers mode of transport, an unexpected guest invites her and her companions to see where the Reavers have taken root.
Reavers: Interrogation October 9th, 2023 In the aftermath of the ambush on Joshua, Nettie comes to collect information and vengeance for her adopted son. Unfortunately for Skullbuster, he's the only one available for information.
Sorry about your book, Nettie! October 9th, 2023 After talking to Gabby, Joshua comes across his adopted mother who attempts to soothe him while making plans to deal with the threat to Joshua once and for all.
Pinned Down and Pissed Off October 8th, 2023 Joshua is ambushed by Reavers while making deliveries. He's rescued by Prisma, Spider-Man and Mania and he is faced with a cruel truth. There really is only one way to stop the Reavers.
It's Bad if it's Your Own Blood, Right October 8th, 2023 Gabby had set up for her movie date with Joshua. It may have been a slasher flick, because Josh brought the blood.
Tea Wrecks October 6th, 2023 #$&^ the Bad Vibes, Joshua
Shirts vs. Skins or Skins vs Fur October 3rd, 2023 Joshua tries to teach Sharon how to play basketball. It doesn't go well.
Beneath the Pond II: Rise of Goosifer October 1st, 2023 When Goosifer, a demon most fowl, rises from the deep to avenge Beetlegoose whose death in the spring brought Tommy Shepherd and Belinda Gutierrez into the JLD fold, the JLD responds. Nettie leads Pixie, Elixer, and Hellboy into battle, with Richard Stadler and Richard Swift (The Shade) accompanying their battle.
Oktoberfest in Salem Center September 30th, 2023 Oktoberfest at Salem Center sees a lot of drinking and eating, some dancing. No necks were drained of blood that we know of.
Crane Games and First Dates September 29th, 2023 Gabby and Joshua have a sometimes fun, sometimes awkward first date. #tinyfacebear :3
And All the Snacks We Couldn't Eat September 27th, 2023 Post D&D Discussion with Josh Foley
All the Meats! September 26th, 2023 Gabby comes across Joshua on a dinner break, they talk shop, the past, and then each other - and somehow end up planning a date.
D & D at the Candle September 26th, 2023 Nettie runs a D&D Scene. It is ridiculous.
Downtime at the Belle September 24th, 2023 At the Candle's Workspace! Belinda meets Joshua for weight-lifting, college talk, experiment discussions, and more.
Acquired Power September 24th, 2023 The X-Men meet to recruit Joshua Foley and Kimmi Jones-Smith, but encounter a strange combination of powers that sends mutant abilities haywire.
Delivery Down to a Tea September 23rd, 2023 A tea delivery to the wrong Stately Wayne dwelling goes right when Josh Foley makes aquaintence of fellow healer, Phoebe Beacon
A tale of espionage, milkshakes, and burgers in Bushwick. September 22nd, 2023 Laura runs into Joshua in Bushwick while doing suspicious X-23 things. They have a little chat. Laura is her usual weird self and Joshua proves he's cut out for Xavier's by not finding it too weird.
Meetings Anew September 20th, 2023 Meetings in the Candle's Lounge
Catseye meets Elixir September 19th, 2023 While touring the gardens at Xavier, Joshua meets Sharon and they exchange pleasantries.
Books and Booze September 18th, 2023 Joshua, Nettie, Patience and Charlie. Someone's in 1980's workout gear.
Too Nice a Place September 18th, 2023 A bar is too classy a place for a fight. And for M to run her mouth.
Awkward Reunions September 17th, 2023 While at the Skatepark, Bunny and Joshua awkwardly reconnect. They discuss events and part as friends.
Deliveries Gone Wrong September 11th, 2023 Karai ambushes Joshua (who she was sure she had left for dead) to get answers to her questions about how he is still alive and give him an opprotunity that would be hard to health if he ignored.
Flock of Crowes September 10th, 2023 Joshua and Nettie talkin' on the rooftop
Meeting Magics September 8th, 2023 Nettie orders a bunch of take out for some visiting members of the Shazamly
No Chickening Out September 7th, 2023 When Joshua Foley, hot on the heels of becomming a chicken via a curse from ancient Greek spellcasters, needs to be cleared before returning to work, Nettie Crowe and Billy Kaplan come to the rescue.
Witches Duel September 6th, 2023 Two wicked witches duel over rights to a name. Heroes stop them before everyone in the area is made into chickens. And the names don't sound remotely like one another!
An Impromptu Humani-Tea September 5th, 2023 Mina Murray's first encounter with Justice League Dark members Nettie Crowe and Josh Foley at the Candle, Booke and Belle. Nettie offers her friendship and services to another lady quite out of her time.
Conjures & Caffination September 3rd, 2023 Bucky stops into the Candle, Booke & Belle to reaquaint himself with an old nurse.
The Grind in Bushwick is Harsh September 2nd, 2023 Joshua and friends run afoul of people looking for Shield Maiden and are rescued by Yuriko. Introductions are made!
The Stray Katz's Strut September 1st, 2023 Joshua is saved from a beating by Nettie and is offered a job. THE CROW TALKS.
When Pigs Fly September 1st, 2023 The End of the Three Part Bridle Microplot. Pigs fly. Athens gets Bacon-Bitted, Shazam claims the Bridle of Athena for Team Good Guys, Audra learns that Science can out-perform necromancy, Joshua experiences his second existential crisis of the day, and James 'Bucky' Barnes bumps into an Old Friend.
Foot in Mouth October 31st, 2022 Joshua Foley is taken to a safe house that certainly is a house that may or may not actually be safe. He and Bunny have a heart-to-heart, with Bunny dealing out some NYC Wisdom about his current situation, and about adapting to what you want to be.
The Reavers: Kill or Capture October 30th, 2022 Donald Pierce goes all in to recover Josh to further a secret advanced cybernetics program. Trying to grab Josh in Bushwick goes sideways when Bunny, Gabby, Monet, Roberto, and Tabby show up and wreck borgs.
Pretzels October 25th, 2022 After not blowing up a subway, Hex and Josh go for pretzels. Hex gives Josh a reality check (?!). Only one guy ends up in a coma along the way.
The Reavers: Interventions, Ignorance, and Islands October 24th, 2022 Vorpal tries to get some information from Josh and reason with him. He finds out the Reaver rabbit hole can be just as deep as Wonderland ones, and Josh has not even started to crawl out of it.
It Rains Trains October 23rd, 2022 Hex threatens to blow up a train to get her revenge on a hot dog stand owner. Josh gets sucked into her whirlwind. They both enjoy the finest dining the alleyways of New York have to offer on the way to get pretzels. Because they have so much in common?
Autumn In Central Park October 7th, 2022 An Autumn day in Central Park sees graffiti, a crashing skateboard, and Matt never does get to enjoy his PSL and bagel.
The Reavers: Seeing the Dark August 11th, 2022 Darksight whisks Donald Pierce away from sure death during a raid on an illegal cybernetic chop shop by the X-Men. Darksight learns about why the Reavers are abducting mutants, and just how twisted Pierce is. He also gains some insight into what is under that man's skin.
The Reavers: Pizza Surprise August 10th, 2022 Terry discovers the dead corpse was actually a living young man in the Bronx. Julie the cyborg also seems to be back from the dead. Terry's first try to abduct Josh goes a little awry. Josh's home explodes during a 'mutan't attack with his parents in it. Vorapal kidnaps Josh on the second try.
The Reavers: Misery at Scale August 5th, 2022 No description
The Reavers: Turning Over Stones August 5th, 2022 Terry investigates the attack on the Jackson building by visiting a contact at the hospital. He finds brainless cyborg corpses... and that one corpse has gone missing.
The Reavers: What's Yours Is Mine August 3rd, 2022 Bunny tries to deliver a package to what turns out to be a Reaver-linked lab. Karai, Bebop, and Rocksteady show up to destroy the facility and rescue mutant captives. Josh's friends are decimated. His true feelings about mutants come out. Josh gets his due and is left to die when the lab self-destructs.
The Reavers: Initiation Interrupted July 29th, 2022 Several heroes converge on a black market cybernetic body shop just when the Reavers inducted a new recruit by giving him his full enhancements. The fight was swift, brutal and left nothing standing. But that did not keep the heroes from making off with people and information that may shed some light on who the Reavers are and what they have been doing.
Comfortable in Your Own Skin July 9th, 2022 Mercy goes to try and help out a ghost. It turns into facing things head on as a brute tries to goomba stomp her, the head makes a clean runaway, and oaths are made to never go to Bludhaven again.
Studying is hard May 5th, 2020 No description
Deep Dish Purity April 17th, 2020 A group of Xers save the University of Chicago's mutant populations from some anti-mutant jerks. Rogue does her 'Breakfast Club' impersonation.
S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y.. Night April 5th, 2020 Josh and Jubilee spend Saturday night talking about stealing Josh's stuff and beating up bullies.
Lemonade fresh from the vine. Ice cream fresh from Iceland. April 5th, 2020 Jubilee holds an impromptu lemonade sale in the Xavier's foyer. Lots of faces show up, some of them are wearing clothes!
Stalking them savings, amirite April 1st, 2020 Josh comes to Burger Joint for Burgers, not joints, and then he and Jubilee go smoochie face on swings.
Brotherly Love March 28th, 2020 Emma brings Alex back to Xaviers. Scott and Jean discuss with them what (rather, who) caused Alex's mental block; as several of the students swarm like sharks. Hope does NOT have a gun in her room, grandpa.
A Sweet Surprise March 24th, 2020 Illegal cupcakes! Bickering teenagers! Frustrated adults! Sugar rushes and sage advice from a child that listens to Dr McCoy too much. Emma's surprise birthday treats for the X Mansion were well received by the kids, but the adults... something something security risk.
Movie Night March 19th, 2020 Josh meets Gabby and Laura. There was only some stabbing and very little blood.
Burn the House Down March 19th, 2020 The house doesn't actually burn down.
The New Guy March 17th, 2020 Bobby meets Joshua on the back steps of the Xavier mansion and talk turns to how one teachers people with unique and rare powers.
Relucant First Day March 14th, 2020 Josh's first tour around the mansion is from Lorna. That caused some serious feels and conflict internally for Josh.
It'sa her, Jubio! March 14th, 2020 Rogue, Remy and Joshy go to the Burger Joint. It is a restaurant that sells Burgers. It is not a store that sells joints that taste like burgers. It's a fun little casual time, and there's a ukulele.
Mutant-napping March 13th, 2020 Joshua Foley wakes up in the Wellness Office at Xavier's after being saved from his former allies
Reaving Means Raiding March 11th, 2020 Sam Gunthrie, Rogue, and Illyana going hunting for a Cerebro ping in New York City with Jean playing 'Oracle' back at Xaviers. Reavers attack a charity event in M-Town and the X-Men intercede. Chaos Ensues. Josh demonstrates his mutant power, is knocked out for his trouble, and kidnapped (I mean rescued) back to Xaviers.


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Joshua Foley has 92 finished logs.

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