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Vanessa Carlysle (Scenesys ID: 547)
Name: Vanessa Carlysle
Superalias: Copycat
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: In transition
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Starling City and NYC
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 12 August 1994 Played By Morena Baccarin
Height: 5'10" Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The years had tightened the city's hold on Vanessa, but had not quashed the feisty young woman's irreverent and self-deprecating sense of humor. Increasingly her humor was used to combat the dark feelings of emptiness that grew with time spent in her profession. Now her life is changing with better company, and the emergence of her mutant power to copycat others perfectly.


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1994 Born to Henry and Violet Carlysle in Detroit, Michigan.

1997 Parents found out Vanessa had the mutant gene and disowned her. Her uncle on her mother's side, Michael Conroy, took her in and raised her on his catfish farm outside of Cleveland. Vanessa was told her parents died, still believes this today. Uncle was mildly abusive.

2012 Ran away from home. Worked the streets of Cleveland under a pimp named Eddie.

2014 Eddie took Vanessa to New York with him, seeking to become a big player. Ended up in a morgue and leaving Vanessa stranded there. She continued to work the streets and in clubs.

2020 Used as a patsy by drug smuggler Yu Phun when he was raided by Green Arrow. Charged with felony possession by DA to convince her to turn state's witness for immunity.

IC Journal

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People often see Vanessa's feisty side. Her job calls for her to be flirtatious and an extrovert, and Vanessa is up to the task. The woman has a quick wit and an irreverent sense of humor which can frequently be self-deprecating. It is sometimes a defense mechanism against the darkness of the world. But as frequently, Vanessa uses it to conceal the moral hollowness that her life in the adult industry had carved out of her.

Low Self-Worth:
A rough life from childhood to the present has left its marks. Low self-worth stemmed from her adolescence and was only reinforced by her experiences as an adult. Those experiences also have given rise to an anxiety disorder when it comes to her personal safety, that manifests itself in a number of habitual acts needed for Vanessa to feel at peace.

When pushed, Vanessa has a tendency to push back and show the grit that she has picked up on the streets, even to the point of physical violence if the situation warrants it. Or if it will send the right message.

Warm and Caring:
When someone gets Vanessa to drop her guard she can be warm and caring. But the more people that she sees fall around her, the more difficult it becomes to care as she once did. She still has a particular soft spot for the elderly and the young, and can sometimes act protectively of them.

Character Sheet


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Genetic Metamorph:
Vanessa's mutation allows her to replicate another human or near-humanoid. Deeper than just physical appearance, she can replicate a subject's cells and genetics allowing her to reproduce innate powers as well. Her ability can duplicate mental imprints to gain memories, skills, personality and life force to a level that a telepath cannot tell the difference. This allows her to exact near-perfect portrayals of an individual. Vanessa is only able to duplicate innate powers and knowledge, not technology. Duplicating another PC in any fashion including appearance requires their consent.

The following apply:

* Assuming only physical appearance just requires knowledge of the person.

* Assuming powers and/or knowledge requires prolonged physical contact with the person.

* Complete replication of powers and knowledge requires around a dozen minutes of constant contact.
* Copying a smaller subset can be done in a proportionately shorter time.

* Only one person's genetics, power and/or knowledge may be duplicated at a time.

* Duplicated abilities and knowledge are not tied to appearance and can be used with any physical appearance.

* Though not perfect, if Vanessa has some prior knowledge of the individual's powers or knowledge, she can try to pick which she duplicates first.

In addition to copying other's appearance, Vanessa can form her own bodies and appearances by shapeshifting parts of herself. She can grow nails into claws, reshape her ears to hear better, and change her aging to as young as a small child. Vanessa can enhance her strength within normal human bounds by growing larger muscles.

She can change into mammalian animal shapes, though anything beyond primates would be extremely taxing at best, and could not be maintained for long. Her abilities go so far as to be able to create organic clothing to go with her alternate personas.


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Vanessa has been on the streets since she ran away from home. She has learned through experience how to draw the interest of others and use it to her own advantage.

Barry Fertata was a jujitsu instructor that Vanessa took a course from. Barry took a liking to Vanessa and a thing started up between them. Though Barry turned out to not be a very nice man and some bad stuff eventually transpired. The end result is that Vanessa has a brown belt in jujitsu, but is jaded about martial arts.

From her time working in, and patronizing, various types of drinking establishments, Vanessa has built up a sizeable knowledge of drinks and could serve as a very effective bartender. She also has built up a fair tolerance to alcohol by human standards.


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Vanessa lucked into an apartment that is rent controlled. Unfortunately it is in a slum. A number of the residents are good people and older folks. Some are drug dealers and hoodlums.

While Vanessa is not a gun nut, she has an anxiesty disorder when it comes to her personal safety (see Weaknesses). She has three hand guns, two revolvers and one 9mm pistol which are usually kept under the toilet tank lid, in the nightstand, and in her purse. All three are registered fully and legal.


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Low Self-Worth:
Growing up without much praise or parental support, Vanessa has a low opinion of her own worth. This is the greatest reason that she has fallen into her life on the streets and failed to get out of it. She has trouble believing that she is good enough or worthwhile enough. The dark reality of her life somehow seems just to Vanessa. This also means that she is vulnerable to those who build her up with the praise she was always lacking.

Metamorph Duration:
The duration for which Vanessa can duplicate powers or knowledge is proportional to how long she was in contact with the individual. The very fastest copy of a lone power might only last a few minutes, while the longest full mimicking rarely lasts more than a week before needing to be refreshed. Maintaining just appearance can be maintained for longer before Vanessa tires and needs to return to her own form for a brief respite.

Safety Anxiety:
Vanessa has had many bad experiences since running away from home. She has an anxiety disorder around her personal safety. She has trouble sleeping behind any less than three locks, which she triple-checks before bed. She has a gun hidden under the toilet tank's lid, one in her night stand and one in her purse. Even with those precautions she often has trouble sleeping unless she leaves the TV on. Movies work best. Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, or Return of the Jedi.

Vanessa sometimes has a temper. While sometimes it can help in her line of work, it can also provoke the wrong people. She has suffered because of her temper, yet still loses it from time to time.



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Vanessa Carlysle has 77 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Mountainside Dance January 21st, 2021 Oliver and Vanessa enjoy dancing and dinner at the ski lodge while on vacation.
One Night at Teddy's Tacos January 20th, 2021 Funky silliness happens in Teddy's Tacos.
You Mean This Is Not The Black Diamond January 15th, 2021 Oliver teaches Vanessa to ski on the bunny slope.
Schussing The Day Away January 5th, 2021 Oliver and Vanessa start their ski trip.
Spying On The Re-up January 4th, 2021 Quiver gets an assist from Daredevil while gathering information on heroin dealers in New Lots.
A Snowy Brooklyn View December 29th, 2020 No description
Yuletide Cheer December 21st, 2020 Oliver and Vanessa have a quite winter evening talking and dancing
Another Queen Christmas on the horizon! December 12th, 2020 The Queen's meet up for some prepping before the actual christmas night. A hunt for a christmas hat for Ollie ensues, along with popcorn poppin' plans and it being decided Roy will cook the christmas dinner this year. Oh boy!
A First Christmas November 29th, 2020 No description
The Best VCRs Money Can Buy November 3rd, 2020 A visit to the New Lots safehouse nets Donatello a box of old electronics.
A Radical New Home November 1st, 2020 The Turtle family and SHIELD meet up to go scout out a new base and home for the gang. An abandoned shopping Mall!
A Kindness Over A Collar October 25th, 2020 Wade goes looking for the Los Hermanos gang, meets Vanessa and she gets taken hostage. Then there was gunfire. Lost of gunfire.
Owner Of A Lonely Heart October 25th, 2020 Cupid catches Oliver during a stakeout. She realizes that she can't have his love until his current interest is removed from the equation. (She might be a little cray-cray.)
Moving Back In. Sort of. October 22nd, 2020 Casey helps Vanessa move some furniture back into her old Brooklyn slums apartment, so the Turtles (and herself) can use it as a safehouse.
A Home Away From Home October 21st, 2020 Vanessa shows Raphael her old place, and gives him keys for the gang to have to use it as a safehouse.
Evil Explodes October 19th, 2020 The avatars of ancient Egyptian Gods fall down upon Central Park NYC. Heroes Assemble to due battle with the Avatars and save the day before evil explodes across the land!
An Expert On Mutants October 19th, 2020 Henry McCoy is approached by Vanessa as she seeks help understanding her mutation.
It Comes From Behind:Part 2 Whispers in the dark October 19th, 2020 A demon wants blood, but his land is seen. Now clues to find, one body to examine.
Spooktacular Justice Party October 19th, 2020 The Justice League Halloween party!
A Night For Talking October 18th, 2020 Oliver and Vanessa discuss everything from family, to what it is to kill someone, to her mutant ability.
So I Took The Shot October 11th, 2020 Vanessa is finally ready to open up to Oliver about having attempted a kill shot while defending the Turtles from the Rat King.
A Smug Rectangle October 11th, 2020 Vanessa and April drop some supplies off at the farm and meet up with Sally and Donatello. April presents the turtle a gift of a Stark Phone, which receives a lukewarm response. Vanessa and Donnie agree to do bo training once they're both feeling up to it.
Dog on the Farm October 9th, 2020 No description
The One Where Oliver Turned Into A Pumpkin October 8th, 2020 Oliver and Thea catch up, and the gang find out the recent killings were all people Oliver had a hand in putting away. Roy reveals four more men from the registry that fit that criteria for them to stake out.
Three Arrows, Three Bodies October 2nd, 2020 Three killings by an arrow through the heart draw Team Arrow out to investigate.
A Nighttime View Of Starling City. September 30th, 2020 Oliver and Vanessa talk atop a Starling skyscraper about Vanessa's plans to try to clean up New Lots.
Sewers Under Seige: Old faces, New Enemies September 30th, 2020 The Rat King has come to the turtle lair with an army of rodents. Splinter leads the charge to defend their home, only to fall under the Rat King's control and attack his sons. A combined effort of all the allies of the Turtles pushes the Rat King into retreat, but the lair is no longer safe, and the turtles have had to fight their own father... Where does this leave them now, with the very real threat of this dangerous enemy still moving around in the sewers.
Broken Pipes, Broken Lives September 22nd, 2020 Attacking the friends, and than making friends, than akward. Casey Jones strikes again this time with Vaness and Oliver.
On the way back. September 20th, 2020 Oliver checks on Vanessa's wounds from Lian Yu while they talk about happened, their past and what the future will bring.
The Match of the Century September 19th, 2020 The Thing and She-Hulk have an epic wrestling match for charity! By the end, the stage was destroyed and everybody had a good time.
A Little Archer Talk September 17th, 2020 Oliver catches Vanessa up on JLA happenings while she surprises him with a favorite dessert from abroad
The Queen And The Stealthy Sandwich September 13th, 2020 Thea sneaks a visit to the family home. A talk with Vanessa includes the revelation of Vanessa's recently discovered mutant ability.
Return to Lian Yu September 13th, 2020 Team Arrow made a statement, Lian Yu is theirs. Whitehall lost his newest, shiniest base. The island has swallowed it back up.
So, Lian Yu... September 9th, 2020 Members of Team Arrow meet at the cave to begin planning the assault on HYDRA, the group who has taken over Lian Yu.
Not throwing away her shot September 9th, 2020 Thea checks in at the Arrow cave to catch up and discuss Lian Yu with Ollie and Vanessa.
Ellis meets his nemesis. September 3rd, 2020 Ellis is properly subdued by Vanessa. Oliver and Vanessa decide on a course of action on how to have Vanessa help with Queen Consolidated while they share coffee. Ollie reveals a bit more of his family troubles.
Super Match Game Episode 03 August 31st, 2020 Super Match Game Episode 3. No spoilers.
Zodiac Rising: The Henley Crowne Affair August 29th, 2020 Daytripper and her allies confirm Henley Crowne died because he possessed a piece of the Tablet of Zalmoxis. And they catch a glimpse of the mastermind behind the attack.
Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. America and All the Ships At Sea August 26th, 2020 A stern receptionist rules over her waiting room, resulting in Vanessa having a chance to meet Thor.
New York City Traffice August 20th, 2020 Beast and Cecily are joined by Green Arrow and Quiver in a car chase of attempted assassins
L'amore Vince Sempre August 13th, 2020 Oliver takes Vanessa to Italy for her birthday.
Donuts and Coffee: Staples of Surveillance August 5th, 2020 On a stakeout, Oliver and Vanessa discuss life, the universe and everything
A Gift Unlike Any Other July 26th, 2020 April and Vanessa investigate a gift shop that might be involved in smuggling.
Salmon Ladders and Target Practice July 17th, 2020 Practice time in the Arrow Cave before patrol
A Talk About Power July 8th, 2020 Vanessa shares with Oliver the results of testing her mutant power
A Hellfire Masquerade June 28th, 2020 A Hellfire Masquerade Ball!
The Sincerest Form of Flattery Pt 2 June 23rd, 2020 April lets Vanessa test her mutant powers with her. A Copycat was born.
Verdant: The beginning June 21st, 2020 Club is cleared and there is more clean-up to be done in Starling, apparently!
To the Arrowcave! June 17th, 2020 Roy takes AJ home to visit the family, oh, and Team Arrow. Did he mention the two were one and the same? No? Surprise!
A Night Time Tussle June 16th, 2020 Landry and Chick-A-Plao come to the rescue as April, Vanessa and some others are assaulted on the street
War of Worlds Part 2 May 26th, 2020 The Battle of Metropolis is on in full. Heroes from all over the World assemble in the City of Tomorrow to hold back Mongul's forces while Superman engages Zod in the air above. While the heroes have created enough space to begin a pushback, the threat of Zod and Mongul still looms over the planet as they move to Phase two.
This continues in Heroes Assembled issue #1913
Fred's Diner (Revisited) May 26th, 2020 The circle closes when Vanessa and Oliver return to the place they met and are actually able to finish their pie and dance. They talk some more about Vanessa's past.
The Sincerest Form Of Flattery May 22nd, 2020 Vanessa asks April to help with testing Vanessa's mutant power
So You Found Out You're A Mutant, and other PSA videos May 15th, 2020 Oliver and Vanessa discuss implications of Jemma's prognosis of Vanessa's being a mutant. Oliver makes Vanessa her own bow.
Will There Be Needles May 9th, 2020 Clint takes Oliver and Vanessa to have Jemma examine Vanessa. The verdict? Mutant!
The Arrows all get together April 30th, 2020 An impromptu meeting at the Arrowcave that leads to Vanessa and Thea learning about each other's secret identities. And later on Thea confesses what's been eating at her mood.
Coney Island Stories April 29th, 2020 A return to life without fearing attacks from drug smugglers ends up with a night out in Coney Island.
One last crack at ... April 24th, 2020 Yu Phun comes by for one last showing when Vanessa is being brought to testify on his trial. He is rude enough to bring a rocket launcher but after a few dance steps with the 'gang' he is captured. Time to put him behind bars for the foreseeable future.
Hand Vs Foot April 17th, 2020 A rumble between Hand Ninja and Foot Clan goes horribly wrong as a few heroes(?) rush in to apprehend them. Mayhem ensues!
A Nice Day For A Swim April 15th, 2020 A quiet day by a heated pool is the reward after being big damn heroes for awhile.
Guess What I Did April 11th, 2020 Oliver hears of Vanessa's first vigilante stint
It was just one more painting! April 10th, 2020 Bandits try to make a score out of Rubin's museum of art. With teamwork between Superboy, Ant-man and Quiver the day is won. The only apparent victim was pizza.
Rallying for Return April 9th, 2020 Kal-El visits Ollie, revealing Superman is alive, and meets Vanessa.
There can be only one! April 7th, 2020 A visit from an old friend where they meet Vanessa. The best archer between them is finally unveiled!
Underground ventures April 5th, 2020 A night of revelations between Oliver and Vanessa, the secret being finally out of him being Green Arrow. But Vanessa's mystery only deepens..
Where did you learn to do that April 1st, 2020 Oliver and Vanessa get ambushed by Yu Phun's cronies. Turns out Vanessa knows her fightin'. Questions arise about how she was able to fight like that.
Meeting the Mother March 31st, 2020 Moira Queen finally arrives at Queen Mansion from her trip and meets Vanessa. She doesn't get to be as draconian as she had been hoping throughout all her trip with Vanessa displaying quite the unusual knowledge about old Imari ware.
Bank Robbery Road Trip March 27th, 2020 And Mastermind is foiled by local heroes, running off with nothing.
Does This Blouse Also Come in Slade March 23rd, 2020 Slade Wilson follows Vanessa out of the Queen estate, and questions her on who she is and why she's in Oliver's life.
April's New Roomie March 18th, 2020 April introduces Harley as her new roommate. Her Tinder date finds out April knows Kung Fu.
Nothing like some time off March 18th, 2020 Roy comes to Queen Mansion for the weekend, meets Vanessa and they talk during lunch. The conversation veers towards an archery 'challenge'. Just to take the rust out, of course.
Kite Flying Weather In New York March 11th, 2020 Kite flying weather in Central Park turns out a host of people, local and otherwise
Lunch Back In New York March 7th, 2020 The first trip back to New York since Oliver took Vanessa away for her safety.
Two Queens are better than one. March 3rd, 2020 Thea and Vanessa meet while Oliver was 'busy'!
So April, You'll Never Guess Where I've Been February 28th, 2020 April comes to Starling City and Vanessa introduces her to Oliver Queen
E Pluribus Unum: Building Tomorrow February 27th, 2020 Lex Luthor makes a not-so-shocking announcement. #Lex2020
Welcome To Starling City February 25th, 2020 Oliver takes Vanessa to his family's mansion to keep her safe from Yu Phun's thugs.


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Vanessa Carlysle has 77 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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