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  Silver Banshee  
Siobhan Smythe (Scenesys ID: 1629)
Name: Siobhan Smythe
Superalias: Silver Banshee
Gender: Female
Species: Cursed Human
Occupation: Musician
Citizenship: Ireland
Residence: New York City
Education: High School
Theme: DC (VFC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 12 Oct 1999 Played By
Height: 5'11" Weight: 140 lb
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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An Irish Girl coming to America with a guitar and a dream to make her way and find her fortune. She's...also cursed with a powerful and ancient evil but, eh, details. That is hardly as important as her gigs that she performs regularly at whateve place that will hire her.


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* 1999: Born to Garret Smythe in Ireland, she is, from birth, cursed to carry on the family curse of the banshee.

* 2002: Her father dies but when he does, the curse takes over and turns him into something otherworldly and terrible.

* 2003: Tommy Smythe, having discovered what he believes to be a cure for the curse, sacrafices himself to his father in order to prevent the curse from touching his sister. Little did he know that he only delayed the inevitable.

* 2019: Siobhan's mother dies and she finally decides it is time for her to move on from a broken family and start her own life. She makes plans to travel to America and make her own way in the world.

* 2020: Siobhan arrives in America and begins to look for gigs to showcase her musical talents.

IC Journal

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All Gone:
There's a lot of pain in her past. A pain she's running from. She lost everything. Her whole family is gone. Technically, her father is still around but that isn't exactly a good thing. She doesn't really want to face the fact that everything is gone so instead she left her home to come and find something new. She wants new things, wants to enjoy new stuff, and wants to enjoy herself so she can forget her past and move forward.

Fiery Lass:
She's got spirit. In a way, that's a joke but it is true. She is the type to get in people's faces. She speaks her mind. She jumps in front of guns regardless if she knows she can take it or not. She is not one who can be idly sitting by when someone is doing something wrong. Either her body or her mouth will engage and someone will feel or hear about it.

Character Sheet


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Banshee Scream:
Perhaps her most powerful weapon is her scream. In a way, it is what produces her sound manipulation, but through the scream specifically she can create wide or precise blasts of sound capable of rattling even the most powerful of beings. Through this she could create a massive wail that can reach out in a cone of damage capable of blasting walls apart and destroying vehicles. She can also create a simple thin blast capable of piercing steel. This power does take its toll on her and she can't simple scream indefinitely without using up a great deal of stamina but it is a powerful tool.

Due to her magical nature, Siobhan can fly as the banshee. Her power of flight is fast enough that she can fly many times the speed of sound, and with practice, could be incredibly nimble while in the air. Only accessible while in banshee form.

Something about the curse that gave her this power has also made it possible for her to quickly understand the spoken language of anyone or anything she hears speak. Not just other sentient beings but animals as well. She only needs here someone speaking a new language for about fifteen to twenty seconds for the magic within her to pick it up and give her the full breadth of that language. She speaks it as if she knew it her whole life. This extends to animals as well in that, while they are still only animal intellect, she can understand the meaning of whatever sounds they make and in turn give back sounds that they'll understand. This power she has access to, whether she is in her banshee form or not.

Physical Attributes:
While in her banshee form, Siobhan is incredibly tough, strong, and fast.

Tough: She is tough enough to withstand blows from super powerful beings, tough enough that bulletes bounce off her form and even powerful lasers might only harm her, instead of simply vaporizing her. She is highly resistant to hot and cold and immune to all normal forms of poison or disease.

Strong: Her strength is incredible enough that a blow from her would give many supere powered beings pause. She is capable of easily lifting a full city bus or putting someone casually through a brick wall.

Speed: She is fast enough to dodge bullets, capable of keeping up with some of the most powerful warrior races in the universe, on par with the ability to keep pace with Amazons and Asgardians easiliy.

Stamina: Her stamina is fairly impressive though she can drain it quickly by using her more powerful techniques. She is, in just sheer physical terms, capable of moving and acting full out for well over an hour without slowing down as long as she doesn't unleash the full force of her banshee scream.

Healing Factor: If she is harmed, she can heal at a startling rate, capable of recovering from something akin to a bullet wound in under an hour or fixing a broken limb within a day or two.

Sound Manipulation:
As the Silver Banshee, she can manipulate sound to a level that might seem impossible. She doesn't just have to emit the sound, she can manipulate sounds from other sources. She can increase the volume of a sound or lower it, she can create spheres that sound can't enter or leave, use sound to try to deflect attacks, and use sound to whip up objects like vehicles and fling them at her opponents. She cna only access a rather minor version of this power while she is in her human form, needing to transform to access the full breadth.

Sound Resistance:
Due to her ability to manipulate sound, she is highly resistant to sound based attacks. It isn't impossible for a powerful enough sonic attack to harm her but it'd be very difficult to pull off.

She can seemingly evaporate and reappear at will, capable of moving short or long distances via teleportation. In a single instance, she could simply step to the other side of a wall or alternately reappear outside of the city. Frequent use of this power can be draining and it is possible for her to bring others with her. THe caveat to that is the more she brings with her, the far more quickly it can tire her out. Only accessible in banshee form.


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Partially due to practice and partially due to her powers, Siobhan is an amazing singer and guitarist. She can feel the very notes as she plays them and can almost sense how to move her vocal chords or fingers in order to achieve what she wishes with the music.

Separate from music, she knows sounds. So many sounds. In a way this is a skill honed through her powers but she has spent much of her life with her curse. Denying it despite the fact that it dwells within her. She knows what a proper bird sounds like. What a fish swimming in water sounds like. She simply knows what sounds should sound like. So, while you can fool her nose, her eyes, and even her sense of is very difficult to fool her ears.


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It isn't much but it is hers. It is in Queens and is a mess but it is all she can afford and it is hers.

She has a beautiful fender guitar that she loves. It was one of the last things her mother bought for her before she died. It means the world to her and while it is not the most expensive electric guitar in the world but it was a grand gift and something she loves mostly because who it is from but also because of what it allows her to do.


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She's scared of her own powers. She isn't even fully sure of all she can do with said powers. She is afraid that the powers will take over and she'll become more like her now dead father. She's afraid the banshee will take over. It is something that sometimes keeps her from acting as much as she might like.

She is cursed. This curse doesn't just give her powers, it gives her the banshee. This being that lives within her seems to be a mix of her anger and fear given life and brutal power. It wants her to give in to it. It wants her to become what it believes she was meant to be. It wants her to be the Silver Banshee full time. It wants to destroy, scream, kill, and terrorize. She hates it. It loves her. It is something she is always worried about and something that is always scratching at teh back of her mind. Worse when she uses her powers.

No, not all magic can simply harm her any better than any other attack but certain types of magic designed to attack ghosts or the like can be extra devestating or effective against her. She's still alive but the curse makes her into a banshee and as such, she is in a way, half-undead.

No Sound:
If someone were to place her in a vaccuum or use magic to shutdown all sound in an area, she could not access any of her powers related to her sound manipulation, scream, or even her flight which is at least to some degree based on her ability to manipulate sound.

Due to her avoiding her own powers and trying her best not to let the banshee out, she's very unfamiliar with her full capabilities. She can't even access some potential powers at all without her giving in to more of the banshee, which she has done her best to never do. So, even when she does take banshee form, she's basically just winging it. Just trying to do her best to make things happen.



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Siobhan Smythe has 85 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Bad Cassie III, Titans Tower February 1st, 2021 DoppleCassie assaults Titan's Tower with the help of Diesel and an army of gross zombie things. Together, the team is able to rush the real Cassie to safety despite various attacks on her person, capture Diesel (armed with the this-universe copy of the Silent Armor) and drive off Cassie a second time. Now, with information from her apparent lover, and with a copy of the armor to study, they will surely be well-armed for the final confrontation and the rescue of Helena Sandsmark.
=A mid morning stop over. January 24th, 2021 Two speedsters make way too many doughnuts, while we learn more about The Silver Banshee.
The Longest Morning January 6th, 2021 The morning after the encounter of the docks. Wally, Kori, Harley and Siobhan stop by. Then Damian and Terry get into a fight and Colette drinks.
Titans Holiday Party - The Wintering December 23rd, 2020 The Titans Holiday party, where there was much merryment, good cheer.... and glitter. And drunk raccoons.
Death Looks Like A Lady December 14th, 2020 Silver Banshee helps foil a demon summoning ritual sacrifice and meets Lady Death.
ZZGU: Stronger Together December 13th, 2020 The Justice League, The Titans, SHIELD, and the DEO enter another Earth to fight a space horror named Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth before it can launch a full on assault against our Earth. One niggling detail, there's another Kara Zor-El and she's a bit insane in the membrane. The heroes fight on both fronts and win the day. For some measure of win. (kaboom x many)
It's not always weird when the trees talk to you... December 13th, 2020 Groot and Siobhan meet, much is discussed, very little is said.
Tales Of The Slver Banshee And Reporter Cat December 8th, 2020 In which a Titan with a split identity speaks to another Titan with a split identity about the problems of being such, and is referred to a Titan with a split identity for potential help. And it says a lot about this team that this could be any number of us!
Banshee's Scream: A bad night to F.E.A.S.T. December 5th, 2020 The Black Banshee, aka Siobhan Smythe's dead mother, is finally put to rest thanks to the efforts of SHIELD and a couple of passing super peoples.
Close Encounters of the Guardian Kind December 4th, 2020 Ship repairs begin on the Milano and the Space Cops show up. Also there was pizza.
There's a Mantis in The Tower December 4th, 2020 Mantis meets some people of Earth!
ZZGU: Here's the Plan... December 2nd, 2020 Heroes, SHIELD, DEO, oh My! all meet to discuss ZZGU and how it can be defeated. Now it is time to put the plan in to action...
ZZGU: On another elseworld November 29th, 2020 Siobhan sees first hand what happens when ZZGU conquers a world. She meets another version of Kara Zor-El and finds an unlikely ally who betrays her at the last moment.
Banshee's Scream: Investigating a Terrible Scene November 29th, 2020 A group discover that the Dark Banshee haunting the streets of New York City has something far more sinister in mind at F.E.A.S.T. and rush off to prepare for an imminent attack.
So Much For Speaking Softly... November 21st, 2020 Siobhan and Spider-Man meet and delve into...a family matter.
ZZGU: Reinforcements November 19th, 2020 Dreamers premonitions take a team of heroes to the Metropolis Naval Base where they encounter a coup of the otherworldly kind. Using the slime of ZZGU intruders recruit a small army and attempt to bring ZZGU in to this world through a portal. Siobhan crossed over to ZZGUs world to battle another version of Kara Zor-El and is now trapped there. Maxima declare war against the monster. Hela thinks magic might be the solution.
SHIELD comes a calling November 17th, 2020 Hellboy and Daisy come calling upon the Titans about a Banshee problem.
A meeting on the Tower roof. November 10th, 2020 Kori, Karolina and Siobhan share pizza on a roof, and then a hug!
A Singing Banshee and a Drinking Demon November 9th, 2020 Hellboy gives it a shot (or three) and gets shouted down. Not as loudly as he could have been though.
Showing Class After Class November 7th, 2020 A chance meeting leads to a large gathering, an ominous portent...and a LOT of coffee flung in Peter Parker's direction.
Hela-va Banshee October 26th, 2020 Siobhan seeks answers, turns out a particularly helpful Hela is there to provide partial answers.
Harley's Titan Couch October 22nd, 2020 Siobhan comes to Harley's Couch at the Titans lobby for a word about the problems in her life and their missing friends up in space. Turns out being a death banshee is wicked!
Broken Sky: Listening For the Echoes October 19th, 2020 The Titans follow a signal from the point of the collapsed wormhole to Jupiter, where they find a stand-off between two alien species. Much confusion ensues, but eventually the Titans find someone willing to help.
Demon hunts Banshee October 8th, 2020 No description
Visiting Hours September 30th, 2020 Siobhan visits Nadia to inform her of the attacks against the remaining Titans.
Returning after a terrible meal September 29th, 2020 Kate gives Siobhan some much needed soul eating perspective.
Money September 26th, 2020 Siobhan meets Maxima and Maxima learns that Earth requires money in exchange for goods and services.
While the Cats are Away: Payback September 25th, 2020 The Titans defeat the Fearsome Five!
While the Cats are Away: You Take the high road... September 25th, 2020 Titans raid a Fearsome <insert number here> base and get intelligence.
Gone Girl: The Quantum Beacons Activate September 22nd, 2020 The Avengers and the Titans follow the trail of Nadia's quantum beacons to what could be another Red Room trap, but she's the best shot they've got at rescuing their missing comrades.
Fearsome Aftermath September 21st, 2020 Catching up after the Fearsome Five... why is it five.. attack.
Ice Palace: Do we have a plan September 16th, 2020 The team discuss how to approach getting rid of the necromancer.
Ice Palace: Let Her Go September 16th, 2020 The team works to finally defeat the necromancer... he looks tasty, after all.
T-Infinity and Beyond! September 12th, 2020 A manic Nadia works on installing her new engines in the T-Jet, only to be surprised by friends, food, and her father! Nadia is eventually convinced by Siobhan and her father to take an actual break.
Marshal Law: The Tower September 12th, 2020 Federal Marshals come to the Tower looking for Nadia, but they are ultimately forced to leave empty handed.
New Friends And Old Friends September 6th, 2020 The Titans hold a meeting on getting organized and what to do about their missing team members, and end up gaining a new ally in Sarah Rainmaker.
War of the Worlds Finale: Meanwhile, In Orbit September 5th, 2020 The Titans (and friends) implement the other half of the plan to deal with the Warzoon invasion. While forces battle the invaders on earth, a desperate plan goes into effect to force War World itself to retreat. The great battle station is infiltrated and Brainiac technology used to undermine it, while a fight takes place on the surface of War World itself to take out the shield generators. The mission is a success and War World flees - but not all the Titans return.
Thesmophoria September 2nd, 2020 Diana makes an important announcement at a public event at the Embassy, and villains remarkably manage to somehow not show up.
Ice Palace: Sharing what we know August 30th, 2020 The Infinity Watch and friends devise several plans to deal with the Sorcerer Vega.. and Loki who seems to be pulling strings behind the scenes.
Wizard Questions, Dear Reader August 27th, 2020 Siobhan visits the Sanctum Sanctorum to discuss her other self.
A New Dove Dawns August 22nd, 2020 Dawn Granger makes her first visit to the Titan's Tower. She confronts a destiny; the Titans confront a memory.
Taco Tuesday: Friday Edition August 22nd, 2020 Some of the Titans talk about the implications of a new 'Dove' rejoining them.
So No Sleet There I was August 16th, 2020 Kate gives Sio a peptalk. Terry and Kian give Kate firstaid. Heroics were recounted.
Hellfire Purgatory Teen Club Grand Opening August 15th, 2020 The grand opening is a hit! Drinking, dancing, socializing, loads of fun... oh, and a cameo by a very annoyed one-eyed security goon.
Grilling on the Roof August 14th, 2020 Grilled foods and discussions were had
Ice Palace: Do you want to build a Skeleton August 12th, 2020 Frost magic and skeletons erupt in the Bronx! A fight is waged between the minions of a necromancer and our heroes. Loki is kinda snarky.
The Skittering Dead August 11th, 2020 A swarm of undead insects--which may or may not have been accidentally reanimated by Scott Lang--threatens the safety of New Yorkers in the vicinity of Scott's van! Luckily, Julie Yan, Siobhan Smythe, Jane Foster, and Bruce Banner are on hand to competently deal with the situation.
Keen To Meetcha! August 9th, 2020 The Cheshire Cat meets the Silver Banshee, and the bird throws some shade.
A quiet night to sing on the Boardwalk August 8th, 2020 Ella and Siobhan meet again by chance.
A Melody atop a mello T August 6th, 2020 Caitlin and Siobhan share an impromptu jam session on the roof and Kian gets a taste of Earth music.
Sometimes you can even scream when you're quiet August 4th, 2020 Pizza is had and people talk!
Still gotta work, no matter how much you scream August 3rd, 2020 Circumstances bring Starfire and Siobhan together at a coffee shop and they get to meet.
Oh Some Sunny Day August 2nd, 2020 People were on the roof, having food, and talkin' about things and also stuff.
A Screamin' Good Time August 2nd, 2020 Siobhan brings forth the Banshee in the training room of Titan's Tower, but confides to Caitlin her fears of 'cutting loose' with the spectral force.
Meeting the New Recruit August 2nd, 2020 Cassie and Dick meet Siobhan
When Irish Are Conspiring... August 1st, 2020 The Parker Family meet up with an Irish lady who joins them for a shopping trip.
When a Banshee cries for help August 1st, 2020 Siobhan moves into the Titan's guest lodging while they try to help get a handle on her mysterious spiritual 'else'.
Burnt jackets must be replaced! July 28th, 2020 Siobhan runs into Caitlin and Nadia, they discuss the future.
Date Night Part 2 July 24th, 2020 And they have a fun evening.
Ice Palace: Frosting July 21st, 2020 The Ice Palace in the Bronx has become dangerous: and investigation by the LBC and SHIELD finds more cracks to the mystery.
A New Product Wrecked! July 20th, 2020 The Wrecking Crew tries a theft but they are stopped by Arsenal and Caitlin...though another mysterious being helps.
Another Uncanny Valley Sunday July 19th, 2020 Siobhan has some gigs! Booster and Ted have a misunderstanding!
Fantastic Fire Island July 19th, 2020 A small little party on fire island went off without a hitch, and no beacons visible from space were created in the making of this party!
A bad day to be a thief July 18th, 2020 Logan and Siobhan have a nice talk after a thief is shown the boot.
The Ice Palace: 'Friendly' Creatures July 16th, 2020 An innocent butterfly terrorizes bystanders near the ice palace.
A Quiet Place to play July 16th, 2020 A song is shared and a little bit of pessimism, too.
Piering July 14th, 2020 Three people converge over a game of bowling and discuss, travel, skills, and life.
Monday Afternoon Coffee Comin' Down July 13th, 2020 Siobhan gets coffee, and friendships are made, numbers exchanged!
Citysoul: A Wound in the Soul July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City gather to witness the birth of a new, dark god ... and get more than they bargained for!
Citysoul: The Cityscape July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City brave the ever-sprawling Ecumenopolis of Woe and make a tough choice ...
Open Mic Night July 13th, 2020 A little of Anberlin and a little of The Struts to bring a karaoke crowd together for a night of forgetting troubles--and making new friends!
Citysoul: Vayechi July 13th, 2020 Infinity Watch is born!
Citysoul: Left Field July 12th, 2020 Take me out to the ball game ...
A first date. July 9th, 2020 And the first part of a first date seems to be going well.
A Bit of Craic July 7th, 2020 Having fun means bending an ear and some rules.
Impulse acts on... impulse July 6th, 2020 A date for Bart
A small gig at a small cafe July 5th, 2020 Siobhan, Ella, and Caitlin have a short chat and music is played.
Christmas in July July 4th, 2020 Some individuals decide to explore the ice palace that popped up mysteriously in NYC.
A snails pace in Battery Park. July 3rd, 2020 A group of mostly strangers run into each other in Battery Park. Snails are found, music is played and there's some conversation.
Mutant Unrest and Unruly July 3rd, 2020 Tensions get high and explode when mutant supporters and officials get into a fight and lives are lost on both sides.
When is a bad time for pizza July 2nd, 2020 Victor Stone and Siobhan meet up and pizza is saved
Demanding The Lost June 29th, 2020 A friendly meeting at a rally. No howling.
A Hellfire Masquerade June 28th, 2020 A Hellfire Masquerade Ball!
Out and About to Sing June 27th, 2020 Siobhan meets Landry while searching for a gig at a club.
Super Match Game Ep102 June 22nd, 2020 Joan and Siobhan play Super Match Game with Bret, Damian, Natasha, Karen, April and Wade in a heck of a showdown, hosted by Greer!


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Siobhan Smythe has 85 finished logs.

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