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Title Date Scene Summary
Re-Model the garage February 29th, 2020 Model Garage
Avengers in Genosha February 29th, 2020 Loki is given a task to perhaps prove his sincerity.
Breakfast News February 29th, 2020 It is too early a Saturday morning, but some issues can't wait
To Kill A Mockingbird February 29th, 2020 Sanjeev witnesses men who terrorized a mutant family get confronted by Kitty Pryde in the subway as they go to leave
The Slow Progress of Recovery February 29th, 2020 Jean helps Lorna cut her hair and offers to help get Lorna some therapy.
TOGA! TOGA! February 29th, 2020 Alex, Bobbi, and Songbird go to a frat party and cause trouble.
A second date February 29th, 2020 And Date #2 shows promise and problems.
A Singular Event February 29th, 2020 The ex-con gets shafted. Again.
Thrown Hands February 29th, 2020 Diana visits Tony to discuss his presidential bid. Fast food is eaten, hands are thrown, and a computer quotes the Simpsons.
Is Anyone There February 29th, 2020 M'gann meets J'onn, and they make hopeful plans for the future.
It's a Zoo out there. February 29th, 2020 Mike meets Floyd at the Zoo. Floyd gets a bit of a thank you gift.
Any Questions NOT About The Hulk February 29th, 2020 Bruce Banner's talk on gamma radiation at ESU draws Kitty Pryde as an audience member
Trashpuppy Beatdown February 29th, 2020 Blinkdog gets beset on by a group of punk thugs, two mysterious heroes come to his aid and save him from a serious thrashing!
A Date Unlike Any Other February 29th, 2020 Indian food and getting caught in a downpour mark the first official date between a pair of Avengers
Following A Lead February 29th, 2020 Two people looking for the same information run into each other. Someone is less than pleased by that.
A Starr at the Wakandan Embassy February 29th, 2020 T'Challa and Karen discuss the Genoshan incident and form a new alliance.
New Daggers and Old Problems February 29th, 2020 Tandy Bowen runs afoul of some punks and meets a bargain-basement hero. Reese's and scarves are provided/
Showdown in Hell's Kitchen. Along Came a Spider. February 29th, 2020 Jess and Achilles scare off a street gang and have Japanese food after. Yay Tea!
Star Power February 29th, 2020 Fairchild meets America Chavez
Chilly donuts on the beach February 29th, 2020 Sandy Butts are discussed in detail!
Plans Are Set In Motion February 29th, 2020 Doom and Zora finalize plans to go to Genosha to aid the survivors... and determine who did this act.
Time for another Post learning beverage February 28th, 2020 Mike meets Sanjeev
Alley Surveillance February 28th, 2020 Three drug dealers end hanging from a thread. Insults are exchanged between Wolf and Jessica Drew.
We Happy Few February 28th, 2020 Scene where Bart Allen, Sebastian Winters, Samuel Morgan, and Alexander Aaron all become best buddies.
El Condor Pasa February 28th, 2020 But there was no peace in the House of Xavier...
A Reason To Feel February 28th, 2020 In the depths of tragedy and hurt, something is found worth holding on to.
Interview with the Fearmongers February 28th, 2020 Talking with the Fearmongers.
Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn February 28th, 2020 Melissa, Alexander, and Leon stop a robbery in progress. Sanjeev gets more used to his powers and trusts heroes less.
The Wakandan Situation February 28th, 2020 T'Challa talks to Steve and Natasha on Wakanda and American Politics
Jr. Avenger Meeting February 28th, 2020 Riri and Kate meetup and talk about fighting crime, strange twists of life, and seeing a musical.
Late Night Catching Up February 28th, 2020 Jen tries to get a hang of what's going on with the Avengers.
The newest student is an AI February 28th, 2020 Samuel meets an unusual new student, Vivian and Daisy the mysterious new IT teacher.
HAMMERS ARE BETTER THAN ARROWS! February 28th, 2020 The Avengers discuss their next steps.
First Butt Kicking. Then Park Walking. February 28th, 2020 Alexander is perhaps convinced to give vigilantism a try.
So April, You'll Never Guess Where I've Been February 28th, 2020 April comes to Starling City and Vanessa introduces her to Oliver Queen
A quiet night in Gotham February 28th, 2020 Driver and Cassie have a lovely time in Gotham.
Droning On and On in the Park February 28th, 2020 Sam's dog Bear fetches a science project and meets up with Peter Parker.
Calling doctor O'Neil February 27th, 2020 Terry comes by to check on April, runs into her house-guest, Vanessa aka (Harley Quinn).
A Family Reunion February 27th, 2020 Logan has a sit-down with his 'kids', and the future is discussed.
E Pluribus Unum: Building Tomorrow February 27th, 2020 Lex Luthor makes a not-so-shocking announcement. #Lex2020
Enter the Spider Lair February 27th, 2020 Peter comes down to the lair to converse with Gwen. BOMBSHELLS!
Harls and Apes: Buddy Cops February 27th, 2020 What happens when a girl who's never had a pet before, suddenly has two hyenas brought over to her house that are of questionable training. And what happens when the person who brings them over talks about how she just fed a person to them? Lets find out!
Tigra meets Panther February 27th, 2020 Greer and T'Challa meet in the gym. There's some feline flirting, chiding, and plans for dinner made.
When in Rome... or Themysciran.. February 27th, 2020 Harley Quinn comes to see Diana Prince, hoping for a miracle.. which comes in the form of a Golden Lasso.
Paved with good intentions. February 27th, 2020 Miss Natasha conducts an interview quite out of the ordinary to discuss Sam's recent behavior...
Its just a party infiltration, what can go wrong February 27th, 2020 Turns out a lot of things can go wrong. And just enough that go right.
That's a strange flask February 27th, 2020 Mike meets Strange, Strange mows his yard
This is Why I Don't Have Kids February 27th, 2020 Kate calls Clint after a rough night of heroing and the two Hawkeyes talk names, history and why they do what they do. In all it's pretty inspiring.
Negotiating the Cape February 27th, 2020 Superman whisks Lois away to a romantic spot, and they plant seeds for a closer relationship.
A meeting of Birds. February 27th, 2020 Meeting between Zinda, Bobbi and Daisy.
Sam is looking into some Treble February 27th, 2020 Doug helps Sam invetigate
Happy Harbor: Morrigan's Office Hours February 27th, 2020 Doctor MacIntyre holds open office hours. Samuel and Sebastian drop in to talk.
Naughty tentacles in the park... February 27th, 2020 Tentacle-blocked, but with questions open.
Basketball Diplomacy February 26th, 2020 The New York Knicks defeated the Charlotte Hornets 117-98. And Diana and T'Challa agreed to hang out again, because it's fun.
When Did Things Get This Weird February 26th, 2020 Clint and Nat talk about Loki and hijinks from their past. Does Nat end up smiling? That's classified.
When the World Ends... February 26th, 2020 When dinner is interupted by the destruction of Genosha, Clint helps Wanda keep her sanity while her world crumbles.
It's always sunny, til it aint February 26th, 2020 Harley's deal with Russian Bratva is interrupted by a clearance sale name of: Laura Kinney and Kate Bishop.
Big Belly's House of Eats February 26th, 2020 Samuel Morgan and Cabochon meet Dr. Fairchild in town before school starts
Operation Wholesome Torture February 26th, 2020 Janet leads a shopping adventure with Steve, Lois, and Clark.
Bang Bang! February 26th, 2020 Terry meets up with Lois after getting shot. Gar drops in. Terry gets a few ideas on how to proceed. Willl be be careful? Will he have a complete plan? Stay tuned for the next time someone has to save him from certain doom!
An Urban Exploration February 26th, 2020 Some urban explorers get a little more than they bargain for when they stumble upon Doc Ock's bots.
Lost in New York February 26th, 2020 No description
Hakuna Matata February 26th, 2020 Harley runs into Floyd and talks some sense into him... both of them are kind of surprised she has sense!
Waterfront Babbles February 26th, 2020 Bobbi's words end up being a little pain in the butt
A meeting of spiders February 26th, 2020 On hold (Not canon due to complications)
A Teacher's Visit February 26th, 2020 What starts off with Jean approaching T'Challa about Wakanda's help with Genosha turns into T'Challa getting a guard in Bobbi and a shopping trip for the two girls and Megan. At least T'Challa didn't have to carry the bags?
All of it is hard February 26th, 2020 Harley is cryin', Ivy is schemin', the two friends meet back up in the park!
Warning: May contain an awkward snuggle February 26th, 2020 Lois has a sleepy chat with Clark.
The Rink at Rockefeller February 26th, 2020 Bobby goes skating at Rockefeller Center and meets Cullen, Leon, and Leon's group of urban explorer friends.
Little Birdhouse in Your Soul February 26th, 2020 Carol and Kian talk, through translator and then mind to mind. Carol is trying to figure out what to do for Kian. They end up flying.
Getting Better February 25th, 2020 Phobos starts the process of teaching Isabel how to be a better hand-to-hand combatant.
Gods, Spies, Kings and Vodka February 25th, 2020 Thor returns to the Avengers mansion from his meeting with Loki. Natasha presses for details. T'challa learns of Loki's return, and Thor laments his father's opaque reasoning before unknown inspiration strikes him and he leaves.
Super Secret February 25th, 2020 Clark is adorkable and so is Lois.
Alchemax Descends on Chinatown February 25th, 2020 Logan, Jean, Laura, and Rachel have an unpleasant run-in with paramilitary in ChinaTown. They discover the existance of Laura's clones and flee before police arrive.
Taking The Fall February 25th, 2020 Nicole meets J'onn
Its a great night for killing February 25th, 2020 Elektra and Damian meet up. Apparently with more in common than it seemed at first.
Welcome To Starling City February 25th, 2020 Oliver takes Vanessa to his family's mansion to keep her safe from Yu Phun's thugs.
Welcome to Heaven's Gate! February 25th, 2020 Rogue and Remy have a chat after he returned to the Mansion with some of his belognings. Like, Whiskey and Star Trek and Donuts... and Klennex too. Its an interesting Loot Bag that the Cajun has, to say the least!
Genoshan Rescue! February 25th, 2020 Lorna is rescued from the rubble and debris of Genosha's ruins, and activate's Magneto's last message, sending it out to the world.
School Daze February 25th, 2020 Alexander and Saoirse meet at school and talk.
Hey you, with the hair! February 25th, 2020 Songbird and Alexander Get into a tough fight.
Not the Moulin Rouge February 25th, 2020 Bobbi and Hastings talk about the future and SHIELD.
Darkness on the Edge of Town, or Holding Out for a Hero February 25th, 2020 Terry stakes out a gang deal in Suicide Slums, which is a mistake. Beast Boy, fortunately, arrives in the nick of time to help in his own strange way.
Clark the Visitor February 25th, 2020 Diana and Superman talk about his future and whats to come!
Up by the Tower February 25th, 2020 Scott and Jean talk about current events. Mostly Rachel. Also Genosha.
Writ by a Fiery Hand February 25th, 2020 Drawing attention to the wheels of genocide.
Inser John Hughes Movie Title Part 1 February 25th, 2020 No description
We (really) didn't start that fire! February 25th, 2020 Bobbi and Blink team up to rescue folks from a burning building
A Little Recreation February 25th, 2020 Bobby, Alison, Kitty, and Rogue meet up in the rec room and discuss the superiority of berry toppings for ice cream. Lockheed eats cheesypoofs. Movie nights are planned.
Violent Police Chase in Metropolis February 25th, 2020 Starlabs shipment gets hijacked. Some hero types step in to help. Harley blows it up with a bazooka. Hijinks ensue. Facebook is mentioned. Mister J is mentioned.. Oops?!
Will the real Laura Kinney please stand up February 25th, 2020 Gabby updates Laura on Alchemax's work. Bellona hogs the couch.
Do You Wanna Party! February 25th, 2020 Bar broken, but Bobbi gets to live.
Sharing Big News February 24th, 2020 Lois vistits T'Challa to inform him that new complications have put a pause on any thoughts of a relationship.
Coming In To Save The Day February 24th, 2020 Huntress, who is way out of her normal territory of Gotham, comes to the rescue of some unsuspecting young man while following a lead.
Checking in on an Alex February 24th, 2020 Bobbi meets up with a target and gets boughtt lunch. Arranges a meeting for later.
Dog Day Afternoon February 24th, 2020 A dog gives snuggles while a hyena gives pummels
Indomitable Frustration February 24th, 2020 Sif helps Loki's injured ego.
She Likes The Soup February 24th, 2020 Soup from a Serbian vendor is the start for a long conversation between Clint and Wanda in Central Park.
I'm a what! February 24th, 2020 Daniel is relieved to know he's not contagious.
Downtown...Dinosaurs February 24th, 2020 A bunch of dinosaurs attack downtown but thanks to the actions of the heroes onhand, the dinos were stopped and so was a bank robbery. Who knew?
It's A Jungle Out There February 24th, 2020 Have the Fates intervened in the formation of a new friendship? Nicole and Alexander build trust and share popcorn.
Apparently, Midgard is the Time-Out Room February 24th, 2020 Thor brings news of Loki's exile on Midgard to the rest of the Avengers. Opinions vary. Disappointed looks reign.
As the fire dies down... February 24th, 2020 After a fire is stopped, some heroes have a talk.
A Blast From The Past February 24th, 2020 Jessica went to chill at Josie's after a hard day's work, when she ran into someone who supposedly was dead. Questions follow.
Street Music February 24th, 2020 Samuel Guthrie meets Alexis, a street performer who treats him to some pizza, and talks vaguely about life with the mutant -- though appears taken aback that Sam would be so casual about what he is. After tagging him with her social media handle, Sam follows her to an art gallery -- where she changes closes and gets into a car with a chauffer. Just wht is Sam getting into?
Talking To You Is Easy (If You're Dead) February 24th, 2020 Nobody gets a black eye.
Flowers for a Bird February 24th, 2020 Dick and Dinah meet on the rooftops for sandwiches and flirting.
Avon Calling February 24th, 2020 Harley Quinn breaks out of Arkham to hang out with April after their interview... it's surprisingly emotional.
Pizza in the Park February 24th, 2020 After a firey confrontation between SHIELD, Freelance Superhero, and a floating girl a surprise pizza party breaks out and everyone goes their seperate ways.
O Brother Where Art Thou February 24th, 2020 Thor and Loki come close to forgiveness.
The Curious Case of Dan Hastings February 23rd, 2020 Dan Hastings pays a call on Matt Murdock to help out a certain Multiple Man.
Interview with a Quinnpire! February 23rd, 2020 April O'Neil gets her first 'big' Podcast guest, in the form of Harley Quinn locked up in Arkham Asylum! They talk about all kinds of things from Clarissa Explains it All to the Bat-family! The guards are not comfortable with any of it! Its great fun!
Got Some News Here, Buddy Old Pal February 23rd, 2020 Surprise! Loki's not in a dungeon, Thor, and you have some talkin' to do!
Cats Crossing, or a Feline Fracas February 23rd, 2020 Catwoman and Black Panther cross paths and get into a fight over some stolen goods, but not with each other.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Target February 23rd, 2020 A Group of thugs try to attack the wrong person and end up getting arrested (lucky for them).
E Pluribus Unum: The Scoop February 23rd, 2020 Lois Lane interviews Tony about his presidential bid.
Presidents and Mini-Mes February 23rd, 2020 Clint and Wanda go to Katz's Diner and sit at /that/ table. Things are realized and Tony is discussed.
THIS IS MY SCENE TITLE! February 23rd, 2020 Some people talk in a bar!
Somebody Needs to Beat Coulson's Score Pac Man Score February 23rd, 2020 Maybe one day, Steve will beat Bucky's high score on Galaga, but it is not this day!
Breaking News February 23rd, 2020 Lois Lane is visited by a very much Alive Superman.
In search of magick February 23rd, 2020 Pixie looks for a Mystical mentor.
Eyes Up, or Watch Where You're Going! February 23rd, 2020 Gar bumps into an actual fan in Terry, making a new friend in the process. And, Terry gives him a scoop about an alien invasion...or something.
Have you Heard about the Bird February 23rd, 2020 Terry and Colette meet. Colette has a scoop for Terry - ALIENS HAVE LANDED! Well, Kian fell out of the sky anyway, which comes to the same thing.
The warehouse and the Hand February 23rd, 2020 Daredevil and Elektra explore a warehouse, infiltrate it and retrieve a Hand artifact. But they still have more questions than answers now.
Shocking Turn of Events February 23rd, 2020 The shocking conclusion was Hawkeye didn't tell Kate to stop. Hell he lent her the name, trick arrows to learn how to use, and offered to train her so she doesn't make the mistakes he did. Shockingly Irresponsible? Shockingly Responsible? You be the Judge!
Ancient Reunion, Grecian style! February 23rd, 2020 No description
Just a Friday February 22nd, 2020 Lois encounters Clark doing way too much dutiful paperwork.
Lil' Nephew Babeh February 22nd, 2020 Alexander comes to talk to his super cool aunt who's really cool and he's totally smitten by her because she's so cool and he's got the best aunt ever. She's an Amazon Princess aunt who has a sword and stabs monsters with it! He's really lucky to have her as his aunt and he knows it and shows it and stuff.
Spider to the Max February 22nd, 2020 Maxima meets Spider-Man for breakfast, and schedules progress for brunch.
If You Can Make It There You'll Make It Anywhere February 22nd, 2020 An Avengers play on Broadway. An attempted mugging, a Norse god and a ghostly woman. All the makings of a fine time.
It's broken.. but still good. February 22nd, 2020 Tony invites all to a mystery event and a mad scientist stays angry.
No Rest for the Mutated February 22nd, 2020 Was it ever a choice?
Flight of the Navigator February 22nd, 2020 Riri tests the Ironheart armor Mk I and helps Kate Bishop stop a robbery. It's all captured on cellphone!
Beyond Good and Evil February 22nd, 2020 Damian is tormented by a voice from the shadows that questions him, one weapon to another, whether he's really a person.
Out of Jail Free February 22nd, 2020 Sif checks in on a very UPSET prince of Asgard, Loki.
To infinity... February 22nd, 2020 Tony comes to visit Riri after tracking her down... He is not a cop.
Cold Day, Warm Fire February 22nd, 2020 Warm drinks and fire hold off the NYC cold, until Wanda feels Genosha's impending demise coming.
Respite in the Workplace February 21st, 2020 No description
Mike Hannigan required to get bodyguard for upcoming gig. Stupid contract. February 21st, 2020 Mike meets the old Greek guy and antics ensue. Bodyguard business is rough.
Practice Makes Perfect February 21st, 2020 Alexander and Dinah spar at a dojo. Dinah agrees to take a student.
Not So Common Burglary February 21st, 2020 Burglary Busted. Demons not released. Kate learns too much and has a free sorcery card now?
Off The Record February 21st, 2020 Thanks to Janet, T'Challa and Lois have a blind date.
A Food Court Unlike Any Other February 21st, 2020 Daniel, Clint and Wanda eat at SHIELD, then Clint takes Wanda an on aerial tour of his stomping grounds.
Dinner and a Show February 21st, 2020 The Cajun and the Belle enjoy tiny burgers, onion rings, and life stories.
The Itsy, Bitsy, Spruderz February 21st, 2020 Spidey and Ghost stop a robbery... then they discuss quantum physics. Tears, laughs, a thrill ride from beginning to end. 10/10 would Spider again.
I Gotta Bail February 21st, 2020 Madrox has bail posted by time traveling hitmen on rocket boots. After being saved by Rachel, Daniel and Morrigan, he's re-arrested but offers pizza. Maxima witnesses a day in the life of Mutant Town.
The Punching Bag Survived...This Time February 21st, 2020 Daniel and Steve discover a connection in the past and Fury won't be ghosted again, damnit!
Justice League Field Test February 20th, 2020 Karen's entrance exam/patrol goes well, with assistance from Robin and Journey.
Like A Good Neighbor... February 20th, 2020 Driver manages to get Iron Fist to his destination!
The real Mick Dees February 20th, 2020 Instead of Mick Dees they had the REAL McDonald's. And some talk about life in 2020.
Afternoon in Midtown February 20th, 2020 A god, a tycoon, and a space cop get attacked by harpies and then get to know one another.
Welcome Back, Thor February 20th, 2020 Thor returns to Avenger's Mansion from Asgard
The Golden Flamingo February 20th, 2020 Dinah and Dick team up to bust a human trafficking ring.
Rachel Summers Arrives in the Past February 20th, 2020 Rachel arrives. Daddy goes into tactical mode. Fun times!
E Pluribus Unum: Surprise Announcement February 20th, 2020 All the lovely people gather for Tony Stark's small announcement.
Of All the Lawfirms in all the Towns of the World... February 20th, 2020 Elektra comes to Matt for help. It goes about as well as you'd think.
Hoop Shootin February 20th, 2020 Tony and Bruce play some b-ball
'Friendly' Dinner Date February 20th, 2020 Clark takes Lois to dinner. It may or may not be a date.
It's Nice to Be Home February 20th, 2020 Vodka goes well in coffee and conversation both. Steve and Thor reunite and discuss the importance of the past in the present.
I Think We're Not In Kíansas Any More February 20th, 2020 Kían arrives on Earth. It's awkward.
That Time When... Hell Visited After Death February 20th, 2020 Well, that's creepy.
One ticket to hell please. February 20th, 2020 Elektra finds complications when infiltrating Roxxon. Calls the Driver. Pursuit ensues and she is driven to Hell's Kitchen.
Smoker's Paradise February 19th, 2020 Two people seeking introspection meet on a roof.
The Breakstone Slasher February 19th, 2020 Logan and Rogue talk about their shared belief that Xavier's is a cult, and other stuff!
A little bit o' Irish February 19th, 2020 A gathering at the coffee shop
A Fishy Situation February 19th, 2020 Lois tries to investigate a fishy situation, Aquaman and Thor save the day from another.
Pasta and Palaver February 19th, 2020 A dinner out covers a variety of discussions, including just how fast a check can arrive to the table.
Picking The Wrong Truck February 19th, 2020 Carol and Jinny stop an ill-concieved carjacking.
Shades of Purple or when Kate met Stephanie. February 19th, 2020 Kate and Stephanie team up to stop a trio of crooks from fencing their goods. Special appearance by Detective Dick Grasyon!
Door number Two February 19th, 2020 Clark 'rescues' Lois from being stood up.
Proof February 19th, 2020 Clark provides proof that Superman is alive.
When Paths Are Crossed... February 19th, 2020 A Black Cat crosses Spidey's path, and his luck changes forever.
Genoshan Survivor Doug February 19th, 2020 Heroes go to Genosha looking for survivors. They find Mr. Sinister trying to revive and modify Doug Ramsey
Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice... February 19th, 2020 Power Girl gets interviewed for the Justice League.
If It Makes You Happy February 19th, 2020 Clint hears some of Wanda and Pietro's past, and shares some of his own history he has with other Avengers
Hell's Kitchen by Night February 18th, 2020 Daredevil meets a Widow on the streets of Hell's Kitchen.
Coffee, with a TWIST February 18th, 2020 Steve gets some news about Superman's fate.
It came from the moon! February 18th, 2020 Daniel winks into the SHIELD base room where Fitz-Simmons and Quake are. They discover Daniel has been gone for 70 years. Carol and Clint come as backup.
Speed Dial February 18th, 2020 A Cajun and a Belle meet again. Brainwashing ensues.
Cash Crop February 18th, 2020 The Scion of the Al Ghul clan pays a visit to the Waynes.
Links and Leads February 18th, 2020 Lois and the Best Widow watch a movie.
Things that Can't Be Bought February 18th, 2020 Janet and Lois are having tea, and meet Illyana; Janet decides it's time to meddle in Lois' love life.
The Houses of Stark and Wayne February 17th, 2020 Bruce talks family, Tony talks anything but.
Those Mobbed-Up Sweatshop Blues February 17th, 2020 Ace Reporter Lois Lane gets the scoop and a ringside seat to the Spidey Show.
The Mysterious Red Hood February 17th, 2020 Red Hood attempts to take over a small Gotham gang, but Wonder Woman, Kitty Pryde, Kaida Connolly, and Deadpool arrive to put the gang down instead.
Some Raw Muscle February 17th, 2020 Lois gets Clark to help move a fridge, and they end up talking.
Bringing Home Stray Spiders February 17th, 2020 Dick brings Gwen to his place so she can get her feet under him. They flirt, share a meal and then hit the brakes.
Fires in the Sky February 16th, 2020 Ghost Spider appears in New York and runs into a Nightwing.. there's quips, there's laughs, there's profound sadness. James Cameron can suck it.
Introspection (And BEES) February 16th, 2020 Clark Kent and Steve Rogers discuss Superman.
The Early Bird Gets The First Batch of Bacon February 15th, 2020 Clint's return to the mansion is celebrated with eggs, bacon and burnt toast with Wanda. Also, Happy Valentine's Day, archer.
Valentines and Stakeouts February 15th, 2020 Lois and Clark do a long stakeout on Valentine's Day.
House of the Rising Sun February 15th, 2020 A Cajun meets a Belle.
Rescue on Genosha(1 hour after the attack) February 13th, 2020 Hal and Pals destroy 2 Sentinels and save 100 people. Not all of them want to leave their home, though.
Title Date Scene Summary
DANGER: Band Camp March 31st, 2020 Explosions, broken robots, and a kickass performance.
Speak Easy in the Speakeasy March 31st, 2020 Drinks and conversation turns to Lorna working out her frustration on some muggers.
Amazonians, Asgardians, and Angels, oh my. March 31st, 2020 Angela mistakes a strip club for Heven. After a confrontation turns to drinking, some things are hard to swallow by everyone.
Reunions and Goodbyes March 31st, 2020 In 2010, Elektra plans a surprise for Matt and finds his darkness has limits. The two part ways for the next ten years.
There's no such thing as down time. March 31st, 2020 A pleasant chat between agents results in Coulson triggering Daniel's ptsd.
What do Snarks have against Sweet and Sour Anyway March 31st, 2020 Aliens and humans meet over a bounty misundterstanding.
And Several Hours Later March 31st, 2020 James stops by with food for Kitty, and the two commiserate about lost friends and family.
No Wrecks in the Rec Room March 31st, 2020 Julian and Gabby chat, and become friends. Whodathunk?
Rites of Batpassage March 31st, 2020 Dick checks in on Carrie about things, and tries to offer some older brother advice. No booze, she's not 21!
Visions of the Past March 31st, 2020 Daniel and Sofia clear the air somewhat on their respective pasts, and origins.
Mistaken Identities March 31st, 2020 Black Canary and the Iron Fist coincidentally meet after purusing the same target. Surprisingly, Phone numbers are exchanged and perhaps further cooperation in the future is on the horizon.
DANGER: The Ice Fields March 31st, 2020 Ice spiders bad, cocoa good, and shovels are valuable mutant adventuring gear!
Sibling Support March 31st, 2020 After a brief scare from some paparazzi, Shazam and Mary have a good heart to heart about things.
Hot chicks on a roof. March 31st, 2020 Fire meet Ninja!
A Whisker Too Late March 31st, 2020 Catwoman comes to steal what's already been stolen, Lois comes for one kind of story and leaves with another.
Feline You Out March 31st, 2020 Gar and Terry have a catnip moment. Gar has no idea yet about what's really going on.
The things we don't say March 31st, 2020 Revelations abound in this character picture. Terry comes to tell Harley big news, and scary news, while Harley reveals a temporarily lucid moment of clarity with advice and her own good fortunes. Diamond-studded banana hammock. AND Motorboating. Thanks Terry. He didn't motorboat Harley.
Under Cover and Darkness March 31st, 2020 Spider-Man gets a visit from a vampire and a very curious universe.
Catching Up March 31st, 2020 Logan and Jean drink and discuss current stuff.
The Bells: An Echo March 31st, 2020 Clark and Lois encounter a strange shadow... with teeth.
Looking Over The City March 31st, 2020 Shanna and Kevin discuss the city.
You Can Take The Girl Out Of Gotham March 31st, 2020 Spatula City gets scope out for mob ties. Also, Jumanji 2 and pizza.
Meeting the Mother March 31st, 2020 Moira Queen finally arrives at Queen Mansion from her trip and meets Vanessa. She doesn't get to be as draconian as she had been hoping throughout all her trip with Vanessa displaying quite the unusual knowledge about old Imari ware.
A Friend In Need March 31st, 2020 A worried Lockheed summons Doug and Illyana to check in on their friend.
The Rematch March 30th, 2020 Elektra and Danny square it off at the Iron Fist's Dojo. Ninjas come in and ruin the spar.
Potato Knishes March 30th, 2020 Kitty drops by Avengers Mansion with some deli treats.
Rec for the Recreation gods March 30th, 2020 Jubilee comes in to play Animal Crossing and meets Marie! Now Marie has a job. Go team Xavier's!
Roller Derby Privilege Party March 30th, 2020 Pizza, grumpy Julian, Doug jokes, bodyslamming!
Going Back to Gotham, Harley Style March 30th, 2020 Harley comes to Gotham to confront one of her inner demons.
Call for Mr. Hercules... March 30th, 2020 Hercules receives a divine message, delivered by an unknown cousin.
Playing tennis without rackets March 30th, 2020 J'onn and Nicole start training with Telekinesis while playing tennis
Don't Ask What We Did Last Night March 30th, 2020 No one gets between Emma and what she wants. Which is probably a nice bubble bath, a book, and another chapter in Guide To Dealing with Crazy People.
Meeting the clan. With a C. March 30th, 2020 Achilles meets a couple of modern marvels!
Tony Says Relax March 30th, 2020 Tony risks intimacy with a champagne glass on a mission to try and get Karen to relax a little.
Mac's Appointedededment March 30th, 2020 Diana interviews America Chavez, and sees a lot of potential in her to be a powerful young hero. She invites her to stay and hopefully train toward becoming a public force to be reckoned with, and have a home at the Embassy too!
Gnori: Birds of a Feather March 30th, 2020 Sif brings Caitlin to meet the King of the Eagles on Asgard's mountains.
Limos are for Bat Birthdays March 30th, 2020 Bruce Wayne's birthday party. It ends about as well as one would expect. Not well.
Two girls one roof March 30th, 2020 Power Girl comes to check on Harley and finds her sitting on the roof after defending April's apartment from goons. Harley drowns. Fin.
Finsihing a First Day. March 30th, 2020 A new student meets two less new students and they go get burgers.
The Art of Not Micromanaging March 30th, 2020 The Black King and White Queen discuss the recent troubles at the Hellfire Club with the ever-dutiful Tessa. No expense is spared.
A vision of the future. March 30th, 2020 Vision and Viv meet up for the first time and talk about Ultron, what it means to exist as a synthezoid on Earth.
Welcome Home March 30th, 2020 After a long day of defending the world from militaristic madmen, Natasha brings Tony fast food and Tony shares an anecdote of their first time working together as 'superheroes'.
Archer Scout Cookies March 30th, 2020 Kate shows up to see what the Titans are about and if Colette is being real about them maybe getting going again. Plans are made. Pizza is ordered. Seems pretty Titan-y.
Purifying the Purifiers March 30th, 2020 Cable, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch foil an attack by the purifiers. Wanda and Clint ask Cable some questions.
Lighting a Spark March 30th, 2020 Happy drinks. Or a drink overdue.
Hey There March 29th, 2020 Meeting
Lightning Strikes... Twice! March 29th, 2020 Kyani 1--Shazam 0
Lightning Strikes March 29th, 2020 Shazam gets stuff off his chest. Bea gets stiff off her chest. Perfectly G-rated.
Let's Try Again With Less Stabbing March 29th, 2020 Colette and Damian talk Titans, and it's clear they're talking about different things.
'Carnaval' in New York March 29th, 2020 Dinner with a work colleague is sometimes more pleasant than you'd imagine.
Exploring Happy Harbor March 29th, 2020 Gabby explores Happy Harbor and chats with Alexander, and Naomi.
Getting Our Lines Crossed March 29th, 2020 A Colombian drug gang and a major cartel run afoul of two Spiders.
My Cousin Vinny March 29th, 2020 Goons come to April's apartment and run into her roommate, Harley Quinn. Then get disappeared by a ninja Turtle. As you do.
SHIELD was never there. March 29th, 2020 Mission Accomplished!
A letter to the editor... March 29th, 2020 Chizue and Lois enter into an alliance
Breakfast March 29th, 2020 Alex attempts to make breakfast for Betsy, Emma, Laura, and Gabby, but tempers flare in an argument over suspicion of Emma's reasons for being at the mansion and closeness to Alex.
Meeting of Geniuses. March 29th, 2020 Riri and Shuri meet up with Peter as he provides tech data on the Toymaker.
Yesterday, Tomorrow March 29th, 2020 Philosophical ramblings on the importance of being in life.
Day of dates March 29th, 2020 Gwen takes Zatanna to a place she hung out as a kid for date night.
Super-Problems March 29th, 2020 Kara Danvers shows up at the Parker house to pick up stuff, and drop a bomb. Oh, the CARNAGE...
Spider Spray, Spider Shop March 29th, 2020 Spiders bump in the night, discuss names, origins, webbing and conventions and conference calls.
Safety Nets March 29th, 2020 Clark and Kara catch up on the attack on Peter.
Fielding Texts March 29th, 2020 Drawn away from her writing by Alexander's text of the night sky, Patsy goes to talk troubles and triumphs of life under the stars. Nobody sings Hakuna Matata this time.
The Proud and the Damned March 29th, 2020 Barghest is dead. James used a sword. Illyana punched the ground.
The Light and the LIghtning March 29th, 2020 A reunion and a puzzle presented. Asgard awaits.
Convergence of Heroes March 29th, 2020 A Heroic Trio descends upon the Parker home...
Suicide Isn't Painless March 29th, 2020 Mystique finds Carol and surrenders, falling on her sword and requesting help in finding the mutant murderer: Sinister.
Racin' Stripes March 29th, 2020 Rogue takes a ride in Remy's 'legally appropriated' Porsche.
Chasing the Amazon March 29th, 2020 Robin catches up to Atlin to figure out who she is, and why she's so interested in Amazonian artwork.
Slightly Overkill Escort March 29th, 2020 Samuel Morgan is used to SHIELD SUVs picking him up to visit the Triskelion. Today's car ride is different.
When Stones Collide March 29th, 2020 A conversation with Vision leads to much food for thought.
Old debts and young Shadows March 28th, 2020 No description
Leo comes home March 28th, 2020 Splinter, Raph, and Leo have a chit chat. Towels to faces happen.
Copyright Infringement March 28th, 2020 Dick is in the middle of a battle with Firebug when he gets an unexpected assist from Flamebird -- that doesn't turn out very well.
Arrrrrgh, Barracuda! March 28th, 2020 A teenager rave is interrupted by pirates! Who are then interrupted by a trio of heroines! Everyone gets shot! And the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff G... Gotham Girls!
Bringin' Home the Black Card! March 28th, 2020 Harley brings home swag for April!
Brotherly Love March 28th, 2020 Emma brings Alex back to Xaviers. Scott and Jean discuss with them what (rather, who) caused Alex's mental block; as several of the students swarm like sharks. Hope does NOT have a gun in her room, grandpa.
Boat Party Aftermath March 28th, 2020 After help stopping a boat full of revelling teenagers from becoming pirate captives, The Gotham Beacon and Red Robin meet up and review in an alleyway, and Phoebe reconsiders vigilanteism.
It's Really GOOD Pie, Billy March 28th, 2020 Billy and Mary keep Rhino and Electro from robbing the mall, after a few close calls!
No One Gets a Telepath... Like a Telepath March 28th, 2020 Jean and Emma heal Alex's mind... and determine the cause of the hidden memories.
Practice at the Junkyard March 28th, 2020 The Crimson Dynamo and Naomi meet!
Srsly Terry March 28th, 2020 Colette goes to visit Terry, who turns out to be suffering from a severe case of paws. Partying with his murderclown buddy is strictly off the agenda, even if she /does/ have a demonically possessed limo.
Hellfrieday March 28th, 2020 Jennifer comes looking for one of her heroes, Harley Quinn... and she finds her. Drunk. Marie and Power Girl are invited to the party that ends abruptly when Harley gets sick. Proving that you should never meet your idols.
Showing Mary the Lab! March 28th, 2020 Mary Bromfield visits the Parker home to return a laser microphone, and gets a good look at his...lab.
Spring Brings New Things March 28th, 2020 Chatting about family and other issues.
Moving Forward March 28th, 2020 A bit of self-induced seclusion gets interrupted by Gabby, and results in a recent-events update from Doug Ramsey to James Proudstar.
To Hack Or Not To Hack March 28th, 2020 Kitty stalks Alexander, who saves her from a runaway piano.
Rock Climbing In Manhattan's East Side March 28th, 2020 Barbara shows up to join Roberto and Stephanie at a rock climbing gym
Safe At Last March 28th, 2020 Nat and Tony unwind after an attempted poisoning by a genuine Gotham crazy.
Happy Harbor: Bird Plans March 28th, 2020 Kian's finally got a plan nailed down.
The Girl in the Tower March 27th, 2020 No description
Gwyllgi and the Black Doug March 27th, 2020 What happens happens.
Bank Robbery Road Trip March 27th, 2020 And Mastermind is foiled by local heroes, running off with nothing.
Finnegan, Begin Again... March 27th, 2020 Peter Parker gets a visit from a freelance reporter from Metropolis in the aftermath of the Supergirl/Parker breakup.
Rogue One: Breadcrumbs carry Mystique March 27th, 2020 Jessica sets up a breadcrumb for Mystique to follow, and eventually gets a tip in regards to Rogue, but for the price of a meet up between Carol and Mystique. But first, she'll need to double check on Rogue.
Up On The Roof... March 27th, 2020 Silk takes a breather on a roof top after swinging about, she meets Julie, but more importantly she meets Ghost Spider. They discuss so many things, the thingamajig with Silk and Spider-Man, the nature of gender and sexuality, and even David Bowie's crotch! For science!
Getting High(In elevation) March 27th, 2020 Miles and Chizue talk about finances.
Punch Buggy March 27th, 2020 Thomas runs into a semi-rampaging Knockout. Offers of fun and whatever an omelette is are extended.
Remember the Family March 27th, 2020 Carrie confronts Bruce about being a father to Damian.
Shadows in the Night March 27th, 2020 Chizue is in ninja pants, and meets another in similar. But less chatty.
Green Energy March 27th, 2020 Green Lantern, Superman and Captain Marvel meet about Genosha's green energy.
Daily Difference March 27th, 2020 Clark brings carryout, Lois brings memories.
Sibling Revelry March 27th, 2020 Shazam gets a needed recharge.
When Things Get Real.. March 27th, 2020 It was supposed to be a simple job, and then nothing worked out. But Cole and Rose still got paid.
Hanging in the park March 27th, 2020 Kyani and Naomi got to know one another and possible friendship.
R U OK March 27th, 2020 Alex and Emma talk after the incident at the HFC club where they experienced their greatest fears, due to the Scarcrow's fear toxin. Emma discovers an odd mental
Footholds are for Losers March 27th, 2020 Lang and Barton catch up, doing some rock wall climbing.
Froot Steeend March 27th, 2020 Jan Brady goes to get her favorite fruit from the fruit stand, only to bump into Marsha Brady who is arriving to get the SAME FRUIT. Let's see what happens next!
Heart of the (Tarot) Cards March 27th, 2020 Julie meets Mary at the library to go over Julie's final paper for school. They're approached by a lost French girl, and Julie ends up asked on a date by Marie-Ange's tarot deck.
The Cat and the Cassandra March 27th, 2020 Our mismatched pair get away.
Totally Trustworthy March 27th, 2020 Mystique tells Jean who was behind Genosha, and gives Jean a bit of practical advice to boot.
Preschool for Pre-sentients March 27th, 2020 Stark and Riri stumble on Caitlin's underground lair-- lab, and discuss the possibility of a new kind of AI being developed.
Foot Mutt March 27th, 2020 Background Story between Alopex and the mutant who become known as Kainashi, leading up to the Fairbanks Incident.
Fear Toxins are nobody's friend. March 27th, 2020 Hal comforts Carol, then it gets out of control...
Earned Rewards March 27th, 2020 The Hellfire Club gains an unexpected and unpredictable new VIP.
Talking Someone Off a Ledge, Literally March 27th, 2020 Roberto and Stephanie help a depressed man under the influence of The Straw Man.
=Power and Privilege March 26th, 2020 The Rich Kidz drug lab gets a couple of unwanted costumed visitors.
Tigers and Tigers March 26th, 2020 Ninjas at the zoo.
Housemates March 26th, 2020 Gwen and Satana meet in Zee's kitchen. The two new housemates compare notes.
Walking After Midnight March 26th, 2020 Leonid and Amy go walking after a movie and move further in their connection.
How to say this... March 26th, 2020 A difficult talk, new feelings, and a gift is exchanged. But where, inquiring minds want to know, is Bear?
The Worst Best Friend March 26th, 2020 Hellions playing pool. Jenny is the Britta of this group.
Two Hyenas and a Clownette walk into a vet March 26th, 2020 Harley takes Bud and Lou to the vet... Robert is assistin' with butt stuff (temperature takin') an' April comes back to pick the trio up to take home. (Bud, Lou, an' Harls... Robert can't come yet)
Silk for the Ghost Spider March 26th, 2020 Gwen Stacy approaches Janet van Dyne about getting a new costume made to replace the one she lost during the multiverse shuffle.
We Need an Army. March 26th, 2020 Mystique shows up to ask Rogue for her help, Rogue still harbors some anger at her for the past.
Superheroing 101 - A Sense of Identity March 26th, 2020 Spider-Man and Supergirl meet up with Naomi at his favorite training field and try to help Naomi acclimate to the heroing life.
Powers 101-Hey that's hot. March 26th, 2020 Sam learns some of Alexis' powers
Ninjas in Gotham March 26th, 2020 Robin meets a New York hero taking down some creepy crawly bad guys.
Following up on Selina March 26th, 2020 Case closed on Selina Kyle - And Jessica's 'Dinner Date'.
Titles Are Hard, So Are Relationships March 26th, 2020 Gwen comes to inform Zatanna that she and Jean have a date for tomorrow. And share a tender moment before Gwen leaves.
So How Was Your Vacation March 26th, 2020 Scott returns to the mansion and Steve, along with JARVIS, is there to greet him. Quesadillas are made and plans to ricochet and fling shrinky-dinks are made -- but after food.
Phoebe In Wonder-land March 26th, 2020 Phobe Comes To The Themysciran Embassy And Talks Training With Cassie And Diana
Bat Meetings March 26th, 2020 Robin meets Firebird and exchanges contacts.
Two if by three: A Paraphrase March 26th, 2020 Things take an odd turn at Shadowcrest, but Jean gives Gwen a ride home and the two have some heart to heart. Nobody dies.
All's Quiet in Coventry! March 26th, 2020 Black Canary meets one of the Robins!
Send In The Clown March 26th, 2020 Karen Starr hires Harley Quinn as her personal assistant in the New York branch of Starrware. What could go wrong?
Teddy-Boy Came Out With No Legs March 26th, 2020 And in their place, two wooden pegs
Engineering and Threat Assessment March 26th, 2020 Natasha uses her new cover as Stark's bride to learn about Riri. Riri's very smart. Natalie's way more supportive than Natasha is.
Sparring Session March 25th, 2020 No description
Hashtag: Selfie March 25th, 2020 Fear and terror abound in the Dungeon Nightclub at the Hellfire as Dr. Crane tests out his newest ingestible fear toxin. And the big hero of the night... is HARLEY QUINN?
Super Secret Senses, Ahoy! March 25th, 2020 Patsy and Alexander share secrets and decide to keep them. Besides, if they told anybody, they'd probably end up tossed into a padded white room anyways. Who believes a God of Fear and somebody who can see magic anyways?
Picking Pixie March 25th, 2020 Jean and Zatanna meet up and talk about Megan taking magic lessons and Jean checks on Zee's well-being.
Lunchtime at the Atomic Cafe. March 25th, 2020 Two auld acquaintances re-connect as the photographer takes pictures.
Reunion Time March 25th, 2020 Matt and Sky-- we mean Daisy finally meet after two years. And this time in the present! Because there are ninjas, ledgers and craziness abound.
=Lions and Demons and Capes, Oh MY March 25th, 2020 Possibly... omelettes.
Psychic Lightning Bolt Eyes March 25th, 2020 Jean and Emma have a surprisingly polite conversation about the 'security breach' at the X-manse.
Lions and tigers and bears - oh my! March 25th, 2020 Heidi and Jessica Drew find exotic zoo animals loose in Central Park. There is suspicion that the animals were left out to cover the theft of a valuable Snow Leopard. Could this put them on the trail of a rich collector or something much worse?
I Used to be a Gangster, but I Took an Arrow in the Knee March 25th, 2020 Colette and Terry go to visit another, friendlier gangster. Everything would have been fine if some Russian gangsters hadn't turned up. Kate turns up too, to the gangster's chagrin. Kate gets a new nickname, and a suggestion she visits Titans Tower.
Up On The Roof March 25th, 2020 Terry makes up to Gar by offering him food.
Handball is Allowed Here. Maybe. March 25th, 2020 A bet made over a game of handball has both Steve and Bucky due to show up fashionably different than normal to work for three days.
Home Is Where the Havoc Is March 25th, 2020 Some dangerous toys show up at the Parker house...and Supergirl and Spider-Man fight toy soldiers.
A HellCat stalks Her Prey March 25th, 2020 Patsy gets Surprised by a spy while spying
An Asgardian Angel in Midgard's Court March 25th, 2020 Angela arrives on Earth. She's not happy. And she ruins Heidi's day. But Diana and Naomi help make it better!
Digital Spelunking March 25th, 2020 Doug and Mystique find the next clue on the attack on Genosha
E Pluribus Unum: On Assignment March 25th, 2020 Wait, we're what?!
Going Public March 24th, 2020 No description
Comedic Timing March 24th, 2020 Harley flies with PG!
Talking about publicity for the clinic March 24th, 2020 And dinner is had
Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Charity Gala March 24th, 2020 Schmoozing, boozing, donations and more. The Hellfire Spring Charity Gala is a huge success, benefitting Genosha.
More About Genosha March 24th, 2020 Lorna brings back interesting news from Genosha. And someone called Emma Frost
Alias Investigations: Selina Kyle - A Charity for Cats March 24th, 2020 Following the case given to her by Dick Grayson, Jessica uses fellow Defender Danny Rand to get into a gala charity for big cats in a gallery in the Empire State Building. She winds up learning everything she wanted on Selina Kyle. It may not have gone the smoothest, but at least it's one less case to worry about.
Quite the Secret Keeper March 24th, 2020 Lois reaches out to Steve about their friends reconciling -- Clark is actually Superman after all!
She's A Rainbow March 24th, 2020 So what do you do when an alien warrior princess drops by for coffee?
Marvel and Aunt May March 24th, 2020 733/Captain Marvel/Shazam and Silk save Aunt May from home invaders, and Spidey senses that animal attraction again...
A Sweet Surprise March 24th, 2020 Illegal cupcakes! Bickering teenagers! Frustrated adults! Sugar rushes and sage advice from a child that listens to Dr McCoy too much. Emma's surprise birthday treats for the X Mansion were well received by the kids, but the adults... something something security risk.
A Superlative Dining Experience March 24th, 2020 Karen and Janet have a talk about Power Girl's prospects as an Avenger.
And the doctor is in. March 24th, 2020 Kitty gets fixed up.
Naomi's First Day March 24th, 2020 Christine Lake helps a new girl find her class.
Calling In A Siege Expert March 24th, 2020 Lara Croft and Dane Whitman examine the Siege Perilous, and consult someone with firsthand experience....
C'est le choix de monsieur March 24th, 2020 Thor takes Jessica on a tour of the Avenger Mansion
The Cape Doesn't Make The Man March 24th, 2020 The moral of the story is to never let Colette
Curiousity March 24th, 2020 Kitty gets into a fight and is helped a little by Alex.
Mugger Population Control March 24th, 2020 Spidey stops Joey and his carjacker pals, and makes a Friend.
Can't fly in Gotham without going Batty... March 24th, 2020 IMP meets Red Robin, who brings in his friend Beacon to finish healing IMP of his injuries. He's finally able to fly home and reclaim his life...
E Pluribus Unum: On Broadway March 24th, 2020 Natasha and Tony see the Avengers musical, Natasha fights Hydra, and somehow neither of those are the most important thing that happens ...
Lord Rogers Assembles his First Legion March 24th, 2020 The Avengers receive some unexpected guests: Seven Einherjar from Asgardia, pledging their services to Steve Rogers, Lord of Midgard!
Artifacts of the Amazonians March 24th, 2020 While busting an illegal casino, Robin comes across an Amazonian with ulterior motives!
Triselkion Trick or Treat March 23rd, 2020 No description
Massacre at the Met! Mixed-Up Pickles Involved! (Film at 11) March 23rd, 2020 No description
Social function time! March 23rd, 2020 A meeting of different worlds. A talk of the past and finding an understanding.
The Pros and Cons of Cohabitting March 23rd, 2020 Sam and Allegra explore housing options, and the ins and outs of their intra-relational issues. Allegra finally admits she is a mutant, and Sam freely expresses worry that her father will hurt her -- and Sam Guthrie isn't the type to take a threat like that laying down.
Who Can Resist Those Penguins March 23rd, 2020 Hellcat and Catman meet at the zoo when Patsy is hired to check out who's trespassing. Nero is a mean lion. Some zookeeper is destined to be kicked around.
KO!!! ...Where am I March 23rd, 2020 IMP is found by the Question, who heals him and demands 2 favors
Endless Embassy Encounters! March 23rd, 2020 While Acting as the Receptionist for the Embassy, Cassie recieves and Entertains A Variety of Guests.
It Ain't Easy Being Gar, or I Stood Up to Raven and Lived to Tell About It March 23rd, 2020 The aftermath of Gar vs. Raven leads to further developments
Home is where you hang your cannonball March 23rd, 2020 Sam shacks up, Doug shakes down, and Illyana has words.
Little Monsters March 23rd, 2020 This Is How We All Almost Died
Amazon Wisdom March 23rd, 2020 Cassie talks with Diana about a big decision
ESU IS GREAT! March 23rd, 2020 Alex tells Patsy about the best things about ESU.
Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting... March 23rd, 2020 Two Spiders find themselves dealing with NINJAS!
Gossip's Risky Business March 23rd, 2020 Janet presses Natasha for details about Tony; it turns into some heartfelt soul-sharing for the two Avengers.
Does This Blouse Also Come in Slade March 23rd, 2020 Slade Wilson follows Vanessa out of the Queen estate, and questions her on who she is and why she's in Oliver's life.
Siege of the Ghost Spider: Kiss from a Rose on the Grave March 23rd, 2020 Gwen and Zatanna reunite at a grave.
Prithee what dost thou doeth, Lady Fury March 22nd, 2020 Nada
BEHOLD, MY OFFICE! March 22nd, 2020 Atlin gets a tour.
Do you box March 22nd, 2020 A boxing match. Street rules. A lot is revealed between them.
Sunday In The Park With Gar March 22nd, 2020 Terry and Gar spend some down-time together. Terry invites himself to the tower for a later visit. Raven will be thrilled.
Who Wins March 22nd, 2020 Rose wins. As usual.
Two Genius and a King March 22nd, 2020 Shuri brings Riri to introduce her to T'Challa. A deal is struck.
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous March 22nd, 2020 a few VIPs chat and drink and discuss VIP things.
Hand and Fist March 22nd, 2020 Matt, Elektra, Danny and Jess meet to discuss the Hand, their plans, training, Tae-Bo and mystical Chinese whiskey.
So this kid, this bloodsucker, and this hot chick walk into a diner... March 22nd, 2020 Bea feels icky. Lia finds new angles.
When hot meets hotter... March 22nd, 2020 Fire rips off a Knockout.
Aftermath: Prom Edition March 22nd, 2020 Alexander and Heidi chat post-prom about parties, legacies, and the ever-moving journey called life.
Enemy or Alley March 22nd, 2020 A Misunderstanding leads to an unlikely team-up.
Shots Shots Shots March 22nd, 2020 Deadpool annoys Powergirl, Tony Stark rises in the (twitter) polls, and Deadpool causes chaos. A typical night at the club.
The Delinquency of a Minor March 22nd, 2020 Mutants at a human beach party. Nobody got hurt, Laura.
SHIELD Briefing: NK Crisis March 22nd, 2020 With the briefing concluded, Daniel will soon get HALO training. Successful or not, the DPRK will never know what hit it.
Siege of the Ghost Spider: Rude Awakenings March 22nd, 2020 After being awoken by HYDRA soldiers, Gwen, Lara, and Zee trek to the Siege Perilous. Gwen goes home. Many tears are shed. But is it truly over -- or just a new beginning?
Spread Your Wings March 22nd, 2020 Apart from minor fainting accidents, the long-anticipated meeting of Bird and Beast (Boy) is a success. For once Colette is better at keeping secrets than Carol. Terry gets his car towed.
Early morning cup of something March 22nd, 2020 Peter's quest for employment hits a speedbump. Douglas and Mike cheer him on
Historical Data March 22nd, 2020 Tessa looks back on her life and relationship with one Sebastian Shaw.
Subterfuge, the Name of the Game March 22nd, 2020 Lorna, Emma, and Mystique meet up on Genosha and discuss plans moving forward.
Original Boy Wonder Turns 26 March 22nd, 2020 Dick Grayson's birthday sees the Batfamily head out to Harlem's Paradise to celebrate.
Exercises in exorcism March 21st, 2020 Doctor Strange, Constantine, Illyana, and Zatanna group together to banish the demon Beelzebub back to hell where he belongs.
The False Supermen Pt 2: Unmasked March 21st, 2020 Lois realizes who Superman is.
Non-Hulk SMASH! March 21st, 2020 An epic meeting is in the cards as Spider-Man meets Smasher while confronting the White Rabbit.
Crashing at (near) Parker's Place March 21st, 2020 Naomi crashes in a Spider's Backyard. Power Girl and Spider-Man talk to the projectile. That projectile is taken away.
Happy Harbor Prom 2020 March 21st, 2020 Much fun was had by all and with minimal property damage!
Home of pizza. And the Maggia. March 21st, 2020 Pizza turns to gunfire turns to talking. For the non-gangsters, at least.
This here is a sword. March 21st, 2020 Dane and Alexander meet and discuss future plans.
Genoshan Visitations: Of Queens March 21st, 2020 Lorna shows Emma the ruins of Hammer Bay and Emma attempts to find answers
Tavern time in old Mutant Town March 21st, 2020 Power Girl appears to watch the news and everyone agrees Caradenza needs to go. This is hardly a surprise in Mutant Town.
Meeting of the Minds pt2 March 21st, 2020 Shuri visits Riri's lab, they talk tech, and Riri gets a potential invite to the Embassy.
The Web Widens March 21st, 2020 Carbon Spider meets Spider-Man...and Supergirl. And eats the best apple pie in New York.
Flying High March 21st, 2020 Caitlin's flying experiment crashes and burns, but Heidi swoops in to save an experiment gone wrong.
The False Supermen Pt 1: Always March 21st, 2020 In the aftermath of being hit in the head, Clark and Lois find their relationship growing stronger.
The Power or The Glory March 21st, 2020 There are disquieting trends afoot, and Power Girl has some things to say about them. Read all about it on the Daily Planet's website!
Along came a... Beacon March 21st, 2020 Beacon and Carbon Spider run into trouble at the Gotham Docks, where Red Robin helps out and gives some advice to the young Gotham Heroine.
The Eternal Archaeologist of the Spotless Mind March 21st, 2020 A second date goes awry, between villains and pouring rain-- but Alex and Emma make the most of it.
Hellfire Curious. March 21st, 2020 Alexander gets the skinny on the HFC from the man himself.
Avengers: Space Pod Problems March 21st, 2020 Carol briefs a bunch of Avengers and Associates about the Space Pod before it has to go SHIELD so they can obsess over it.
Spoiler Talks With The Batman March 21st, 2020 Stephanie returns to Wayne Manor to talk to Bruce and see where she stands with him.
Wonderful World March 20th, 2020 No description
Superheroes at Liberty! March 20th, 2020 No description
So who are these guys March 20th, 2020 Alexander comes asking about Shaw industries. Samuel and Damian join in. The conversation steers to an invitation to prom.
Breaking a Curse March 20th, 2020 Cheetah meets with Satana about ending her curse, leaves with a new contact.
Burger Date March 20th, 2020 Supergirl and Peter Parker go out on a date...and potentially their last one.
The Whole Ball of Yarn March 20th, 2020 The Black Cat may have met her match in the new security guard at the auction house.
Where it All Began March 20th, 2020 Matt and Elektra meet in 2010 changing their lives forever. There's banter, a little light auto theft, a police chase, it goes about how you'd expect.
Siege of the Ghost Spider: Extreme Glamping March 20th, 2020 Team Siege Perilous goes out in search of the location - and are shot down!
Hiring an Assistant March 20th, 2020 Zatanna invites Megan over to ask her to be her apprentice. Gwen cameos and steals the cheesecake.
Second Times the Charm March 20th, 2020 Natasha and Tony try to watch movies, Power Girl has other ideas.
A ferry trip, this time without sea monsters. Hopefully March 20th, 2020 Beatriz pitches an idea for a charity to Thor.
Birds and Planes March 20th, 2020 Carol meets with Superman to talk about Genosha information.
Truly Tug of War March 20th, 2020 Another thrilling saga in the life of the super-soldiers: Lili is defeated at tug of war, but flaunts her toy nonetheless! Ice cream is shared! Noogies are threatened! Star Wars is apparently a good movie series!
Hail to the King March 20th, 2020 Steve Rogers, newly appointed Lord of Midgard, informs Janet of the changes to the status quo.
A visit from a friend. March 20th, 2020 Cassie gives Tim something to hide from Damian.
Gifts of the Spiders March 20th, 2020 Scarlet Spider gives Spider-Man $5,000...and Spidey uses it to save a man's life. Just not in the way you might expect.
Headshots March 20th, 2020 Lia takes her newest find to get headshots. Then
Mystic Meeting, no reading of the last minutes. March 20th, 2020 Zat and Strange plan and argue
Just A Walk In The Park March 20th, 2020 Heidi is suprised to meet another Asgardian. She shares some tips with Toril and they eat pretzels.
Exploring the Kitchen Fridge March 20th, 2020 Pizza and chatting over various things.
Time for another Hot Beverage March 20th, 2020 Alanna and Mike chat over coffee and tea
A royal visit March 20th, 2020 Shuri visits Happy Harbor, and gets a very idiosyncratic tour.
Trial of Glass March 20th, 2020 During an attempted interview on courthouse steps, a dangerous criminal attacks the crowd!
Once more, good friend! March 19th, 2020 Thor saves the day
I would have words with thee. March 19th, 2020 Toril gets taken to SHIELD
Kings and Spiders March 19th, 2020 Where to even start.... Silk and Ghost Spider break up a heist, Spider-Man shows up and there's some electricity.. then Gwen says goodbye to Peter. It was a rollercoaster.
I Guess We're Having a Discussion March 19th, 2020 Steve and Tony talk politics and titles, Janet shares nigiri.
Seeking Advice March 19th, 2020 Sam is given advice and his judgement is trusted.. or is it a test.
Singularity and the Paramedic March 19th, 2020 The adorable galaxy girl comes upon an accident and lends her aid to the brash empassioned paramedic at the scene.
Cool People Doing Cool Things! March 19th, 2020 Jessica and Thor catch up on what passed and Heidi shows up and is a nerd.
Welcome to Earf March 19th, 2020 Knockout shows up and hassles Thor.
A Historical Date March 19th, 2020 Alex Summers and Emma Frost go on a first date to the museum, and end up discussing mutants, parents, and why exactly Emma asked Alex out in the first place.
Heralds of the Ridiculous March 19th, 2020 Loki visits Thor to get news... but Loki mostly already has the news.
Playing With Power (Girl) March 19th, 2020 Peter Parker and Harry Osborn check out a failed bank heist and cross paths with a very-protective Power Girl.
Yeah - Lots of space in this mall! March 19th, 2020 Twu Luv! (Or the other word that begins with
Artistic Ennui March 19th, 2020 Sif and Heidi bring news to Loki (Thoki).
Burn the House Down March 19th, 2020 The house doesn't actually burn down.
Suck Perfect March 19th, 2020 'Karen' comes in making demands of the Burger Joint employees while they're under seige by the new Burger Time opening across the street. Steve is a hero. Fin.
Recruiting Alexander Aaron March 19th, 2020 Tessa approaches Alexander with an invitation on behalf of The Hellfire Club. He accepts.
Stubborn Wounds March 19th, 2020 Natasha checks on Tony after his bad reaction to the revelation of Lord Rogers.
And Many Happy Returns, Lord Rogers March 19th, 2020 The Avengers present in the manor meet after Thor, Steve, and Natasha return to discuss the outcome of the visit to the Court. Not all is settled in the end.
Coming clean's surprisingly easy! March 19th, 2020 Natasha confesses her duplicity to Thor regarding Loki. It goes over surprisingly well!
Movie Night March 19th, 2020 Josh meets Gabby and Laura. There was only some stabbing and very little blood.
Nothing like some time off March 18th, 2020 Roy comes to Queen Mansion for the weekend, meets Vanessa and they talk during lunch. The conversation veers towards an archery 'challenge'. Just to take the rust out, of course.
Maybe Not Dumplings Today March 18th, 2020 Spoiler in costume, briefly runs into Damian Wayne, out of costume, in Chinatown.
The Broken Heart March 18th, 2020 Sam and Alexis meet up by accident, Alexis semi-admits her abilities, and Sam proposes that they move in togehter to get her out of her father's home. Then they feed the homeless, and Alexis feels guilty about everything.
Which Sandwich March 18th, 2020 People converge over sandwiches and talk superheroes and those maybe not so heroic.
Life Of The Party March 18th, 2020 A first college party experience turns out to be something entirely unexpected
Just a Little Nudge March 18th, 2020 Discussions of the upcoming Charity Gala and socialization!
All About the Birbs and the BBs. March 18th, 2020 Colette calls on Terry and Gar. Terry's not there. Colette is an ass, but occasionally she has a point.
Hardly Awkward March 18th, 2020 Clark fixes a broken shower, and has to rush off, for 'reasons'.
'Ships passing in the night March 18th, 2020 An anniversary is set.
Rooftop Hiatus March 18th, 2020 Canary was about to give up on Nightwing when he shows up in her life again. And they decide to stop being Canary and Nightwing for a moment.
Just when things are getting on track.. March 18th, 2020 The end to their training. A celebration that ends with Skye going with SHIELD back to her old life. A farewell that may just be temporary.
Family Reunions March 18th, 2020 The Magnet kids meet up.
Defection Part 2: Russian Beargaloo March 18th, 2020 Ursa Major successfully defects with the help of Clint and Natasha.
I Don't Mean To Boar You March 18th, 2020 Some ladies defeat a giant rampaging boar in a park, then proceed on to relish their victory over pub food.
Better Red, White, and Blue Than Just Red March 18th, 2020 Spider-Man and SUpergirl go out on patrol and re-enact THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER...with more Russian officers defecting and big mechs and less submarines and underwater suspense.
We Just Keep Meeting Like This March 18th, 2020 A Summers-Grey arrival and tactics discussion.
Some Alarming News, A Proposal, and a Surprise March 18th, 2020 Dane Whitman and Morrigan MacIntyre sort out a variety of school matters.
Oil refinery havok! March 18th, 2020 The heroes arrive in time to save the day, disaster is diverted, and a strange Asgardian is found beneath the surface.
A Day In Metropolis March 18th, 2020 Visiting Metropolis, Kitty runs into Jimmy Olsen at the Superman statue.
Taking A Breath March 18th, 2020 Kian drops in on Morrigan and they have a chat.
King Rogers, Ruler of Midgard! March 18th, 2020 In the aftermath of Steve's day in Asgardian court, Thor reveals startling and troubling news: Steve is not just Midgard's Ambassador; but the ruler of the realm!
Time in a bottle March 18th, 2020 If I could put time.. in a bottle... Zatanna gives Gwen a gift so that they'll never forget each other.
All Too Familiar Faces March 18th, 2020 Scott seeks out one of the time refugees to see just what she's doing here.
Fashion Crimes March 18th, 2020 A would-be terrorist drops a bomb. Spidey catches the bomb...and a Looker catches the terrorist.
A deal he couldn't refuse. March 18th, 2020 After discussing the state of affairs at Happy Harbor High, there was much pie to be eaten.
Meeting of the Minds March 18th, 2020 Riri meets Shuri, there is mutual marveling over eachother's work, and plans are made for possible collaboration
April's New Roomie March 18th, 2020 April introduces Harley as her new roommate. Her Tinder date finds out April knows Kung Fu.
Fast Late Delivery March 18th, 2020 Macks builds a confusing reputation for itself when Kyani delivers Shanna's late order in record time.
Mr. Levinsky March 17th, 2020 JD and Thor stop a crime
Introductions and A Side Project March 17th, 2020 New teacher Dane Whitman is introduced to Samuel Morgan, his very unusual side project, and most importantly Bear the Dog. Guest starring Morrigan MacIntyre and Daniel Hastings!
A Private Dinner with the Queens March 17th, 2020 Queen Lorna gains another ally; does the White Queen gain another pawn?
BEHOLD! MY STUFF! March 17th, 2020 Diana shows up to hassle Alex and he has to put up with her nosing around and being a butt. But he's super nice to her and gives her some water.
A Meeting of the Court March 17th, 2020 The Kings of the Hellfire Court plot, with the White Queen and Black Bishop. Plans for a charity ball and Genoshan assistance are made.
Amazon Primed and ready to meet people. March 17th, 2020 Dinner with two ladies Almost.
Coney Island Murderworld March 17th, 2020 An eccletic group of heroes save Zatanna from the latest version of Arcade's 'Murderworld'.
Siege of the Ghost Spider: Lara Raids Shadowcrest March 17th, 2020 Lara comes to Shadowcrest to speak with Zee on sending Gwen home. Despite warnings, Zee seems determined to carry through. Gwen is a plucky blonde love interest.
Matt Hagen Surprise March 17th, 2020 Matt Hagen, Clayface, Visits Lois Lane at her office in a surprise visit. Things go surprisingly well. She gets a lead, and he gets a possible future part.
Welcome to ESU March 17th, 2020 Future Empire State University students meet at a Future Freshmen orientation.
It's Avenger Time March 17th, 2020 Faster than a speeding bullet, Power Girl pays Avengers Mansion a visit ...
Overwhelming Charity March 17th, 2020 Alanna and Hank meet at a charity event at a hospital.
Second Coming March 17th, 2020 Hope takes some time for herself, Cable returns and a heartfelt reunion is had.
Monday Night's Alright For Fighting...Or Not March 17th, 2020 The Nightwatcher finds a fight he's itching to join, only for it to be taken away from him by Sally, Alopex, and someone he really doesn't want to be who he thinks it could be.
Tea In The Park March 17th, 2020 Lara and Daniel wax on about each other's talents until the conversation segues to.. pizza?
The Lordship of Midgard March 17th, 2020 Thor brings Steve to Asgard, to plead his case to represent Earth.
A Parade of Happiness March 17th, 2020 Alanna, Mike, and several volunteers from Shaw Studios bring gifts to the Children's Ward of St. Luke's
The New Guy March 17th, 2020 Bobby meets Joshua on the back steps of the Xavier mansion and talk turns to how one teachers people with unique and rare powers.
Spider In the Belfry March 17th, 2020 Zee brings Ghost Spider by to meet with Batgirl to talk about other dimensions and Birds of Prey
I Ran So Far Away March 16th, 2020 No description
Blindfolds March 16th, 2020 A game is played while they train Skye's newfound powers.
The Tower March 16th, 2020 Sam Guthrie attempts to confront Allegra Caradenza about her mutant powers. Allegra insists that she is not a mutant.
Venti AB+ To Go, Please! March 16th, 2020 Shazam meets a predator in a downtown coffee shop. Turns out she's on the hunt for something unexpected: talent!
The (Not So) Public House March 16th, 2020 Shaw meets with Lorna and makes her and offer she can't refuse; Maxima discovers the HFC
It's TINDER TIME! March 16th, 2020 Seven hun'rit an' ninnytwo dates.
Two Spiders and a Sorceress walk into a bar March 16th, 2020 Gwen and Zatanna stop by to chat with Peter... Supergirl shows up. Everybody DATIN'
Lunch Time! March 16th, 2020 Jean, Lorna, and Andrea have a lunch break at Xavier's.
Big Brains in Forest Hills March 16th, 2020 Riri Williams pays a visit to the Parker house to get a legal issue taken care of. Plus, cookies.
At The End Of The Day March 16th, 2020 After Hurricane Harley hits, Terry runs a damage report.
Happy Harbor: Some Concerns March 16th, 2020 Morrigan has a talk with Samuel and everything is fine. Really.
Tigers, Lyons, and Bear March 16th, 2020 What do you do when you see a sabertooth tiger in Union Square Park? Meet it.
As Two Spiders Connect... March 16th, 2020 Spidey gets some unexpected help from the OG Spider-Woman.
A Winter Guard reunion! March 16th, 2020 Heroes defect!
A Case of the Cackles March 16th, 2020 Cackler tries a strongarm robbery in Gotham and bites off more than he can chew when the BatFam shows up.
A Lonely Bird March 16th, 2020 Colette finds Kian at last. They talk about wings and lying. Much is learned about alien psychologies.
Sunset of Roses March 16th, 2020 Lois dumps Superman (for Clark?)
So Anyways, My Point Is... March 16th, 2020 Up on the rooftops, pegasi shenanigans. Sif is a fuddy-duddy. Heidi is correct in noting that Midgardians flaunt in the same manner. Regardless, both Aesir warriors share mulled wine and camaraderie as well as trust in lesser-knowns.
Eyes To See March 16th, 2020 Tony gives Natasha a new piece of equipment, she gives him a mild heart attack.
Saturday In The Park At Night March 15th, 2020 No description
Red Fellas March 15th, 2020 A surveillance in the bd part of town, Russian blows into town.
The oven mitts of all that's right March 15th, 2020 Shazam gets guilted by accident.
Amazon About Town March 15th, 2020 They had pizza
Early Brunch with the King March 15th, 2020 A chance encounter with Andrea leads to eating McDonalds with the King of Wakanda.
A Day in the Park March 15th, 2020 Daniel Hastings, a man out of time, finds the purveyer of #GothamHope, taking pictures about town. The two have a discussion about the state of the city and the world, and Daniel gives Phoebe some food for thought.
Genosha relief, Wakanda forever March 15th, 2020 Lorna and Hope come to the Wakanda refugee camp for Genoshian survivors and have a conversation with the King.
Tea Party March 15th, 2020 When the Mad Hatter comes over for breakfast, don't expect things to go smoothly!
The Fuck Was That Matt March 15th, 2020 Jessica reprimends Matt for getting her trapped into a date with Dick Grayson.
An Afternoon in the Rathskeller, Hellfire Club March 15th, 2020 folks meet and mingle.
Raphael's Flask March 15th, 2020 Nick asks about the flask Strange gave him. A tree barks at Strange.
Green, White, and Orange March 15th, 2020 Miss Martian and Crush come for a bit of a meal and meet Koriand'r of Tamaran!
A wolf and a rebel survival edition. March 15th, 2020 Rogue and Logan share dinner with Mystique who learns about Rogue's adventures.
A Small Favor March 15th, 2020 Victorious is assigned as Queen Lorna Dane of Genosha's bodyguard by Doom, and accompanies her and Gabby Kinney to visit the remaining refugees on the island and discuss possibilities for how to discover who is responsible for the attack, culiminating in Lorna creates a new metal shelter for her remaining people to live in.
Tu casa o mi casa. March 15th, 2020 Gwen comes over to see about getting home... and decides to stay a little while.
Coney Island Wandering March 15th, 2020 Cullen and Bobby go for a walk down at Coney Island and grab a couple of hot dogs and talk.
Dinner at Wayne Penthouse March 15th, 2020 Carrie cooks dinner for an injured Dick, and a grumpy Damian. Damian decides to go hunt down Tim for the Robin title.
Hunting a Hunter March 15th, 2020 Ballista sets a trap for one of the Mutanimals, but there is an unexpectred complication.
Out Of The Lab and Into...Affluence March 15th, 2020 Ellie makes it to the upper levels, meets Jubilee, it doesn't go well.
Brooklyn Roads March 15th, 2020 Anyone who works for the Planet is a trouble magnet, right? This is how it works? Kyani and America are drawn to the trouble.
The King Returns March 15th, 2020 T'challa returns and Shuri, sorta, greets him.
Diplomatic Delivery March 15th, 2020 Kyani Delivers A Package To The Themysciran Embassy And Meets Cassie
Never Cage a Lyon March 15th, 2020 Wolf and Spidey try to rescue a Mob Princess and Spidey gets rescued himself.
Be Certain It's a Good Fit March 14th, 2020 No description
Skyline Sights March 14th, 2020 No description
Awkward Conversations March 14th, 2020 A couple of people run into each other at the X-mansion. Bonding happens.
To Question or not to March 14th, 2020 A Dragon and a Tiger fight for the upper hand
Building Bridges March 14th, 2020 The day is saved, Billy wraps his cloak around him.
Kiss the Gar March 14th, 2020 Other than chiding Terry on his dangerous behavior, Lois, while no singing crab, gives some advice.
Punch Club March 14th, 2020 It's fight night in <Undisclosed Warehouse Location>! New Comers Kid Arachnid (Ben Riley) and Crush (Xiomara Rojas) fight in the ring while other faces look on with excitement!
Filling the Hollow Leg March 14th, 2020 Daniel promises Sam an excursion to ease tensions.
Ripped That Stitch, Did You March 14th, 2020 Lois and Steve exchange thoughts on personal privacy. Lois enjoys her mocha' Steve's boot gets attacked by ducks. Ducks, oy.
Biker Biker Biker March 14th, 2020 BAR FIGHT!
A Date With Destiny March 14th, 2020 It's late at night, and Supergirl meets up with Spider-Man for discussions, opinions...and tacos.
Wonder Working Girl March 14th, 2020 Cassie Goes Shopping For Clothes, Tim Joins Her To Provide Insight
Attempting SCIENCE! March 14th, 2020 Christine Gets Some Help In Chem Lab From Riri
It'sa her, Jubio! March 14th, 2020 Rogue, Remy and Joshy go to the Burger Joint. It is a restaurant that sells Burgers. It is not a store that sells joints that taste like burgers. It's a fun little casual time, and there's a ukulele.
A meeting in the Park March 14th, 2020 Dinner and more.
A Call to Arms March 14th, 2020 If it were Clue, it would have been Damian, in the Library, with the concealed blade. At Happy Harbor it was just a nice chat with no school rules being broken at all. And maybe the start of something new.
Can't Go To Work, Got Bane'd March 14th, 2020 Carrie comes over to give Dick some food and company, and the first parts of... something are put in motion.
Being Social (Media) March 14th, 2020 Billy scoops the media with his sudden interview with the infamous vigilante, Spider-Man.
Of Goddesses and Happenstance March 14th, 2020 Sif and Amora discuss milkshakes, icecream, and the two Asgardian Princes
How About an Embassy March 14th, 2020 Thor gathers the Avengers to discuss many things, including ambassadors, embassies, and the theme song for the team.
Dimensional energy, paradox, and other things March 14th, 2020 Zatanna shows up, nearly kills Gwen, tells her she can maybe get her home. There's flirting, jokes about Quantum leap, and hair pulling. NO CONTEXT FOR YOU. Fin.
Happy Happy: More Interviews! March 14th, 2020 Morrigan interviews Dane Whitman for a position at the school and learns some interesting things!
Mission: Asgard March 14th, 2020 Natasha comes by Stark Tower to brief Tony on the Asgard Situation - they end up drinking vodka and watching Mission Impossible.
Spoiling for the Fight March 14th, 2020 Babs invites Stephanie for a serious talk in the Clocktower. She does the batman routine. Then when Stephanie passes the test she offers to equip and teach her.
Relucant First Day March 14th, 2020 Josh's first tour around the mansion is from Lorna. That caused some serious feels and conflict internally for Josh.
Mutant-napping March 13th, 2020 Joshua Foley wakes up in the Wellness Office at Xavier's after being saved from his former allies
Just another day for Mutant girls March 13th, 2020 More Summers reunions with a few others added in. Emotions flared, hijinx were had. Fun times for all.
Genosha: Ferris Air Charity Event March 13th, 2020 The Charity event is a success. Gabby wins the plane ride.
And One More For Luck March 13th, 2020 Doctor Strange heaps more responsibility on himself, but doesn't get to do it alone.
Cafeteria Encounters March 13th, 2020 Christine and Roy have dinner at the cafeteria and talk about their previous school experiences and relationships.
Little Blue Lost March 13th, 2020 Hope Summers, Robert Markham, Vivian Vision, Illyana Rasputina, and Singularity run into each other just in time to watch Kate Bishop take down a purse snatcher. Phones are exchanged by Kate and Robert with Singularity as the heroes ponder what to do with the small blue girl who appears to be a pocket universe who's not entirely used to things like talking yet.
PTSD and the Art of Van Maintenance March 13th, 2020 Colette goes to check on Samuel after his emotional exit from class. They exchange frank views in very veiled language.
Dagger in the Dark March 13th, 2020 Peter and Tandy settle in and hunker down for a long sleep in the kitchen.
A Royal Request March 13th, 2020 Mystique barks at Lorna who begins to snarl back.
Making It Home March 13th, 2020 Xiomara and M'gann share dinner, and admit something special to each other.
Phones and Kisses. March 13th, 2020 Alton and Christine meet before class. Alton pays 3 of the 5 kisses he owes, and the phone. The debt must be paid...
Asgardian Urgent Care March 13th, 2020 After finding Nightwing in a pile or rubble, Heidi brings him home to patch him up and a date may be offered -- but would he ever see her again?
Other Intelligent Beings March 13th, 2020 Vivian complains about Roy putting his feet on the library chairs and the two end up having a chat about better ways to describe metahuman students and the various school clubs at Happy Harbor.
Grey Areas March 13th, 2020 Two souls spar and don't tell secrets.
The Bane of Bludhaven March 13th, 2020 Bane comes to Bludhaven to deliver a message to Batman. He uses Nightwing as his stationery.
Test Your Might March 13th, 2020 Danny meets Elektra and a mandatory spar ensues.
Night Flight March 13th, 2020 Look up in the sky, it's a bird, no, it's a plane... nope, just two chicks talking.
Yet Another Awkward Drive Home March 13th, 2020 Sometimes the road more travelled is the hard road - but at least it ends in pizza.
Deliverin' the good... March 13th, 2020 Reubens all around!
The Night We Met (Again) March 13th, 2020 A bad day gets a little brighter, after scaring the living bejesus out of a sleeping mutant.
Maker's Debutante March 13th, 2020 Zatanna hosts a party for some of the magically inclined, and a new magic user gets to show off and make contacts!
So many Spiders. A janitor's nightmare. March 13th, 2020 Things start tense and awkward, and end with the formation of The Spider Mafia.
The Heat of the Night March 13th, 2020 The Scarlet-Spider stumbles upon Firebrand trying to break into a building that housed a Recording/Mixing studio called Eastside Sound. It's not known what Firebrand was up to or his motivation for trying to break in. The Scarlet-Spider drove Firebrand from the scene.
Dirty Deals Done Dirtcheap March 13th, 2020 Ben tracks down some gun runners. Mystique gets some revenge. Ben tries to appeal to her humanity.
Tonight At Eleven March 13th, 2020 Avengers, ice cream, and reality dog TV shows.
Swimming With Sharks March 13th, 2020 Literally nobody wants Loki trapped on Earth, and Natasha wants a better idea of why there's been no progress. So she visits Loki! What could go wrong!
A Lot Of Catching Up March 13th, 2020 Karita and Andy catch up on new members, spirit and upcoming investigations.
The end of the world March 12th, 2020 No description
Late Night March 12th, 2020 No description
It's all about the fashion! March 12th, 2020 Zatanna introduces Satana to Bea
Party Like It's 1999 March 12th, 2020 Kitty meets another stranger to our world, Gwen gets to know a mutant.
The First and the Scion March 12th, 2020 The rest of the bay group get to meet Bruce's biological son, hijinxs ensue. Damian's head gets bumped, Dick shows his daddy issues. Batman does the shadow thing, it was overall a gas.
Pinball Madness March 12th, 2020 Andrea's background remained a sad mystery, but Carson would explain his!
Flower Memories March 12th, 2020 Poison Ivy hires Robin to help the environmental protest revolution.
Will&Love, Green&Violet March 12th, 2020 Hal and Carol have lunch. A plan is put into place to aid Genosha through Ferris Air.
(Super)Boy Meets With (Wonder)Girl March 12th, 2020 Cassie meets up with Conner and they catch up on what's been going on.
TLCheckup March 12th, 2020 Zatanna's roommate meet her girlfriend.
Along Went A Spider March 12th, 2020 Scarlet Spider drops in on a jewel heist, and Illyana decides she's had enough of cops and robbers.
Secrets March 12th, 2020 Lois lurks around some secrets Clark might be keeping.
Hello, Leo March 12th, 2020 April and Leonardo meet for the first time since Leo's return to the US!
THIS IS A SCENE TITLE! March 12th, 2020 Some students meet out behind the library and talk about the Winter Crucible, which is not, as one might think, a Jotun invention.
An Unquiet Night in Gotham March 12th, 2020 Rose picks a fight with some thugs and gets some unwanted help from Ben and Heather.
Campus Visits From Near And Far March 12th, 2020 A visit to Gotham U brings Stephanie Brown into contact with Roberto da Costa. Coffee is drank. Jokes are made. Glorious.
Thor Has a Plan March 12th, 2020 Thor returns from Asgard with a proposition to offer Steve. Both gents talk through new revelations in regards to Genosha with Natasha and Carol. The latter learns of Superman's return from the dead. There is no vodka!
Home Ground March 12th, 2020 A Black Cat shows up and gets invited to dinner with the Parkers.
When Shopping Goes Awry March 12th, 2020 Glaive and Iceman run into some thugs on the streets of Chinatown and put a halt to their escape.
You Were Looking a Little Green... March 12th, 2020 Colette checks up on Megan after her rapid exit from class. Megan manages not to ask why the hell the TA's mind is wrapped in psychic concrete.
Along came a Scorpion March 12th, 2020 An assassin and a vigilante meet in a park... to talk future.
First Meetings March 12th, 2020 A lovely first date is had. Lives and work are discussed.
Playing in the Garden March 12th, 2020 Logan and Gabby talk. Logan swears. There will be food.
Just Waltz In March 12th, 2020 Just when you think you know someone, they turn into a ninja.
Barroom Blitz Missed March 12th, 2020 Twu Wuv!
A day at Happy Harbor High March 12th, 2020 Another day at Happy Harbor High, some students get together and chat about upcoming events.
Birds of a Feather March 12th, 2020 Carrie comes to visit Babs and talk about crime fighting. Barbara encourages her to go for it when she declares she is doing it with or without being Robin.
Strange Dreams March 12th, 2020 Weird things are afoot at the Sanctum
Dogs and capes March 11th, 2020 No description
Genosha Burns: Survivor's Stories March 11th, 2020 Heroes comfort the Genoshan survivors, and find nuggets of information in the stories they have to tell.
Meeting in the Warehouse March 11th, 2020 Rose Wilson and Jason Todd have a meeting in Jason's warehouse, and end up joining forces to take over Gotham.
Maybe You Could Essay Slower... March 11th, 2020 Colette checks up on Vivian, largely to ask her how she managed to write an essay in 67.4 seconds. They discuss the nature of mind and the infinite.
On Approach to Genosha March 11th, 2020 Doom, Zora, and Lancer complete their plans for Genosha before their arrival.
Outfitting March 11th, 2020 Finding a proper outfit is hard to do!
A Captive Audience of One March 11th, 2020 Strange things (and stranger things) are afoot at Terry's apartment, where Gar continues to convalesce.
Restore Chi March 11th, 2020 Matt Murdock informs Danny Rand of the Black Sky. A plan is formed.
Night In Gotham March 11th, 2020 Cassie flies into Gotham, helps Tim take down some dug smugglers, then they go out for burgers and talk about stuff and dating. As you do.
Your Average Metropolis Banking Day March 11th, 2020 Horrible bank hijinx that give Lois a big think about A World Without Superman.
Smol Screm! March 11th, 2020 A cat causes terrible trouble.
Cue Eye of the Tiger song. March 11th, 2020 Combat training ensues, with mixed results!
Cornhole of the DAMNED March 11th, 2020 Jubilee and two younger students are playing Cornhole when Megan comes up to join the game! No-one was hurt in the making of this game!
Lois Lane, Danger Magnet March 11th, 2020 Lois, injured from a bank robbery, is fussed over by Clark.
Danger Room: Oh Hello March 11th, 2020 The tropical beach was already in the program! (Lorna meets Jubilee and Rogue.)
What's in an era March 11th, 2020 Tea. It's a British thing.
Blue and Green and Everything in Between March 11th, 2020 Lorna gets tracked down by Mystique and Gabby interrupts.
Kite Flying Weather In New York March 11th, 2020 Kite flying weather in Central Park turns out a host of people, local and otherwise
Reaving Means Raiding March 11th, 2020 Sam Gunthrie, Rogue, and Illyana going hunting for a Cerebro ping in New York City with Jean playing 'Oracle' back at Xaviers. Reavers attack a charity event in M-Town and the X-Men intercede. Chaos Ensues. Josh demonstrates his mutant power, is knocked out for his trouble, and kidnapped (I mean rescued) back to Xaviers.
Do you believe in magic March 11th, 2020 After a series of texts, Jean and Zatanna have a first date and share secrets.
Another Drive-By March 10th, 2020 No description
A Place to Lay Your Head March 10th, 2020 Peter and Tandy make it to the shelter and eat meatloaf in the dark.
Lazy Library Loitering March 10th, 2020 Alison and Bobby talk in Xavier's library, about musician's block and Bobby's future in teaching.
Sometimes You Gotta Relax March 10th, 2020 Pepper comes over to meet Shuri and gets shown one of Shuri's latest inventions.
Lunchtime Conversations March 10th, 2020 Lunchtime at HHH: conversations, unearthing of not-so-secret information, and a surprise prom-posal
Look Who's Back March 10th, 2020 Wonder Girl goes back to the old clubhouse and runs ito Red Robin and Impulse
Roomies! March 10th, 2020 Xiomara moves into the Happy Harbor dorms and meets her new roomie and fellow alien, M'gann.
Yank That Stitch March 10th, 2020 Log 411, wherein Lois gets the 411. But not really, because Steve manages to succeed in keeping Clark and Superman separate, but encourages Lois to follow her heart in the process, which will probably lead to kicked Feels.
Hey, I just met you... March 10th, 2020 Colette and Terry have a moment to catch up. Colette manages to resist not punching Terry through a wall. Colette harbors secret homicidal fantasies instead of punching. Be more like Colette. Wait.
Holy Resurrected Capes, Batman March 10th, 2020 Superman Returns: Superman contacts Batman and Nightwing, seeking some advice. Nightwing is somewhat surprised to learn Superman is alive.
The Grand Court of Asgard March 10th, 2020 Thor seeks wisdom from his father Odin and comes away with a course of action.
Avengers: Some Assembly Required March 10th, 2020 Tony unveils brand new Avengers merchandise to his fellow Avengers!
Poetry March 10th, 2020 Poetry is shared, tears are shed, laughs are had, no one is dead.
Decisions of the Heart March 10th, 2020 Lois makes a difficult and unexpected decision.
A Bit of Fresh Air March 10th, 2020 A few short days after stumbling into Flash Thompson, Jessica has another unexpected High School reunion when she bumps into Peter Parker.
Meanwhile, after the show... March 10th, 2020 Satana meets Zee after a show, and ends up with an invitation to stay at Shadowcrest!
Alton takes Christine on a date in NYC. He failed to mention how fine the fine dining would be. March 10th, 2020 Alton and Christine have their first date. Dinner, robbers, movie. The usual.
Stupid Emotions March 10th, 2020 Alexander and Heidi talk, share nachos, and play truth or dare (mostly truth).
Glitter and Gold March 10th, 2020 Scavenger hunts begin! Clue 1: Pushkin.
Heading to work. March 10th, 2020 Sam tries to help Andrea plan for the future, and gets a exit strategy for work.
No One Died, Yet March 10th, 2020 The Avengers Play was a thing, and Rose didn't shoot anyone. But she's sad that the good guys won.
Selling Flowers For Yourself March 10th, 2020 Dick comes to buy flowers for Black Canary, and he and Dinah flirt around their mutual secret identities.
How Many A's Are There In 'Svartalfar' March 10th, 2020 Thor shows Kitty a place of his past, one of both beauty and battle
Send me a post card from Asgard! March 10th, 2020 Thor can't find his action figure before he leaves for Asgard. Nat can help!
One night in Metropolis March 9th, 2020 No description
Old Times become New March 9th, 2020 No description
Playing With Fire March 9th, 2020 Peter gets away from Happy Harbor...almost. He gets caught by Fire and conscience.
Won't Somebody Think Of The Turtles March 9th, 2020 Shooting material for his social media as a means of escaping ongoing issues comes back to bite Gar Logan- literally!
Asgardian Hangover March 9th, 2020 Mel and Alex talk about mummies.
Hard at Work March 9th, 2020 Clark does paperwork, Lois naps.
Reconciling the Present March 9th, 2020 Daniel meets Steve in the Triskelion's food court for some companionable wisdom about adjusting to the times. Steve shares little tidbits of his experience and wonders at the longevity of Oreos.
How's Happy Harbor, Harper March 9th, 2020 Roy and AJ are in study hall when Oliver stops by to check in on Roy.
Licking One's Wounds March 9th, 2020 Terry plays nurse in order to compensate for the one time when he DIDN'T get injured while facing certain danger, so the hurt was passed on to the nearest available target: Gar Logan.
Making a Scene March 9th, 2020 Shuri, Spidey, and the Earthbender converge on a TV film scene and give new meaning to the term
=A mutant called Dog March 9th, 2020 In 2017, the Fox and the Hound meet. Alopex decides she can't leave 'Dog' to her sorry state.
Hello Cassie! March 9th, 2020 Diana and Cassie reunite in the Themysciran Embassy.
Big Lots of heroes March 9th, 2020 There was a theft! D-List heroes are there to save the day!
Battle of the Boning March 9th, 2020 Illyana battles a corset and loses. Heidi and Zatanna meet and become friends. Flying ponies are promised!
Park Run In March 9th, 2020 Lois stumbles upon someone
Kitchen Corner March 9th, 2020 Roy runs into Vorlego in Hell's Kitchen.
Genosha Burns: Additional Evidence March 9th, 2020 Superman shares a discovery about Genosha with the Avengers.
Familiar Faces March 9th, 2020 The arrival of Grey-Summers spawn #3. There might just be a gap in the universe over Westchester.
So You're Interested in Capes... March 9th, 2020 Colette and Sanjeev take a study group with Alton, Christine, Sam, Vivian and M'gann. Only two of them suffer psychological trauma.
A Fool and his Illicit goods are soon parted. March 9th, 2020 Hawkeye (aka Kate Bishop) and Shuri take down some smugglers and Okoye gets a headache.
Troubled Waters March 9th, 2020 Kyani manages a delivery, even though accosted from the shadows!
Did We Just Become BFFs March 9th, 2020 Illyana and Zatanna bond over coffee and other things.
A Very Britsh Ninja March 9th, 2020 Alex Summers meets Betsy Braddock and get to know each other, including what it's like to deal with unexpected powers.
Happy Harbor: Intruder Alert March 9th, 2020 Morrigan catches Daniel 'sneaking' around the Admin office.
The More things Change... March 8th, 2020 Matt and Skye meet in After the Battle of NY, much has changed for the both of them, but Skye most of all.
Latverian Aid Mission March 8th, 2020 Doom arrived with the Flying Fortress, and set up camp in Hammer Bay. His aid was welcomed by both Lorna as well as SHIELD, and he stated that he would share what he discovered about the perpetrators of the attack...
Undercover! March 8th, 2020 Lois and Clark go undercover at a hospital for a story.
Quiet Conversations March 8th, 2020 Heidi and Alexander share a heart to heart after pizza.
Debriefing and Responses March 8th, 2020 Four X-Men meet to coordinate the investigations on the Genosha Massacre
The brothers Marksman grab a drink. March 8th, 2020 The two brothers find a bit to talk about and not argue about.
Casual Arcade Stuff March 8th, 2020 Kyani won pretty handily.
Shop Smart, Shop Antique Shop! March 8th, 2020 Zatanna visits Marly to find out more about the Maker and ends up inviting her to come to Shadowcrest so that she can meet other people in the Arts.
Another Day In Happy Harbor March 8th, 2020 Mel and Heidi show up at Alex's school while he's talking to Christine and hassle him.
Diner Stories March 8th, 2020 Daniel and Lois meet for an interview. It does not go as expected.
Hot Couture March 8th, 2020 Fashion Weekend in Gotham City gets crashed...and burned.
Cait and Heidi Meet March 8th, 2020 Heidi and Sif meet Caitlin at the stables in Asgard
The Package March 8th, 2020 Kyani makes the fastest pizza delivery in history.
Studying an artifact... March 8th, 2020 Lara brings a strange artifact to Bruce. The dagger has her baffled as she can't pin down how old it is or whether or not there is anything... supernatural about it. It is a bit outside of Bruce's realm of expertise but he agrees to at least give it a radiocarbon dating so that she might have more info to go on.....
=Stopping their first bank robbery... March 8th, 2020 IMP and Crush defeat the Vulture, as he was trying to rob a bank, in their first heroing expedition!
Lets watch a play March 8th, 2020 An invitation to see Avengers (the play!) gets complicated when Rose insists in going armed
Can I quote you on that March 8th, 2020 Vorelego and Alexander meets Mike Hannigan and Wade Shaw
Clayface gets... Wallered. March 8th, 2020 Clayface, Matt Hagen is now a law abiding citizen? We'll see. Just what kind of deal did he make anyway?
Avengers - Self Guided Tour March 8th, 2020 Carol and Thor meet finally. They discuss the Avengers and also delicious earth foods.
Lunch Back In New York March 7th, 2020 The first trip back to New York since Oliver took Vanessa away for her safety.
Looking For Clarity March 7th, 2020 Christine has concerns; Morigan has answers.
Gym Day March 7th, 2020 Xiomara and Alexander meet in the school Gym
Spiders and Flies March 7th, 2020 Spider-Man discovers a little magic.
News at 11 March 7th, 2020 News is delivered.
Four mutants walk into an opera house... March 7th, 2020 Sam Guthrie, Roberto da Costa, Douglas Ramsey and Illyana Raputina venture deep into Enemy Territory for the sake of Sam's love life. No joke.
Physics Goes Best With A Sammich March 7th, 2020 Bruce makes good on a promise of a sandwich, as he and Kitty talk about the Hulk, and Genosha.
Scrying Sentinels March 7th, 2020 Zatanna and John were heading to Genosha to scry Sentinels. Illyana and Lois tag along. John disappears. Brings in Strange. And poo-poos on the idea. This is not over yet!
A Question Posed March 7th, 2020 Q brings Huntress in for some help. She gets to show off her stellar driving skills.
Most Popular Soda Machine in Midtown March 7th, 2020 Sif and Heidi mull over plundering a soda machine and Singularity comes along to help out in this process. Achilles is a gentleman and suggests the food carts in response to that dastardly soda machine not sharing!
BoP - Flying High with Lady Blackhawk March 7th, 2020 Zinda provides a kindness for a magician in need and gets benefits in turn.
X-Plosions, SHIELD, and Mystics. March 7th, 2020 Natasha Tony and Bruce come by the Sanctum and get told that it sounds like the Green Lantern had something to do with stopping Genosha
Afterparty at Joe's March 7th, 2020 Three Happy Harbor students meet at Joe's for a little discussion after the School Meet & Greet
Birb's in the Wood. March 7th, 2020 Carol brings Kian to the amusingly-named Cheesequake State Park for a quiet meeting in the woods with Colette, to prove to her the birb hasn't been dissected.
Avengers Assemble A Little Bit March 7th, 2020 Thor and Tony shoot the breeze, watch TV, and navigate the treacherous waters of intellectual property law.
BOP - Bird in the Hand... March 7th, 2020 Batgirl meets a Songbird. They have a talk about second chances and being a hero.
Happy Harbor: Meet and Greet March 7th, 2020 No one gets murdered at the first meet and greet. Someone does get punched though!
Paranormal Meeting March 7th, 2020 Karita and Marly meet up for the first time while introducing Marly to the paranormal group that Karita helps run.
A Ride To Westchester March 7th, 2020 Roberto gives Kitty a ride back from the Genosha memorial, the two navigating around the topic of her father's death
A long time coming. March 7th, 2020 T'Challa and Shuri finally get a chance to talk.
Handling the Hand. March 6th, 2020 Elektra and Batman trail a shipment of the Hand in Gotham. An unexpected, temporary alliance ensues.
On the Hunt March 6th, 2020 Batgirl and Orphan investigate the supposed headquarters of the new gang cutting down the mafiosos of Gotham. Turns out it's a short kid, oh and he may be Batman's son.
Further Roses March 6th, 2020 Superman and Lois discuss secrets, Superman's return, and what is between them.
The Spark Method March 6th, 2020 no idea.
How to Hide a Lair 101 March 6th, 2020 Natasha speaks with Sif about the current state of the Princes of Asgard.
Step One - Attract Spider... March 6th, 2020 Cackler plots to waylay Spider-Man. It does not go as expected.
Oh he did, did he March 6th, 2020 Doug, Illyana, and Berto hatch a plan.
Talent Scouting March 6th, 2020 Assumptions are made, suspicions denied
Alias Investigations: Marketing Works! March 6th, 2020 Jessica made a gamble by snarking someone on twitter and turning it into a marketing ad, somehow that earned her a shot to work a case for Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne's ward. Good thing Matt Murdock stopped by to season everything with a generous helping of awkward.
A walk in the park March 6th, 2020 Vivian goes out into the city to explore and runs into Illyana and her rather fancy pigeon friend.
A Lesson Learned March 6th, 2020 Songbird learns how not to hurt the wolf spider.
Ellie's Log: Day Too Many In Medbay March 6th, 2020 Ellie learns not everyone sucks in the new place, and it's definitely not a hell show.
Rogue One: The Hunt For A Terrorist March 6th, 2020 Jessica brings Carol to Alias Investigations and jots down the case file to start her investigation into Teenage Terrorist Mutant Southern.
Out Learning March 6th, 2020 Robert gets some hero advice.
An Equal and Opposite Reaction March 6th, 2020 A gigantic monster surfaces in the bay, endangering ferrygoers and everyone else nearby. Fortunately, some heroes are on hand to set things right!
On the Waterfront March 6th, 2020 Secrets are revealed while watching the surf roll in.
Miss Caradenza, I Presume March 6th, 2020 Sam Guthrie and Roberto da Costa confront Alexis Carr after the Geonosha memorial. Alexis denies that she is also Allegra Caradenza, the poster child for Pro-HUMANA, but being pressed by Sam and Roberto admits not only that it is, but says she's intent on performing at the Gala on Saturday.
A Monumental Meeting March 6th, 2020 Peter Parker comes face-to-face with Supergirl.
I'll Take Two March 6th, 2020 People find a lot more then they bargained for when they make a shopping trip in the middle of the night.
Happy Harbor: Recruiting Xiomara March 6th, 2020 Morrigan goes to talk to Crush. She doesn't get Crushed!
A Lazy Afternoon March 5th, 2020 Chats and drinks are had.
Mascarpone, journalism, and the problems of heroing. March 5th, 2020 People talk. Things happen. After that Gar and Terry take a dread ride home, while Colette sips coffee thoughtfully.
Mystique's Escape(Rescue) March 5th, 2020 Hydra and Weapon Plus have an encounter on the boarder and Mystique escape when Diana, Carol and Agent Venom all come to the engagement.
Food is the Bestest March 5th, 2020 Two Nosy Valkyries hassle Alexander
Things Unsaid March 5th, 2020 Sometimes you need to get things off your chest. And then, sometimes, you pretend it didn't happen.
A trip through memory lane. March 5th, 2020 Three years ago both Matthew and Skye were on the verge of changing their lives forever.
A day for art and exploring. March 5th, 2020 And Robert comes off as Mr creepy.
Time well spent at the DMV March 5th, 2020 Lois lane runs into Hank Pym at the DMV.
Just Like the Old Days March 5th, 2020 Rose meets Tim. Did they convince her to stay or was that her plan all along?
Demons Of The Past March 5th, 2020 Jessica sits at Josie's Bar like every other night, but this time she encounters some demons from her past. Whether phantoms or real, like her High School bully, Flash Thompson.
Rah! Rah! Get Your Cheer On! March 5th, 2020 Spring tryouts for Happy Harbor High cheerleading squad. Bring your own pompoms. Swords optional.
Witch Hunt! March 5th, 2020 Government Agents are appeased by the wiles of the ex(?)-con.
Make A Wish March 5th, 2020 Mike comes to the hospital as Nick Drago for Make a Wish. Afterwards he runs into Doctor Strange. Flasks are exchanged.
The Burgers Are Out of This World March 5th, 2020 Crush and M'gann meet at Big Belly Burger and start to get to know one another.
A Song of Ice and Fire March 5th, 2020 Phoenixes and others discuss possible futures including this one.
Money Can't Buy Happiness March 5th, 2020 Shuri helps Lois with her battery life.
A new Challenger appears March 5th, 2020 Happy Harbor students share lunch and opinions.
Rooftop Rumbles March 5th, 2020 Warriors from multiple pantheons spell the doom for a revenent creature. Sif is her usual cool self. Heidi is a ray of sunshine. Poor Alexander, he must put up with cracks at his height.
New Roomates March 5th, 2020 Morgan and Christine are assigned as roomates at Happy Harbor. Hilarity does, in fact ensue.
A Night On Watch, Avenger's Style March 5th, 2020 Watch duty is sometimes lonesome. But sometimes, your whole team is there with you.
Waterfron Wanderings March 4th, 2020 No description
Temptitle March 4th, 2020 No description
Pro-HUMANA Gala March 4th, 2020 The Pro-HUMANA Gala opens their fundrasing season, attended by senators, artists, actors. Terry O'Neil gets a scoop, Sam Guthrie disguised as a waiter, Illyana Rasputina disguised as a socialite, Samuel Morgan and Hal Jordan as common gala-guests and Power Girl as a very, very angry woman. Allegra Caradenza (Alexis Carr) meets up with Sanjeev Bassi, her best friend, and the absolute roller coaster of occurances are fed into a mess of an event! Watch for the fire and the confetti!
Rubies and Amethysts March 4th, 2020 Amy and Leonid meet and get to know each other a little.
But are they really classics March 4th, 2020 Daniel gains a much needed friend.
Ventilation Session March 4th, 2020 Jean approaches Ororo for some outside perspective on how to deal with the arrival of Rachel Gray.
Hashtag: GothamHope March 4th, 2020 Phoebe Beacon runs into trouble trying to get pictures of falcons, and comes across a very different bird! Robin (Tim Drake) lends a hand getting her shots, and makes a friend.
Mischief Managed March 4th, 2020 Rose has a message, everyone else is probably confused. Except Carson.
Star Trek III: The Search for Quinn March 4th, 2020 The Quest for the Holy Quinn finishes this day......
Closing Time is Playing Somewhere March 4th, 2020 Zee asks for John's help with a possible magical sighting. There's tension. Teasing. And a hug.
Stir-Fry That Burns Like a Phoenix March 4th, 2020 Laura and Hope eat spicy food and talk about the Future.
Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good burger March 4th, 2020 Rogue meets Jubilee. It's a cult of personality.
Songbird v. Zee: CAGE MATCH! (Or a polite conversation. One of the two.) March 4th, 2020 Songbird is given a much-needed boost, and a private magic show!
Its Gotham March 4th, 2020 Lara runs into THE QUESTION and finds out he has no face! He's also a very effective hostage negotiator, so it seems. She doesn't arrest him, because he seems nice tho and she's new to this SHIELD thing.
Feb 14 - Valentitans Day March 4th, 2020 Gar and Dick approach Raven in the T Tower. They don't end up in the ocean. And Raven may end up with the crusts of pizzas past to deal with.
To Catch a Cumulus Cloud March 4th, 2020 Sif and Heidi take to the skies on their Pegasi and enjoy the freedom of open air and conversation.
Ice Cream Symbolism March 4th, 2020 Lois and Clark discuss Lois running into danger, and Clark's reaction to Superman. It's confusing.
It's the New Kids! Played By: the New Kids! March 4th, 2020 Three newcomers to Happy Harbor meet in a diner. It nearly goes bad.
Diner Day March 4th, 2020 A few super-teens meet in a diner
Runaway in Central Park March 4th, 2020 An overturned truck, some Asgardian lore, and a secret revealed.
Memories of the Battle Maiden Heidi March 4th, 2020 23 December 2019: PFC Flash Thompson is saved in Iraq by an Angel of the Battlefield - a Valkyrie in Training that would be redacted from the offical report.
Visiting Hours at James Barnes VAMC March 4th, 2020 Peter comes to face his bully, only to find out that Flash has already been cut down to size.
Happy Harbor: Interviewing Sanjeev March 4th, 2020 Sanjeev has his interview at Happy Harbor and finds some important things out.
Life is but a Stage March 4th, 2020 Lois Lane visits Clayface for an interview and gets a different story.
Coffee Calms My Nerves March 3rd, 2020 No description
Magic in the Park March 3rd, 2020 No description
In the Dead of the Night March 3rd, 2020 Megan runs into a punk girl and they rock the night away.
Library, huh March 3rd, 2020 Rachel and Shuri meet, info is exchanged.
Baby, It's Only Sort of Cold Outside March 3rd, 2020 Steve lets Janet in on a little secret: Superman is alive.
Languishing away on Midgard March 3rd, 2020 Loki gripes about his situation, and Sif gives some options.
Genoshan Memorial March 3rd, 2020 Various speakers share their thoughts on Genosha, the tragedy, and come together to share their grief.
Waking Up To A New Reality March 3rd, 2020 Negasonic wakes up in a medical facility, connected with wires and tubes to beeping machines. Is she safe...?
Fey-ling classes March 3rd, 2020 Morgan gets saved from (serious) trouble by an unexpected friend.
Lost and Found March 3rd, 2020 Wanda and Lorna share their grief over the loss of Genosha, their father, and mourn.
Parkour! March 3rd, 2020 Carson meets Alexis and Sam... and Carson might be meeting More Mutants.
Two Queens are better than one. March 3rd, 2020 Thea and Vanessa meet while Oliver was 'busy'!
The Widowmaker Surprise March 3rd, 2020 At least she didn't break anything...
Unexpected Sightings March 3rd, 2020 The sight of a pegasus in Central Park brings a few people together.
Protest of the Mindless March 3rd, 2020 Ivy and a zombie gang protest environmental abuse when Killer Croc suddenly shows up but they are chased off by Leon & Gar Logan and the police.
Gotta Eat Sometime March 3rd, 2020 Sometimes speaking up has consequences
And I Think Doug Can Even Speak Demon March 3rd, 2020 Roberto enlists Kitty's aid in setting up a couple of their friends.
When in Darkness... March 3rd, 2020 Thor and Kitty speak on deep matters and decide to celebrate life.
Science isn't so....fair March 3rd, 2020 Morgan runs into Peter (under an alias) scoping out HHHS, and finds him in the science fair entrant list.
Once More, With Feeling March 3rd, 2020 Being rescued from danger is what O'Neils do best. Apparently.
Mission success! Or was it.. March 3rd, 2020 Success! At the price of old vulnerabilities being pried open on each of them.
Happy Harbor: Meeting A Niece March 3rd, 2020 Jonn brings M'gann to get enrolled in Happy Harbor.
Lions and tigers and... March 3rd, 2020 Floyd meets a rather strange man named...also Floyd?
Titan Tales: Rediscovering Caitlin March 2nd, 2020 Dick and Caitlin reconnect on shared histories.
School Duties March 2nd, 2020 Daisy hassles Alexander.
Everybody Be Cool This Is A Robbery March 2nd, 2020 Floyd and Wade save a convenience store from a robbery. Well. Sorta.
Won't you be my neighbor March 2nd, 2020 Alex and Mel talk about her future in the superhero scene.
One Awkward Drive Back Later March 2nd, 2020 Terry and Gar talk around the issue, and settle for making fun of David Bowie instead.
Work In Progress March 2nd, 2020 Natasha and Tony discuss the Campaign and dangerous territory.
The Awesomeness of Alexander Aaron: Volume 231.1 March 2nd, 2020 Crashing, eldritch abominations, and pizza. What more could ya ask for?
When a Kitty Leaves a Calling Card March 2nd, 2020 Batman warns Catwoman that Talia al Ghul might be gunning for her.
The Consequences of Blabbing to the Press March 2nd, 2020 Captain Marvel visits Colette to discuss the wisdom of talking to journalists. They discuss galactic politics, sort of.
The Draw of Cookies March 2nd, 2020 Peter gives Tandy take out
What's a Few Centuries Between Valkyries March 2nd, 2020 Heidi and Sif find one another on Midgard and Sif treats the younger Asgardian to lunch. Loki briefly shows, charming as always, before leaving the ladies to their tete-a-tete.
Monsters in the Midway March 2nd, 2020 After a mis-shipment of a dangerous box, Iron Fist and Mockingbird help Zatanna round up some dangerous imps!
X-men Episode IV: A New Hope March 2nd, 2020 Hope Summers emerges in our timeline and finds her way to Xavier's School.
Picking up Lois March 2nd, 2020 Superman responds to a call to help, and comforts a shaken Lois.
Tears from a clown March 2nd, 2020 Terry and Gar find out what happens when you pay a surprise visit and you're a Weirdness Magnet.
Catch as Cat Can March 2nd, 2020 Spider-Man meets with the Black Cat, and there is something dangerous about every part of it.
Streets of Hell's Kitchen March 2nd, 2020 Cartel Ambush at the Bagel Cart gets thwarted by a polite Asgardian, an incognito immortal, and Spider-Woman.
Happy Harbor - Enrolling a Bird March 2nd, 2020 Carol takes the wayward bird to Happy Harbor to enroll him in the school project. Thankfully both Doctor MacIntyre and Kian seem to be on board with this plan.
Laying Down Tracks March 1st, 2020 No description
Three Old-Young Friends March 1st, 2020 Three young heroes meet again after several months distant
I Think This Is Yours March 1st, 2020 Nick does his good deed for the day, and returns a lost item to a stranger. And makes plans.
Dinner Between Cats March 1st, 2020 T'Challa and Greer go to dinner and discuss several things, including being 'support' members of the Avengers and the difference in civilian and monarchy.
Coffee and Concerts March 1st, 2020 Zatanna meets Alison and Melissa. She performs a couple of tricks, subtly recruits Melissa towards the Birds of Prey and admits her fangirl crush on Alison.
Babbling off the bay March 1st, 2020 Family time with Saoirse's sister Michelle and a Teacher in Disguise (Or more than meets the eye?)
My Special Robot Pal March 1st, 2020 Caitlin and Tony discuss robots and AI design. Is Caitlin offered a job? Or is she being told to stay in her lane?
Journalistic Imperilment March 1st, 2020 Lois investigates Poseidon Shipping, and finds more than she bargained for.
Avenue of Tomorrow Forever March 1st, 2020 Carson and Karen chit-chat one night in Metropolis. Obviously the start to a friendship filled with high fives. Or not.
Breakstone Stroll March 1st, 2020 A nice little stroll along the lake.
Surprise Visit March 1st, 2020 While Conner tries to settle in the old team hideout, Rose Wilson drops by looking for a safehouse, derailing Conner's plans.
Kitchen Control March 1st, 2020 Kitchen fun times with cupcakes and awkward conversations
Freedom Fighters March 1st, 2020 Crush and Talon meet unexpectedly to kick the bejesus out of some human traffickers.
Definite Analysis March 1st, 2020 Sanjeev and Spider-Man take down a human-trafficking organization, and Sanjeev learns some inconvenient truths...
Out of this world March 1st, 2020 Singularity appears in Happy Harbor just as Kate Bishop is doing an investigation & Shuri is sneaking out. Allowing a pair of aliens, a SHIELD trainee and an AI to experience just what it's like to be relatively normal in comparison.
BoP - Catching Up March 1st, 2020 Babs and Zee catchup. Zee nudges and Babs admits she has thought about gathering Birds again after Genosha. Now they have an assignment to explore.
Captains Have Nine Lives March 1st, 2020 What's an eighteen-year-old doing interviewing Captain Marvel? Does he have enough common sense to not reveal his sources? Stay tuned for answers to these questions, and more!
Genosha - Explosive Situation March 1st, 2020 The Avengers confer on the Genosha situation. Intel is shared. Assignments handed out. Need more information before Avenging can happen it seems.
Sunday Ponderings March 1st, 2020 A mass about wisdom and a discussion about science
Rebooting the Brain March 1st, 2020 They come for the quiet. And then talk over it.
Title Date Scene Summary
Coffee + Superhero Fashion=Scary April 30th, 2020 No description
Let's Make A Scene April 30th, 2020 No description
Sometimes it be That Way April 30th, 2020 The Defenders meet at Luke's
You Got Hit By A Raptor April 30th, 2020 Sam and Mo have a talk post attack.
SHIELD: Achtung Means FAIL April 30th, 2020 Winter gets his man. Nazi days suck.
A Motherly Meeting, Part One April 30th, 2020 Brunch with Roberto's mother, and Stephanie is given an idea of what to expect with his father.
Meeting Quake. Hide! April 30th, 2020 Secrets get revealed. Consultants get consulting...
The Hulk needs bail money! April 30th, 2020 Super Lawyer saves the day and Bruce/Jennifer have a chatty chat.
You Were Warned It'd Get Weird April 30th, 2020 Doug takes Julio to his place in ME. Illyana visits. Doug makes plans.
The Strangest Thing Happened April 30th, 2020 Patsy asks Alex to hang out and then is horrible to him.
Cozy April 30th, 2020 Lois asks about Clark's backstory.
So there's this feud going on... April 30th, 2020 Alexander updates Sofia on what's been going down.
Message not in a bottle April 30th, 2020 Not all deliveries are bombs
SHIELD: Hans! Ve Can Vin Ze War! April 30th, 2020 Nazis take hostages, and SHIELD responds with punching, biting, and ICING. Dignity and foot chases through subways optional.
It's Been Awhile April 30th, 2020 Carrie and Jason reconnect for the first time since his return. They find that while Jason may be a gorilla right now, not a whole lot has changed.
Hans, We're In Amerika! April 30th, 2020 A Nazi rally featuring actual Nazis earns limited sympathy from SHIELD, aka, the Nazi-scum-defeating agency.
Once a dino... not always a dino. April 30th, 2020 Marie gets de-dinoified thanks to Hank and also gets a possible glimpse into her own future!
Null has a Mouse(r) Problem April 30th, 2020 MOUSERs march on Null Group and are stopped by a ragtag group of heroes. Is this the birth of a new super hero squad? Prooooooooobably not.
The Arrows all get together April 30th, 2020 An impromptu meeting at the Arrowcave that leads to Vanessa and Thea learning about each other's secret identities. And later on Thea confesses what's been eating at her mood.
The Divine and the Ninja April 30th, 2020 Owari is given a divine edict to clean clocks.
What a crazy, random happenstance April 30th, 2020 There was this bird, see.. and..
Boris the Kotenok April 29th, 2020 No description
Coney Island Stories April 29th, 2020 A return to life without fearing attacks from drug smugglers ends up with a night out in Coney Island.
Movie Night Pt 2 April 29th, 2020 It's May the Fourth and that means it's time to watch Star Wars at Xavier's. It also means time for some duel-related shenanigans.
Ethics 101 at the Noonan's Sleazy Bar Education Annex April 29th, 2020 Diamondback and Phobos discuss what makes someone choose a life of crime. The 'someone' in that sentence is Diamondback.
Wolf in the Network April 29th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman and Wolf to connect them to the Spider-Comm network.
In a dazzling, singular moment! April 29th, 2020 Alison meets Singularity who is surely real. They exchanged numbers and that's proof of life!
The After-After Party April 29th, 2020 PG walks in on the tail end of something adorable, but delivers her gift all the same: A fantastic tale for Thor to hear on his birthday. A joke hammer plays a role somewhere.
After the After After Party April 29th, 2020 Secrecy sucks!
The Mask Makes The Man April 29th, 2020 After a brief foray with Mindless Ones, Clea and Victor discuss philosophy
A Buzz and Banter Abounding April 29th, 2020 Asgardian mead makes for reminiscing and history musings alike.
Italian and Revelations April 29th, 2020 That went smoother than expected, and now they have more in common then they initially thought!
Can You Buy Karma A Present April 29th, 2020 Kitty gets a lesson in bartering from Colleen, followed by Chinese takeout leftovers.
Just clubbing April 29th, 2020 Thea and Oliver talk over roast and bologna sandwiches for lunch. Apparently Thea is just going out to clubbing tonight. Sure she is .... Oliver gets suspicious.
Too Many Secrets April 29th, 2020 Mockingbird and Quake break in to SHIELD New Jersey to hunt down a conspiracy
Morality April 28th, 2020 Morality
New To Town April 28th, 2020 Jinny and Marie chat and get to know one another.
Glimpses into the Past April 28th, 2020 Alex and Emma use the mindscape to see each of their pasts, to somewhat eye opening results.
Hunting the Faux April 28th, 2020 Two stolen ICERs and a suspect with a shot knee
Greek Statues and Medal Etiquette April 28th, 2020 Bobby and Jean-Paul have a meandering discussion while meandering the Met.
SHIELD: For Whom The Bells Toll April 28th, 2020 SHIELD considers how to hunt and disrupt monsters.
Visiting Hours Are 9-6 April 28th, 2020 Mary and Kyani chat with Naomi and Kian about joining the Titans. No one said there'd be tests!
BFF meet BFF April 28th, 2020 Harley brings Ivy home, Ivy brings Frank home, Mikey brings Klunk home, April brings sanity home... this is why we can't have nice things.
Harley Sessions: Negasonic April 28th, 2020 Negasonic Teenage Warhead comes to see Harley Quinn for some therapy... it does not go as expected. Write it down.
Jonesing for a Spider-Man April 28th, 2020 Jessica Jones and Spider-Man meet, and Spidey offers to help Jessica.
WAFFLES! April 28th, 2020 Thor makes waffles for everyone and everyone loves him.
Fear not, it's only New York City April 28th, 2020 Philosophy and Indian food
Titans: From Old to New April 28th, 2020 Caitlin and Donna take Terry aside to see how things stand for him as a new Titan.
Dine and Dash April 28th, 2020 Doug runs into Julio as he's trying to skip out on his bill, and takes a surprising interest in the new arrival's well-being.
Therapy: Genoshan Edition April 27th, 2020 The Professor gets Lorna to agree at least to further therapy and time to relax.
Dinner by neon lights. April 27th, 2020 Matt does dinner. And he doesn't burn it too. Plans are made for them to meet their mutual friends, and a certain tailor.
Accidents Happen April 27th, 2020 Sally and Heidi meet. Nachos are eaten and absolutely no one is dangerously thrown in the air for no real reason.
Are you ready to get your hands dirty April 27th, 2020 Karla and Alexander talk about what boundaries and morality. Alexander gets away without paying for the consultation.
Turning to a Friend April 27th, 2020 Marie goes to see her friend Mary for a friendly shoulder to cry on after fate dealt her some diffficult cards to deal with.
Action in Steve's Bedroom April 27th, 2020 Wade is handcuffed to a car door, Steve helps, and weathers the Wadestorm.
Mind over Matter April 27th, 2020 First #CityHope to combat all the gloom and sads out there, Phoebe Beacon, Sam Guthrie, and Nicole Adams run into a quartet of bigots in Mutant Town who want to bully a bunch of kids eating ice cream. We'd say 'oh the humanity'...
Happy Harbor: The Uninvited April 27th, 2020 A visitor to the school brings along a visitor of his own when threatened by the school bully.
Two Hands at the Teahouse. April 27th, 2020 Elektra and Colleen meet up and discuss what's been tormenting Colleen. Elektra decides to help. But what are her motives!?
I need a hacker and a bird April 27th, 2020 I have a bird, I have a hacker, Uhn, Hackerbird.
Coffee Time April 27th, 2020 Kara brings Lois her coffee and accidently reveals some family secrets.
sThorytime April 27th, 2020 It is a lovely little after party at the Themysciran Embassy. Let your soul glo.
Eye of The Cheshire April 27th, 2020 What happens when a cat falls? Does pride hurt more than bruises?
Seeking Professerly Advice April 27th, 2020 Warren goes to Charles for some advice and comes away with it feeling a bit better about the future.
God Rock April 27th, 2020 Alexander catches up with the rockstar Kaminari
Everybody was kung fu fighting April 26th, 2020 No description
Genosha Expedition III: The Exiles April 26th, 2020 The Magistrates return to Genosha attempting some Gunboat Diplomacy, angering the mutants on site. It doesn't end well for the returning exiles when an angry and power-boosted Polaris attacks them.
Movie Night at Xavier's April 26th, 2020 Movie night is interrupted by -actual- dinosaurs! Maybe next time the denizens of Xavier's will actually get to finish a film...
Aftermath Satyr Saturday April 26th, 2020 Alex helps Atlin evade law enforcement. They discuss culture, heritage and end up challenging each other to a fight.
The Definition of Evil April 26th, 2020 Alexander and Alanna discuss family and morality.
Spidersilk and Vinyl April 26th, 2020 Spider-Man visits Andi Benton's music store with an old record and a little concern for her welfare.
THE Talk April 26th, 2020 Morrigan invites Sam over to talk on things. Things go well.
Wait. This one is not a future Summers April 26th, 2020 Scott spent some time vetting Bishop and Bishop agrees to help where he can.
Winds of Change: The Bats and the Beast April 26th, 2020 Sparrow and Red X seek Beast's aid in curing their transformed gorilla teammates. Secrets abound.
To Embassy and beyond April 26th, 2020 Pepper comes by the Wakanda Embassy to speak with Shuri about one of her projects, meets the King. The pair have conversation and snacks. Nobody died. Fin.
Glassware... of the Damned! April 26th, 2020 Nick gets an interesting commission, and an interesting component to incorporate into it.
I Turn My Back for FIVE Minutes... April 26th, 2020 Carol goes to find Colette AGAIN, to ask her why the hell her name keeps popping up in all kinds of odd reports. Colette explains far more than Carol was expecting.
We have questions April 26th, 2020 Why do you work here? For the incentives...
Happy Birthday: Segue April 26th, 2020 No one is yeeted out of Xavier's. Thank Dani.
Soooo ... April 26th, 2020 Nat and Tony reveal their big secret to Pepper. Emotions are had.
Compy Cure! April 26th, 2020 Restored to normal, Gabby is the latest of the Xavier Crew to be cured!
A False Alarm April 26th, 2020 Steve speaks with Bucky about the wedding-related contents of Janet's fashion binder. Sam stops by as well to check in on his friends and all are subjected to bad bird-related puns.
Magnet Siblings: Checking In April 26th, 2020 Pietro finds Lorna in an emotional spiral and tries his best to pick up the pieces.
On the First Day of Jenny's Birthday... April 26th, 2020 On the first day of Jennymas, Jenny gave to everybody: cake. And got an awful lot of awesome gifts.
A Change in the Detente April 26th, 2020 With Tim Drake and Jason Todd both metamorphed into gorillas, the Bat-Fam takes on the problem as a team to find a way to treat the two vigilantes and cure their affliction.
=Chinatown Dodge April 26th, 2020 A misunderstanding.
Science can Daring Do! April 26th, 2020 A routine check of surveillance euipment turns into a foiled burglary attempt.
The Japanese Appreciation Society April 26th, 2020 The blood of the faithful has been spilled, kami retribution will surely follow
Sam shows Alexis his room. April 26th, 2020 And Sam teaches Alexis a bit about the school and flying.
Lab discoveries April 26th, 2020 Pepper finally puts face to the name that has crossed her desk more than once.
Parkour Time! April 25th, 2020 Parkour and Dumplings
X-men Base: Genosha April 25th, 2020 Scott and Lorna try to catch up on reports... and Lorna has a panic attack. Enter Fabian.
The Spider OutFoxed. April 25th, 2020 Spidey meets a fox/mutant/ninja. Both share info on Foot problems.
Portrait by the Lake April 25th, 2020 Piotr works on Dani's portrait by the lake.
Sat'rday, Rainy Sat'rday April 25th, 2020 Running through breakfast! Talking about SHIELD stuff. So normal before the storm.
Animals Amok in Time April 25th, 2020 Mary Bromfield and Kyani are present when Sauron mutates break loose from a prison transport! Caitlin and Naomi rush over from Titan's Tower to intervene as well.
Elis Society: Checking with Ms. Frost April 25th, 2020 Alexander speaks with Ms. Frost to find out a bit about the Elis Society.
SCIENCE! But it's a secret. April 25th, 2020 Daniel invites Valeria Richards to assist R&D with a solution to the shadowy menace in Metropolis.
Nightlife April 25th, 2020 Two vampires meet at a vampire club. Imagine that.
Sherlock Holmes got nothing on Pepper April 25th, 2020 Okay, maybe Pepper isn't the great detective. More 'be patient'.
Losing Sleep April 25th, 2020 Nat and Tony discuss the tangled web of their fake marriage and a decision is made.
Double Devil Dare April 25th, 2020 Sally has helped Daimon create a duplicate of himself to make an appearance in his Hell so the inhabitants will assume he can be on Earth and there at the same time, in actuality, not as an illusion. This should, hopefully, free a bit of his time up topside. Sally made some decent dosh, but had to experience a glimpse of Hell to do so.
A Noisy Meeting April 25th, 2020 Sally Houki meets with her prior client, the Goddess Kaminari. It goes well... for the moment.
Recovery Room Visitations April 25th, 2020 Morrigan drops in to visit Sam while he recovers and learn more about each other.
A Martial Gathering in Chinatown April 25th, 2020 Two students walk into a dojo. Student status achieved!
=A Recruit April 25th, 2020 Achilles and Jessica have a roundabout conversation about Shield
Tiny teeth are still sharp April 24th, 2020 Loki and Sif encounter and capture a Shadow critter in metropolis.
SPORTS! April 24th, 2020 Gymastics meet.
A Rae of Sunshine April 24th, 2020 Donna and Raven go for a pleasant walk in the sunshine. Even the clouds they bring themselves seem to clear up after a while.
Xaviers: Grill Out and Chill Out April 24th, 2020 A fun time by the pool at Xaviers!
Speed demons & Speed chess. April 24th, 2020 Bart and Mary stop mid-date so that Bart can play Vivian in a game of rather high speed chess. While Johnny Blaze notices that something is odd about the kids in the park.
Internet Bullying! April 24th, 2020 Rose calls up Alex to give him grief for stabbing goat people
TechnoImps April 24th, 2020 Crush and Hellboy bond over Imp Bashing.
Happy Harbor: What's This April 24th, 2020 Samuel and Colette get things sorted. Morrigan has a moment. In the end, nothing gets wrecked!
One last crack at ... April 24th, 2020 Yu Phun comes by for one last showing when Vanessa is being brought to testify on his trial. He is rude enough to bring a rocket launcher but after a few dance steps with the 'gang' he is captured. Time to put him behind bars for the foreseeable future.
Ghosted in Brooklyn April 24th, 2020 Crush and Miss Martian drop in on Spidey and they work together to save some people.
Good Genes! April 24th, 2020 Jean is restored, with plans to help others! Bedrest, Doctor's orders!
How about some preliminary mission talk April 24th, 2020 A preliminary mission talk. Jemma wants a nap before it but then Daisy drops a bomb.
Forgotten Something April 24th, 2020 Pepper and Tony discuss the lay of the land.
A Friendly Word April 24th, 2020 Colette and Caitlin compare notes about Sam Morgan following his 'visit' to Titan Tower.
Morning Exercise for the Residents of the Skel April 24th, 2020 The morning workout: The time before work is a time for contemplation
This Scene's For the Birds April 24th, 2020 Falcon, Journey and Silk take down the Penguin... but at a cost. What happened to Sam?
Dimensional Crossing April 24th, 2020 Power girl approaches Superman to explain her story.
The Girl in Shipment April 24th, 2020 After a most leet battle with Whirlwind, Porcupine, Trapster and Stilt-Man where they attempted to hijack a mysterious SHIELD convoy, Spider-Man, Ironheart, and Mockingbird are able to capture the villains...but cannot stop a mysterious android from activating and then escaping the situation. Mysteriously, the convoy is a complete enigma, even to SHIELD, despite being a SHIELD convoy.
Two in the Bush April 24th, 2020 Colleen helps Dinah with some would-be assailants.
It's a Log! April 24th, 2020 Alexander and Patsy warn Diana of troublesome affairs with Hades and Dionysis. Alexander also tells Diana how wonderful she is!
Hitting The Wall: Part Two April 24th, 2020 Morrigan's hitting a wall with 'fasting' and she lets Sam know what's going on, before things progress.
10,000 Masks, One Witch April 23rd, 2020 No description
A meeting of masters April 23rd, 2020 No description
Studying on the Great Lawn April 23rd, 2020 No description
X-Guys Night Out April 23rd, 2020 Some of the Xavier's fellows get together to talk about life, love and vacation spots while eating and bowling.
Spider/Ninja! April 23rd, 2020 Chizue and Peter go out for a bout of heroing!
Coffee Is Life April 23rd, 2020 The Beans of Java inspired much debate into Artifacts of Yore and the shadow assaults within Metropolis.
Hunting for Jeanasaurus Rex April 23rd, 2020 Jean was found! And brought back to the mansion. Also, Sauron is in deep dino doodoo.
Lunch at the Strait Lace April 23rd, 2020 Old friends catch up for lunch and discuss relationships, work, and some future plans.
Proper Society April 23rd, 2020 Allegra, newest member of the Hellfire Club!
Lakeside Picnic April 23rd, 2020 Lorna shows up with food, and wine. Warren admits he's dating Alison.
Sensing the Shadow: SHIELD field operatives are setting up sensors in Metropolis April 23rd, 2020 SHIELD team set up audio, UV, infrared, laser, seismic, radiation et el sensors all over Queensland Park and up the streets to the north in the hopes of catching the shadow invaders in the act. The biggest issue raised in the briefing was a lack of knowledge about these creatures. Now it's up to the data crunchers and fate.
Think Of A Title, Genius April 23rd, 2020 Nat and Tony unwind after a day of meetings - and they weren't even the meetings where someone pulls a gun and things explode ...
So here's what happened April 23rd, 2020 Alexander catches Colleen up on the fight with Shiva
So, Hi April 23rd, 2020 Roy comes back from Starling City and talks to AJ about how serious he is about this whole superhero thing, comes clean about some of his past, and makes plans to introduce him to Green Arrow.
Happy Harbor: Talking To Alexander April 23rd, 2020 Morrigan and Sam speak with Alexander about a certain beheading. Things go well!
Happy Harbor: Hitting A Wall April 23rd, 2020 Morrigan asks for Sam's advice on an incident.
Now that we are alone... April 23rd, 2020 Roy comes for a visit where they do some training and talk about the future. Ollie doesn't pull his blows but Roy seems ready to get back up and find his way in life.
So about this video.. April 23rd, 2020 A talk about a youtube video, rich people, decisions. Lots of stuff really!
Sometime Before Midnight in the Garden of Mostly Good, Really April 23rd, 2020 A few New Mutants chat in the Garden, and decide to go Dinosaur-seeking. Tomorrow.
The Wonders of Internet Streaming April 23rd, 2020 Piotr is introduced to 90s hit sitcom 'Dinosaurs' and the Kinney Dinosisters are warned to stay close to the school as a matter of precaution.
Fire-Power April 23rd, 2020 Power-Girl spots Allegra Caradenza on a rooftop ledge, and the two have a civil conversation, and Power Girl gives the performer advice
A Walk Home April 23rd, 2020 Harley and April share some FRIEND TIME at April's new podcast studio that she's bought with all her sweet INTERNET MONEY. There's a lot of colorful dialog shared!
A Dungeon Aftermath April 23rd, 2020 After the night at the club, Alex and Emma have a honest conversation about what happened and how they feel.
Treasures in Brooklyn April 23rd, 2020 Looking for small bits of treasure in Brooklyn leads to larger conversations, in passing.
Chance Encounters of the Metropolitan Kind April 23rd, 2020 Heather and Alice meet, and tag team ram a bank robber's car off the road. COFFEE LATER!
Candygramm April 23rd, 2020 Kate invites Gwen over to meet Vorapl, Donna, and Caitlin. Sam party crashes the tower. Tensions ensue. Kate has pizza. Vorpal is nuts.
The Tuxedo Caper April 22nd, 2020 Finished.
Dancing Queen April 22nd, 2020 Dance Dance
Winds of Change: Gorilla City Part Three April 22nd, 2020 Grodd is defeated and taken into Wakandan custody! Boca is released from her mind control and seeks her missing husband, the true king of Gorilla City.
Winds of Change: Gorilla City Part Two April 22nd, 2020 The Bat Family members and Shuri make their way into Gorilla Grodd's palace!
Winds of Change: Savage Lands Part Two April 22nd, 2020 The X-men make it to the Savage Land, and collect the items needed for Hank to cure the dino-problem! Next-- Sauron!
Winds of Change: Savage Lands Part Three April 22nd, 2020 Sauron has been found, and punched a lot to get the information and the data to reverse the dinoplague!
The Bells: Empty Auctions April 22nd, 2020 Zatanna visits Lois to share information about the Shadow monsters.
Up on the roof no one can hear you... April 22nd, 2020 A first meeting between Helena and Elektra with more in common than the rooftop they chose to perch in.
Winds of Change: A Metropolitan Problem April 22nd, 2020 Citizens of Metropolis turn into gorillas, a gang of dino thieves come to loot the dazed and confused... but not with Titans to stop them! Also, Jason Todd is back and hairier than ever.
Winds of Change: A Broken Clock April 22nd, 2020 Gotham is rocked as many people turn into dinosaurs and gorillas! What will the BatFamily do to stop this?
Flowers For One April 22nd, 2020 Danny Rand finds Dinah Lance in an effort to get a status update from her. They make plans to go out for dinner and discover each other's secret identities.
Guns, Swords, and Battleship April 22nd, 2020 Bishop proves the reasonable one. Magik steals hands and guns.
Thwippin' on the Dock of the Bay April 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man catches up with Jessica and shows her the prototype for the Spider-Comm system.
Meeting Old Friends April 22nd, 2020 Poison Ivy escaped from Arkham. Harley learned of it and decided to come and greet her, making the correct guess, that Ivy will most likely seek refuge in Robinson Park. The greenest spot in Gotham.
Morning Coffee April 22nd, 2020 Dinah stops for coffee and meets Alice, who is more than she appears.
Homecoming April 22nd, 2020 Vic arrives at Titans Tower, meets a couple of new members in Kian and Naomi, and reconnects with old friends Gar and Donna (who, as Terry had promised, has some surprising truths to share)
Pastries on the Roof April 22nd, 2020 Warren and Betsy catch up and talk about recent events over some donuts.
I Do Not Drink... Coffee April 22nd, 2020 Secrets are revealed and friendships are deepened.
E Pluribus Unum: Sorry! April 22nd, 2020 Lorna visits the Avengers Mansion to speak with Pepper and Tony about the Genosha Situation. Earnest words are said!
Taco Tuesday at Xavier's April 22nd, 2020 Taco night! Food was had by everyone, Gabby is now a dinosaur, and Marie-Ange spoke with the cards to find out what's going on. There was also churro carnage.
Avengers Ultimates: Burger Edition April 22nd, 2020 On a night off, the Avengers take on a diner's challenge of eating a three pound cheeseburger
Uncanny Ice Cream April 21st, 2020 Sally meets the Stepford Cuckoos, catching their interest with her unusual abilities. She makes them an offer that won't have potentially disastrous consequences at all.
Boldly Gone April 21st, 2020 A Star Trek Convention becomes all too real ...
A Case of Portal COMBAT! April 21st, 2020 Now you're thinking with portals.
Silent Night (SHIELD) April 21st, 2020 Superman meets with a mix of Avengers and SHIELD agents to discuss the shadow monster expanding out of Metropolis.
Yeti Spaghetti! April 21st, 2020 Aww, lovebirds.
Roxxon Over Drinks April 21st, 2020 Jessica and Danny meet to discuss the next step of the Roxxon engagement. Thor stops by, and Matt joins in the end. Jessica was never drunk. You were drunk!
Mad Science Yo April 21st, 2020 Warren shows up at Hank's lab to bring donuts and talk of parties! Rogue was helping Hank with his Dino-Research! Chattin' was had, fun was rumored!
Here's Wally. April 21st, 2020 Wally returns to Titans Tower, and the gang is almost all back.
Counting Stars April 21st, 2020 Cable meets Dazzler and they have a nice chat on the porch.
The Bells: Superhearing is a Problem April 21st, 2020 Lois and Clark attempt to follow the 'Bells' monster, knowing Clark may well get hypnotized by it.
One Hand Equals Two Feet, or I Sai What You Did There April 21st, 2020 Two sai-wielding ninjas cross paths when clans argue over a warehouse location. Body counts are made.
What would you like to do when you graduate, Megan Morse April 21st, 2020 Megan drops in on Sam for some advice on the future. Unfortunately full-time superhero is not a college course yet.
Dinner and a chat. April 21st, 2020 And Sam maybe a cop?
A Decided Lack of Chill April 21st, 2020 There's a bit of trouble as some strange creatures try to free or eat the animals in the tropical section of the Central Park Zoo. Iceman and Northstar are there to get rid of them before there are any real escapees.
The Stark Expo day 2 April 20th, 2020 No description
Chat in Church. Fun times! April 20th, 2020 No description
The Hunger: Murder By Design April 20th, 2020 While the Thanagarians do battle outside, AIM presses their advantage ...
Happy Birthday, Avengers! April 20th, 2020 The Avengers gather in their back yard for Thor and Scott's birthday celebrations.
Dinner and Drinks April 20th, 2020 Warren and Lorna discuss Stark's politics over dinner.
The Hunger: Wings of Destruction April 20th, 2020 A surprise attack on the Stark Expo in Flushing Meadows leads to a pitched battle on the ground and in the skies!
What Might The Future Bring April 20th, 2020 A relaxing evening out back of Xavier's turns to a lot less than relaxing with Hope learning Bishop has arrived... and a surprise cameo by Deadpool.
Magic Swords April 20th, 2020 Alexander explains where magic swords come from.
Late Night With Spider-Man! Featuring a vampire and a valkyrie! Thugs providing chin music! April 20th, 2020 Dr. Foster gets mugged, but some guardian angels show up.
Mistaken Identity April 20th, 2020 Canary gets pulled over by Falcon!
Post-Orientation Chatter April 20th, 2020 Sam drops in on Morrigan after the first day he's spent at Happy Harbor.
After Dinner Questions April 20th, 2020 Dinner goes alright and plans are made.
Just Another Day April 20th, 2020 Find out what happens when the God of Fear meets the Ravager!! Actually, everything works out in the end.
Rocket and The Expo April 20th, 2020 Dmitri and Samuel talk tech at the expo
Lurking Lanterns April 20th, 2020 Danielle finds one of Illyana's little gifts hiding in the stables. Bobby and Gabby feed the horses, and nobody gets sucked into Limbo.
Shoot them with the pointy end. April 20th, 2020 Diana whines about her sad love life. Lame.
Fashion Faux Pas April 20th, 2020 Satyr Gatecrashers have their day ruing by Assassins, Amazons, Demigods and Vampires
It's been 782 Days Since An Attempted Lois Lane Kidnapping... April 20th, 2020 Taskmaster kidnaps Lois to draw out SHIELD agents. But was it a real kidnapping or was there another reason behind it?
Hit Me With Your Best Shot April 19th, 2020 No description
Beasts in the Bronx April 19th, 2020 While trying to save Kainashi from a group of young thugs, Raphael and the former Foot mutant get dropped into a swampy pool. Raph finds out Kainashi isn't as dumb as she acts, but isn't willing to be friends just yet.
Checkin' the List April 19th, 2020 Roy and AJ go to the movies to check a few things off of his to-do list -- like sneaking into an R-rated movie, drinking a beer, and maybe having a first date?
Moving Day April 19th, 2020 They need to meet up with Tony Stark to findout what the device is they found.
Royal Treatment April 19th, 2020 Shuri seeks out the underground lair of...PETER PARKER!
Lazy Daisy, Sunday Funday April 19th, 2020 Shop til you drop for pasta sauce!
Seen And Not Seen April 19th, 2020 Vic tries to hide in plain sight. It goes about as well as you'd think when a cub reporter is on his trail.
Counseling Morrigan April 19th, 2020 Sam pays a visit to Happy Harbor about a job and has a good conversation with Morrigan and a trial run at the school.
Coffee Homeground April 19th, 2020 Two warrior princesses meet, and Terry learns that you should never try to tease an Amazonian.
Bouncy Air Jewelery Thief Scare April 19th, 2020 A wind powered Gentleman and his gang blow it when a couple of passing show goers work with a pair of superheroes to take the wind out of their jewelry heist.
How Not To Diplomat April 19th, 2020 Nat and Tony discuss the aftermath of the Stark Expo party.
I Need A Drink April 19th, 2020 Rocket Red and Aquaman reunite.
The Suit Makes The Girl April 19th, 2020 With the latest FitzSimmons suit in hand, Jennifer and Carol depart to start testing some limits...
A New Stoodent April 19th, 2020 Rogue and Mystique's latest alias to get close to her, i.e. Charlotte the young teenage Xavier's School student, eat snacks and watch tv in Rogue's room!
The Bombshell Bird Returns April 19th, 2020 Zatanna welcomes Zinda back to the Birds, and they have a short heart to heart.
Where's Wally April 19th, 2020 Colette's Titan-wrangling schedule brings her to Wally West. They meet in a coffee shop and discuss cakes, philosophy, and Wally's return to the Tower.
Meeting with an old friend. April 18th, 2020 No description
Asgard Past: Coming Home April 18th, 2020 Heidi and Sif finally return the missing box of memories to Einherjar Valdar, he most grateful for it. With the spirit laid to proper rest, life continues in glorious Asgard.
Dockers Never Go Out Of Style April 18th, 2020 The Bats raid smugglers bringing in cargo at the Gotham docks.
Genosha Expedition II: Pirates! April 18th, 2020 Back in Genosha the X-Men meet some wealthy jerks and then fight Hydra pirates under Viper command
Nope, not a trap April 18th, 2020 It wasn't a trap. Just a friendly talk between Alexander and Mr. Addes. Honest.
Meet the Parent! April 18th, 2020 Daisy takes Matt to meet her dad. Best. Day. Ever.
Stark Expo Opening Ceremonies April 18th, 2020 Stark Expo opens with a (good) bang. The wheels of social discourse turn.
Chelsea Piers April 18th, 2020 Three on a golf range, two pissed off, par for the course.
Lakeside Training April 18th, 2020 Megan comes across David practicing her self defense, he shows her a couple of moves, and she does the same.
As Luck Would Have It... April 18th, 2020 Felicia meets up with the mysterious John Jones, only to find that he has already unraveled some of her own mysteries.
Sittin' on the Tower by the Bay April 18th, 2020 Names and histories can be difficult sometimes.
The Acolytes Return April 18th, 2020 Exodus sparks some rather heated discussion in the Genoshan royal tent.
Burger Run! April 18th, 2020 Carrie meets Henry McCoy for lunch, and they run into Warren and Dani. Dinosaurs are discussed.
Weirdness Abounding April 18th, 2020 Patsy delivers her news of portal-weirdness to Doctor Strange, who for a little bit, is only a floating head - how strange!
Knocked Out Again April 18th, 2020 Spidey meets quite a few people - a lawyer, a model, and a ninja - when grabbing lunch.
Warm-Up to the Stark Expo April 18th, 2020 The lines cross for an agent provocateur, a princess, a prodigy, and a spider-geek. Tech, Tony, and tips.
Of All The Earths, In All The Multiverse ... April 18th, 2020 Reunited and it feels so good.
Include the Weird Kid April 18th, 2020 Diana has told the Titans that they should let the wierd kid play. Miss America Chavez comes to the tower!
Chinese Chop-Socky April 18th, 2020 Spider-Man helps foil a gang fight between Chinese Triads, meets up with a destroyer...then chats with her over noodles.
Music of Italy April 18th, 2020 Alex Summers and Alexis Carr meet in Little Italy by chance, enjoy a meal together as friends by choice.
Morning on the Waterfront April 17th, 2020 No description
Deep Dish Purity April 17th, 2020 A group of Xers save the University of Chicago's mutant populations from some anti-mutant jerks. Rogue does her 'Breakfast Club' impersonation.
Hand Vs Foot April 17th, 2020 A rumble between Hand Ninja and Foot Clan goes horribly wrong as a few heroes(?) rush in to apprehend them. Mayhem ensues!
Special Delivery April 17th, 2020 Novice speedster Kyani makes some mundane deliveries. But is there more to this than meets the eye?
A Sticky Revelation April 17th, 2020 Peter visits Riri at her lab, and shares a lot of secret information about his research...and about himself.
One on One on One... April 17th, 2020 David catches up with Kitty after a couple of years apart and discuss the situation in Chicago. Now if only their balling was as good as they're talking.
An hazardous meeting April 17th, 2020 Hazmat and Quake meet up at the rec lounge and shenanigans happen.
Freedom Fighters or Terrorists April 17th, 2020 Clea and Doom catch up on a decades' long association...
Scouting the Campus April 17th, 2020 While scouting out Gotham University from the rooftops, Hellcat once more runs across Batman.
And the favorite red wolf is back. April 17th, 2020 And friends are reunited
Shiny Secret Base April 17th, 2020 Hank tells Rogue about the Dinosaur Virus and... well... Rogue wants to social distance for the rest of her life! Or at least until she's told it's not happening anymore. One of those two things.
One or two Hands April 17th, 2020 Colleen and Elektra meet to talk of the past, present and future.
Winds of Change: Thought We Were Having Fish, Not Raptor April 17th, 2020 Fish tacos are interrupted by Laura and Jean having extreme makeovers
The Future Future Foundation April 17th, 2020 Jennifer Walters comes looking for the founders of the Future Foundation and is surprised to find it isn't Sue and Reed.
A stop for Coffee causes two bright flashes of light to meet April 17th, 2020 Mary and Naomi meet for the first time at Mary's work.
Study Belles! April 17th, 2020 David goes to help Rogue with coursework, and finds out that mutants in Chicago are in trouble!
A Slow Cuppa Joe at The Coffee Bean April 16th, 2020 Coffee was had, people met and introductions made
The End is High: Bart has a girlfriend April 16th, 2020 Cassie, Conner and Bart meet and chat. We all knew the only thing that could slow Bart down was a girl
Casefiles: Something Bizarre at the Bazaar April 16th, 2020 SHIELD raids an arms bazaar, and find they are the most bizarre things there, well except for exploding AIM tech and a bunch of kidsicles with powers.
The Many Ways to String a Bow April 16th, 2020 Hawkeye and Troia meet up in the Titans' Gym and discuss the finer points of archery.
Practice Makes Perfectly Problematic April 16th, 2020 Shooting is fun! Vicious shooting of kneecaps!
First Lesson April 16th, 2020 Colleen and Tony have a friendly spar and a friendly wager.
Pastrami Time April 16th, 2020 Leonid and Amethyst deepen their relationship on their date
A Quiet Night In April 16th, 2020 After a battle with AIM, Clint and Wanda go to Brooklyn for a little time off. Clint gives Wanda a gift.
The Jerk and the Chick that Stole the Seat April 15th, 2020 Alexander gets a dawg and is a jerk.
Sit Rep: Perilous April 15th, 2020 Just what is in that sketchpad that Janet leaves lying on the couch? Inquiring minds (named Steve) want to know! Grand miscommunication ensues.
In the Tent City April 15th, 2020 Warren stops by to see how Lorna is handling Genosha
A Nice Day For A Swim April 15th, 2020 A quiet day by a heated pool is the reward after being big damn heroes for awhile.
Where Nothing Terrible Happens For A Change April 15th, 2020 This is when Terry finds out what caffeine does to bird-people.
An Unlovely Night In April 15th, 2020 Emma tries to dump Alex, but those Summers boys are stubborn!
Troia Reporting In, or: I Wasn't Allowed to Tell Anyone, and YOU Get an Embassy April 15th, 2020 Donna reports to Diana at the Themysciran embassy, only a couple of days later than intended. Raven attends, purely to torment Donna in front of her sister.
Living Wills April 15th, 2020 Michael shows up at Mary's coffee shop for coffee, and a breakthrough is made.
Fashion Show! Sort Of April 15th, 2020 Gabby helps Julian pick out clothes for the Hellfire Club Oktoberfest party. Julian asks Gabby to go out with him. No one dies.
Meeting of the machines April 15th, 2020 Vivian and Driver run into each other on the streets of New York. Driver passes on some tips about existing as an AI in the Human world.
Trips and Plans April 15th, 2020 Clark and Lois chat about a visit to Smallville.
Raiders of the Lost Reliquarium April 15th, 2020 Caitlin encounters Elektra stealing a relic from a church, and engages in hot pursuit.
SpiderGirl and Arrowette April 14th, 2020 Gwen and Kate talk Titans
Gimme a beer Luke April 14th, 2020 Luke and Colleen share at the bar
HFC: The Dungeon ReOpening April 14th, 2020 Dancing drama and drinks at the Dungeon.
Flocking Together April 14th, 2020 Batgirl and Sparrow interview two new Bird or Bird Adjacent Heroines and hook them up with Oracle-Tech
Bro Bro Bro! April 14th, 2020 Some bad Bro Bro Bros shake down a nice old couple. A handful of good Samaritans save the day!
HFC Oktoberfest in April April 14th, 2020 The HFC's Oktoberfest in April is rousing success with good food, good beer, and good company.
At Mellville's Bar April 14th, 2020 Alex meets an Olympian cousin (Sofia) in a bar.
BoP: Singing Canaries and Sparrows April 14th, 2020 Carrie and Dinah visit Zatanna after one of her shows to discuss the Birds of Prey, Zatanna gives her the run down and passes Dinah on to Oracle.
I would have words with thee! April 14th, 2020 Karla tries to save the day, Thor hits her with a hammer.
Asgard Past: A Double-Edged Present April 14th, 2020 Sif and Heidi descend into the hidden passage in the Armory again after nearly six-hundred years to find...history repeating itself? A new and honorable task is gained.
Medical Cat-astrophes April 14th, 2020 Felicia Hardy attends a medical seminar and gets a sudden and unplanned demonstration of the disease afflicting him.
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant April 14th, 2020 The codenaming of cats is a difficult matter, it isn't just one of your holiday games. At first you may think I'm as mad as a Hatter when I tell you a cat must have the perfect codename...
Double Down Dockside April 14th, 2020 While on patrol, Nightwing and Flamebird are ambushed by Profesor Pyg and Leather. Things look dire until Red X and Batwoman come to the rescue.
Old Clothes, Old Feelings. April 14th, 2020 Donna and Raven determine that 1 does not equal 3, and this may be the cause of some tension - but apparently not enough to avoid the need for a fade to black.
Ramen: Poor Mans Feast! April 14th, 2020 X Folks go out for dinner. Piotr ends up viciously attacked by a kitten and adopts it.
It don't always make sense, at first. April 14th, 2020 Luke is fighting, Harley and Power Girl show up to hand out some justice with a capital J.
From Russia, From Ice April 14th, 2020 Winter on behalf of the secretive Katyusha faction awakes Omega Red from his cryoslumber. The two depart to discuss with Katyusha what Omega Red's position and purpose will be in a world where the Soviet Union no longer exists.
Cover Songs & Stuff April 14th, 2020 Warren has an idea for a dumb instagram video using a cover of a classic Sarah McLachlan song about being in the arms of an Angel. What better way to truly take this idea to the next level than asking help from the one and only Dazzler.
Arcade Mode April 14th, 2020 Natasha and Tony play Final Fight and discuss the future.
Stark Industries: The Birth of a Brain April 14th, 2020 Caitlin presents her AI project to Tony Stark.
A Meeting of minds April 14th, 2020 And jean gives Alexis the thumbs up.
New (Old April 13th, 2020 Singularity locates Jennifer Walters, but not the one she knows. This is okay! She assists with furniture movement and is hired by Jen to deliver subpoenas.
Strangers Rasping at my Chamber Door April 13th, 2020 Daniel seeks the aid of the Sorcerer Supreme for a problem.
A Journey to Somewhere April 13th, 2020 Lara meets a mysterious man on her trip to Africa to recover a mask that might control the rain!
Finding the Prodigal Son April 13th, 2020 Carrie catches up with Damian and chats about the Titans, and his newest project.
Nightlife in New York April 13th, 2020 Blake, Tony and Clarice meet, exchange words, flirtation and numbers.
Legal Entanglement April 13th, 2020 Jennifer Walters, esq. gets a visit from a certain arachnid, in the hope they can put some bad guys away for good.
How do you solve a problem like Shiva April 13th, 2020 Colleen teaches Alexander what to expect from Shiva.
Back at Grant's Gym April 13th, 2020 Dinah breaks up with Dick
Murphy's Laws of Dating April 13th, 2020 What was supposed to be a surprise.. ended up being a surprise. Still, as first meetings with dad go, Daniel calls it a succes.
At Your Service April 13th, 2020 Fabian returns to Genosha and offers his services to the daughter of Magneto. She accepts... begrudgingly.
Cross-Purposes on Chambers Street April 13th, 2020 Spider-Man runs into a focused assassin and finds himself out-maneuvered.
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go April 13th, 2020 A heart-to-heart always does a measure of good before taking a plunge down the Rabbit Hole.
The Match April 13th, 2020 A heart stopping finish to the fight between Lady Shiva and Alexander Aaron.
It's not kidnapping if --oh wait it's kidnapping April 13th, 2020 Alanna helps Deadpool interrogate a villainous kidnapper.
A Prelude to Mania April 13th, 2020 A rich-kid gang threatens Andi Benton, who gets a save from Spider-Man. And a hot dog.
Plastic Tubes and Pots and Pans April 13th, 2020 The boys work on their projects, and have a small heart-to-heart.
Delivering the Law April 13th, 2020 Kyani is working with Jenifers Law Firm
A side of Hellfire gala. April 13th, 2020 Turns out there are half-demons in the Hellfire club too! Go figure.
Did You See What I Saw April 12th, 2020 Sif and THor talk... and Loki makes a cameo.
Rise n Grind April 12th, 2020 Jean and Emma chat.
Birth of an AI April 12th, 2020 Caitlin and Riri successfully generate a new AI.
When Chinese Food Takes Out You April 12th, 2020 2020 A Living Space Odyssey where a tough conversation about the role of SHIELD is had.
The Warehouse April 12th, 2020 Strangers in the fight, Alexander and Lady Shiva meet at a fight.
Dressed To Kill April 12th, 2020 Roberto takes Stephanie to find a dress for the HFC gala benefiting Genosha.
Painting by the Lake April 12th, 2020 Piotr paints Lorna's portrait and the two have a chat.
Midnight Snacks April 12th, 2020 Spider-Man interrupts Blake Riviere during her midnight feeding, and each learns a little more about the other.
At My Aunt's House April 12th, 2020 Breakfast! Drinking stories!
Feeling the Mode April 12th, 2020 Bart and Mary fight the White Rabbit and reveal their identities to each other.
To Strengthen the Web April 12th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman about a new opportunity.
Do you Know What We Did Last Evening April 12th, 2020 Titans + Rooftop = Unexepected Happenings. Amazons, Empaths and Aliens, oh my!
First-Day Jitters April 12th, 2020 Peter and Aunt May arrive at Stark Tower for orientation.
Burgers and Trouble April 12th, 2020 It's never a lucky night for Alopex and Sally Pride, as they venture forth to the Ground Cow's Knee Automat Custom Burger Shoppe, specifically created to serve people who want privacy while eating a burger. They were moments from ordering when the shots rang out! Heroically saving the day (and probably getting their next meal free), Sally and Alopex put some would-be exortionists in their place.
No, We're Out of Rocky Road April 12th, 2020 As always, Steve and Bucky remain touchstones of sanity in the midst of the present. Lili tries to mooch an eggroll.
Agents After Hours April 12th, 2020 Dane and Daniel discuss life the universe and women. It turns out everything is coming up roses after all.
Worst Beer Run Idea Ever April 11th, 2020 No description
Genosha Expedition I April 11th, 2020 The X-Men travel to Genosha to establish a safehouse and meet an unfriendly welcome committee led by their old enemy, Unus the Untouchable
Made of Stardust April 11th, 2020 Emma gives Alex a thoughtful gift... and he gives her an emotional revelation.
The Hazards of Social Media April 11th, 2020 An attempt by HYDRA to ruin everyone's day is scuttled when Janet, Luke, and Steve manage to overcome the sudden attempt.
Mirror Mirror, Nevermore. April 11th, 2020 Old wounds heal.  New wounds are opened—and some of those heal too.  People start shipping unbidden, and that's probably going to the the worst part.
So That's What the Kids Are Doing These Days April 11th, 2020 Since when did dates require blood tests? Well, because science! And FF security.
Keep Feeling Fascination April 11th, 2020 A heart-to-heart at the Planet without an accident of some sort is not unheard of. Neither is the juggling of secret identities and the revelations thereof being interrupted by the aforementioned accidents. It's just another day at the Planet!
Asgard Past: Sword in the Dark April 11th, 2020 A young Sif and Heidi both discover a secret beneath the armory of the Royal Barracks in the Golden City. They bring with them a weapon from another time and while it is left roughly where they found it, it won't be left alone forever. Spooky sword is spooky!
Lake & Fire April 11th, 2020 Jubilee, Gabby and Julien do a bit of camping and s'moring.
Ice Ice Baby April 11th, 2020 Spider-Woman saves Detective Dick Grayson from the icy clutches of Killer Frost!
Good News, Everyone! April 11th, 2020 Peter reveals the good news about his new job to Kara, and they chat about what to do and where to go from here.
One More Again April 11th, 2020 With his last sample given, Daniel inquires after cultural advice only to find his fellow scientist just as clueless.
The talk in the rain April 11th, 2020 Jennifer talks to Thor and convinces him to help charity.
A Mutual W.T.F April 11th, 2020 Nightwing seeks out Colette to berate her, and Colette berates right back. Seeing eye to eye is apparently not on the agenda.
Taking (Some) Responsibility April 11th, 2020 Hank and Warren talk about Warren taking more responsibility around Xaviers and being more responsible in general.
Guess What I Did April 11th, 2020 Oliver hears of Vanessa's first vigilante stint
At the dark and eerie park April 10th, 2020 No description
Spotted April 10th, 2020 No description
Street Piano April 10th, 2020 In Tribeca, a quartet of mutants meet and mingle.
It's just a small favor! April 10th, 2020 Daisy comes bearing bribes for Fitz & Simmons for favors.
Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Part III April 10th, 2020 During the Spring Gala, a collection of Hellfire Club VIPs and their guests enjoy(?) the company of the Black Queen....
Apple Pie and Job Offers April 10th, 2020 Tony Stark seeks to make things right with Peter Parker, as an Ironheart and a Black Widow accompany him. Plus, apple pie!
The Prince and the Witch April 10th, 2020 Thor asks Amora to help him deal with magical happenstances.
When the Music Ends, the Stars Come Out April 10th, 2020 Following a concert at the Cloisters, an unabashedly romantic interlude. Also introducing Strider the totally awesome flying horse wingman!
Bread crumbs April 10th, 2020 T'Challa goes to investigate a disturbing energy reading and Shuri and Riri must come to assist. What they discover is frightening for the Wakandan King.
It was just one more painting! April 10th, 2020 Bandits try to make a score out of Rubin's museum of art. With teamwork between Superboy, Ant-man and Quiver the day is won. The only apparent victim was pizza.
Big Festival, Little Italy April 10th, 2020 A street festival in Little Italy draws Bats, Olympians, SHIELD agents, and one very over-educated juggler.
Too Cold for Pool April 10th, 2020 Jubilee and Rogue are at the hot tub, Clarice ends up joining them. They talk for a bit and then they go to a beach on the other side of the world! Clarice's powers are badass dope!
The Walk Home April 10th, 2020 Daniel walks Valeria home after the embassy party. Apparently they ARE dating.
Walkin' After Midnight April 10th, 2020 Gabby and Julian walk to the mansion and talk about things.
I Miss You April 10th, 2020 Wade visits Steve in his room, and they do drawings and YES WADE GETS A HUG.
Operation: Reach Out and Text Someone April 10th, 2020 Gar finally visits Caitlin Fairchild, and reminds her of what the Titans meant to the survivors.
BoP: Shaking it Up April 10th, 2020 Carrie and Zatanna capture Graviton, but don't know what to do with him. Thank goodness that Quake was there to save the day and join the Cool Bird of the Month Club.
To Greek, or not to Greek. April 10th, 2020 A talk at the Hellfire Club about heritage and who is who.
Raclette! April 9th, 2020 No description
Latverian Embassy Opening April 9th, 2020 The Latverian Embassy opening was a grand success, acquaintances were made, and discussions were had! A glorious evening, for DOOM.
Drinks are on me! April 9th, 2020 Tremors and Matt go for a drink a couple of nights after the Defenders and her took down a weapon trafficker in Hell's Kitchen. And of course that it can' be just drinks so two drug dealing bikers get some well deserved beating up.
Outside Looking In April 9th, 2020 Terry meets Troia, and they agree to keep each other's secrets. Troia learns that things are worse than she thought, and Terry is a little freaked out by her 'intuition'.
The Dark Knight of the Soles April 9th, 2020 Of illuminations of past and present.
Craven: Prowling Gotham Zoo April 9th, 2020 Hellcat and Batman foil Kraven the Hunter's poaching attempts.
Is it a business lunch April 9th, 2020 The Coach makes plans with the Green Team
Street Justice April 9th, 2020 Spider-Man has to deal with both Silk and steel when they run across the Punisher for the first time.
Rallying for Return April 9th, 2020 Kal-El visits Ollie, revealing Superman is alive, and meets Vanessa.
Enter Molo April 9th, 2020 Heidi is tricked into doing Hades' BIDDING!
The Bells: A Little Magic April 9th, 2020 Lois enlists the help of one John Constantine to investigate the spooky shadow creatures.
A Frosty Clandestine Meeting April 9th, 2020 Alex and Emma share secrets and family drama.
Up on the Rooftop April 9th, 2020 Lorna and Warren have a heart to heart on the rooftop.
Woe to those who work in the shadows. April 9th, 2020 Mastermind crosses off a mark. Atlin retrieves some artifacts. Ben sticks a lot of guns to the roof. The Triad have a no good very bad day.
Cats and Dogs April 8th, 2020 No description
Materiel Girl April 8th, 2020 Bye bye, Blackbird but hello feathers, fangs and free hugs!
A Confusing Flight April 8th, 2020 Kian and Naomi meet atop Titans Tower.
And a delivery is made to home. April 8th, 2020 Pizza tonight CAH another night.
Cosmic Strings and Stranger Things April 8th, 2020 Doctor Doom and Jane Foster have... a long and interesting evening, and are possibly more similar than they realized?
High Speeds at Rush Hour April 8th, 2020 Dinah and Dick team up to stop Roxy Rocket!
It's a Car Chase! You Can't Just Stop! April 8th, 2020 Spider-Man's web-shooters gunk up and he calls for help. Welcome to Miss Driver's Wild Ride!
Training at Grant's Gym April 8th, 2020 Dick and Dinah head to Grant's Gym, and meet up with Ted and Carrie. Dick gets Ted's blessing to date Dinah and Carrie owes Dinah a spar later.
Hell's Weapons April 8th, 2020 An assault on weapon dealers down in Hell's Kitchen where Daisy finds some unexpected aid! Luke will need new clothes. Danny finally got his high five. Matthew shall pay for spreading the Tremors rumor.
Prey April 8th, 2020 April runs afoul of the oppressed socio-economically disadvantaged. Helena bullies them.
The Bells: Growing Shadow April 8th, 2020 Lois, Clark and Steve Rogers meet about the strange monsters and sounds coming out of Metropolis.
What was that April 8th, 2020 Catching up. Talking about saving kids and a new prospect of an alliance.
Recipe for Disaster April 8th, 2020 Reed, Sue, and Valeria get together for some family time in the laboratory. It goes about as uneventfully as one might expect.
Prospect and Perspective April 7th, 2020 No description
Third Times The Charm April 7th, 2020 A lost scene
One of Us April 7th, 2020 Clint inducts Mikhail into SHIELD. Training and talks about the past and future ensue.
omg wru April 7th, 2020 Nada!
There can be only one! April 7th, 2020 A visit from an old friend where they meet Vanessa. The best archer between them is finally unveiled!
Spa Night April 7th, 2020 Some X-Ladies have a spa night. There is mud baths and gossip.
Queen on the Diagonal April 7th, 2020 Emma and Alton talk, Emma reminds the kid of some options he has, and his future fate.
Legal Repercussions April 7th, 2020 Tony finds out a high-schooler pre-empted a new design, and also discovers that his HR manager is certifiably insane...and takes decisive steps.
The Hills Are Alive April 7th, 2020 Alas, Julie Andrews did not appear but Dan and Val had deep discussions about SCIENCE!
And We're Walking... April 7th, 2020 Gabby is taken on a tour by Kitty and Piotr, and sees Beast in his lab.
Well That's Ominous April 7th, 2020 Numbers and ideas and swords, oh my!
No, I Promise I am Not Another Summers From the Future! April 7th, 2020 Jean gave Bishop's brainmeats a poke and determined him safe for Mansion co-habiation
Never skip leg day April 7th, 2020 It was leg day for Daisy but then it turned into basketball day for Alexander.
Hades' Bargain April 7th, 2020 Hades offers Karla a bargain.
The Straw Man Cometh April 7th, 2020 Peter comes across the strangest
Reunions a Chez Strange April 7th, 2020 Zatanna meets her aunt. Does Clea know?
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof April 7th, 2020 Gar may not be the girl that chased the rabbit, drank the wine and ate the cake, but he is still in for an encounter with a voice from Wonderland.
Thematic teamup April 7th, 2020 Screwball tries to play Gwen and Kate in her twisted games for viewers, but it backfires... One could say it was a HOLE IN ONE... wait, no that's not bowling...
Mugging Monsters! April 7th, 2020 Jessica and Blake meet, beat some muggers up and have a little chat!
The Play's The Thing April 7th, 2020 Both Selina and Bruce have a bad date at a theater show. This time it's not with each other!
Goth Goth Baby April 7th, 2020 A group of teenage mutants end up storming the castl....err Hellfire Club. NOTHING BAD HAPPENS.
Hang in there! April 7th, 2020 A night at the rock climbing gym sees all manner of people show up.
It's Sure Been A While April 7th, 2020 Piotr comes to check up on Kitty and find out about Genosha.
Brotherhood vs Xmen: Sentinel Payback April 6th, 2020 Mystique acts!
Vis-a-Vis RICHARDS April 6th, 2020 Reed, Foster, science!
Home Sweet Hovel April 6th, 2020 Alex shows Emma his hovel...er, apartment.
Knockout gone missing April 6th, 2020 Thor drops in to visit Fairchild.
I Could Never Get The Hang of Mondays April 6th, 2020 Scene finished.
Rage against the Machinima April 6th, 2020 A swap meet in Tinderloin ends in a small gang war when Harley tries to break up a robbery...Power Girl, Naomi, and IMP show up! Heroics follow! Yay heroes.
All's Fair April 6th, 2020 Alanna and Mustang meet at an arts & crafts fair and talk books and families.
Alex and Artemis Meet! April 6th, 2020 And with that, two young adults become unlikely friends? with a promise to meet in the soon future over martial arts.
A Day After All The Trouble April 6th, 2020 After the mechaspider battle, Gar wakes up in bed with a Terry next to him.
Trouble Brews Over Coffee April 6th, 2020 Martinique gets filled in on the situation in Genosha.
Stars Aligned April 6th, 2020 Eee! Fancy plane!
The Morning After - Repository of Secrets April 6th, 2020 Ooh, future talk.
Rogue One: A Burger Place in Westchester April 6th, 2020 Jessica goes about different burger joints across Westchester following the tip she got from Mystique. The search for Rogue continues.
Restless stop April 6th, 2020 Radiological monsters slayed, with some casualties.
To Check the Time April 6th, 2020 AGENT CROFT meets a TIME TRAVELER and they have a chat and a bit of a run!
The Most Handsome Victim in New York April 6th, 2020 A hit squad with a Wakandan weapon gets the attention of royalty, geniuses, and a suave guy who is more than he seems. And Spider-Man might get the break he needs.
Interrupted Lunch April 6th, 2020 Cassie takes Phoebe for lunch in Manhattan. A bank robbery occurs, as such things do when heroes get lunch.
Restoration April 6th, 2020 Driver reboots with a new sleeve, makes a friend.
Diners Drive-Ins and Kree April 6th, 2020 A meeting to discuss xenolinguistics and Kree culture turns to an invitation to a Latverian Embassy.. are the Kree more dangerous than Von Doom!?
Underground ventures April 5th, 2020 A night of revelations between Oliver and Vanessa, the secret being finally out of him being Green Arrow. But Vanessa's mystery only deepens..
Meetings and Meetings Again April 5th, 2020 In the Elegant Embassy of the Themyscirans, Phoebe Beacon and Alexander Aaron make acquaintences. He puts up with some *really* dumb jokes.
Sam showing Alexis some of his hang outs. April 5th, 2020 And that is what they call
Definitely Not A Dive Bar April 5th, 2020 After a night doing vigilante duty, Kitty stops in a bar in Harlem, name of Luke's.
Next Daze April 5th, 2020 Mary meets Joan and Jay Garrick, and fun wholesome times are had!
Star Light, Star Bright April 5th, 2020 Starfire returns to the tower. Hugs are given. Pizzas are eaten. Starfire takes the entire jar of mustard, and nobody minds.
Heroes on the half shell clowning around. April 5th, 2020 The turles get introduced to Harley Quinn
Not Another Time Traveler April 5th, 2020 Lorna runs into ANOTHER stranger from the future. Wooo booy.
Training Day for the Spider April 5th, 2020 Spider-Man gets his first lesson in ninja-ing.
Bette's Birthday Bash! April 5th, 2020 Bette's birthday bash! Carrie, Stephanie, Gwen and Zatanna all gather to celebrate over dinner at the Hellfire club.
Lemonade fresh from the vine. Ice cream fresh from Iceland. April 5th, 2020 Jubilee holds an impromptu lemonade sale in the Xavier's foyer. Lots of faces show up, some of them are wearing clothes!
Gold Rush Down Under(ground) April 5th, 2020 Spider-Man and Supergirl stop the Great (Subway) Train Robbery!
S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y.. Night April 5th, 2020 Josh and Jubilee spend Saturday night talking about stealing Josh's stuff and beating up bullies.
PSA: Do Your Best! April 5th, 2020 Director Rutherford films a PSA with Steve and Thor while Carol aids in directing from off-screen. Something's funny, but nobody can put a finger on what precisely. Regardless, hard work deserves a steak dinner.
First Date: Roll For Inititative! April 5th, 2020 So Mary and Bart's first date... success? Success!
SCHOOL STUFF! April 5th, 2020 Gabby and Alex have a chat.
Just a Visit April 5th, 2020 Clark and Lois discuss her learning he's Superman, and their relationship.
Day-swimming and 'Draculina's April 4th, 2020 Blake and Jade meet. Swim and chat ensures before Blake has a poolside meal!
I Have a Bad Idea April 4th, 2020 Clint and Wanda discuss a bad idea.
Mutant Rights Fundraiser! April 4th, 2020 Money is raised, art is made.
Down-Home Double Date April 4th, 2020 All is not well in the state of Lafayette's Beau Cherie. Emma and Janet, accompanied by Alex and Steve, find this out the hard way and finally -- FINALLY -- someone silences the singing animatronic gator.
The Rasputin Family, Da-Da-Da-Dum, Snap Snap! April 4th, 2020 Piotr learns the truth.
How Many Rules Did We Break Today April 4th, 2020 What starts as a mostly innocent walk in the woods ends up taking a turn for the mischievous, and then ends up going to (a figurative) Hell, courtesy of a certain Queen of Limbo.
Coffee Talk April 4th, 2020 Dane Whitman runs into Morrigan MacIntyre at the local Cafe. Coffee and Conversation ensues.
It's time for Science! April 4th, 2020 There was much deliberation over a data crystal with more work to be done!
Caught in the Web April 4th, 2020 Two Spiders, a Pixie, and a Goth with a shiny spine give the Triad what-for.
A brace of Foxes April 4th, 2020 A compact between foxes is formed.
A Four-Alarm Problem April 4th, 2020 An apartment building is burning, and residents need rescue. Kyani comes to their aid and is surprised to find Lia doing so as well. But how did the fire start in the first place?
The Art and Balance of Peace April 4th, 2020 An evening of meditative Tai Chi and art alike is good for the soul.
Now Recruiting April 4th, 2020 The Red Hood seeks to swell his ranks, only to be outdone by Beacon, Confessor, and another mysterious lady!
The Other Side of the Coin April 4th, 2020 Colette pokes the bear, but not the Bear.
Highway to Hell Part I April 4th, 2020 Jane has agreed to work with Doom which surely won't end badly at ALL.
Just A Typical Friday Night April 4th, 2020 Just another Friday night for Dane Whitman. Oh and he gets a recruitment pitch from one Phil Coulson.
William Tell or Robin Hood April 4th, 2020 Clint teaches Wanda to shoot a bow.
Lingering in the Library April 4th, 2020 Lorna goes to the Library seeking some quiet and runs into Bobby. They talk crowns, responsibilities, and galas.
The Kestral Key of Krakkan April 3rd, 2020 No description
A Chance Alignment April 3rd, 2020 Metaphors collide at the Queens Symphony Orchestra.
A Very Mary Coffee Day April 3rd, 2020 Romance is in the air, D&D is discussed, friends are made!
Lakeside Conversations April 3rd, 2020 A handful of X-People converge on the shore of Breakstone Lake. Introductions are made, and discussions of current events are had.
After-Action Reports - Like A Scientific Publication, With Questions April 3rd, 2020 Daniel comes to Valeria for an after action report on the Mole Man and leaves with a tour of the ongoing science experiments.
Updates April 3rd, 2020 Matt and Elektra talk about the Hand and their future. Turns out ninjas are the easier thing to plan for.
Setting up home turf. April 3rd, 2020 Sam gets help from friends and plans made for more help
That's The Back Yard! April 3rd, 2020 Ellie meets Lorna, the two discuss the harrowing tragedy their country been through.
Breakfast with Bat and Cat April 3rd, 2020 Dr. Morbius has a Black Cat cross his path, but his luck might improve by it.
An Ice Cold Knockout April 3rd, 2020 Heather drives off some Russian thugs, with minor help from Nikolas. The two adjourn to get hot dogs and discuss what it means to have power and what that means for heroes.
The Bells - Pristine Horns Necessary April 3rd, 2020 Despite the challenge and sheer rugged defiance of the Skirranas creatures, Sif and Heidi both succeed in gathering four necessary horns.
Kids In America April 3rd, 2020 Here she is, Miss America- in a one-to-one interview with Terry O'Neil!
Lunch is Never Work April 3rd, 2020 Lois and Jimmy chat over a
Talking with the Tallest of Titans April 3rd, 2020 Colette bumps into Caitlin in the teacher's lounge at HH and they talk Titans. Caitlin agreed to visit what remians of her old team.
The Bat and the Scorpion April 3rd, 2020 The meeting of equals, and plans are made. Bear finally meets Goliath.
Stitch Witchering April 3rd, 2020 Emma approaches Janet to get a new dress made for the upcoming Gala!
Tremble, Surface Dwellers! April 3rd, 2020 The Mole Man has a bone to pick with Reed Richards, but failed to make an appointment and meets and assortment of younger heros instead.
Catching Up With Clint. April 3rd, 2020 Clint and Natasha poke at each other's respective terrible ideas.
Checking on the prisoner. April 3rd, 2020 Daisy goes to the prisoner's hold to have a word with Mystique.
Radio K.A.O.S. April 2nd, 2020 No description
In the Cards: Relationships at Lightspeed April 2nd, 2020 Julie and Marie tour the city by air and decide that they're in a relationship.
House Calls Are Not Cheap April 2nd, 2020 Strange comes by Xaviers to ask some questions. Leaves a gift.
The Bells - Followed me Home April 2nd, 2020 Sif and Loki encounter a strange shadow-creature, and discuss what it might be.
Getting stoned with a synthetic being. April 2nd, 2020 Agent Hastings seeks advice from Vision to no avail. Yet there is hope in the form of.. Doctor Strange?
Oh, oh, it's magic! April 2nd, 2020 When in the Magic Market in the Artsy section of Gotham, Mustang Hawthorne from Happy Harbor meets up with Phoebe Beacon. The two young magic users get the chance to talk, and make plans for meeting up later after eating Gyros.
Alchemax: The Hunt Resumes April 2nd, 2020 Alchemax tries to get Gabby back. Piotr, Laura and even Power Girl step up to stop them. Gabby is shot and... wait she heals?
A Little Magical Perspective April 2nd, 2020 Lois seeks Zatanna's help in a mysterious occurrence. (The Bells)
Caffination Fixation April 2nd, 2020 Ted shows up with apologies and gifts
Getting too much blood in the coffee stream. Time to fix that. April 2nd, 2020 Girls got their caffeine. Phew!
Quiet Time April 2nd, 2020 Lois and Clark discuss the strange shadow creatures, and some relationship adjustments.
A Quiet Evening is a Blessing April 2nd, 2020 Janet and Steve enjoy a quiet dinner of conversation and sushi while the contents of that sketchbook remain a mystery. FOR NOW.
Many Happy Returns...or At Least One! April 2nd, 2020 James Proudstar runs into a familiar face at the X-Men, newly returned from not-so-sunny Genosha.
Opening a Window of Opportunity April 2nd, 2020 There's no such thing as bad press. Terry gets to point Lois at a story, Lois gets a story, and Nick gets publicity. Everyone wins!
Wedding Planners April 2nd, 2020 Natasha and Tony discuss their fake wedding, and plan a real vacation.
The Knights Table April 2nd, 2020 Cass, Carrie, Stephanie and Roberto hit a Gotham Knights sports bar during the draft.
Oh you shouldna did that! April 1st, 2020 No description
Updates Required April 1st, 2020 No description
Huff and Puff and... April 1st, 2020 Carol comes to the mansion for a bit of a reckoning that looks like it all actually work out in the end with Rogue and help.
A Learning Process April 1st, 2020 Emma begins to teach Alex how to mentally shield himself from telepathic intrusion
Missing Spots 1 April 1st, 2020 Where to begin and who will do what to chase the missing Snow Leopard is decided on.
MISCHIEF! April 1st, 2020 Patsy hassles Alex with yet more craziness
You Hello and I Say... April 1st, 2020 After the mission they decide on raclette.
Harley Sessions: Lois Lane April 1st, 2020 Harley has her first therapy session with an unlikely client who BAMBOZZLES HER INTO AN INTERVIEW. LOIS LANE YOU VILLAIN
Understanding prophecies April 1st, 2020 Up late at night, Marie seeks life advice from Jenny over ice cream. Advice is given, laughs are shared, and Xavier's has a bit less ice cream in the freezer to show for it.
Stalking them savings, amirite April 1st, 2020 Josh comes to Burger Joint for Burgers, not joints, and then he and Jubilee go smoochie face on swings.
Catching Some Peace And Quiet April 1st, 2020 Harvey and Summer plan a getaway.
Did You Want Fries With That April 1st, 2020 Lunch!
Dinner Interview April 1st, 2020 Kara meets Peter for dinner and an interview, and to tell him how awesome he is.
April's new roommate April 1st, 2020 Leo and Raph begin the healing process, and resolve to check out Harley Quinn. Also to check out Null Mutants.
A Lunch meeting. April 1st, 2020 And the two share a nice talk.
Welcome to the Old Apartment April 1st, 2020 Alexis and Sam in a loft apartment, discussing how to handle the other parent with Alexis's sudden departure from her father's home.
Devil's Moon April 1st, 2020 Cheetah plots the downfall of Olympus!
'Twas Brillig April 1st, 2020 Terry and Colette catch up after a day full of a metric-ton of crazy
A Very Merry Unbirthday April 1st, 2020 April's birthday bash starts with an unexpected guest dropping in.
TECHNO-NINJAS FROM JAPAN! April 1st, 2020 Spidey meets up with the techno-ninja Owari, and they do a little networking. In more ways than one.
An Unexpected Embassy Guest April 1st, 2020 Lia gets a tour and Victor regales her with Chopin
=Bugs and Marvels April 1st, 2020 =Lady Shazam goes to check on Blue Beetle after his meltdown, finds him dancing.
Because Even Superheroes Need Coffee April 1st, 2020 Coffee is served! Mary got a crazy amount of tips!
Getting To Know You April 1st, 2020 Gar's plan was so simple - spend some time socializing with Kate to see whether she and he will gel, because Gar wants there to be a Titans again. Bring Terry, Colette and Kian along. Eat Churros. Then Spider Robots happened, and Gar's plans seem to have suddenly moved rather faster than intended.
Happy Harbor: Science Fair April 1st, 2020 Happy Harbor's science fair goes off without a bang...or wait...several bangs!
Where did you learn to do that April 1st, 2020 Oliver and Vanessa get ambushed by Yu Phun's cronies. Turns out Vanessa knows her fightin'. Questions arise about how she was able to fight like that.
How Quick The Hours Go By April 1st, 2020 Jesse and Rick reminisce about old times.
Title Date Scene Summary
Angelo's Fine Dining May 31st, 2020 No description
Stakeout or Steakout May 31st, 2020 No description
Fangs, Fakes and Freaks May 31st, 2020 No description
War of Worlds pt 3 May 31st, 2020 The Worlds finest have come together to push Mongul's horde OUT of Metropolis and destroyed the weapon they were trying to construct in the country-side. Mongul was captured, but he's plenty of forces who eagerly attempt to free him from Green Lanterns traps... Zod faces off against Superman, Clea, and Zora on a mountain peak.

War of Worlds continues in HAM #1993

A Sinister Plot: Julian's Tale May 31st, 2020 Julian awakens and shares what he remembers.
War of the Worlds - Part 2a May 31st, 2020 While the battle rages in Metropolis beyond, the Titans take the battle to the enemy, boarding one of the attacking Dreadnoughts and capturing it.
Does the Rain in Spain Stay Mainly on the Plains May 31st, 2020 A much-needed vacation to Madrid, Spain starts off with a thunderstorm. That's not enough to keep Janet and Steve inside!
Symbiotes Amid The Ruins May 31st, 2020 In the ruins of an old hospital, two symbiotes and their hosts have an encounter.
What Do We Do With Evil Assholes May 31st, 2020 Ellie is all bummed out about Stryker and how everything is going, she has a chat with Lorna that doesn't ease her mind.
When the Sky Fell... May 31st, 2020 A brief interlude in battle. Clea replenishes her energy stores after teleporting the army from Zod. Doom prepares to enter the fray. Rare softness displays.
A Sinister Plot: Malicious 2 May 31st, 2020 The X-Men fight the Marauders to search for their missing friends! B Side
So, How About A Movie May 31st, 2020 Danny and Dinah have a movie night. It goes about as well as expected.
=A New Hire May 31st, 2020 Ted comes clean with Kyani.
Arrival from Hel May 31st, 2020 Angela arrives on Midgard! And she is met by a welcoming committee. No casualties.
A Very Friendly Kidnapping May 31st, 2020 Janet bullies Pepper into going out for drinks.
Sturgeon's Law is Multiversal May 30th, 2020 A Faceplant is fought. Also, Sally's Secrets Are Revealed to Heidi.
Vague news is the best news May 30th, 2020 T'Challa informs Shuri that he is not T'Challa.
Have You Seen a Rabbit May 30th, 2020 Roy is slipping back onto campus when he notices Zachary searching for a missing companion in the planters in the courtyard.
I'm Sailing Away May 30th, 2020 The sailing trip continues. Max shows how his power works, and he learns more about Kitty's tie to Genosha.
Chat Contre Chat May 30th, 2020 Alexander may have upended Felicia's plans by flipping himself from prey to predator in a
Where the Candle Burns Low May 30th, 2020 Some Assembly Required
After the Battle May 30th, 2020 Kara makes sure Thor is seen safely home and they share insight into their future.
Temp Title - GA and Bats May 30th, 2020 Green Arrow makes a pitch at Batman to help reform the JLA.
Ghost/Mania May 30th, 2020 Ghost and OG Spider meet Mania, and connections are made.
Triskelion Physical Security Audit May 29th, 2020 SHIELD security passed the test. There was cake. Mystique didn't get any...
The Buoyant: Post Party May 29th, 2020 A few hangers-on enjoy a late night drink aboard Tony's yacht after the official festitivies conclude.
I believe I can fly May 29th, 2020 Two aliens meet on Earth.
Brothers and Keepers May 29th, 2020 Vic and Ted begin to get answers and more questions!!
After Hours May 29th, 2020 Mary/Mina visits the
A Quiet Moment on the Buoyant May 29th, 2020 Steve and Peggy have a heartfelt talk in a quiet corner of Stark's party yacht, the Bouyant.
Rock-And-Roll Heaven May 29th, 2020 The Rock-and-Roll Goddess seeks assistance from Peter Parker...and the Internets.
Chinatown Blues May 29th, 2020 Members of the Bat family gather in Hot Dumplings for good food and talk. If only Damian could have made it.
It's always a quick job! May 29th, 2020 Reed wants a good study of Domino, and the merc is more than a little hesitant.
Visiting the Siblings May 29th, 2020 Wanda, Pietro, and Lorna discuss the kidnappings at Xavier's and try to have a family dinner.
Returning to the scene of the purchase May 29th, 2020 Kyani and Greer chat on the way to make a return for a 10 dollar item.
A Dumb Time to be a Criminal May 28th, 2020 No description
Mutant town by night May 28th, 2020 Alexander gets saved by Clarice from being roasted by a mob. Then she learns his best skill is sleeping. It's a good one.
Heir Apparent May 28th, 2020 Backdated to 2018: Magneto talks with his daughter after the festivities of naming her his heir apparent.
The Saint and the Demon May 28th, 2020 Brainstorming about the attacks on Xavier's Mansion may have some leads.
A Sinister Plot: Lending a Hand May 28th, 2020 Gabby and Hank visit Julian and Emma to help tend their injuries. Emma is delirious with fever.
What is this... 10th Realm May 28th, 2020 Sera and Thor discuss her past.
What is the Crime is the Question! May 28th, 2020 Ted is nearly blown up. Disaster is averted by Kyani. Pizza is sent for.
Stark's Yacht Party May 28th, 2020 Tony Stark has a birthday party!
Gotham Blues May 27th, 2020 No description
Kiss Kiss, Stab Stab May 27th, 2020 Finished.
A Sinister Plot: Interlude: Special Delivery May 27th, 2020 Julian appears on the lawn! Scott and Jean arent clones! Rogue thinks we are all crazy!
Chillin' in the Park May 27th, 2020 Kyani meets one of the Avengers, the famed Tigra!
=A Chance Meeting May 27th, 2020 Lyle, Ella, and Daimon meet in Little Italy
Chased by an Angel May 27th, 2020 Feather meets an angel. Strangely, he's the only one with wings.
A Corny Carnie At Coney May 27th, 2020 Clint pays respects to his brother at a memorial at Coney Island of the tidal wave, and he and Wanda talk about his disappearance.
Fallen Angel May 27th, 2020 Sera arrives upon earth and is greeted by a myriad of souls.
Body Work May 27th, 2020 Ted Grant and J'onn J'onzz work together to solve the mystery of a murder at Grant's Gym--with mind-blowing results.
(Possible) Trouble in Paradise May 27th, 2020 Donna Troy and Robbie Reyes encounter an interesting situation and get to know each other in the middle of the chaos.
Flawlessly May 27th, 2020 Tony, Pepper and Steve prepare for Tony's party.
The Devil You Know May 27th, 2020 A Happy Dangerous Reunion
Roxon / Roxoff May 27th, 2020 Danny Rand and Jessica Jones undercover as Daphne his PA, meet with Roxxon and get the coveted info about the Hand shipment through the harbor. Time for the next step on the Defenders gameplan.
A Day On The Beach May 27th, 2020 Brian and Martinique have a brief encounter, and she ditches him in the crowd.
Icy Inspections May 27th, 2020 Joel and Nessa test out their ice powers in common.
Ninja from a Ninja May 27th, 2020 Alice begins her lessons.
Moral Compass May 27th, 2020 Felicia Hardy meets a young man named Alexander whose questions on morality rival her own ideas...and doubts.
A Vampire and a Succubus Walk Into a Bar May 27th, 2020 Satana and Vampirella make decisions that will probably have longer consquences than anticipated.
Cloak and Dagger back in church May 26th, 2020 No description
Fred's Diner (Revisited) May 26th, 2020 The circle closes when Vanessa and Oliver return to the place they met and are actually able to finish their pie and dance. They talk some more about Vanessa's past.
War of Worlds Pt 1 May 26th, 2020 Mongul's Warworld entered Sol at the far reaches of the solar system and a force of Earth's Mightest Heroes flew out to Jupiter to face him. The massive weapon on the plantoid station was destroyed, but at great cost to the heroes. General Zod, the Kryptonian warlord responsible for the first Alien Alliance that attacked Earth, revealed himself as the driving figure behind the invsaion. With Superman in their clutches, Power Girl lost in Warworld, and Thor unconscious, the heroes rush back to Earth to ready the planets defenses.

The War of Worlds has begun.

War of Worlds Part 2 May 26th, 2020 The Battle of Metropolis is on in full. Heroes from all over the World assemble in the City of Tomorrow to hold back Mongul's forces while Superman engages Zod in the air above. While the heroes have created enough space to begin a pushback, the threat of Zod and Mongul still looms over the planet as they move to Phase two.
This continues in Heroes Assembled issue #1913
The first Oni Jar, JFK Airport May 26th, 2020 Three way battle in JFK, the contents of the oni jar escaped.
A Sinister Plot: Claws of Fury May 26th, 2020 Another group of hunters, led by Bishop, check out the spot Gabby was taken.
Titans Memorial Day barbecue and pool party May 26th, 2020 New faces and old friends alike meet on the Titans rooftop for summer fun and hero talk.
Arena Freeforall! May 26th, 2020 The turtles begin a freeforall spar, but Mikey bows out early, leading to a concert discussion
New hope, or new disappointment May 26th, 2020 Well at least maybe the food is good.
NYC - Japanese Appreciation Society - Ken Hashinari's Wake May 26th, 2020 Kaminari meets Ken's brother Shiro and learns of Ken's wasteful death - and the arrival of part of an Oni next week by airplane.
Care and Dressing of AIs May 26th, 2020 Ted gets breakfast, Swath gets a dress and Kyani gets a job offer!
Coffee and Kidnappings May 26th, 2020 Bobby asks JP and Lorna to come out to the diner not far from the Mansion to get coffee and just get out of the stress for a few minutes to eat greasy food and talk about what's going on. He warns JP about mutants being taken, and they discuss the possibilities of what might be going on.
Recovery time May 26th, 2020 Daisy goes for medical examination after the mission at Rufio's Gym. Jems turns out to be the doc. The verdict: Bruised ribs! They also talk about a couple of new mutant teenagers in town. Something to look into.
Flamebird and Green Arrow enjoy the fresh night air May 26th, 2020 Here's my pager. Don't get dead.
After-Party blues May 25th, 2020 Cecily and Rave discuss the aftermath of the attack on Rave's concert. Plans to track down villains and comforting cuddles are exchanged.
A Sinister Plot: The Aftermath May 25th, 2020 Folks check on the wounded and the former captives, beginning the process of trying to heal and make sense of it all.
A Sinister Plot: Beauty and the Beast May 25th, 2020 Meredith takes turns with Dani and Hank. Sinister steps in to appraise her work.
A Sinister Plot: Interlude: The Returned May 25th, 2020 Armed with new information, the X-Men make more plans.
A Sinister Plot: Malicious May 25th, 2020 The X-Men fight the Marauders to search for their missing friends! Side One
Cloak and Dagger meet Spies. Ironic May 25th, 2020 Cloak and Dagger bite off more than they can chew. Black Knight to the rescue! Jane helped!
A Sinister Plot: The Game is Afoot May 25th, 2020 Plans are made.
A Sinister Plot: Everybody's Coming to Get Me May 25th, 2020 The hunters find out who took Julian, which only leads them further down the rabbit hole.
A Sinister Plot: Another Brick in the Wall May 25th, 2020 Sinisters victims talk about their captivity and try and keep their hopes up... not entirely well.
A Sinister Plot: Chasing the Sun May 25th, 2020 Backscene: Berto is surprised and kidnapped by the Marauders.
Afternoon Delight (Derby) May 25th, 2020 Where to even start... Supposing at the beginning. Harley was involved in roller derby which Terry, Gar, and Colette went to spectate. After the departure of the fellas, Harley and Colette embarked upon a scheme to get shirts made.. After hearing the product request, that's when Harlan knew that things had gone astray. To foul to be repeated, to vile to be spoken, it was written as a labor of love and thus forgiveable by all but the most easily offended.. From there it was a trip to get Wangyu noodles... Wangyu, yes, they paid me extra to say that.. Wang. A cowboy, a bar fight, two pitchers of beer, twenty two asahi, and two bottles of sake.. two bowls of noodles, two plates of wangyu (that's the last time) and we still don't know who fell out first. All we know is that James Earl Jones passed up this role, and I should've too. Also, Gar and Terry were fu-...
Harley Sessions: Ella Normandy May 25th, 2020 Ella comes for therapy and doesn't get exactly what she was expecting from Harley.
Staying In With Knives Out May 25th, 2020 It's an adorable movie night with a supervillain. Captain America plays a bad guy!
What do you want May 25th, 2020 Arthur and Kal and Diana talk about the League.
A Blood-Red Victory Dance May 25th, 2020 Looking to celebrate a victorious revenge and a full belly, Vampirella finds a lonely Amazon who could use friendly company.
A Sinister Plot: The Time Between May 25th, 2020 The captives get a chance to socialize and check on one another.
New Friends May 25th, 2020 Robbie becomes acquainted with War Machine and Power Girl.
Defying Gravity and All Common Sense May 25th, 2020 Kian and Gar go flying and try to play a game with Vorpal, but while being an Akiar, Gar struggles with everything that's really going on inside Vorpal's head when mental contact is made.
The Mockingbird Takes Flight May 25th, 2020 Sam takes Bobbi up to test out her wings. The wings glow! The results, not so much.
Cutting a Swath! May 25th, 2020 Introducing Swath
The Fall of Peter Parker May 25th, 2020 Peter commiserates with MJ over the loss of his job, and talk of plans for the immediate future.
Sometime Around Midnight May 25th, 2020 When you're lost, look to friends for help.
A Night at Hell Manor May 24th, 2020 A break-in at Hell Manor ends in the Master of the House getting arrested and AIM escaping with a new chemistry project.
Not Forgotten At All May 24th, 2020 A team of Xavier's folks go out of find what happened to their companions... and find more questions than answers.
A Sinister Plot: Mission Assignments May 24th, 2020 Scott has Betsy scan for the missing. THere's not much to go on, but it's a start. The X-Men are on the trail.
Drawn Together May 24th, 2020 Mori has a job!
Reap what you Sow May 24th, 2020 Shen and Vampirella track Luo Xiatong to his lair. A airborne attack lends them the element of surprise. Bullets fly and claws gouge, many die. Luo Xiatong meets his brutal demise from the fang's of Vampirella. Shen scratches off an old nemesis.
You're Welcome! May 24th, 2020 Pepper and Tony chat briefly in Vegas about the presidential bid.
Pancakes May 23rd, 2020 Mori awakens in unfamiliar surroundings and has breakfast with Cecily.
Cupcake Delivery May 23rd, 2020 Sally, Heidi and Kaminari have cupcakes. They are delicious. Also, Heidi is gonna be Kaminari's bodyguard. This won't end in disaster at all.
Shadows from Newcastle May 23rd, 2020 Constantine bumps into a friend from his past with an annoying accent and a very bad habit, who has mistaken Colette for his next fix.
Very Good Title May 23rd, 2020 A pair of satanists do black magic. This is a very good idea that has no hiccups at all.
Of Olympians and Olympic Distributors May 23rd, 2020 Elliot and Alexander bond over misfortune, mad science, and kosher hot dogs.
The Wakandan Overture May 23rd, 2020 Secrets are shared, info is given, and Peter is upstaged. In other words, Saturday.
So You Want To Be A Minion May 23rd, 2020 Felicity gets the message from Doom, as she realizes that her secret is known.
Maintenance is always needed. May 23rd, 2020 And a plan is made to visit the slash a part yard.
A Flighty Forum May 23rd, 2020 Keagan meets Kian atop the Daily Planet.
Wagon'o Burrito May 23rd, 2020 Rogue and Remy enjoy an evening together at the Burrito Wagon! They talk about what's to come for the summer vacation.
A Peaceful Day May 23rd, 2020 Felicity twists her ankle and encounters the God of Fear, who doesn't afraid even when a storm descends on them.
20 Thousand Justice Leagues Under the Sea May 23rd, 2020 King Shark tangles with Superman and Cap. Marvel. Probably shouldn't have. Supergirl and Constantine show up for a chat about the league and the future.
Making Waves May 23rd, 2020 Kitty learns more about Maxwell's mutation while sailing
A Theft to Remember May 22nd, 2020 No description
Punching Through The Grapvine May 22nd, 2020 No description
Underground Upset May 22nd, 2020 Horror and violence. Some mutants/Metas are kidnapped by unknown men and Rave is shot!
And the Guthrie presence grows. May 22nd, 2020 Paige returns to the school after a short trip back to Cumberland County. Sam introduces her to Julio, who is taking a break outside, and the two discuss the process of studying their mutant powers.
Jessica Comes A-Knocking (on the door) May 22nd, 2020 Jess drops in on Daisy and Matt. Coffee and opinions are shared and it is determined that Daisy is not a call girl.
Lions and Cheetahs and Dives! Oh My! May 22nd, 2020 Two supervillains walk into a bar and have a couple friendly drinks!
More Practice in Mutant Town May 22nd, 2020 Elliot and Max run into each other again while practicing their powers. More physics conversations abound. They discuss a potential combo and how their powers work. Max's eyes are revealed for the first time to Elliot. Elliot explains her struggles with words. They agree to get something eat at Fred's.
The Wrong Way Home May 22nd, 2020 Would-be abductors find Mori and Cecily to be a harder smash-and-grab than expected. Gunfire, chunks of concrete, and a couple of injuries later leave the pair safe, if a mess. Physically and mentally so.
Food Straight From Hell's Kitchen! What could possibly go wrong May 22nd, 2020 Alopex and Sally attempt to, once again, just enjoy dinner without being interrupted. They succeed!
Foiling a downtown robbery. May 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man, Feather, Wolf Spider and Thomas Blake encounter and talk down Black Adam from murdering a bunch of criminals.
Time to get those feet wet again May 22nd, 2020 Oliver and Arthur meet on the Blackbird tavern. Oliver doesn't find a bird but instead finds a big fish. They catch-up about the past and what the future may bring.
The Cape and the Arrow meet up again May 22nd, 2020 Clark and Ollie meet up at the Arrowcave. Talks of getting the gang together again. There's also tea, with lots of cream. Because some people don't need to watch their figure!
Hyborian Deep-Dive May 22nd, 2020 MJ comes over to be wowed with intelligence and ice cream.
Vegas is no vacation! May 22nd, 2020 Rhodey checks in in Vegas, and boy is Pepper glad to see him!

(OOC Note: Takes place after the Casino appearance of IM and before the ceasing of the campaign)

Leftover Pizza May 22nd, 2020 Mori gets a pizza delievery from Ben and discovers he's a real person.
Good Luck via Bad Luck May 22nd, 2020 A stroke of luck saves Alex from having to break out of jail, which is a bit harder then climbing out of the wreckage of a crashed police van. He escapes to a nearby apartment building only to stumble upon the apartment of Felicity Felix. Someone how the luck plague has become his lucky charm!
The Sincerest Form Of Flattery May 22nd, 2020 Vanessa asks April to help with testing Vanessa's mutant power
Watching Clint Work May 22nd, 2020 Avengers gather to watch Clint work on a quinjet. Thor gets pranked.
And In the Brown Paper Bag! May 21st, 2020 No description
Trashing May 21st, 2020 No description
Recreational violence with a dash of poisoning May 21st, 2020 Elektra goes to the iceberg lounge to conduct an assassination on a mob boss. Things don't turn out well, as they tend not to and she escapes with Jason. Whiskeys are shared for surviving another night.
A burger is always the cure for what ails you May 21st, 2020 Burger and a chat ends with a quiet walk.
Tracking Down a Sister May 21st, 2020 Atlin and Artemis meet after both have left home.
Hellfire Additions May 21st, 2020 The Board of the Hellfire Club discusses a new addition to the Club with Maxwell Wave
The Vizer and the Queen May 21st, 2020 Fabian and Lorna talk about the state of things in Genosha.
A Rose by any other cafe.. May 21st, 2020 The old gang gets together, and everyone agrees flaming arrows are bad.
Mutants, No Holds Barred May 21st, 2020 A group of X-men walk into a bar... and it's a barfight!
The Hustle Is Forever May 21st, 2020 Jamie Madrox appears outside the Triskellion looking to invite himself onto the roster. He encounters Natasha Romanoff. She is not receptive.
For Hire and At Odds May 21st, 2020 Agent X and Security Special Winters clash over smuggled cargo. His client wants it. Hers wants to keep it. Bullets are shot. Behinds are wounded. Foreheads are stomped. Agent X ends up cuffed and served to the police. Miss Winters potentially earns a paycheck.
Halogen and Halocene May 21st, 2020 Elliot and Raze have a successful first set. Keagan gets fuel for a blog post. Is there more to come? Stay tuned!
CaspeCast: With special guest SUPERMAN! May 21st, 2020 Billy, Freddy, and Kal have an interview for The CapeCast. Good times ensue, and two boys' dreams are fulfilled.
Membership Questions May 21st, 2020 A chance meeting at the Hellfire Club.
One Step at a Time May 21st, 2020 Dr. Fairchild is brought in to speak to Peggy Carter about her medical issues, and offers Captain Rogers a little comforting reassurance as well.
Mori doesn't have Hobbit Feet May 21st, 2020 Deadpool and Mori have difficulty with reality. And axes.
Teacher Planning May 21st, 2020 Jamie and Bobby run into Julio, who's causing tremors out on the grounds. The three discuss their plans for the summer and the upcoming school year.
Ghosts of Mars May 20th, 2020 No description
Princes of the Night May 20th, 2020 Two vampires cross paths at a vampire club. Go figure.
Dinner with the Parents May 20th, 2020 Alex and Emma meet at her parents place in Boston for dinner with them, and of course, the typical parental questioning.
And For My Next Trick! May 20th, 2020 Bucky is on-scene in time to help Hellcat subdue a supernatural creature attempting to eat joggers in Central Park. Lili is not a fan of singing, apparently.
The Vision Returns May 20th, 2020 Power Girl welcomes a 'Victor Shade' to the Mansion.
We Come In Peace May 20th, 2020 Heather, Mori, and Singularity meet in a museum where they discuss being a hero.
Transition to Adulthood May 20th, 2020 Peter Parker and Mary Jane graduate from Midtown High...and goes out in grand style.
Spy(der)s and Cloak and Dagger May 20th, 2020 Spidey and MJ/Red engage with some Cloak and Dagger.
Park! May 20th, 2020 An accidental slip into some water finds Peter and Cecily helping out a waterlogged Mori in Central Park.
Nazi huntin' May 20th, 2020 Team SHIELD SCIENCE gets together to save the day again while hunting for those nefarious nazis that had stolen Quake's powers. With Daredevil as a featured guest.
Woo ee ooo ee ooooh May 20th, 2020 Harley and April enjoy a bit of roomie time together. There's a talking plant, there's hyenas, and there's a movie with really questionable choices in how it ever got made!
Spiders and Androids May 20th, 2020 Gothic Lolita meets Jessica Drew and Jennifer Takeda more formally, and the trio get to know each other slightly better.
A Bark covered Log! May 20th, 2020 Lara meets her neighbor Alexander, and swears she's not spying on him! She's spying on him tho.
Waiting For Acceptance Letters Sucks May 20th, 2020 Roberto meets Stephanie's mother. Steph's acceptance letter to Gotham U arrives.
The Disaster Artist May 20th, 2020 A night of misfortune at the Hellfire Club leads to Sebastian Shaw and Tessa encountering Felicity Felix.
Otherworldly Meetings May 20th, 2020 Peggy and Thor meet in the SHIELD operations center and manage to shock each other with their equally unlikely presences in this place and time.
Mutants And Science! May 20th, 2020 Maxwell's email to Beast results in a visit from Hank and Kitty to hear about Max's hope for continuing his education.
Title later, RP now! May 19th, 2020 No description
First Impressions May 19th, 2020 No description
Dungeons and Dragons is a Date, Right May 19th, 2020 Roll them dice
This Little Badger Went to Market. May 19th, 2020 Cat Meets Badger. Be afraid.
Drinks and Dinner at the Dragon May 19th, 2020 Sam and Nicole have a good date, and retire for nightcaps.
Later, back at the ranch... er.. church. May 19th, 2020 Chat had, and decisions made. HERE WE COME SPIDER-MAN!
After the Interview May 19th, 2020 Dinah and Thor catch up after the interview 'incident'. Their conversation takes a surprising turn.
Turns Out Clark's Not The Only One Who Cheats To Beat The Clock May 19th, 2020 Cindy sneaks in to work from a 6th floor window. Clark overhears her, and she has to come up with an excuse. At the end of the day she learns some new tips!
Evil Empires May 19th, 2020 Norman and Martinique make their first acquaintance and become fast friends.
Iron Cloak and Dagger Fist. What May 19th, 2020 First appearance for the Darklight Duo. Scared the pee out of a drug dealer, met Iron Fist.
Space Cadet May 19th, 2020 Mori's got her head in the clouds, but Cecily, Maxwell, and Elliot bring her back to earth with tacos.
Following The Cat To Their Home May 19th, 2020 Thomas Blake is rudely awoken by his phone. His morning takes an even stranger turn after hanging up.
Catch-Up May 19th, 2020 Emma and Lorna drink, eat, and talk about the Genosha situation and where Lorna's political issues lie for now.
Pie and Robberies May 19th, 2020 Matt and Daisy share some pie on the rooftop and talk about Nazis. Isn't hero life romantic?
WITNESS ME May 19th, 2020 Steve and Wade save a kitty in a tree.
Stir Crazy May 19th, 2020 Mania comes looking for payback, and Spidey and MJ come looking for Mania.
Every Experiment Needs a Control May 19th, 2020 A bank robbery plan goes poorly when the heroes arrive and make plans of their own.
An Old Dawn Rises. May 19th, 2020 Mystique brings Joan to Genosha for rebuilding..
The Cat Hunt May 19th, 2020 Vampirella hunts Shen Kuei to one of his safe houses. Shen falls back on negotiations. A startling theory is devised. This was all a ploy for Shen's gruesome death. Previous adversaries become unsuspecting allies. Many questions remain answered. Who wants 'The Cat' dead? (That's actually a really long list.)
A Catch Up May 18th, 2020 Alexander and Heidi chat about how life and recent events are going.
Shadows - Robbery - Relaxation May 18th, 2020 Some light catching up between Thor and Natasha. Another trip to Asgard may be in order.
Introducing Robins and Donuts. May 18th, 2020 Donna takes short jokes are off the menu, Robin gets a sugar high, Cassie is introduced to the team, Kate is called an Amazon, Terry says things about mouth sizes he really shouldn't, and Gar eats ALL the donuts (that last part is totally true).
With Aftermath You Get Egg Roll. May 18th, 2020 Spidey touches base with Miss Winters, and offers are made.
City Sky Lines May 18th, 2020 Elliot was caught practicing how to
Ontological Empiricism vs. A Priori May 18th, 2020 Vivian runs into Ella while people watching in Grand Central Terminal. They talk a little philosophy and politics.
Decadent Dinners May 18th, 2020 A light meal is had between new and old agents at the SHIELD food court. Peggy and Mikhail (not so fondly) remember the 60s, Bobbie dodges a bit of paperwork, and Steve shows up at the end for some rather awkward cake!
Epicenter: Part 2 - Tracing the Tremors May 17th, 2020 SHIELD takes out a nest of neo nazi scum, then meet a new old face.. hail hydra.
I'm Going Through Changes May 17th, 2020 Andi has a discussion with members of the Happy Harbor school staff about what's been going on. It's a little tell, but also a little show. Concerns are expressed.
After the Debriefing May 17th, 2020 Alex and Sam bond as high schoolers in the Triskelion
Shur-i-can't! May 17th, 2020 Donatello looks for his lost shuriken, and instead finds THE POWER OF INFRARED FRIENDSHIP! Kainashi makes a friend.
The birds, and the Titans May 17th, 2020 Damian and Dick visit Titans Tower, revealing Red X's trie identity, pep talks ensue, and language flexing. ;)
Another step towards preparation. May 17th, 2020 Superman comes calling upon Captain America to pave the way for the Dawn of Coalition. Kal likes sugar.
It's a Sirius problem May 17th, 2020 Squirrel Girl and Glammour save a Stock Broker from music... it is not a flattering situation for either of them.
Return to normalacy, Evening edition May 17th, 2020 Lois and Clark have Kara over for introgation.. dinner.. Kara's over for dinnergation.
First Day of Work May 17th, 2020 Felicity's first day of work doesn't go well.
Musical Night Out May 17th, 2020 Carrie and Hank McCoy go to see Hamilton. Much talking occurs.
Titans of Tech May 17th, 2020 The Titans use tech recovered in the field to identify the next steps they'll have to take in their fight against HIVE.
Some Follow-up Questions May 17th, 2020 Alexander Aaron is packing up his school locker. May and Sam Morgan find him there and invite him to their regularly scheduled lunch.
Outfoxing the Crooks May 17th, 2020 Spider-Man attempts to foil an arms deal and meets up with Miss Winters and Rave
A Rock Goddess in Queens May 17th, 2020 A thunder goddess and a superhero used to bringing the thunder pay Peter a visit.
Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again May 17th, 2020 Alex and Emma meet Maxwell in a pizza joint in Brooklyn.
Vegas VACATION May 17th, 2020 Tony heads to Vegas, Pepper in tow, and they get a night out.
Dinner As A Debt May 17th, 2020 Piotr pays off the pool debt and takes Kitty to Katz's Deli for dinner.
Apologizing to Dinosaurs May 16th, 2020 No description
Sir Knight and Lady Stargazer May 16th, 2020 A little quiet time amidst the storms.
Friendly Concern May 16th, 2020 Jean checks in on Lorna to make sure she's okay.
Good Time to Meet at the Good Room May 16th, 2020 Sam goes to get a drink at the Good Room and meets Nicole. Their chat is interrupted, but taken care of - and Nicole asks Sam out for a drink later.
A Wild MJ Appears! May 16th, 2020 Mary Jane Watson visits the Parker house, Red Sonja reveals herself, and Peter Parker hits the jackpot.
Chance Meeting at a Cathedral May 16th, 2020 Mariana and 'Ella' come upon one another while each is visiting a cathedral in Gotham. They strike up a conversation.
Quite the View May 16th, 2020 A quiet dinner-date night on a penthouse rooftop and a string-lofted rendition of 'At Last' for Steve and Janet, always time well-spent.
One step closer to Justice May 16th, 2020 Kal calls upon Diana, Bruce, and Hal to meet him on the Embassy roof and discuss the future of the Justice League.
Called to the office May 16th, 2020 Pepper gets more PR work out of kindness, and her office is cleaned!
Debrief: Belize Island Case May 16th, 2020 Daisy, Jessica Drew and Techno gather up for a debrief report with Alexander about the Elis Society and was discovered on that island in Belize. Some secrets are uncovered and apparently Happy Harbor has a lot of SHIELD people there. Go figure.
One Evening at the Hellfire May 16th, 2020 Two infamous personalities from the shadows meet at the Hellfire Club for the first time. Reputations precede them. Pleasantries are exchanged. Potential business opportunities are discovered, and a friendly match is agreed to. It's a grand thing when High Society meets Martial Arts.
Delivering Bad News May 16th, 2020 Wanda visits Doctor Strange to warn him about Loki regaining his powers
Intervention May 16th, 2020 Once again, Cap saves the day.
Sacrificial Dagger Heist May 16th, 2020 Shen is contracted to steal a dagger by an unknown benefactor. Sneaking into a highrise apartment in Gotham, he gets more than he expects. Caught, Shen manages to impress by withstanding mesmerisation, but a promise of Vampirella's more direct and violent methods force him to flee, leaving a flashbang present. Now, Shen is on the run, and he's the hunted. To be continued...
What's in a Name May 16th, 2020 Tim and Jason sit down at the table with Damian, and try to help him understand what the mantle of the Robin really means.
Alfred's Blintzes May 16th, 2020 Carrie, Dick and Stephanie enjoy Alfred's cheese blintzes while they catch up on Dick's job, Stephanie's graduation, and Carrie's love life
Not One To Miss Out May 15th, 2020 Sally and Heidi take a ride on Eira (for real this time) and have a picnic. Stars are discussed. It is very cute.
Not Handled Properly May 15th, 2020 Scott, Jean, and the Professor check in on Genosha about the incident with the Magistrates.
Field Trip in Metropolis May 15th, 2020 A field trip to a film site leads to a fire rescue
Welcome Back, Jack May 15th, 2020 Agent Nolan is back on duty!
A Warm Day By A Cool Pool May 15th, 2020 An afternoon pool party at Xavier's
Dissension and Discord in Mutant Town May 15th, 2020 Rave and Cecily come across two gangs standing off outside a gas station in Mutant Town: The Ogres and the Bloody Talons. A rumble happens, but quick actions from Rave and Cecily (with a little help from Maxwell) seem the gang members incapacitated and wrapped up for the police. More importantly, Rave wins her choice of slushy.
Friday Afternoon Blues May 15th, 2020 Morrigan and Daniel grab a drink after school to talk on life and recent events. Morrigan tries not to be a downer.
Meeting Mania May 15th, 2020 Spider-Man meets Andi, and her companion, on the roof of the hospital where her father recovers.
So You Found Out You're A Mutant, and other PSA videos May 15th, 2020 Oliver and Vanessa discuss implications of Jemma's prognosis of Vanessa's being a mutant. Oliver makes Vanessa her own bow.
Breaking bread and wine May 15th, 2020 Bread was broken, lemonade was offered. Peace was attained. Talks of what makes an hero and a SHIELD Agent.
A Quiet Night and Some Drinks May 15th, 2020 Jean, Ali, and Emma have girl time over beers and snacks.
A bird. A plane. You know the drill. May 15th, 2020 Raven's Coffe Brings All The Supers To The Tower
Troublesome Interview May 15th, 2020 A perfectly.. alright a sorta good interview is interrupted by lightning, flying knives, and assassins. Felicity gets an unfortunate view of the mayhem including Shen summarily executing one of his assailants. She flees in terror, but Shen rather politely loans her cab fare anyway. What a gentleman!
So What Happened May 15th, 2020 Mystique checks in with Lorna.
THIS IS A TITLE FOR A SCENE! May 14th, 2020 Thea and Alex talk about something or other, I don't know!
Happy Harbor: Rising Tide May 14th, 2020 Morrigan takes a few of the teens out on an adventure. Nothing bad happens.
Actions Have Consequences May 14th, 2020 Pietro comes to confront Lorna about what she did.
Never steal near the tri city area. Never May 14th, 2020 A crew tries to rob a trailer, Superman, Hal, Cecily, and Chizue save the day. Oh and Nova is around somewhere.
A Long-Expected Meeting Pt. 2 May 14th, 2020 Round 2: FIGHT!!! And also the tea is ready.
Good Morning America! May 14th, 2020 Cecily Saves the Avengers!
The Elis Society: Resolution May 14th, 2020 SHIELD and Morrigan arrive and take control.
Need an Icepack May 14th, 2020 Bobby tells a power hung-over Lorna what she did, and they take a nap.
Little Miss Overachiever Awards May 14th, 2020 Schmoozing with the boss.
Dobby is a free elf May 14th, 2020 Loki lies, uses magic, and returns to Asgard, with Sif in tow.
Mutant Town Clean-up May 14th, 2020 A Civil Engineer meets a former cop, present day security expert in the aftermath of the latest sentinel attack. Jokes and pleasantries are exchanged. Some commentary is offered on the plight of meta-humans. Tea is ultimately shared, Fish and Chips eaten, and contact information exchanged. Max might have to check out 'STAR Labs'.
When a Seer Seeks Wisdom May 14th, 2020 Marie comes to Charles hoping for a way to stay in America after school, and leaves with a promise of aid and a clear path set before her.
Paprikash May 14th, 2020 Avengers gather over a pot of paprikash. Janet has good news, Wanda bad.
Into the Forbidden Zone May 14th, 2020 Daniel Hastings resigns from SHIELD, and is called in by Fury.
Been through better windows! May 14th, 2020 Domino leaves no witnesses behind.
Same Bigotry, Different Target May 13th, 2020 No description
A Long-Expected Meeting Pt. 1 May 13th, 2020 Lady Shiva pays a visit to the Master of Kung-Fu, with precisely the request you might think.
Job Interview May 13th, 2020 Felicity looks for a job. The interviewer isn't quite who she expected.
A Missing Student Situation May 13th, 2020 Sam informs Morrigan and Daniel on Andi's abscences and they make plans on the next step.
A farewell to arms. May 13th, 2020 Daniel shares with Daisy that he's resigned from SHIELD.
Used Cars May 13th, 2020 Felicity meets Peter Parker to sell him a car he doesn't really need.
A Doomed View of Metropolis May 13th, 2020 Political viewpoints exchanged peacefully. The EU could learn a few things!
Familia Testimonii May 13th, 2020 Clark invites Kara and Karen to meet for dinner. The tale of two Kara's begins! Kara sees how good milk is for a body. Context.
So Many Vampires May 13th, 2020 Kyonshi attack Cecily and Singularity. I'm sure it was a completely random occurrence.
The Shameless Avenger May 13th, 2020 Tony and Steve talk about the aftermath of the kidnapping... and politics.
Straight to the Moon May 13th, 2020 M'gann and Xiomara take a picnic trip to the moon.
Minding The Stores: The Attack May 13th, 2020 Juggernaut and mercenaries raid an Avengers storage facility, but are turned back by Natasha, Pietro, Thor and She-Hulk.
Trouble with Triads May 13th, 2020 A job goes poorly for Shen thanks to bad hired help. April witnesses a scuffle. Shen frees some victims to look good and then negotiates to have his face blurred for April's inevitable stream of his exploits. A promise is made to exchange further information in the future. No Phones Were Harmed In The Making Of This Scene.
After the Shadow May 12th, 2020 After fighting the shadow demons in Metro, there is some talk.
Trying to Trap a Catwoman May 12th, 2020 Catwoman's suspicions are proven accurate when an ambush is attempted on her at a meetup. Potential assistance comes in the form of a strange faerie.
A Doomnstration for Richards May 12th, 2020 Doom meets Richards and delivers a warning. Clea delivers a greeting!
Fashion Shooting May 12th, 2020 Spider-Man meets someone whose luck may be worse than HIS.
So, About Those Nazis... May 12th, 2020 Nazis frame Quake, Dane and Jane decide to find the truth. Stupid Nazis.
Not hardly kidnapped May 12th, 2020 Tony struggles with his kidnapping a little, but Pepper's there for a lift.
A Goth, a French Girl, and the Worst Walk into the Kitchen May 12th, 2020 Roulette and Tarot meet Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Roulette learns Tarot plans to leave the US after graduation. She is displeased.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind May 12th, 2020 Power Girl and Superman speak about life lessons. Clark tells a joke which isn't funny. Status quo.
Kidnapping's no Party May 12th, 2020 Hungover Tony makes some declarations about kidnappings and lies to Pepper over breakfast.
Not Exactly Training May 12th, 2020 Discussions of training and powers and what counts as each.
Different from the Last Time May 12th, 2020 Bucky and Peggy meet, by chance, in the hallway of the medical ward. Apologies come with tears, reassurances, and a wonderful introduction to a little lady named Lili.
Black Mirror May 12th, 2020 Bad mirror is bad! Roald Amundsen would've kicked its butt!
With a Side of Mustard May 12th, 2020 The Batlings run afoul of Condiment King; Batman provides ominous commentary.
Bad Choices HoloTheater May 12th, 2020 Kate takes some of the prospects and Titans on an adventure in the Danger Room. Mistakes were made.
Unleashed May 11th, 2020 No description
Go higher May 11th, 2020 Helena and Elektra go higher this time. All the way up to the Roxxon building. Daring.
Meeting for Pizza. May 11th, 2020 A nice night of talking and eating pizza and Jen makes sure to give Kyani a job of delivering a subpoena.
Danger Room: LEEEEROY... May 11th, 2020 Success! Dazzler is freed from the Mojoverse after FIRE!
A change of plans, a change of direction May 11th, 2020 Techno and Red X meet the Titans proper. Words are exchanged, tempers flare, and things come together.
Not Quite A Bed & Breakfast May 11th, 2020 Dane Whitman returns to the waking world after the battle with the Shadow Creature in Metropolis.
When Betsy met Bishop May 11th, 2020 Betsy and Bishop spend a nice afternoon shooting clay pigeons.
Titanic Pizza May 11th, 2020 Terry and Gwen meet for lunch. Gwen is more qualified to be Wonder Spider, Terry finds out.
Spiders and Squirrels May 11th, 2020 Spider-Man meets Squirrel Girl!
Spider / Mania May 11th, 2020 A kidnapping, a hostage situation, and the birth of Mania!
Being In Tune May 11th, 2020 Clint and Wanda enjoy a nice day and guitar music, until Thor arrives, bearer of ill tidings.
Reunion over Noodles May 11th, 2020 Shen and Dinah meet for the first time in years. Shen reveals he's been investigating the Black Canary and was delighted to realize it was her. They discuss the moral ambiguities of mercenary work versus vigilante work. The verbal sparring concludes with a mutual agreement and promise for future note comparisons.
Quiet After-party May 11th, 2020 Terry and Gar meet up on the tower for a little wind-down after the events of the day.
Boxers and Coffee May 11th, 2020 Thor shares some of his great wisdom with Pepperface.
Late Night Shift May 11th, 2020 Several agents and a murderbot catchup over coffee.
After the Accident May 11th, 2020 Shen decides he needs a car and a trustworthy mechanic. Mercy decides to think it over.
Magic Car May 10th, 2020 No description
You Again May 10th, 2020 Artemis and Robbie reunite and get to know each other better.
Genuine Leather May 10th, 2020 While investigating an underground skatepark, MOUSERs attempt to capture Mondo Gecko and Killer Croc. The plot is thwarted by an eccletic mix of individuals, but who's behind the MOUSERs?
Don't Get Blood On The Tiles May 10th, 2020 Kaminari takes Sally and Heidi to an underground gambling den in Chinatown with cage fights. It doesn't take them long to cause a scene and be asked never to return by the Triad boss who owns the place.
Take Me Home Tonight May 10th, 2020 Beers and pool at Harry's. Wagers made, and lost. Good times were had.
Banner draws some blood May 10th, 2020 Banner takes a blood sample from his cousin, but it's soon stolen!
Never A Dull Moment.... May 10th, 2020 Dane Whitman and Jane Foster settle in for a quiet evening that ends with a most ominous interruption.
A Defrosty Surprise May 10th, 2020 Steve finds Bucky and Lili at the ball courts of the Triskelion. His news is enough to take out the knees of both men. Lili knows best and is a stalwart comfort. It turns out Peggy is alive. SURPRISE, BARNES.
Sally and the Singularity May 10th, 2020 Sally meets the Singularity. To probably no one's surprise, they become friendly.
The Bells: Mirror, Mirror May 10th, 2020 Lois Lane and intern Kara look for more information about the source of the Shadow.
On the trail at Happy Harbor May 10th, 2020 The Queens visit Happy Harbor HS to check on a couple of students..
Upgrade May 10th, 2020 Bart and Mary reconnect and drop the L-Word.
Ice in the Tropics May 10th, 2020 Bobby and Lorna have a chat, ice crowns are made. Pietro glowers.
The Bells: Death Knell May 10th, 2020 Heroes assemble to face the Shadow monster trying to eat Metropolis, before it can move upon Gotham!
Close Encounters May 10th, 2020 The star traveler reaches out to find a compatible host...and locates one.
Debrief: Subject Gothic Lolita May 10th, 2020 LW-05 is debriefed, perhaps Gothic Lolita has found a new home.
The Bells: Whispers in the Dark May 10th, 2020 SHIELD agents and Asgardians attack the Shadow consuming Metropolis: and work to return it to prison.
Epicenter: Part 1 May 10th, 2020 SHIELD Quake beats Nazi Quake and Mockingbird learns to fly
Nerd Culture May 9th, 2020 A comic shop adventure.
Graduation Reception May 9th, 2020 Graduates were celebrated, food was eaten, fireworks were shot off.
The Bells: Artifacts of Hell's Gate May 9th, 2020 A number of heroes fight shadow-spawned creatures, and learn a thing or two about their behavior... and taste in weapons.
The Show Must Go On May 9th, 2020 Spidey chases crooks into an arena and meets a Rock Goddess.
It's a Gremlin! May 9th, 2020 Yami kills a gremlin in front of Glamour, who... isn't sure what to make of tha
Bowling for Science! May 9th, 2020 Daniel heads out to bowl and consider his future when a happenstance meeting with Doctor Henry McCoy offers a light at the end of the tunnel.
Transitory Hellfire May 9th, 2020 Alexander asks Tess about the Elis Society.
The Prince is (Un)dead, Long Live the Prince! May 9th, 2020 The Prince of New York vampires calls out the Living Vampire for the throne. It...doesn't go well.
A horse, of course May 9th, 2020 Julio and Sam play a game and learn that they've got more in common than they might have expected.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon May 9th, 2020 Danny and Dinah have a spar, things get perhaps a little too personal.
It Was An Accident May 9th, 2020 A traffic accident with a fire hazard results in the best of New Yorkers showing through.
Will There Be Needles May 9th, 2020 Clint takes Oliver and Vanessa to have Jemma examine Vanessa. The verdict? Mutant!
Another Day, Another Paycheck May 9th, 2020 Mastermind, Grifter, and the Cat infiltrate a distribution center which is secretly a Hydra cell. A clever application of mind manipulation leads to full on chaos, as automated Hydra defenses battle with deceived Hydra agents. Robots explode. Critical data is retrieved. Our mercenaries disappear into the night.
A Magikal Tarot Reading May 8th, 2020 No description
Elis Society: The Celebration May 8th, 2020 Karla and Alexander attend the celebration to find out how horrible it is, then decide the fate of those in attendance.
The Hunger: Breakout May 8th, 2020 The Avengers and their allies stage a daring rescue of Tony Stark from an AIM facility deep beneath New York!
A random meeting. May 8th, 2020 And a new link to the Mutant Community is made.
Dude, where's my pizza May 8th, 2020 Mikey forgot the pizza. Instead, he found Spiderman, Artemis, and mousers. Investigations to come
Interview at the Rise N Grind May 8th, 2020 Mary Bromfield applies for a manager position at the Rise N Grind-- and she gets it!
The Bells: Metropolis Overrun May 8th, 2020 Shadow monsters assault Gateway bridge, and heroes respond with firepower.
How To Trap Your Mecha May 8th, 2020 Mockingbird, Achilles, Quake, and Simmons successfully trap and reprogram Gothic Lolita, just in time to head off Captain McMannis from taking her back, and learn how much McMannis has been lying about the situation.
Shield Briefing - Talk to the Animals! May 8th, 2020 Daniel gives a briefing on his research into communicating with the shadow creatures and things don't go well.
Summoned to the Deputy Directors Office May 8th, 2020 Senior Agent Morse reports to Deputy Director Hill. Why is there so much going wrong at once? There is NOT enough coffee for this.
It's You... May 8th, 2020 Two old friends meet after an impossible amount of time. Some words are spoken. So many more are not. Or, Steve comes to visit Peggy's recovery room and, somehow, they both manage to believe each other is real.
Fangs Meets Faerie May 8th, 2020 Glamour sees Blake Riviere in the act of feeding. Vampires are bad, right? Unfortunately, deciding to play hero doesn't really go in her favor. In fact, it's quite humiliating.
Meet the Carter May 8th, 2020 Peggy wakes up. Peggy learns about Steve. Peggy sleeps.
A Cuppa Alex May 7th, 2020 No description
Anything is The New Orange May 7th, 2020 Ivy and Harley go shopping, it's never just normal.
When Sentinels Attack! May 7th, 2020 A Wild Sentinel from Genosha's attack, arrives in NYC and goes straight for Mutant Town, luckily some heroes are there to stop it.
Hunting the Wild Loli May 7th, 2020 Achilles, Daisy, and Jessica have a moment to relax while setting a trap for Gothic Lolita.
A Cat meets a Lyon May 7th, 2020 Cat agrees to play 'Robin Hood' for the Lyon family.
Hidden Whispers May 7th, 2020 Mockingbird and Achilles track down the elusive Cpt. McMannis and learn a portion of the truth surrounding the Livewire Program that created Gothic Lolita.
In Your Head, In Your HeeeEEEEAAAaaadddd May 7th, 2020 Jessica gets another visit from the Straw Man, which she once again sees as Kilgrave. But this time, Straw Man decides to take the mind games deeper, making Jessica start to question her sanity.
Amazonian Hitchhikers from the Savage Land May 7th, 2020 Numbers are exchanged and conversation is had! A new guest for the doctorate party!
Titans in the Park with Pizza. What can go wrong May 7th, 2020 Pizza and Football and a Get Together at the park. Fun times had by all.
TITANS: The Spider-Maker's ArcHIVEs. May 7th, 2020 Kian, Vorpal, Starfire, Flash, Cyborg and Troia answer an emergency call. So does HIVE.
Is New York all you imagined May 7th, 2020 Thea recruits Oliver's help in investigating a warehouse with potential to be her new club. Because nothing is ever simple it may be the base of operations of a human trafficking ring.
ComeUpWithBetterTitleLater May 6th, 2020 No description
Fairy House Guest May 6th, 2020 Clea's guest, Glamour, shares her tales of.. not... quite heroics and pint sized frustrations.
Vacation Plans May 6th, 2020 Alex and Emma make plans for a vacation.
The Bells: Artifacts May 6th, 2020 Zatanna, Lois and Clark investigate the source of the Shadow Demon.
SHIELD! On Ice! May 6th, 2020 Daniel heard the rumors of Agent Carter's revivivification and came to pay his respects. Sadly, there was no ice skating involved.
Of Rice and Dumplings May 6th, 2020 Danny and Dinah have dinner together, discussing a little bit about the Defenders and revealing to each other their origins.
Clearing the Air(waves) May 6th, 2020 Spider-Man gets Silk connected to the Spider-Comm network, and some misunderstandings are put to rest.
Union Square Hijinks for Telepaths May 6th, 2020 Two telepaths meet and chat. Minds opened.
Troublemakers May 6th, 2020 Rogue, Mustang and Jubilation Lee meet inside of the Burger Joint!
Spider-Ninja! May 6th, 2020 Spider-Man goes on the Ninja version of a vision quest.
A Day in the Life May 6th, 2020 Alex and Emma stop by the X-Mansion to let people know they're going on a trip and chat with Illyana, Marie-Ange, Warren, and James while they're there. Cookies are had.
On the prowl May 6th, 2020 Thea can't keep out of warehouses and is followed into one by a Wolverine.
BAM! Kitchen Time! May 6th, 2020 Gabby and Julian welcome Julio to the mansion. No kitchens were burned down during this episode.
WHEEL of FACTIONS May 6th, 2020 Mystique invites Rogue to help with a project.
Interlude in Recovery May 6th, 2020 May still isn't sure if she's Peggy, but at least she likes tea.
Fashion Un-Conscious May 6th, 2020 Time for some Goth-inspired shopping, with Andi meeting none other than one Gothic Lolita.
Looking for the best place that money can buy. May 6th, 2020 After B&E, Thea thinks she may have found a place.. and Kyani agrees.
Studying is hard May 5th, 2020 No description
Fangs and Hellfire May 5th, 2020 No description
The Public House May 5th, 2020 No description
Softly the Petals Fall May 5th, 2020 No description
A Song Still Sung May 5th, 2020 What a surprise! A singer from the past still lives in the present.
Let's Try the Triskelion tonight May 5th, 2020 May gets Mysterious and Enigmatic. Debrief occurs.
Scene title: REDACTED May 5th, 2020 Wade visits Steve, pillow fight is had, for the Dark Side.
A Gothic Gathering May 5th, 2020 Andi sneaks out to a club and meets someone with the best name ever, who could also be a bad influence.
Science is About to Happen! May 5th, 2020 Peggy Carter, melting popsicle. There's SCIENCE to the rescue!
The road less travelled. May 5th, 2020 An afternoon jog on the country trail surrounding the Triskelion leads Hastings to meet the lastest recruit, Angelo Tampambulos (who is totally not Achilles).
Peggy Carter Chapter 2: Science Bugaloo May 5th, 2020 Peggy is no longer a popsicle. She's just a genetic child of Dane, Jane, Bobbi, and Jemma.
Fashion Statement May 5th, 2020 Gothic Lolita shuts down a dangerous and out-of-control genetics lab. Spider-Man helps. A little.
A Run through the Park May 5th, 2020 A nice run, pushing the limits, and enjoying the conversation. Many plans laid for getting rid of Grodd curing the world.
In the halls of St. Nicholas May 5th, 2020 Caliburn seeks a wielder. He gets a reference instead.
Lawyer up! May 5th, 2020 Pepper gets a chance to chat with SI's premiere attorney, giving him a quick heads-up as to what may be coming down the pike.
A New Day May 5th, 2020 Talkin' and meditatin'
Starfire, Catching Up With Friend Garfield May 5th, 2020 Starfire and Beast Boy get caught up on a few things Titans and beyond.
An Ice Cold Shock May 5th, 2020 Nick Fury sends his best science team to investigate a failing cryopod in an ancient storage subbasement of SHIELD. What they find is Margaret Carter coming out of the freeze. Simmons, Fitz, and Foster jump through several impossible hoops to save the thawing woman's life.
Eureka! Here, Fido! May 5th, 2020 A discussion of how to interact with the shadow creatures musically gets good results.
Hunting the Faux: Part 3 May 5th, 2020 Escape? Faux get about it
On the Beach... May 5th, 2020 Siblings have a heart-to-heart. Belasco is going DOWN!
Commissions of the unusual sort May 5th, 2020 Latverian emissaries visit Raatko Arts and Antiquities in search of certain artifacts.
A day at Spider-Woman's office May 4th, 2020 No description
Warren's House Party May 4th, 2020 Warren invites friends over for a party to help ease minds off of the crazy things going on in the world as of late.
Fear of Missing Out May 4th, 2020 Heidi takes Sally flying... only it's not Sally. It's other Sally. Oops.
A Sword and a Lady May 4th, 2020 Directions and help given, and a friendship made.
Straight Shootin' May 4th, 2020 Roy shows AJ a little bit of archery and they briefly talk of summer plans.
Achilles, Agent of Zeu... SHIELD May 4th, 2020 Ow, he hits hard!
New Roommates May 4th, 2020 Satana and Sinclair meet!
Red Handed May 4th, 2020 Nightwing shows up looking for his missing T-Com, the day after it was used in a vandalism attack on Titans Tower. Vic and Donna come up with some suspects and the three formulate a plan of action.
Spider-Comms On(web)line. May 4th, 2020 Spider-Man re-connects with Ghost Spider and sets her up with Spider-Comm...and a few secrets are revealed.
At the Spider's den May 4th, 2020 The aftermath of the Shanghai Surprise raid. Colleen and Elektra talk about the next steps while recovering from their wounds.
All The Wonders That They Do May 4th, 2020 The interview finally goes down. Terry manages not to faint this time.
Cousin time May 4th, 2020 Kara and Clark discuss 'what Lois knows', and secrets.
Hunting the Faux Part 2 May 4th, 2020 What about my deal?
The Hunger: Message In A Bottle May 4th, 2020 Pepper finds a vital clue to solving the disappearance of Tony Stark.
The Tower and the Paint May 4th, 2020 Red X and Techno graffiti Titans Tower. And it was glorious.
Bronx Night Market Meandering May 4th, 2020 Janet and Steve sample the best of the Bronx Night Market, from tequila to fritters, and Steve's gift remains a secret yet.
Who were those guys May 4th, 2020 Nat and Pepper return to Stark Tower and share some of their first words alone.
Hot Fresh Cookies in Titan Tower May 3rd, 2020 The younger Titans spend more time getting to know one another.
A Sinister Plot: A Design Most Dire May 3rd, 2020 The X-men know the culprit... but an interruption in their planning...
A Sinister Plot: A Broken Crown May 3rd, 2020 TW: GORE VIOLENCE NUDITY TORTURE - Sinister begins his experiments, and is not above taking what he wants from his patients.
A Sinister Plot: A Shattered Star May 3rd, 2020 Roberto and Gabby have their turn on the table, with varied results.
A Sinister Plot: I Was Working In My Lab One Night May 3rd, 2020 Awakening. Doctor Nathaniel Essex has brought them together for a project... one that promises to be likely fatal.
A Sinister Plot: Lost But Not Forgotten May 3rd, 2020 The X-Men discover people are missing in action. Panic sets in, and groups split to start planning investigations and rescues.
Royal Pounding May 3rd, 2020 Spider-Man gets splatted by Rhino, Wonder Woman gets involved, and they both get pizza.
Checking In May 3rd, 2020 Satana pops in to visit Rachel, and ends up becoming a roommate.
A Shocking Turn of Events May 3rd, 2020 Cat breaks into a museum only to find she wasn't the first one there.
One Day the Birb will English Good. That Day is Not Today. May 3rd, 2020 Colette visits the tower for Kian's latest English lessons, while Gar actually refuses food and isn't entirely overwhelmed, Naomi learns that you don't get detention for saving the world, Terry attempts to induct an alien into the Cult of Carol Channing, and best of all Caitlin bakes EXCELLENT cookies.
The Tolling of Silver Clockbells May 3rd, 2020 Shang-Chi, Catwoman, Nightwing and Batman foil the Clock King's latest caper.
Shutdown the Monkeys May 3rd, 2020 Elektra, Colleen and Danny shut down a drug operation at the Shanghai Suprise, eliminating some Silver Monkey gang members and six members of the Hand.
Coffee with Conner. Alliteration for the win! May 2nd, 2020 No description
The Bells - It's not Mind Control May 2nd, 2020 Loki offers Clint a screaming shadow pet gift.
moonlitalley.com May 2nd, 2020 The way of the ninja is introduced to Alice
Hunting Mutants but finding the wrong kind May 2nd, 2020 Anti-mutant protesters attack the Null Group's soda storage warehouse based on terrible internet conspiracy theories, find more than they bargined for.
To Faux Pa a Fence May 2nd, 2020 Diamondback and Death Reaper both tried to sell the same fake ray-gun to a Brooklyn fence. It didn't go how they hoped, but maybe they came away with a new bond! A crime bond.
Moving Up and Moving In May 2nd, 2020 Newly-minted SHIELD Agent Dane Whitman gets his official...cubicle. But at least the conversation is good!
Now, Why Would They Call It a Danger Room May 2nd, 2020 Kian, Naomi and Vic trade some flight pointers.
Titans: Mary and Kara have joined the party! May 1st, 2020 Kara and Mary Bromfield get a tour of the Titans Tower, and get to meet Victor as well.
Meet and Greet May 1st, 2020 The Defenders welcome Black Canary to the team.
Genosha: From the Ashes - Shipping In May 1st, 2020 Natasha Cranston shows up on Genosha with a freighter full of aid supplies, which are hastily unloaded.
An Unstoppable Outing May 1st, 2020 Juggernaut picks the wrong time to try to rob an armored truck. Facing off against an Amazon, a Ghost Rider, and an occultist proves to be something the Juggernaut didn't plan for and so he gives them one rather nasty round of applause and chooses to rob another day.
Training Day May 1st, 2020 Going to Meet up with Bruce Banner about the mechanical device they've found.
Plugging Into the Web May 1st, 2020 Spider-Man reaches out to Scarlet Spider with his own Spider-Comm rig. And it isn't even Christmas.
Dazzling Drinks at the HFC May 1st, 2020 Warren and Alison meet up at the Hellfire Club for drinks. They talk about alternate Earth, Alison's potential and share a dance.
Dropa Stones: Seeing Red May 1st, 2020 Lara introduces her new partner on the Dropa Stones expeditions to all she has on the stones so far!
Fresh New Faces May 1st, 2020 Moral of the day: Don't talk about Sweden!
A Different Kind Of Thunder God May 1st, 2020 Sally's video game session with Heidi is interrupted by the arrival of Kaminari, seeking respite from the Japanophiles that hound her every move. They wind up consuming machos, making plans for sushi night, and playing Monster Hunter World.
Title Date Scene Summary
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Twisted Treeline June 30th, 2020 No description
Gotham: Demons In A Bottle June 30th, 2020 Along came a spider and sat down beside 'er...
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Howling Abyss June 30th, 2020 Mojo and Arcade throw Mockingbird, IMP, Jemma Simmons, Victorious, and the Batman into an arena with some of Batman's 'friends'. They cheat. So does Batman.
=The Tigra Slayer 1.0 June 30th, 2020 Tigra has a run-in with Smythe's newest invention.
Good Morning, SHIELD June 30th, 2020 Jane Foster starts orientating Cecily Winters to SHIELD, where she meets several new faces.
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Butcher's Bridge June 30th, 2020 Mojo and Arcade drop a few heroes(?) into Butcher's Bridge. They smash their way to the other side.
In the 'cave. June 30th, 2020 Ollie and Thea talk, and the outcome is, well.. pretty typically Queen.
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Summoner's Rift June 30th, 2020 Mojo and Arcade, channel 3: Summoner's Rift! Five SHIELD agents and Mary Jane Watson fight their way across a League of Legends map.
The House Special June 30th, 2020 Sara comes to the realization with the help of Angelo that a decision regarding the Witchblade must be made.
Vic, You're So OLD! June 30th, 2020 Even when the end of the world is looming, the Titans do not forget to celebrate birthdays. There are gifts, an amazing cake, illicit drinks and puzzled Robins.
Nightclub of Errors June 30th, 2020 Heather, Bart, and Gwen stop a problem brewing in a nightclub.
Meeting of the Mindsets June 30th, 2020 Spider-Man meets up with two powerful female warriors to touch base on the Kulan Gath problem.
Late Night Pizza Emergency! June 29th, 2020 No description
I Was Flying Through the Park One Day June 29th, 2020 Unfinished
Genosha Burns! Plan and Scan June 29th, 2020 A SHIELD team investigates the Bushwick crater using scanning tech from Tony Stark and Dr. Jane Foster, and locates a city bus that was shrunk to just a couple of centimeters in length.
Demanding The Lost June 29th, 2020 A friendly meeting at a rally. No howling.
You're Making a WHAT June 29th, 2020 Ideas are exchanged, and will Piotr realize he might be on a DATE soon? Stay tuned!
Random Rescuers June 29th, 2020 Rescued kids, creepy Hilde, murderous Barney! The
Vulnerabilities June 29th, 2020 Felicia tries to learn to shoryuken someone, but is told to go to bed and heal instead.
Side notes June 29th, 2020 Slade offers an ear and some advice that is taken.
Zen and the Art of Killing Brainiac Drones. June 29th, 2020 Kate's Danger Room program is ready to show the Titans what they are facing with the Brainiac drones. It's not all doom and gloom, just mostly.
Chipping Away June 29th, 2020 Tony describes some of the Brainiac situation to Pepper.
Strange Fae June 29th, 2020 Doctor Strange appears to Glamour, requesting her help wiht the Soul of the City. Glamour is /thoroughly/ excited to've been asked and jumps at the chance to be useful. She may live to regret it.
The One And Only Birds Of Prey June 28th, 2020 No description
The Elves of Manhattan June 28th, 2020 A greeting and a movie.
Redheads of the Universe DESTROY! Rachel learning control too. June 28th, 2020 Rachel gets spoken down to by an angel. Flies off. Stupid and Stubborn.
Camping Is a Good Idea June 28th, 2020 Rogue and Remy have a camout. The wild Drop Bear makes a cameo appearance!
Thinking Outside The X-Box June 28th, 2020 Recruitment continues for X-Force, as Artemis agrees to join the team.
A Hellfire Masquerade June 28th, 2020 A Hellfire Masquerade Ball!
The All-Seeing Eye June 28th, 2020 Magik and Doctor Strange devise a way by which the City can heal itself - genii locorum!
=Malfunction June 27th, 2020 No description
Flaming skull, glowing bracelet, and demigod walk into an alley. No, this is not a joke. June 27th, 2020 No description
Earth, Wind, and Space June 27th, 2020 A meeting of outsiders in celebration.
Anomaly Investigation June 27th, 2020 Franklin finds Felicity in one of his father's underground labs and...rescues her?
WAND: Beat It June 27th, 2020 SHIELD has a vampire!
Freeze Frames in Mutant Town June 27th, 2020 Wanda Maximoff helps host a charity event, crossing paths with a Black Cat and connecting with a Spider.
Out and About to Sing June 27th, 2020 Siobhan meets Landry while searching for a gig at a club.
Love Life of the Lone Dork June 27th, 2020 Ted and Starfire watch a silly movie and decide to go after Brainiac.
Calling Allies June 27th, 2020 Michelangelo and April talk about Mutant Town, before settling into some episodes of Dawson's Creek.
A Date Night in Gotham. Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong. June 27th, 2020 Date night means beating up goons and getting shot! Its Gotham, what else did you expect.
The Royal and the Royal Heel June 27th, 2020 Spidey reconnects with Shuri, gulfs are crossed, and friendships are reinforced.
A Place for a Murderbot June 27th, 2020 Lolita becomes an Agent of Shield
What Are the Odds June 27th, 2020 Of all the coffee joints in the world...there are tons of them, but somehow, Patsy and Bucky end up at this one.
Boats on the Astral Sea June 27th, 2020 Illyana and Strange survey the astral wounds left by Braniac's abduction of Bushwick.
X in the Morning June 27th, 2020 Ruth and Julian meet and discuss the state of the world
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! June 26th, 2020 No description
Things really do go bump in the night June 26th, 2020 No description
Epicenter: Part 3 - Hey HYDRA, Happy 4th June 26th, 2020 A head of HYDRA is crippled, but not cut off. Epicenter is captured and a HYDRA base is secured, but Whitehall got away.
Genosha Burns: Avengers ORGANIZE! June 26th, 2020 Various Brainiac info is shared, and plans are made!
The Best Place in NYC June 26th, 2020 Ivy goes exploring Central Park, and winds up saving its greenery from being damaged by the notorious Booster Gold
A Daring Raid June 26th, 2020 Black Adam and Freddy 'Pantheon' Freeman clash over the rights of a low level criminal.
Chilling with the Waynes June 26th, 2020 Hank McCoy, Carrie, and Alfred watch the Match Game. Easy evening of chatting.
A Stunning Sight June 26th, 2020 Keagan meets Landry at the area that used to be Mutant Town.
WAND: Smooth Criminal June 25th, 2020 Caught by vampires, SHIELD agents fight their way free of a persuasive power and chase the clutch out into the night.
Genosha Burns, Titans Fiddle. June 25th, 2020 In the aftermath of the assault on DC and the capture of Mutant Town, the Titans get together for a planning session.
Pepper, Enforcer of Naps June 25th, 2020 Tony's work on the Brainiac situation exhausted him, and Pepper ensures he gets some rest.
Lightning Strikes... Thrice! June 25th, 2020 = Score Shazam O Nitro 2.
The Scottish Play June 25th, 2020 Shakespeare in the Park! A very intense performance of Macbeth is given as audience members weigh in on the idea of power corrupting.
A Touch of Frost June 25th, 2020 An abandoned warehouse becomes an ice palace when two magically-inclined people meet.
Foxes and Raccoon Dogs. June 25th, 2020 A Kitsune and a Tanuki chill on a rooftop.
Epicenter: Hunting for HYDRA June 25th, 2020 SUPER SHIELD WANTS YOU!
Upon a Midnight Clear June 25th, 2020 Proposals made and accepted, and plans hatched to deal with the Brainiac threat to Doom's eventual rulership of the Earth.
Stars and Foxes June 24th, 2020 No description
History Lessons June 24th, 2020 Peggy meets Pepper and Tony.
Genosha Burns! Sharing Information June 24th, 2020 Multiple heroic groups gather to talk Brainiac strategy.
Genosha Burns! Sentinel Factory June 24th, 2020 The X-men successfully infiltrate a long defunct Sentinel Base... and find Master Mold, among other things.
Genosha Burns! Wild Sentinels: Ecuador Edition June 24th, 2020 The X-men find the base where the Wild Sentinels came from, and they clear house.
Proportionate Responses June 24th, 2020 X-Force is discussed, and an idea of a team is formed...
Genosha Burns! Investigating Mutant Town June 24th, 2020 The X-men gain permission to get scans from Mutant Town's remains, and get confirmation it is the same as the craters from Genosha. Hope is restored that some mutants might be alive. Plans are made.
Icarus should have used Thanagar tech, not wax June 24th, 2020 Daisy and Bobbi learn to sing like the birds.
Come Into My Parlor, Said the Spider to the Flying Thing June 24th, 2020 A bird, a ghost spider, and a mutant meet at a hot tub. Whurf.
He Came From Beneath The Sea June 24th, 2020 Garth returns after his long absence. Luckily(?), he happens to run into Vorpal and Beast Boy first.
A Wave Crashes on Land June 24th, 2020 A walk in the park accompanied by shots fired by Aquaman at the poor beleaguered Agent Drew.
The Golden Beebo June 24th, 2020 Angela and Sera succeed at an impossible task for the reward of a home in Brooklyn
Do You Want To Know A Secret June 24th, 2020 Secrets revealed, and romantic flights ensue!
Mutant Town: Sexy Charity Car-Wash June 24th, 2020 Wherein there is charity and fanservice.
Cat as Catch Can June 24th, 2020 Felicia meets Peter, and talk about really big...swords.
Just like old times June 24th, 2020 Hilde tells Barney about a pick-up call... is she crazy?
Worlds collide June 24th, 2020 Two worlds, not so far apart as they keep vigil for Mutant Town.
Heartfelt Worry June 24th, 2020 Lois and Clark discuss Brainiac and new worries.
Wakandan Aid June 24th, 2020 A SHIELD team goes to the Wakandan embassy to ask Princess Shuri for her assistance against Brainiac's invasion force.
The Kitten of Hell's Kitchen June 23rd, 2020 Matt and Daisy get a cat and talk about the path their lives have taken.
Verdant: The first walkthrough with a friend June 23rd, 2020 First walkthrough with a friend!
After the Embassy's Opening June 23rd, 2020 Thor and Diana reflect on the embassy party.
The Burden of Responsibility June 23rd, 2020 The Cat and the Spider meet up, share philosophies and contact info.
Helping those remaining. June 23rd, 2020 Phoebe is set on the path of the Jedi.
The Sincerest Form of Flattery Pt 2 June 23rd, 2020 April lets Vanessa test her mutant powers with her. A Copycat was born.
Sink or Swim June 23rd, 2020 Swimming, chatting, discussing family and bonding... a good day!
Met Gala: Mandate of Heaven June 22nd, 2020 The Met Gala brings together the city and unleashes medieval artifacts far and wide!
Black Sun: Wicked and Divine June 22nd, 2020 A special display attracts SHIELD's attention, but something unexpected turns the theft-in-progress on its head.
Super Match Game Ep102 June 22nd, 2020 Joan and Siobhan play Super Match Game with Bret, Damian, Natasha, Karen, April and Wade in a heck of a showdown, hosted by Greer!
Devil's in the Details June 22nd, 2020 An intellectual discussion peppered with riddles and teases.
A Knight of Stars, An Angel of Heven June 22nd, 2020 An angel meets a knight and a scientist. Tony Stark, look out.
Member Berries June 22nd, 2020 The ANTI-Social Network
A Little Bit Of... June 22nd, 2020 Tim shows off the new base and invites Rose and Bart to move in.
SpotOp's Patchup June 22nd, 2020 Hilde comes upon an injured Landry and the two criminals he got hurt apprehending. She begins to patch him up when Lokitty comes to toy with them both like a cat and mouse game.
Kitchen Chat June 22nd, 2020 Roberto, Ororo and Kitty have a talk in the kitchen over pork, coffee and cereal, can you guess who had what?
And the cradle will rock June 22nd, 2020 Sera and Impulse attend a vigil where a mutant lashes out in anger and sorrow
Checking in On Emma June 22nd, 2020 Warren comes to check on Emma.
Strike of the Mastermind! June 21st, 2020 The bad guys got away....or did they?
A Wild Wasp Appears! June 21st, 2020 A Wild Wasp Appears searching for her missing father! She has a wild tale to tell the Avengers and given the numerous shady elements in her past soon finds herself under house arrest awaiting a SHIELD investigation and paternity tests.
Just a Chat June 21st, 2020 It was supposed to be showing off a hero base, but instead, there's talk of fantastically bad ideas, like Tim trying to date Rose and Conner wanting to slow that trainwreck in progress.
Batkids and Friends June 21st, 2020 Dumplings and drama, Bat Family, clean up on aisle 14.
SHIELD Briefing - Earth's Latest Peril June 21st, 2020 Carol shares what she knows to some of the best and brightest of SHIELD. Hopefully they can pull some tricks together and help stop Brainiac.
Morality Play June 21st, 2020 Unstoppable force meets immovable object.
Verdant: The beginning June 21st, 2020 Club is cleared and there is more clean-up to be done in Starling, apparently!
Could it be rain June 21st, 2020 The rain fell, but new friends potentially.
Rupert's Raid! June 21st, 2020 After a gang of robbers rob Rupert's, the turtle family gets a whole lot bigger. Pizza is shared, communications are (soon to be) setup.
Wandering Starling June 20th, 2020 No description
Petite Theft Yachto June 20th, 2020 Theft!
A Gotham Graduation Party June 20th, 2020 Friends and family gather for Stephanie's graduation party. No one is stabbed nor drowned. This was deemed a great success.
Are There Bagels on Tamaran June 20th, 2020 Why is Ted Lonely? Hard to answer.
Walking Wounded June 20th, 2020 Kitty checks on Max in the X-men's medical bay after he was rescued from his abductors
Treading Water June 20th, 2020 Avengers enjoy some last relaxing moments before world events call for attention
A tale of Two Kitties June 20th, 2020 Spider-Man meets up with Tigra, crosses the Black Cat's path, and gets close to a Singularity.
Rehab is a Beast June 20th, 2020 A quiet evening of surf and turf, talk, and discussion of Hank's newfound swolness.
Interruptions and Bright Lights June 20th, 2020 Bright lights outside, a chunk of city being torn up... What should have been a pleasant afternoon has been disturbed by chaos. Emma and Alex are escorted to thevHFC bunker....
Flowers and Sympathy June 19th, 2020 Dinah quit. Scene is finished. Period.
Second Thoughts June 19th, 2020 Sara realizes she was an ass and apologizes, Achilles is his gracious self.
City in a Bottle June 19th, 2020 Sentinels attack Washington DC, Brainiac shows himself to the world through his drones, and his taking Mutant Town from NYC. Despite the valiant fight from our world's heroes, they had been defeated this time...but there is more to come.
Merry-Go-Duel June 19th, 2020 Shen and Elektra duel in a temporary carnival. Merry-go-rounds are slaughtered. Blows are exchanged. Elektra springs a devious trap. Shen manages to snatch a draw out of defeat. The two walk away with mutual respect.
Earlier Than Expected June 19th, 2020 Silk gets to meet Mania, it's weird.
A French Vampire in Manhattan. June 19th, 2020 Julie approaches an unlikely way into the mages collective, and makes another friend.
The Sweet Smell of Success June 19th, 2020 Batgirl and Spoiler apprehend Rat Catcher, then have an unexpected encounter with Harley Quinn
Doumoarigatou Mr. Toshiro June 19th, 2020 Bobbi taps an asset to narrow down the search for Whitehalls operation. Then she taps that asset.
Spoiled Business June 19th, 2020 A brawl becomes a flight and a first meeting.
Medical Mechanica June 19th, 2020 Morbius gets a visit from another genius and enlists his help in designing some complicated medical equipment.
Siblings: Oh Joy June 19th, 2020 Pietro and Lorna catch up and have a nice time.
That Belongs in an Embassy! June 19th, 2020 Lara brings an old spear to Shuri and it is revealed that it is something from Wakanda from centuries prior.
So You Fought Ninjas And Got Burnt June 19th, 2020 An injured Colleen has Kitty stop to check on her, and Bart investigates the dojo.
Hospitality June 18th, 2020 Cassandra draw a line and Ted respects it for once. Ted gets to live.
The Nickel Tour June 18th, 2020 Questions are asked and avoided. Anger rises and flight is reflexively chosen. So be it!
This one time, in Greenwich Village June 18th, 2020 There's someone named Strange, in the neighbourhood. Who ya gunna call?
A Wish Is A Dream... June 18th, 2020 Gar's Make-A-Wish appearance leaves him in a heavy, contemplative mood. Luckily, Terry is a dork.
Help wanted June 18th, 2020 Another interview done.. more to go!
Who takes the STAIRS June 18th, 2020 Tony and Pepper discuss hiring policy.
Race Day! June 18th, 2020 A possible date for a race with Tigra?
Wrong Button June 18th, 2020 Grenades, more grenades, and clean up before intentionally wrecking a bike.
U.F.O.-S.H.O.E. June 17th, 2020 Mort J Harkavy, 57, begins his adventures through time, space, and footwear. Knockout and Livewire go to get tacos. The Jules Verne Museum crew arrives in the morning and wonders what happened.
The Hunger: Messenger June 17th, 2020 A strange messenger pays a visit to the Village.
Kitchen Musings June 17th, 2020 Kurt and Lorna get a chance to catch up.
Crossing Paths June 17th, 2020 Spider-Man has a Black Cat cross his path (again)...hilarity ensues.
Tech Support June 17th, 2020 Dinah comes to Ted with a technical problem. He comes through in spades!
Simply Marvel-ous June 17th, 2020 Spider-Man and Red Sonja foil a bank robbery with the timely assistance of a new superheroine.
To the Arrowcave! June 17th, 2020 Roy takes AJ home to visit the family, oh, and Team Arrow. Did he mention the two were one and the same? No? Surprise!
Heist-Halting June 16th, 2020 No description
Perfectly Normal Pillow Talk June 16th, 2020 No description
A Latverian Interlude June 16th, 2020 Latverian holidays are good for even Doom.
I Am Not a SPIDER! June 16th, 2020 The Blue Beetle meets Starfire! Booster Gold helps! Many conclusions are jumped to.
The Speakeasy Adventures June 16th, 2020 Jemms, Jane and Daisy go visit the finest speakeasy on Harlem and talk about suspenders and astronauts. And Jemms even gets to dance without being drunk! But then a mystery happens and they get on the hunt of an illusive couple that are more than they seem at a first glance. To be continued! Furies Assemble!
Hang In There June 16th, 2020 Mike practices safe climbing. Greer does not.
A Night Time Tussle June 16th, 2020 Landry and Chick-A-Plao come to the rescue as April, Vanessa and some others are assaulted on the street
Many Burgers at Big Belly Burgers. June 16th, 2020 Bart gets work advice from the new kid.
Mutant Town's Lawyer June 16th, 2020 Clarice runs into Mutant Rights Activist, Evangeline Whedon.
Sanity Break June 16th, 2020 Dan and Val have lunch and catch up. Thankfully, Valeria was kidding about getting complacent and hanging out more with Johnny.. wasn't she?
A Little Check Up June 16th, 2020 Shaw and Tessa come to check on Emma, Tessa has some information about Sinister.
Stay Fit June 16th, 2020 Wally and Kori have an interesting conversation. Wordplay barrier exists.
Lost in Transit June 16th, 2020 Bird and Arrow take down a part of a modern slavery ring in Starling City
Blood and Neon June 15th, 2020 No description
Rushed In June 15th, 2020 No description
Rooftop Pool Hijinx June 15th, 2020 No description
Follow Up June 15th, 2020 Lara and Bolo meet to discuss Ebenezer.
Too Many Cooks June 15th, 2020 Picnic at the beach! Gar gets sappy, Terry gets advice, and Colette avoids explaining anything at all again.
The tea is insubstantial when the thirst is for knowledge June 15th, 2020 Ariah plays a performance of Kaze no Toori Michi for the audience at Cafe Lalo. Then after her performance is complete both Ariah and Blake fail to be fooled by Vivians perfectly normal Human girl disguise.
The Asgardian Angel and the Blazing Phoenix June 15th, 2020 Julie makes a new friend, and they go off flying...also dancing.
Night Sports June 15th, 2020 Casey and the Nightwatcher whip some street gang butt
The Brain and the Bad Men. June 15th, 2020 A deal is struck and mozzarella sticks ordered.
Walk Among Tombstones June 15th, 2020 The Ladies Book Club goes on an adventure and finds...talking marble angels and weird messages. Just a regular Monday!
The Power of Chocolate June 15th, 2020 Daisy and Fitz go their separate ways.
The Cat and the Shootist June 14th, 2020 No description
Shared Stories June 14th, 2020 Nyssa and Alexander chat.
Angelo goes to Angelo's with Sara June 14th, 2020 Pizza at Angelo's. Night trails off with happy conversation and supportive stuff.
Things To Learn June 14th, 2020 Kara approaches Diana about learning some new skills.
Harbinger of Trouble June 14th, 2020 Spider-Man reaches out to OG Spider-Woman about the Kulan Gath threat.
Moving In June 14th, 2020 Alex officially moves in!
The Hunger: Unseen Hand June 14th, 2020 Constantine and Doctor Strange sense an unusual presence in Manhattan. Wong marathons the Office.
Dead Chicken Restaurant June 14th, 2020 Bart, Rose and Conner meet for dinner at the dead chicken restaurant. Bart want to save the chickens-in-the-Matrix. Like Neo.
Exploring Gotham June 14th, 2020 Carrie, Hank and Jason meet for dinner and conversation. Nobody dies.
Sorcery at the Public Library June 14th, 2020 Jovian temporarily is turned into a chicken. The heroes defeat Student 42. Sera and Jovian share a bounty.
Happy Birthday, Pepper June 14th, 2020 Pepper is given a birthday gift.
Supersonic June 13th, 2020 No description
Fancy Meeting You Here June 13th, 2020 No description
The SHIELD Saturday Special June 13th, 2020 Clint and Daisy are joined by Wanda for the chef's Saturday special at the SHIELD cafeteria.
Actions and Consequences June 13th, 2020 Scott and Lorna have a chat about what happened in Genosha, and what they should do going forward.
Betsy and Bishop talk security June 13th, 2020 Betsy and Bishop discuss security
Houseguests June 13th, 2020 Deals are struck, eggs are made.
The Paint Job June 13th, 2020 A few of the turtle brothers talk about current events while decorating the turtle van.
Debriefing is Always Fun. June 13th, 2020 Sam and Steve emerge from the workful atmosphere of the Triskelion for some gyros and friendly chitchat.
Food Truckin' With Feline and Deity. June 13th, 2020 Spidey meets up with Kaminari to talk to her about his recent adventure.
Two Titans, One Gym June 12th, 2020 No description
Cheetah vs. Raccoon: Dawn of Justice June 12th, 2020 No description
When the moon hits your eye... June 12th, 2020 Marie and Mary have a date. It goes very well!
Angels and Tigers June 12th, 2020 Angela and Bronze Tiger fight some Tong members then make a deal.
Old Blood June 12th, 2020 Old compatriots meet by chance after far, far too long. Words exchanged, old evils spoken of, and bonds renewed.
International Collaboration June 12th, 2020 Riri and Shuri continue their collaboration, Shuri offers a field trip.
Betsy plans with Lorna June 12th, 2020 Charity plans proceed
Little Dragon and the Phoenix June 12th, 2020 Julie Yan visits the CHikara Dojo and her and Colleen engage in some friendly sparring.
How's It Going, Mini-Me June 12th, 2020 Wally checks on Bart
Dude, where's my quiet time June 12th, 2020 The turtles hang out, and bond over meditation, machines, and dodging spitballs.
Bowlin' Night June 12th, 2020 Rogue and Remy go BOWLING!
Gotta Punch Something! June 12th, 2020 The past haunts in the shadows of the Triskelion's gym facilities.
Encountering Alexander June 12th, 2020 While on a training mission with Jessica Drew, Agent Melinda May drops in on Alexander Aaron at the ESU campus. The three chat and toss a basketball around. Poorly.
Hellfire Masquerade: The Public House June 11th, 2020 Young folks socialize while old mercs gather in the Public House during the Hellfire Club Masquerade.
Hellfire Masquerade: VIP Lounge June 11th, 2020 VIPs had a good time talking about the people present and academia.
The Smell of Victory June 11th, 2020 The collected young mutants face their new arch nemesis, the Swedish speedster, Fart!
Senior Trip June 11th, 2020 In Monaco, Roulette is caught cheating with her powers and a deal is made for her freedom and funds.
Inner Circle: Court Has Been Called June 11th, 2020 A Inner Circle meeting, discussion presidential ambitions, the kidnap and return of their own, and further plans for the teen club.
Self-defense for dummies June 11th, 2020 Clarice visits ESU with her friend Rollo where they meet up with Alexander.
Pitch black June 11th, 2020 Ninjas from distant clans meet.
Nesting Grounds June 11th, 2020 Spider-Man, Red Sonja, and Owari deal with the machinations of a power-mad sorcerer.
Epicenter: The Daniel Whitehall Briefing June 11th, 2020 Peggy shows us the horrors of HYDRA. SHIELD is coming for you Daniel Whitehall.
When Kidnapping Goes Wrong June 11th, 2020 The Order of St. Dumas tries to kidnap a new arrival to Happy Harbor. They didn't do their research. Wrong neighborhood guys.
A Blue Swath June 11th, 2020 Beetle makes arrangements with Swath in case he... you know.
Down to Mutant Town June 11th, 2020 Bobby and Lorna go to Mutant Town to start investigating the tensions there. They run into Scott.
La-La-(tveria)-Land June 11th, 2020 Doom and Clea head to Latveria, and lay out their official commitments. And commitment!
Who Ya Gonna Call June 11th, 2020 Plans are made, pizza is ordered!
Scotch: The Final Frontier June 11th, 2020 Lorna comes to Xavier for therapy.
Pizza at Suppertime... June 11th, 2020 Greer and Mike run into each other at Dominos. Promotional Pizza is had.
Forget Me Not June 11th, 2020 Memories taken by Sinister's cronies, Roberto visits Stephanie in Gotham to try to recover them
War World: Interim June 11th, 2020 Loki visits Thor while he recovers from the first War World conflict.
Hall of Hobos June 11th, 2020 Arthur gets fast food and breaks into the Hall of Justice to find out where the Justice League is. Diana shows up to find out why a hobo just broke into the Hall of Justice, and then tells Arthur he smells (in so many words). It is a good time.
A Peggy, a Puppy, and a Soldier June 11th, 2020 Peggy brings Bucky one of his favoured beverages and they have a relaxing night in the grass of the courtyard. The first of many evenings soon to be tradition between them. Lili, of course, is spoiled with love, as is her due.
Birthday Wonder Waffles June 11th, 2020 Birthday Wonder Waffles are had. A New Tradition Founded. Donna broke out the good stuff. Shh.
Titanic Delivery June 11th, 2020 May and Carol recieve a delivery of ordinance lost in the Shadow Demon Invasion from a Junior Titan. Interesting conversation is had with some potential things to follow up on. Also Carol will not be getting her hours clocked for flight certification due to aliens this coming weekend.
Operation: Prank Hank June 11th, 2020 Pie. Jokes. Friends. Good times.
Titans Training Time! June 10th, 2020 Titans Training Session
Stomp the Foot June 10th, 2020 Donatello and Kainashi get sprung upon by the Foot -- who are chasing Kainashi for other reasons! Donatello gets to be heroic -- isn't that what everyone wants?
Cats on the street! June 10th, 2020 In the End the thief gets away!
Plus ca Change June 10th, 2020 Mary has a date! Head spinning currently at 7800rpms!
Happens in a Castle June 10th, 2020 It was supposedly to be closed for reforms, but they were there anyway!
Asking for Accounting help June 10th, 2020 Betsy offers Bobby a job, and discusses her plans.
Truth Be Told June 10th, 2020 Daniel affirms to Peggy Carter that he's not an apparition and apologizes to her for leaving SHIELD.
Smash & Grab! June 10th, 2020 Bad guys were protecting drugs, bad guys got rocked. Julie still needs a superhero name.
We all (root beer) float down here June 10th, 2020 Steve hangs out with Wade. Puzzles and kittens.
Black Sky: Raid in Chinatown June 9th, 2020 The Defenders plus Kitty Pryde raid the Hand in New York's Chinatown and find a trap waiting for them.
Mutant Town Aint So Bad June 9th, 2020 The Juggernaut likes art. Who knew?
New School, New Life... June 9th, 2020 Strangers meet and lives are discussed.
Titans Tower Social June 9th, 2020 A gathering of Titans where the drinks aren't poisoned, the Amazons don't do Sports Illustrated and swords are waved around but nobody's stabbed.
Just my luck. Yep. June 9th, 2020 Revelations and rescues. Fun and frustrating times.
Coffee Shop Chatter June 9th, 2020 Rave and Landry begin groundwork for a partnership. Ms. Winters buys lemon cake for everyone and gets embarrassed.
The Goal Sublime June 9th, 2020 The Blue and the Gold and... ?
A Side Project June 9th, 2020 Dane Whitman gives Jane Foster a tour of Garrett Castle. Museum plans are discussed.
Setting up Sion June 9th, 2020 Making Acquaintance while putting Sion together
Lab Research June 9th, 2020 MJ joins Peter in his basement lab in a mercifully villain-free environment.
Gratitous Backup June 9th, 2020 Lara finds a treasure. Jovian makes a contact. Ebenezer goes to jail.
Guess who came knocking (Again) June 9th, 2020 Elektra comes for a visit, meets Karate Bear and they talk about the next steps on their attacks against the Hand.
Rest And Recovery June 9th, 2020 X-men gather in the medical bay to check on the freed kidnap victims.
Just a quiet night at Hellfire ... June 9th, 2020 Thea and Oliver go to have lunch at the Hellfire Club and get besieged by Malcolm. Pleasant talk ensues. But it doesn't last too long, unfortunate for some but fortunate for others!
A Class Above June 9th, 2020 Alexander and Kitty visit Colleen Wing at her dojo for pizza and an unconventional cake
Obliviousness June 8th, 2020 Sally and Heidi have a conversation about the nature of many Sallies. There is also a food fight.
Who Plays The Match Game June 8th, 2020 Terry and Gar have a heart-to-heart, and then comes the difficult choice: Dinner, or dessert?
Snack Attack June 8th, 2020 Logan and Gabby chat, Jean shows up, dinner is had.
Post Match Game Chitter Chatter June 8th, 2020 Abby gets to talk superhero names with Captain Thunder and Nick Drago
Champion's Ring June 8th, 2020 Ted Grant and 'Jenny' talk and practice self-defense tactics that may or may not help out with the agent network of the mysterious Shadow.
An update for a friend. June 8th, 2020 Steph gets sorta filled in about Berto
Lunch Time June 8th, 2020 Even at lunch time, you met interesting people in Hell's Kitchen
Recruiting Help June 8th, 2020 Satana contacts Thomas, and ends up with a lease agreement.
This Needs a Better Name June 8th, 2020 Daisy and Jane eat cake, talk routines, and plan to drink. A lot.
A Little More Creamer June 8th, 2020 A number of friends old and new happen by the same coffee house.
The Odd One Out June 8th, 2020 Allegra Caradenza doesn't feel like she belongs with the others in Xavier's mansion. Sam finds her, and attempts to reason with her doubting herself, and continues to show his patience for the recovering mutant hater.
Meeting the boss. June 8th, 2020 And The Boss meets the big new hire.
After the Show... June 8th, 2020 After a singing gig, Landry catches Sofia with her wings!
Oh My God, It Is You After All. June 8th, 2020 James really is who he says he is and it results in a phone conversation to Patsy's great surprise.
Hopes and Memories June 8th, 2020 Raven and Donna discuss dreams, immortality, death and love.
The Ocean Meets SHIELD June 8th, 2020 Arthur Curry is spotted in New Troy. SHIELD alerted to his presence sends Agent Drew out to have a chat with him. Curry grumps his way through the 'interview.'
The Hero of Tomorrow, Today June 8th, 2020 Booster Gold holds open auditions for a sidekick, but there are no takers. There are, however, a few heroes incognito in the crowd, and Freddy Freeman offers some free advice on how to be a hero.
Dogpile June 7th, 2020 Kainashi and Donatello run into each other while cutting through Central Park.
Weird Investigations involving NYPD + SHIELD June 7th, 2020 Witchblade meets Achilles... connections are formed quickly.
Binding Wounds June 7th, 2020 After the rescue, Emma just wants to forget, but Alex wants her to work things out right.
Speeder Bike Chase June 7th, 2020 The heroes swapped contact info. Monte goes to jail. No one hurt.
Special Guest Star June 7th, 2020 Bolo tries to take down a target, and runs into more than he bargained for.
Things That go RAWR in the Night June 7th, 2020 Spider-Man deals with demonic forces and vengeful robots. So, par for the course.
Catching a Wild Tony June 7th, 2020 Pepper coaxes Tony out of his lab.
Beast: Aftermath June 7th, 2020 Comfort is given, fears are shared - hat shopping and photo sharing is a must!
Aftermath of Ulik and his Goblins June 7th, 2020 Aftermath of Ulik turns into an all you can eat buffet.
Midnight Snack June 7th, 2020 Natasha returns from her mission abroad to find Bruce burning the midnight oil.
The new teacher June 7th, 2020 Daisy meets up with the new Phys ED teacher, Al. Turns out it's a 7'6 giant with a mohawk! The new year promises to be interesting.
Unexpected Child June 6th, 2020 No description
Rumblings in the Subway June 6th, 2020 No description
Asgardians on Midgard June 6th, 2020 The Asgardians throw a party for their embassy opening!
A Sinister Plot: The Left Hand Holds All The Cards: Team Three June 6th, 2020 Clones are discovered, Heroic X-Men commit property damage in the name of good, and Mr. Sinister proves he darn well can't share.
Chinatown Girl Power June 6th, 2020 Vamp meets Firebird. They go for drinks.
A Sinister Plot: The Left Hand Holds All The Cards - Team 1 June 6th, 2020 Cyclops leads a team of X-Men into an all-out brawl with
A Sinister Plot: The Left Hand Holds All The Cards: Team Two June 6th, 2020 A hard fight, and the hostages are saved!!! But they are not whole, and it may be some time before they are...
It's always rainy in Gotham June 6th, 2020 Urban Spelunking is where it's at
The Monstrosity Under the Bridge June 6th, 2020 ULIK is brought forth through a portal to menace Midgard. Heroes respond and save the day!
LEGGO MY LEGOS June 6th, 2020 Megan and Joan fight over Hogwarts. John Cena makes a surprise appearance
Party in the Warehouse June 5th, 2020 Party in the warehouse!
Witchblade finds out things really do go bump in the night. June 5th, 2020 No description
Bailar en La Rosaleda June 5th, 2020 No description
Cleaning up the mess June 5th, 2020 1969 <CANCELLED>
The Bavarian Standoff June 5th, 2020 Cheetah and Mystique get off to a rocky start, but soon take a liking to each other.
Drinkin' Age! June 5th, 2020 Rogue steps into Luke's bar and meets the man himself!
Titans Tower: Frisbee Drones and BBQ June 5th, 2020 Kori and Kyani hang out with Caitlin atop the roof of Titan's Tower.
Grappling For Dummies June 5th, 2020 Bette works on an investigation while Dick does maintenance and Stephanie trains. All under the watch eye, and paintball gun, of Batman.
An Usual Helper June 4th, 2020 No description
Trouble in Bushwick June 4th, 2020 Our heroes delve deep into the tunnels beneath NYC to encounter memories of Morlocks and potential Morlock wanna-be's. A tense situation is ultimately deescalated with promises of amnesty and relocation to Genosha. Maxwell is rescued. Portals deposit mutant and mutant-hater alike where they will do the least harm. At least one villain is yeet'd. Chick-a-plao is skeptical.
Oontz-Oontz-Oontz June 4th, 2020 Alexander and Blink and Kitty go to see a band in Upstate and learn more about each other.
Dog Days Part Deux: The Barkening June 4th, 2020 Donatello and Vorpal continue talking.
Harley Sessions: Ted Kord June 4th, 2020 Ted comes by to get a confidence injection from Dr. Quinn. He only has one cookie.
Mutants, Beer and Ribs June 4th, 2020 Alliances are made.
Kami's place June 4th, 2020 Sally and Owari chill at Kami's penthouse
Uh, Do You Know Who I Am June 4th, 2020 Um, no, neither of them know who each other is - but hey, there's the Internet for research!
Little Wishes June 4th, 2020 Thea gives Alexander a graduation gift.
Fighter, Wizard, Ranger, Jane Foster June 4th, 2020 Look, an angel and a wizard walk into a bar, meet a knight, and then an adventuring party forms. Also one Doctor Foster.
Keep your guard up! June 4th, 2020 It's training assessment day! Daisy butts into Achilles's training match so it's a fair one.
Memory: Themysciran Healing. June 3rd, 2020 Flasback: Donna brings Caitlin to Themyscira to meet Diana and Queen Hippolyta, and to help her heal from her injuries after fighting Doomsday.
Super Match Game! June 3rd, 2020 Abby and Heather go head to head in a contest to try and sync minds with some crazy celebrities. Captain Thunder, April O'Neil, Nick Drago, Vorpal, Pantheon, Beast Boy, and things go as horribly as you might imagine
Bailing out a Guthrie June 3rd, 2020 Sam, Alex, and Alexis go to bail Paige out of jail.
Happy Harbor: Shark Week June 3rd, 2020 Sometimes kids are TOO hard headed...
Training Montage June 3rd, 2020 Vic creates a Danger Room simulation to get Kyani's training started, and walks the speedster through some of the physics of his powers and the techniques that will help him master them.
Eyes like the Ocean June 3rd, 2020 Peggy and Namor reconnect, and perhaps even grant each other an idea of what may yet be.
Park Hopping June 3rd, 2020 Lara and Alexander meet in a park to talk about their college experiences.
Fly Fly Dragonfly June 3rd, 2020 Glamour met Janet. Branding was discussed. Janet is scary.
The Swing is the Thing, or Webworks June 3rd, 2020 Mania meets with Spider-Man to learn about webbing. He also fills Red Sonja in on a potentially big problem she recognizes.
Bodega Blowout June 3rd, 2020 Paige stops random passerbys for some directions, when they're interrupted by a robbery at a bodega. Paige, Vampirella and Atlin move in to save the day!
A Sinister Echo June 2nd, 2020 No description
Last Night Was Fun June 2nd, 2020 No description
Lego Land(ing)! June 2nd, 2020 Win Win!
X-Sphere: Goat Simulator June 2nd, 2020 Chinese food was sacrificed to save some mutants and aliens.
Monday Monday (So good to me) June 2nd, 2020 The best plans of mice and supermen often meet with an alien invasion.
Cousins June 2nd, 2020 Sofia asks Hercules for his advice
Over Her Head June 2nd, 2020 Gwen finds herself over her head, and gets help from the most unexpected of heroes.
Don't Blink Or You'll Miss It June 2nd, 2020 Clarice comes to speak to Charles about the world at large.
Spider, Silk, and Steel June 2nd, 2020 MJ and Silk meet, Spidey blushes a LOT beneath the mask, and training is arranged!
A Matter of Secrecy June 2nd, 2020 Lyle and Speedy team up to steal documents and finaces from a sinister religious group. Lyle also puts the charm on her.
Into the Fire June 1st, 2020 No description
An Alliance of Convienence June 1st, 2020 No description
A Sinister Plot: Attacks of Opportunity June 1st, 2020 Plans are laid.
Door is always open.. to some June 1st, 2020 Nothing like an evening chat to help put things into perspective.
So This Is What Punching Bags Feel Like June 1st, 2020 A fairly battered and bruised Warpath talks about the day's battles with Magik and Boom-Boom.
A Sinister Plot: Missing Friends June 1st, 2020 The remaining survivors find Julian gone - morale is flagging.
Gym Cats June 1st, 2020 Catwoman and Wildcat have a little sparring session.
Eye of the Spider June 1st, 2020 Spidey meets with Mania and Ghost for a little training montage.
Neither Heven nor Hel can contain us June 1st, 2020 Touched by an Angel - Tigra returns Angela returns to Sera.
Dinner at the Deli June 1st, 2020 Roy and AJ have dinner, talk graduation, and load up on snacks.
Dog Days June 1st, 2020 Kainashi, Vorpal, Alopex, Raphael and Donatello are all on various rooftops when a spontaneous one-sided game of Tag commences.
Catching up. June 1st, 2020 Lorna and Clarice catch up at the library about what's been going on with Genosha. There's chocolate too!
Gotham Calling June 1st, 2020 Batgirl comes calling to find out if Harley is as legit as people say. Jury still out.
Title Date Scene Summary
Mystic Pizza July 31st, 2020 Just a quiet night eating pizza and playing pool
So, there was this party.. July 31st, 2020 Secrets are shared after both Alexander and Clarice discover there's more to one another than meets the eye.
Evaluations July 31st, 2020 Xavier evaluates the Kinney sisters as potential students, and approves Laura to join one of the X-teams if the team leader agrees. Gabby is officially accepted as a student.
Sister Talk July 31st, 2020 Donna and Diana get together over photographs and tea to discuss heroism, history and Cassie.
Coming up for air July 31st, 2020 Julio and Bobby share a brief, calm moment in the back room of a nightclub.
Oh Come On July 31st, 2020 Luke Cage makes a friend by accident.
Light and Shadow July 31st, 2020 Rave and Bolo meet and learn a bit about each other. 4 bad guys are foiled. Bolo cleans up the mess. Rave goes for pizza.
In Cold Blood July 31st, 2020 Blake, Ariah, and Johnny Blaze all seek out a potentially vampiric person of interest. It doesn't go very well for that person.
Ambushes and Audiotape July 31st, 2020 Victor and Domino make plans related to Genosha.
Coffee Break July 31st, 2020 Silk runs across a Black Cat, bad luck ensues.
Aliens Make Good Outsiders July 31st, 2020 Recruitment mostly goes off with a couple of hitches.
The Bill Comes Due July 31st, 2020 Booster Gold searches for some way to get back on top of the super-hero popularity game. The Blue Beetle comes through in the clutch ... but with unanticipated twists!
Shadowy Introductions of DOOM July 31st, 2020 Victor and Talia get together and begin making plans for the end of all the world's problems.
Beastnapped! July 31st, 2020 Shanna and a group of random heroes help stop a HELLA ILLEGAL Savage Land animal auction. A dinosaur takes venom and has to get knocked out.
My Lucky Firestar July 31st, 2020 Cecily sees her parents and Angelica finds out she's a living microwave. That can probably aid in nuclear fusion.
Ending The Day The Right Way July 31st, 2020 Mike and Sara chat over a beer
Seek the Hand, Find the Ring July 31st, 2020 Elektra goes hunting for Hand artifacts in NYC, but finds an artifact for herself, instead.
Of Shrunk Cities and Rulers July 31st, 2020 Nadia sets up returning the Genoshan bottles to Lorna and the two have a lovely chat about Science.
Ice Palace: Feel my Power Grow July 30th, 2020 Magical heroes defend an ice cottage from attack by skeletons!
Fireside in Gotham July 30th, 2020 A dance between warriors ends up with a desperate wish...not to dance. It makes sense damnit.
Deep Sea Talks July 30th, 2020 Namor and Lorna have wine and look out the window.
Asking the Wrong Brother July 30th, 2020 Jason is pretty sure he is the wrong brother to ask about any of this.
The Flying Grayson goes Up Up and Away July 30th, 2020 Dick Grayson takes flight, like a fish to water. Kara admits she knows his secret identity.
The Whistle and the Wren July 30th, 2020 A fairy tale story comes to life, and the happy ending is denied. By a mutant's coming into her own.
Over Pool July 30th, 2020 Conner and Tim chat over a friendly game of pool.
On Call Afternoon July 30th, 2020 Domestic bliss on a lazy afternoon.
Head Underwater July 30th, 2020 Namor's mutant guests run into each other in Atlantis. Julio embarrasses himself; Bobby carries away a fallen maiden; Lorna reverses the polarity; Ruth takes a nap.
Ants and Consultation July 30th, 2020 Charles Xavier visits Hank Pym's laboratory to discuss efforts to restore the shrunken people of Genosha and to check in on his wellbeing..
Par Excellence July 30th, 2020 A perfectly nice date, RUINED by Slade Wilson. He's the ruiner of all nice things.
Dinner with ... Dad July 30th, 2020 Carrie and Henry survive dinner with Bruce.
Black Sun: Dissident Gardens July 30th, 2020 SHIELD saves a victim of the hateful ghost.
All a-Quiver July 30th, 2020 Malcolm recieves a highly anticipated antiques shipment, only to discover a surprise within that sets him all a-quiver.
Ants up on the balcony July 30th, 2020 Viv Vision and Nadia pay a visit to Janet's penthouse for some advice.
Two gear heads July 29th, 2020 No description
SHIELD Staff Eval: Cecily Winters July 29th, 2020 Agents May and Wilson perform a verbal evaluation on Trainee Winters
A Hulk, a Spider, and a Cat. July 29th, 2020 Ghost Spider runs into She-Hulk who ran into Tigra
A Furious Reunion July 29th, 2020 Peggy gets called in to handle one of Fury's more troublesome contacts -- Wolverine. It turns out, it's trouble she knows how to handle.
Magical and Electromagnetic Lines July 29th, 2020 Lorna stumbles across Doctor Strange's residence and some magical tomfoolery is afoot.
Flashback: Superman Returns, Titan's Tower. July 29th, 2020 Shortly after his return to 'life', Caitlin Fairchild informs Superman of the existence of Conner-- the 'Lost Son' of Krypton.
Looking for Reasons July 29th, 2020 Red Robin questions Beacon on her reasons and her devotion to the Job.
Just another night at Gotham's Docks July 29th, 2020 Flamebird, or is that Plebe?, is closing in on the mystery assassin
A Simple Misunderstanding July 29th, 2020 Ted Kord is visited by a social media super-fan. Vic Sage does yoga and gets a bloody nose for his trouble. Booster Gold sears everyone's eyeballs showing off an exciting new superhero-wear product.
Joy Ride July 29th, 2020 Two spirits of vengeance and a clairvoyant soul converge to address murder most foul on the streets of Brooklyn.
Salt and Sand July 29th, 2020 King Namor arrives on Genosha to sign the treaty between Atlantis and Genosha.
Not At All What Was Expected July 29th, 2020 Well that's an awkward conversation.
A Force Reborn Part 3 July 29th, 2020 The heroines discover the heart of the dire wraith plot, encounter the captured Space Knight Rom, and borrow his neutralizer to take down the machine using Singularity as a power source to free her and send all the dire wraiths back to Limbo.
Tech Bridge July 29th, 2020 Wherein there is a technology relay, Brainiac stuff, fun little robots, and pizza.
A good 'Weird' July 29th, 2020 Tony and Pepper share an awkward moment that could change their relationship.
A Vampire and a Mutant Walk Out Of A Club One Night.... July 28th, 2020 Nicole and Ariah meet at the Good Room. There is music and a moment.
Burnt jackets must be replaced! July 28th, 2020 Siobhan runs into Caitlin and Nadia, they discuss the future.
Not Enough Dumplings July 28th, 2020 Just some dumplings and Batsibling conversation.
Do You Want To Play A Game July 28th, 2020 A little competitive fire between Gar and Terry leads to some dirty tactics, then a concern or two is shared before feasting.
In everything, balance July 28th, 2020 Pepper and Caitlin speak, and could solve the world's problems if given the chance.
I'm here about a missing Hulk July 28th, 2020 Bobbi gains some insights in to Bruce Banner's behavior, and also suggests he might be a good consultant for SHIELD in general.
Friend Faces and Home Bases July 28th, 2020 Peggy brings strange candy back from her last overseas mission. She and Bucky talk about his potential current assignments, Lili is spoiled, and eventually jet lag wins the day and Peg falls asleep on Bucky's couch.
Competing Theories July 28th, 2020 Vic and Valeria meet up for what they quickly realize wasn't a date after all.
After Training July 28th, 2020 Logan and Lorna have a talk after training. Politics. Ruling. And flirting.
A Very Specific Bouquet July 28th, 2020 A Batling ducks into the flower shop for a specific type of bouquet. Hopefully those thorns won't bite him.
Luck of Mutants July 28th, 2020 Domino and Lorna chat, and then Creed shows up.
Burning Trees and Forensic Stuff July 28th, 2020 Shazam battles bullies. Angelica gives a performance! Secrets are shared! Flutes are played!
The Search for Banner: Part 1 July 28th, 2020 SHIELD discovers Banner has become know as 'nekkid guy' in Manchester Center, stayed one night, bought a truck and headed out west. He appears to have a shrunken city in a bottle with him.
Go for the Eyes, Boo July 28th, 2020 Remy runs in to some trouble from his gaming nights! Rogue bares witness to the madness, but also walked away with a bunch of shopping bags filled with CLOTHES, ZOMB! The Buck was stopped here though... ouch.
The Morning After the Rave July 28th, 2020 You know the WORST time to meet Conner's dad? While hungover.
Market Sparrow July 28th, 2020 Carrie Kelley goes hunting for a gift for Henry... and finds a little something for herself along the way. It's quite the bargain.
Gifts of a Kind July 28th, 2020 Piotr and Jean go to the faire and buy each other a gift. It's a magical moment.
Lingering Wounds July 28th, 2020 Dad isn't perfect, but he's trying and that's what counts! Father/daughter bonding.
Lost in Atlantis July 28th, 2020 Atlantis is in trouble. The only ones who can solve the mystery are Earth, Ice, and Brains!
Teenage Mutant Greasy Monkeys ... wait.... July 27th, 2020 The gang meets up to do some work on the Turtle Van. Kainashi lifts the engine, while Sally Pride, Donatello, and Leonardo work on securing some communications hardware.
Scream Queens July 27th, 2020 Two vampires meet. One of them creates friction by trying to be devious when the other wants to be straightforward.
Genosha Burns: Once more, with Feeling July 27th, 2020 Tony and Pepper briefly talk about the meeting earlier, and connect a little bit.
Another drug bust July 27th, 2020 Julie meets Black Canary, becomes something of an apprentice, and they beat up some drug runners. Also flirting.
This Is Not a Heist! July 27th, 2020 Tara and Garth bust up a money exchange operation. And quick!
Black Sun: Dark Days on Staten Island July 27th, 2020 Daisy and Jemma find Shirin's missing phone and case her office for leads. Surely you don't believe in ghosts...
Doombot Diplomacy July 27th, 2020 Lorna secures additional aid from Doom... in exchange for something to be determined later. Not ominous at all...
Job Hunting, Task Mastering July 27th, 2020 Livewire meets Taskmaster. Negotiations begin to train her how to punch people and -not- electrocute them.
Benefit for Bushwick July 27th, 2020 The benefit is a success. Funds raised, and everyone who shook Senator Kelly's hand should wash it immediately.
The acquisition of Kandor, last city of Krypton July 27th, 2020 The Superfamily catches up with each other and world happenings, they settle on a plan of action.
Two big boys and a cave July 27th, 2020 Arthur has a late night talk with Oliver at the Arrowcave where they talk about the state of things. Arthur compensates being out of the ocean by breathing in beer.
The Bigger dey is-- July 26th, 2020 No description
SpiderSpotting July 26th, 2020 No description
=The Carriage House July 26th, 2020 No description
Listen to the Mockingbird July 26th, 2020 Bobbi comes with an offer and a warning from SHIELD and immigration papers for Nadia!
Surf n' Turf July 26th, 2020 Lorna runs into Namor at the Hellfire Club. The two chat about what makes good rulers, and what it means to be worthy.
Cleaning is easy! July 26th, 2020 Post Kitty-party clean up on shore's edge, Thor and Storm share quiet thoughts.
If You Seek Casey July 26th, 2020 Casey and Ruth have an unusual encounter and a freezer will be fixed.
Blue and Gold in: Cruise Control (but it's not Speed 2) July 26th, 2020 Blue Beetle and Booster Gold somehow manage to actually save a cruise ship full of reality show contestants ... but it's from the clutches of Captain Stingaree and the Shocker, so is it THAT impressive a feat?
Too Many Mind July 26th, 2020 Power Girl comes to check on Harley who has returned from grandmas house. Nobody was eaten.
Complicated Family Trees July 26th, 2020 Nadia comes to Janet asking for some advice and some help about her living situation.
A Gift Unlike Any Other July 26th, 2020 April and Vanessa investigate a gift shop that might be involved in smuggling.
Victory in Europe July 26th, 2020 Peggy Carter and Lucky Logan deal with the events of May 8 1945. The war is over, and while there is work left to do. They speak about the future. In particular, the broach the subject of what Peggy should do as a woman in a man's military. Finally, they agree to arrange some unfortunate 'accidents' for some of the Hydra scientists being smuggled back to the States. Smokes and hip flask booze are shared. Secrets are shared.
Talents July 26th, 2020 Kainashi and Raphael meet by coincidence on a rooftop. The two talk music, Alopex, The Foot, and Birthday parties.
Memory: Themysciran Healing VII July 26th, 2020 Donna and Diana take Caitlin to a 'dive bar' on Themyscira. Caitlin tries wine for the first time and decides she doesn't hate it, and the two younger women talk more about the path of their lives-- the past, and the future.
So you want to join the Hellfire Club July 26th, 2020 Kaminari joins the Hellfire Club
It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!!! July 26th, 2020 Techno wakes up in the Titans Medbay after getting hit by PymTron's Encephelo beam.
The Stars and the Sea July 25th, 2020 Julio meets Bobby on the rooftop balcony and they discuss some of their weirder recent experiences; Bobby decides he's coming with him to Atlantis.
On The Beach July 25th, 2020 Fight some Old Ones, share some stories, drink some tea. A tete-a-tete between the children of the sea.
A traditional get well soon fruit basket and a very untraditional request. July 25th, 2020 Vivian comes to visit Hank after his rescue with a selection of gifts. And in return Hank makes a very unusual request.
Something To Talk About July 25th, 2020 Logan and Lorna chat about Creed, her leadership, and how she needs to take a nap.
Cut: This is the Remix July 25th, 2020 Raves, illicit drugs, and high Batkids. Whoops. This spy mission did not go as planned.
Late breakfast for the Outsiders July 25th, 2020 Tim, Rose and Conner plan for a rave full of gangers. Hydrating is important, by the way.
Scent of Purpose July 25th, 2020 Victor and Domino talk about Genosha and that jerk Wolverine, while posturing a little.
Cut: I Want A New Drug July 25th, 2020 What IS this stuff? We still don't know but we know it's dangerous. Red Robin and Red Hood make plans to crash a party and find out more.
Paper Moths July 25th, 2020 At home with Kainashi and Alopex. The Hound and Fox have a frank conversation. Kai still has no idea what a Sausage Party is.
Alliance Between Land and Sea July 25th, 2020 Lorna and Namor make an alliance between Genosha and Atlantis.
The Bird is Not the Word July 25th, 2020 Kían's loquaciousness fades, to his dismay.
Brainiac Pt. 2 Electric Boogaloo July 25th, 2020 Carol comes to discuss Brainiac and Genosha with the X-Men
Hot Day In Gotham Perfect Time For Ice Cream July 25th, 2020 WHO will save the city from the heated streets of Gotham? ICE CREAM MAN!
Time to Have a Chat July 25th, 2020 Clarice and Lorna catch up on diplomatic relations and on Sabertooth's recent visit to the Mansion.
Didn't Expect You... July 24th, 2020 Peggy and Lucius talk about how she can support his future plans in Gotham.
Date Night Part 2 July 24th, 2020 And they have a fun evening.
Genosha Burns: Brotherhood's Back in Town July 24th, 2020 Acolytes ambush the X-Men to try to get the shrunken Genosha... and Magneto!
Genosha Burns: Mutant Town July 24th, 2020 Working together, hero groups work to restore Mutant Town - and weather a sudden attack!
Recovering SHIELD Tech July 24th, 2020 SHIELD takes out an AIM facility in the Amazon forest, but faces off against The Preda... The Hunter. Three agents lose their lives.
A Force Reborn Part 2 July 24th, 2020 The heroines find a creepy cave full of monsters....but can they stop them in time before their plan is fulfilled?
Genosha Burns: Science Time July 24th, 2020 Various teams meet to discuss the process of sizing up the shrunken cities.
The heart of a senior agent July 24th, 2020 Jemma Simmons gets a mentor, to start working toward senior agent competencies.
Lab to Lab Emails July 24th, 2020 Tony and Hank discuss Mutant Town's status.
One if By Land July 24th, 2020 The King of Atlantis aggressively recruits the help of a mutant translator and his companions.
Soulless Senpai July 24th, 2020 Ruth and Julian have a talk and a swim
Laundry Day, See You There July 24th, 2020 Deadpool does laundry, and Domino has a sandwich!
Stuffy Boring Parties July 24th, 2020 Lara and Johnny enjoy a bit of conversation after a social outing!
Daytalker July 24th, 2020 Ariah Olivie heads to Gotham Central for an interview/consultation following the discovery of a ritually murdered woman who looked just like her. Much is learned.
Clothes Make the Hero July 24th, 2020 Matt takes Daisy to get her own super suit.
Group LF Heals Then GTG July 24th, 2020 A drug deal goes wrong, but the intervention of Beacon saves the day!
Cat's in the Streets July 24th, 2020 Greer meets Bolo and a random stalker that they chase away into a dark alley and disappears.
Beers and Billards July 24th, 2020 Lorna and Logan play pool, Laura and Gabby join. There are rootbeer floats.
Complications Ensue. July 23rd, 2020 Janet has a plan. Maybe. Steve's a good sounding board as it is.
Aw, shucks July 23rd, 2020 Vic removes Sam's power armor
Getting Caught Up and Stuff July 23rd, 2020 Warren and Alison catch up and Warren asks Ali to move in with him.
Seriously, dude, just answer the question. July 23rd, 2020 Acting on orders from SHIELD to get some intel on current JLA activities, Agent May takes a stroll alongside a pond with Arthur Curry. She gets what she wants. He gets... her number. Or something like that.
Ice Faerie Capades July 23rd, 2020 The Winter Court assembles in song!
Of Ants and Ant-Men July 23rd, 2020 Yeah, she's Hank's kid!
Back into Play July 23rd, 2020 Victor and Clarice discuss Magneto's location.
The Goshawk Hotel July 23rd, 2020 Claudius gets critical intelligence from Ark with some help from Rogue.
Knock-off Spider-Man Sale July 23rd, 2020 Spider-Man recruits a Thief for a Suicide Mission (Or just for Crime Fighting)
Amazons Assemble! July 23rd, 2020 An assortment of Amazons descend on the embassy to plot the downfall of America. Not really. Actually they just take Diana out to a cool new Asian-Latin fusion place, but a Themysciran can dream...
Father Figure July 23rd, 2020 It's a Girl!
Surf and Turf July 23rd, 2020 Tara and Garth meet and make plans. An unlikely friendship begins
Lakeside Training Montage July 23rd, 2020 Lorna and Logan train on the lakeside. Scott, Ororo, Douglas, and Bobby observe. Conversations lead to Creed, Danger room scenarios, Civil Service, and a potential standard curfew to protect the students from the numerous threats which always emerge.
Furiae Assemble: Wellness Check July 23rd, 2020 Fellow Furiae Daisy and Jane and new friend Mary Jane check on Jemma. Spirits are lifted, weapons theorized, and much food is had.
Dead Beat July 23rd, 2020 Gordon is called to a strange crime scene at Gotham Cemetery. Ariah Olivier, who happens to be walking by, turns out to be potentially connected to it...
The Blood Orchid July 23rd, 2020 Lyle and Peggy team up to fight gangsters
Giddyup July 23rd, 2020 Roberto, Max and Kitty go for a ride on the school's horses.
A moment's repose July 22nd, 2020 No description
Rave and Landry after work July 22nd, 2020 No description
Just Another Newsday July 22nd, 2020 Lois and Clark give Terry a lot of advice on the Titan Story he is working on.
Birthday Pryde July 22nd, 2020 Xavier's people and Avengers gather on the beach to celebrate a birthday
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dim Sum July 22nd, 2020 Catching up with new jobs and a nice dinner!
What to Wear - Club Edition July 22nd, 2020 A trip to the Broken Mirror for club clothes for the upcoming night out to the Dungeon at the Hellfire Club for Bobby, Julio, Piotr, Illyana, Jean, and Emma.
You've Got Mail July 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man gets some mail via Kitsune Ninja Mail Service.
An Office Chat July 22nd, 2020 Director Palamar meets with Bobbi Morse to get a recount of the events at the Met Gala and what transpired to see how it ties into the recent event at St. Michael's, among other things.
Talking Titans July 22nd, 2020 Planning to get more involved in the Titans again moving forwards, Dick meets up with Donna to discuss the future and reminisce about the past.
They Heard The Sound of Snikts July 22nd, 2020 X-23 spots a small group of Morlocks beating someone senseless and intervenes and two SHIELD Agents stumble into something, and someone, they never expected to.
A Ghostly Canary July 22nd, 2020 Dinah Lance and Robbie Reyes meet. It goes -very- well.
Creed and Dads - Who needs them July 22nd, 2020 Logan and Lorna patrol the woods in search of signs for Creed and come across Julio. After a brief on Sabretooth, they part ways, with some passing conversation between Lorna and Julio about the Brotherhood and fathers.
Evil doppelgangers have goatees July 22nd, 2020 Two sisters from different universes, and together, they save worlds.
Ice Palace: The Kid July 22nd, 2020 Nessa finds the ice palace under assault, and encounters a young mage needing rescue.
SHIELD: I can't dodge bullets July 22nd, 2020 Quake learns to disassemble a fire arm.
Woodland Training Sessions July 22nd, 2020 Logan and Lorna pause in training to have a chat during a water break.
You'll Find Me In The Club July 21st, 2020 A fun night out at the Hellfire Club's Dungeon night club!
Ice Palace: Frosting July 21st, 2020 The Ice Palace in the Bronx has become dangerous: and investigation by the LBC and SHIELD finds more cracks to the mystery.
Burning Tree July 21st, 2020 While investigating a smoking tree, Freddy and Billy (aka Pantheon and Shazam) have a small heart-to-heart.
Greasy Spoons July 21st, 2020 Two symbiotes in a diner leads to some tense conversation while Johnny Storm is a smooth operator.
Uncle Eddie and the Princess July 21st, 2020 Pretenses in the diner are dropped. Venom and Mania meet.
Hashbrowns July 21st, 2020 Johnny and Nessa continue their diner conversation over hashbrowns, followed by an entirely innocent shower serenade.
Cats and bats and Omelettes Oh My! July 21st, 2020 Thomas meets a fellow predator. Vampirella might still consider him prey.
A new look for 'Spider-man', stumbling across Black Cat July 21st, 2020 Johnny impersonates Spider-Man, Black Cat didn't buy it.
The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time July 21st, 2020 Slade Wilson completes a job in Starling City, Thea Queen crosses his path. It doesn't end well for her.
Summer days in the city July 21st, 2020 From farmers market to table in NYC.
Barely Asleep July 21st, 2020 Pepper and Tony are slightly awkward.
Bat Helpdesk July 21st, 2020 Dick catches Babs upgrading the Bat Computer. They discuss Julia Pennyworth and family issues.
A night off July 20th, 2020 No description
Chilly for July July 20th, 2020 No description
Black Sun: In A New York Minute July 20th, 2020 Margarethe Werner survives, the memorial for Operation Valkyrie burns, and SS Invicta loses a battle. But what of the war?
A New Product Wrecked! July 20th, 2020 The Wrecking Crew tries a theft but they are stopped by Arsenal and Caitlin...though another mysterious being helps.
Downtime July 20th, 2020 Conversation over sandwiches, and plans for a Hawaiian vacation?
What You Find Among the Trees July 20th, 2020 Shared ideas seed possibilities... or worse.
Questions! July 20th, 2020 Julio stops by to ask Bobby for some advice, a little math tutoring, and end up putting 2 and 2 together to equal a first date.
Creed crashes a training montage July 20th, 2020 Logan and Lorna meet up in the wilderness for some hand-to-hand training, but are suddenly interrupted when Logan detects Victor's scent. Lorna and Logan both crash a rendezvous between Clarice and Victor. Logan and Victor fight (big surprise), Clarice reveals Victor saved and trained her in the past. Blink leaves with Sabretooth. Lorna and Logan do -not- approve.
Office studies July 20th, 2020 Pepper and Amanda share an office for a little while, comfortably.
Ides of July: Rasputin July 20th, 2020 Piotr is in LURVE?! Birb is the word!
A Change of Pace July 20th, 2020 Donna and Sam take a walk, eat ice cream, and talk about turning points and problems resolved.
Watercolor July 20th, 2020 Two cheerful souls meet in a fountain.
Do you want to build a Snowman July 20th, 2020 Johnny flies Nessa to Antarctia for some carefree practice of her abilities in her natural habitat, with nobody around to risk hurting! Fun was had!
New York Minute: Presbyterian to Triskelion July 20th, 2020 Sam Wilson was weighed, tested, and not found wanting. Autonomous drones attack Agent Wilson mid flight, but he out manoeuvred them.
Putting down roots July 20th, 2020 Julio and Ororo meet on the grounds, and discuss the connections between people, powers, and places
Magneto on the Mind July 20th, 2020 Logan and Lorna run into each other in the backyard of the mansion. Logan has some practical advice about Lorna's father and invites her to train with him.
Moving Forward and Old Mission Reports July 19th, 2020 Lorna and Scott chat about Magneto, the bottles, and old mission reports.
Two Wild Kinneys Appear! July 19th, 2020 James Proudstar runs into Gabby and Laura by the lakeside. Some conversations about about moving into the Mansion and certain ground rules about firearms ensues.
Date Night Hellfire Style aka Steaks July 19th, 2020 Gifts are given and the future is discussed.
A Base We Can Believe In July 19th, 2020 Red Robin shows off the new place to Wonder Girl and Nightwing.
Fantastic Fire Island July 19th, 2020 A small little party on fire island went off without a hitch, and no beacons visible from space were created in the making of this party!
Did You Just EAT the Rosette Stone, Birb July 19th, 2020 Kian outrages his English tutor by speaking perfect English. Luckily Kate is there to stop Colette from rampaging.
The Snikt Sisters and School July 19th, 2020 Laura & Gabby spar after seeking permission for them both to officially join Xavier's.
Another Uncanny Valley Sunday July 19th, 2020 Siobhan has some gigs! Booster and Ted have a misunderstanding!
Time for Dumplings July 19th, 2020 Joan depends on the kindness of a stranger named Cole
Post Gala July 19th, 2020 Pepper and Tony talk and relax after the Met Gala event.
Gotham: Demons In A Bottle pt 2 July 18th, 2020 The Bat Family halts an assassination-by-vigilante and captures the Black Spider.
A bad day to be a thief July 18th, 2020 Logan and Siobhan have a nice talk after a thief is shown the boot.
The Man Doesn't Want You To Know July 18th, 2020 LIVEWIRE does not understand bitcoin. KNOCKOUT loves Combos.
Training Evals July 18th, 2020 A spar in the SHIELD Gym!
Back to Base July 18th, 2020 Rose returns to the base.
Batwoman and Flamebird reunite July 18th, 2020 Batwoman and Flamebird, the real dynamic duo, are a team once more.
On the Outside, Looking In July 18th, 2020 Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson discuss Tim Drake's team-in-the-making, among other things, and Nightwing reveals some future plans.
Showing Up is Ninety Percent July 18th, 2020 Peter gets called to the boss to explain himself...while someone uses the pool in a non-traditional way. It's that kind of night.
Memory: Themysciran Healing VI July 18th, 2020 After Caitlin's VIOLENT and SAVAGE assault on Donna, the pair spend some quiet time in the Halls of Healing together, wondering whether it's time to grow up , and if so how to do it.
A Growing Partnership July 18th, 2020 A conversation between representatives of the Titans and the X-men brings Genosha and Bushwick one step closer to being restored.
Mutant Renaissance July 18th, 2020 A group from Xavier's, along with a few guests, make a trip to the Renaissance Fair for snacks, spending, and general adorability.
Devoted July 18th, 2020 Pep gets home in the wee hours of the morning post Gala, and the girls get to chat.
On Top of the World July 18th, 2020 Titans welcome Garth back to the tower. Exchange some childhood tales of strange days or normal ones. Also space rock.
Which came first, the Arrow Cave or the Bat Cave July 17th, 2020 Arthur goes to the Arrow Cave and embarrasses Ollie.
The Search for Hulk: Part 2 July 17th, 2020 SHIELD learns something new about the Hulk, and know Banner is now on foot instead of bounding across the country side. Power Girl has questions.
Telepathic Spa Days Means No Dropping Eaves July 17th, 2020 Shop talk about the founding of X-Force over drinks in a mud spa.
What Next, Princess July 17th, 2020 Blink and Polaris have a discussion on Genosha's shores about what might happen next.
Angels and Dem... Teenagers! July 17th, 2020 Angelica meets Billy. Lightning doesn't strike but a tree catches fire... somehow.
Not a couple July 17th, 2020 Amanda meets the (in)famous Tony Stark and gets to put her hands on him
Salmon Ladders and Target Practice July 17th, 2020 Practice time in the Arrow Cave before patrol
A funny thing happened on the way to the market.. July 17th, 2020 Thor and Ororo meet, and Ororo is reminded as to what makes a good leader.
Smuggler's Paradise July 17th, 2020 Batwoman and Elektra find themselves entangled with human traffickers at the docks. And really, who brings guns to a knife fight?!
Truths and Consequences July 17th, 2020 Piotr and Jean come to a lovely understanding and have a delightful night on the town.
A hunt for a snack. July 17th, 2020 Sam and Ororo talk about the future small scale and large.
Hunt for Green December: Sick July 17th, 2020 Cape Girl goes in search of the Hulk!
So Then He Says... July 17th, 2020 A little sparring, a little banter, a little wondering what the hell Barnes is up to, a little bit of playing dead -- the usual.
Are You Even Real July 16th, 2020 No description
Confession!! July 16th, 2020 Sally and Heidi tell Kaminari that they are dating. Also, Asgardian Mead cupcakes are gonna be a thing.
Meanwhile, in the recovery ward July 16th, 2020 Cecily gets visitors, and a BIG GIANT TEDDY BEAR!
The Ice Palace: 'Friendly' Creatures July 16th, 2020 An innocent butterfly terrorizes bystanders near the ice palace.
Karaoke Night July 16th, 2020 Songs were sang, good times were had
Coming to Shore July 16th, 2020 Garth is welcomed back into the Titans fold
Duck! in any other language... July 16th, 2020 Mori Merritt fights a Joker knockoff. Tis scary. Tis dark. She has help.
The issue of the Oni July 16th, 2020 Lara Croft deep dives back in to the lore of Wa
Pinch Yourself. July 16th, 2020 Holy smokes, Barnes went on a date and Steve was there for that reveal. Lili's worries as to popped handballs are laid to rest.
Titans: Well-Earned Rest July 16th, 2020 The Titans have a family meal.
Meeting the Extended Family July 16th, 2020 Nadia meets the Synthezoid Great Niece she never knew she had! They discuss basic daily necessities and finding the missing Hank Pym.
Faeries in Central Park July 16th, 2020 Fairies meet for some greetings and questions.
Black Sun: The Image of a City July 16th, 2020 SHIELD goes to investigate a remarkable energy signature and finds one of their own viscerally murdered.
Tiptoe through the tubers July 16th, 2020 A walk in the garden brings dinner and philosophy.
A Quiet Place to play July 16th, 2020 A song is shared and a little bit of pessimism, too.
Not quite a Fair Folk Festival July 16th, 2020 The New Horizons Folk Festival in Central Park is interrupted by a gang of marauding... goblins? Good thing a handful of heroes are on hand to help.
(bad)Magic in the air July 15th, 2020 No description
Black Sun: Winter of Our Discontent July 15th, 2020 SHIELD enters the fray in Long Island and discovers the Third Reich alive, thriving, and growing. The world burns beneath the light of a holy relic. To be continued.
Black Sun: Manhattan Transfer July 15th, 2020 The Grail is saved, but at what cost?
Black Sun: Last Exit to Brooklyn July 15th, 2020 Mariposa isn't dead thanks to the timely engagement of a bear, a sword, ICERs, a broken guitar, and a Sorcerer Supreme paid with one sock.
Memento: Lost in the Woods July 15th, 2020 People converge to investigate leaves. Yes leaves. No clowns were harmed in the making of this scene.
Memento: Chasing Butterflies July 15th, 2020 Some shoppers converge over noodles, capoeira, and strange drawings.
Because it's a Tuesday July 15th, 2020 A decent Tuesday night at the Public House
Gabby isn't just short for Gabrielle July 15th, 2020 Gabby and Rahne catch Laura up on current events. Decisions are made.
Brotherly Something July 15th, 2020 Narrows Patrol never goes well.
Another Hire for Kord Co! July 15th, 2020 Kord Co has a new hire: Doug Ramsey!
No Surrender July 15th, 2020 Julio cheers Doug up. Really!
Welcome to SHIELD, Ms. Watson Part 1 July 15th, 2020 MJ might have a new career! What could possibly go wrong?!?
Quiet, At Last. July 15th, 2020 In the aftermath of the aftermath of the Brainiac invasion, Donna and Raven catch up to talk about leadership and think about pyramids.
Hi, Amanda. I'm bored. July 15th, 2020 When a godling gets bored, a witch ends up on speed dial.
Keeping it Cool July 14th, 2020 Nessa and Johnny chat in the ice palace.
Through the Looking Glass Darkly July 14th, 2020 Our heroes brave the portal to a parallel Earth, rescue Hank from the abomination that is PymTron, and break all of his stuff on their way out!
So this is the place, huh July 14th, 2020 The club has surprises!
Into The Lab! July 14th, 2020 The lab security is defeated and a portal array found, but can it be made to work again and what might lie on the other side?
Doom on Doom July 14th, 2020 Doom visits Coffee of Doom and receives a gift.
The Search for Hulk: Part 1 July 14th, 2020 The Hulk was here, but then he was not. He went roughly that way.
The Open Door July 14th, 2020 Pepper locates a wayward Tony, out of medical.
Midnight Appointment July 14th, 2020 Samson is visited by a potential patient in need. It turns out he's in need of Samson's blood. Luckily, Vampirella's on the prowl!
The Bridge, the Witch, and the Godling July 14th, 2020 Amanda Sefton happens upon Phobos, and introduces him to the trouble in Brooklyn.
Searching for a sister July 14th, 2020 Atlin and Artemis meet again and Atlin offers some advice
Memory: Themyscirans in America July 14th, 2020 Retro scene. It's 2011 in New York at the gallery where Diana Prince works as an expert in ancient Greek artifacts. Suddenly: Wild TROIA appeared!
Piering July 14th, 2020 Three people converge over a game of bowling and discuss, travel, skills, and life.
Just A Little Patience July 14th, 2020 Diana Prince and Wanda catch up after Brainiac's assault
Citysoul: Vayechi July 13th, 2020 Infinity Watch is born!
Citysoul: The Isolation July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City face their own demons within the Heart of the Threefold God!
Citysoul: The Cityscape July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City brave the ever-sprawling Ecumenopolis of Woe and make a tough choice ...
Citysoul: The Blight July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City sail the putrid mire of Hudson, the River of Blight, to battle the Threefold God!
Citysoul: A Wound in the Soul July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City gather to witness the birth of a new, dark god ... and get more than they bargained for!
Bowyer of Paradise July 13th, 2020 The Titans make progress on building Kate a replacement weapon: the WonderBow!
Casino Night Trial July 13th, 2020 Good times are had, fake gambling occurs.
Monday Afternoon Coffee Comin' Down July 13th, 2020 Siobhan gets coffee, and friendships are made, numbers exchanged!
A Little Surf, A Little Sun, A Little Sub July 13th, 2020 Atlanteans being smuggled are rescued from a sinking ship.
Open Mic Night July 13th, 2020 A little of Anberlin and a little of The Struts to bring a karaoke crowd together for a night of forgetting troubles--and making new friends!
A Casual Three-Dimensional Stroll July 13th, 2020 Flying is done. Conversation is had. While Terry kibitzes.
Trick Dogs July 12th, 2020 No description
A normal day July 12th, 2020 No description
Costume Upgrade July 12th, 2020 Bolo met with Porter to upgrade his suit and gear. He got a job in trade to protect a VIP and makes some suggestions for gear he might like long term. Porter agreed to make inquiries.
Citysoul: Soul Music July 12th, 2020 The Spirit of the Bronx is recovered ... the Song of Hope is sung!
Citysoul: Left Field July 12th, 2020 Take me out to the ball game ...
Citysoul: The Forgotten July 12th, 2020 The third Genius Loci, Staten Island, is located!
Healing's hard work July 12th, 2020 Pepper assists a restlessly injured Tony.
Court of Owls: Prologue - In The Grip of Talons July 12th, 2020 Some curiosity on the part of Bruce Wayne leads him to a vicious battle against mysterious new...or perhaps very old...foes.
Memory: Themysciran Healing V July 12th, 2020 Caitlin is watching over a injured Donna; Diana offers some reassurances.
Rollerskates July 12th, 2020 Remy comes to Rogue's new summer job to pick her up, and he brings her a present even though it was HIS birthday.
Return to Base July 12th, 2020 Nobody told Nadia not to get into a stranger's jet, but luckily the strangers were the Titans. She comes to the tower to find the Titans gathering together after victory over Brainiac. Once the adrenaline come-down passes, the Titans start to party.
Food-Trucking July 12th, 2020 Four heroes visit a bunch of food trucks and find out one of them has a BIG rat problem...
A Million, Million Threads July 12th, 2020 Sara receives a strange message from the soul of a city.
Citysoul: No Sleep Till Brooklyn July 12th, 2020 The Heroes of the City venture into shadow-plagued Brooklyn to save its very soul!
Werewolves and Warrior women on a food tour of NYC July 11th, 2020 No description
Anvil and Hammer July 11th, 2020 The
Meet'n'Greet At Angelo's. July 11th, 2020 Michelangelo and Beast Boy meet and discuss all things green at Angelo's pizzeria.
Music Time July 11th, 2020 Spider-Man pays Andi a visit to reconnect with both Andi and Mania
Debriefing July 11th, 2020 Current situation analyzed, and a date night is scheduled
Finding the elusive time! July 11th, 2020 Chat in the apartment turns into.. more of a chat.
Weekend in Alaska July 11th, 2020 It should have been a nice weekend away from the usual problems. But, of course, mutants can get nice things. And Sinister casts a long shadow.
What's For Lunch July 11th, 2020 A lunch at Wayne Manor brings Alfred and some of the Batlings together
Genosha Burns: 0 Days Since the Last Helicarrier Incident July 11th, 2020 SHIELD to the rescue! Mostly! Kind of! Magic tech macguffins, shooting lots of drones, and we didn't crash the helicarrier this time.
All work and no play makes Jennifer a something something something something July 11th, 2020 Kyani stops by Jen's office to give the overworked attorney a much needed break.
Brainiac hates it when a plan comes together July 11th, 2020 The Titans celebrate victory with pizza, but console each other after a hard battle.
Heroism-from-Home July 11th, 2020 Tony and Pepper discuss the Brainiac battle's result.
Who is Rave July 11th, 2020 Kara Danvers meets the out and proud hero Rave and interviews her about being the new hero on the block.
Genosha Burns: 10,000 Brainiacs (Scene 2260 overflow) July 11th, 2020 The Avengers, and more of Earth's heroes make Brainiac regret he ever chose to mess with Earth. But surely there are more threats out there aside from Brainiac...
Genosha Burns: Revenge of the Brainiac Phobiacs July 11th, 2020 The Titans, X-Men, and more of Earth's heroes make Brainiac regret he ever chose to mess with Earth. But surely there are more threats out there aside from Brainiac...
Dancing the Spiral July 10th, 2020 No description
Black Sun: Bonfire of the Vanities July 10th, 2020 Bronx sacrifices end up smoked out by SHIELD. Paint monsters optional!
Black Sun: Small Mercies July 10th, 2020 SHIELD finds the trail of a killer, but not quite soon enough to save their quarry. But in death, clues are offered to save another life.
Contractual Obligations July 10th, 2020 Domino STILL has a visitor, and they make mercenary-plans.
SHIELD: The embiggening of a school bus July 10th, 2020 A little faith in little Nadia makes a tiny bus big again
Central park interlude July 10th, 2020 Meeting friends in the park is always nice, regardless of how long is spent.
Memory: Themysciran Healing IV July 10th, 2020 Caitlin STABS Donna. Stabbily. She's sooo violent like that. Mean, BLOODTHIRSTY Caitlin. Donna almost DIES! (note: this precis utterly belies the tone of this scene because after a scene like that you need a giggle).
Cooking in the Kitchen with Gabby! July 10th, 2020 Small lunch meeting in the kitchen.
Silk Sense Tingling! July 10th, 2020 Cheetah thought she had it figured out, but then Silk Attack!
Don't Snatch! July 10th, 2020 Spider-Man teams up with Fenghuang to deal with the Vulture and Shocker.
Reaching an AcKord July 10th, 2020 Damage Control to the rescue and a soiree is mentioned.
So..., vampires July 10th, 2020 Daisy gets a taste of why WAND is WAND. Featuring drunken faeries, pointy hat witches and books on vampires.
Place of Care July 10th, 2020 Pepper fusses over injured Tony.
Genosha Burns: Avenger Weaponry July 10th, 2020 Tony's invention to stop Brainiac causes Tony and some avengers to have a stressful night.
Justice League July 9th, 2020 No description
Hail Tabby, The Olive Queen July 9th, 2020 Birthday Dinner for Tabby! Yay!
A first date. July 9th, 2020 And the first part of a first date seems to be going well.
Arcade Day July 9th, 2020 AJ and Roy hit the arcade for a little R&R after a lot of training recently.
Night at the Wick July 9th, 2020 Blake & Blake meet, share drinks, words and beat down some assassins.
Just a stray July 9th, 2020 Creed and Domino have a merc meeting about potential targets.
Untitled July 9th, 2020 A meal shared between friends and fellow warriors. The dog can join in too.
Totally Their First Date July 8th, 2020 Sally and Heidi take a trip across dimensional boundaries for a date. Yes, you read that right.
Prohibition July 8th, 2020 Rose gets Tim a little tipsy and they talk.
And That's How You Tennis! July 8th, 2020 What's better, tennis or handball? Opinions are tied on this even if they aren't on something like spicy taco coffee. Ew.
SHIELD Promotion Party July 8th, 2020 Light social as SHIELD celebrates new promotions and new hires.
Ice Palace, V2 July 8th, 2020 Nessa learns a bit more ice magic, and her teacher learns more about /her/.
A Little Imp Told Me... July 8th, 2020 After scarring events, two survivors share war stories and tales of hope. Ha, as if.
Brewing up a (Johnny) Storm July 8th, 2020 An interview within an interview, like minds!
Nadia's Moving Day July 8th, 2020 Nadia moves in to her fathers house and finds a clue he may have traveled to an alternate reality
A Talk About Power July 8th, 2020 Vanessa shares with Oliver the results of testing her mutant power
Distractions July 8th, 2020 Alexander and Blink meet and talk about what has passed. Also punching.
Not every scene has to have Water in it! July 8th, 2020 There were things we were looking for. And no water!
Amateur Bowyer July 8th, 2020 Kian teaches Caitlin a bit about his customs and culture.
Coordinating Efforts July 8th, 2020 Hal and Jean work to coordinate the X-Men's help for the assault on Brainiac, with the blessing of the Professor.
Fire and Ice July 8th, 2020 Johnny and Nessa meet and chat about being polar opposites over fries and shakes.
Titans: The Brute Squad July 8th, 2020 Donna and Caitlin drag Kara into the Danger Room for a session of Brainiac Drone combat training with the difficulty level turned up. Kara accidentally wrecks the danger room. Everyone point at her and laugh.
Superspeed July 7th, 2020 No description
A Bit of Craic July 7th, 2020 Having fun means bending an ear and some rules.
Mad About You July 7th, 2020 The Mad Men become Sad Men
Memory: Themysciran Healing III July 7th, 2020 The further Retro-Adventures of Caitlin, Diana and Donna on Themyscira. Caitlin finds herself bullied by the sisters into trading her bruiser's ways for the finer arts of Amazonian combat.
Meet Boris, Tsar and Autocat of all Xavier's July 7th, 2020 Piotr and Jean have dinner, Jean meets Boris
Something tap tap tapping as my HOJ roof. July 7th, 2020 And Bar gets advice on going green.
The Bridge of Dreams July 7th, 2020 Jessica interrogates Alexander on the source of a dream she had, confirming her initial impressions of him.
JAFA: Just Another Flying Agent July 7th, 2020 Mockingbird takes flight and drones are caught mid-heist.
Tim July 6th, 2020 No description
Does Gotham have a Snail-man or Killer Snail July 6th, 2020 No description
The Doing of Things July 6th, 2020 No description
Court of Owls: Lincoln March Re-Election Fundraiser July 6th, 2020 Mayor Lincoln March unveils a bold new vision for Gotham's future at his first Re-election fundraiser, and faces some tough questions.
Midnight Raider July 6th, 2020 Thor is tricked by evil Heidi.
Impulse acts on... impulse July 6th, 2020 A date for Bart
Rumble in the Bronx! July 6th, 2020 The Foot Clan tries to rob four stores and gets stopped by 5 heroes.
Die H4rd July 6th, 2020 A Science Experiment Goes Wrong, but the Fire Extenguishers Work!
=Molly's July 5th, 2020 No description
Crime on Coney Island July 5th, 2020 Thunderbolt and Nightwing make a new friend, Solomon Grundy? Not so much.
Fireworks and Other Bright Lights July 5th, 2020 With the show over Kurt and Amanda call it a night.
A Private Post Pool Party Rendezvous July 5th, 2020 Jean and Piotr have a nice quiet moment together away from the party.
This is Only a Test July 5th, 2020 Tests inconclusive, live fire test incoming.
(Bat) Family Matters July 5th, 2020 Alfred Pennyworth informs Bruce Wayne of the arrival of his granddaughter, Julia Pennyworth. Arrangements are made for her to stay at Wayne Manor.
It's Hot Soup Dumpling Time July 5th, 2020 Chatting, eating, discovering Alfred has a secret family he never mentioned.
A Quiet Gastropub Adventure July 5th, 2020 Alex and Emma have a peaceful lunch where they discuss Alex's grandfather and space pirate father.
A small gig at a small cafe July 5th, 2020 Siobhan, Ella, and Caitlin have a short chat and music is played.
Wired Goddess July 5th, 2020 Kaminari comes to the Parker home for dinner, dessert, and her membership in a very small club.
War never changes July 5th, 2020 Donna and Vic sit down with Kian for a talk about the nature of their current conflict, and the nature of conflict in general.
A Baby Wasp in a Gilded Cage July 5th, 2020 Dr. Banner brings Nadia some food. Then they discuss military secrets, second chances, and fathers...
Flamebirb meet Firebirb July 5th, 2020 Flamebird and Firebird met. One of them invited the other into the Birds of Prey. This isn't the least bit confusing no.
Another day, another ice cream July 4th, 2020 No description
Birds of Derby July 4th, 2020 No description
So It's Your Birthday July 4th, 2020 Wanda takes Clint for a stay at an Iowa circus for his birthday
A Force Reborn Part 1 July 4th, 2020 A group of heroines are drawn together at a lighthouse near a creepy forest, each for their own reasons...but what lurks inside? Agent Simmons knows! Continued in Part 2.
Where In The World Is Jessica Jones July 4th, 2020 Jessica lucks into a meeting with Thor, kinda sorta invites herself to drink with him, and the two have a candid discussion of few words.
Citysoul: Soul Survival July 4th, 2020 A group of mystics gather to manifest the Genius Loci of Manhattan. Hands are held. Magic is done.
Just Dropping By July 4th, 2020 Tony hands Steve something rather than the other way around. Information as to the latest events is discussed as well as the chance that there will be more fireworks than last year.
Epicenter: Humanis Supremus July 4th, 2020 Bobbi Morse and Cecily Winters consult with Caitlin Fairchild on the strange blended powers evolving.
Insects and Spiders July 4th, 2020 Peter finds a large Beetle in his house...with a job offer.
Uncle Spindley Goes to the Fair July 4th, 2020 A sunny Saturday afternoon in July at Coney Island takes a bit of a crazy turn when an extradimensional interloper decides human terror makes a great snack. Fortunately, Bolo and Daytripper are there to shut down the buffet.
Running Late July 4th, 2020 Tim brings a new problem to the Batclan. Fun will be had by all because the Joker will likely decree it.
Dude, Where's my Jeep July 4th, 2020 Lara and Julie enjoy a leisurely stroll through NYC and a nice Jeep ride toward some dinner!
So The World Is About To End July 4th, 2020 Kitty tries to talk Luke into leaving the city in advance of Brainiac's attack
Christmas in July July 4th, 2020 Some individuals decide to explore the ice palace that popped up mysteriously in NYC.
Spa Night for Some X Ladies July 4th, 2020 Spa night with Jean Emma and Neena!
Samples, Where Are Those Samples July 4th, 2020 Tim stops by the Roost to grab some evidence for the Bats to look into, but is distracted by Conner and Rose. Mostly Rose.
Bare-Knuckle in the Park July 4th, 2020 Spider-Man and a strange woman face off against a trap and a next-gen Spider-Slayer.
Ladies Book Club: This one time in a dirty subway July 4th, 2020 Good bye Trench Coat, gone but not forgotten.
Xaviers: Fourth of July Pool Party July 3rd, 2020 Happy July 4th from Xavier's School!
Crossing Paths in Chinatown July 3rd, 2020 Elektra Natchios and Jason Todd investigate the same warehouse in Gotham. They find ninja and Elektra settles an old score.
Money Can't Buy Happiness But It Can Buy a Jetski July 3rd, 2020 Reckless jet ski riders need rescuing
Latverian Dreams and Brainiac Things July 3rd, 2020 Doom and his inner circle discussed what to do regarding Brainiac, and the formation of the Legion.
The Disappearing Troll July 3rd, 2020 Sara's questions to Thor about the recent invasion of goblins are answered.
Interview at KordCo July 3rd, 2020 Elliot has revealed her secret to Ted and been hired t o work at Kord Co. Hijinx await!
Mutant Unrest and Unruly July 3rd, 2020 Tensions get high and explode when mutant supporters and officials get into a fight and lives are lost on both sides.
Shoot Pool Not People July 3rd, 2020 Three brothers and some wings and pool. Oh, and discussions of clowns and drugs.
A snails pace in Battery Park. July 3rd, 2020 A group of mostly strangers run into each other in Battery Park. Snails are found, music is played and there's some conversation.
A Dark and Stormy Night July 3rd, 2020 Wherein Sally's peaceful evening is interrupted by a drunk Kaminari complaining about humanity, there is commiserating and cupcakes, and ends with the Goddess of Thunder and Noise passed out on Sally's couch.
A Pennyworth Reunion July 3rd, 2020 Julia Pennyworth arrives in Gotham and is met at the airport by her grandfather, Alfred. The pair discuss their lives and her plans in her new home.
Kingmaker: Was It Worth It July 2nd, 2020 Julian has his soul back after a bit of blood magic to restore it. One day, they'll take their vengeance on The Three, but for now? Julian is whole again.
Kingmaker: When Does It End July 2nd, 2020 Julian's soul has been recovered! We're saved!

Or are we?

Kingmaker: Where Would You Go July 2nd, 2020 Julian, Illyana, and their team goes to Limbo to make a deal....
A Shake Down About Epicenter July 2nd, 2020 Learning.
Kingmaker: What Does It Mean July 2nd, 2020 Plans are made! Stealth, guile, trickery... easy enough, right?
Kingmaker: What Is The Cost July 2nd, 2020 Julian finds out some truths about his family.
Kingmaker: What Would You Pay July 2nd, 2020 Julian gets an email from his parents and incidentally learns a very unhappy truth.
Thorns and Thatch July 2nd, 2020 Alexander asks for Lara's help.
Ninjaphobia July 2nd, 2020 A god and a ninja talk current events.
When is a bad time for pizza July 2nd, 2020 Victor Stone and Siobhan meet up and pizza is saved
Tears in Heven July 2nd, 2020 Thor fails to help Sera move.
Practice Makes Marginally Better July 2nd, 2020 Donna and Kate have a long talk about a lot of important things. Then they go into an interesting training simulation.
Who is Nadia Pym July 2nd, 2020 Pym's daughter is lucky we don't sanction asylum seekers
Imagine July 1st, 2020 Ellie went to reflect a bit in Strawberry Fields, happened by Tony Masters, and earned herself some fighting lessons in the process.
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Proving Grounds July 1st, 2020 Teamwork makes the dreamwork. ARAM, Proving Grounds!
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Crystal Scar July 1st, 2020 The Champions work together to take the arena!
Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Heroic July 1st, 2020 On the ideals of protection and defense.
A Little Slice of... Heaven July 1st, 2020 Satana and Thomas actually get some work done!
A Lazy Afternoon at the Rathskeller July 1st, 2020 A chance meeting over a couple beers at the Rathskeller.
I'm on a boat EXPLICIT July 1st, 2020 Domino and Deadpool text and are friends. There's no three-way though. :(
Memories: Themysciran Healing II July 1st, 2020 Caitlin and Donna on Themyscira! The retro scene continues as Caitlin and Donna struggle to find words to express their feelings in the wake of the loss of two team-mates.
For Mother July 1st, 2020 A royal gift is commissioned.
How to train your murderbot, take one July 1st, 2020 Gothic Lolita dance-beat-shoots all the bots down. Daisy throws a few curve balls. And SHIELD agents gain some bet money.
Crt-Alt-Delete to Reboot System July 1st, 2020 Carol visits Xavier's for help from Jean and Rogue on restoring some of her memories. I'm sure it will be fine.
Title Date Scene Summary
Kumbaya, My Friends August 31st, 2020 Trees!
Monitoring Mori August 31st, 2020 Mori visits the Titan's Labs and Nadia and Caitlin investigate her powers. Caitlin thinks it's biological. Nadia thinks it's Aliens.
Super Match Game Episode 03 August 31st, 2020 Super Match Game Episode 3. No spoilers.
The Girl of Broken Steel August 31st, 2020 The emotional gamut is run by both son and daughter of Krypton. Fears, Futures, uncomfortable Truths. Family makes the weight of the world seem lighter.
Bothering a mountain August 31st, 2020 Cain and Shuri work out details on an interesting experiment.
Truth or Lies August 31st, 2020 Nessa visits Lucifer at Lux to try to shake her mind loose of lies.
An Alleyway Surprise August 31st, 2020 Claire and Elektra meet, finally, over a tussle in an alleyway. They share some old memories of a certain 'Matthew' and get to see each other's expertise up close and personal.
No Disintegrations! August 31st, 2020 Val lets Doom know not to turn her new interest to ash.
1-800 April Advice August 31st, 2020 Donnie comes to April's to share his date results and get a lil advice, and maybe some free Game Gear games at some point too! Score!
1-800 Dial Diana August 31st, 2020 Diana and Phoebe have a catch up and get to share a bit of back and forth.
What They've Done with the Place August 31st, 2020 Phil and Peggy meet at an old, favourite place. They manage introductions before commiserating over the weight of command, and what SHIELD has become. At least the beer is good.
Anonymous sources August 31st, 2020 Clark gives Mary an assignment and a lift.
Agents and a SWORDFISH August 31st, 2020 AAR: Mission: Make May smile.

Outcome: Failure. Featuring Clint, Daisy and Natasha at the SWORDFISH. But challenges were made and Daisy is still the kid of the whole bunch.

Ice Palace: The Fox August 31st, 2020 The 'fox' speaks, and adds more confusing information to the pile, on what is happening with the Ice Palace.
Of Bottles and Moons August 31st, 2020 Kara brings Maxima too the Watchtower looking for her people. There is talk of Earth Defense and Alien Supremacy.
Translation Services August 31st, 2020 Amanda and Nessa drop in on Lucifer, hoping he can translate the mysterious stone tablet.
A Fantastic Dinner Party August 30th, 2020 Some of the Bats have a nice dinner with some of the FF. The drama may not come from the direction you expect.
Imps and chakras August 30th, 2020 What starts with Patsy trying to take on a demon ends up with John Constantine sticking her with a restaurant bill.
No Bugs Here August 30th, 2020 Sometimes, you have to go someplace public to get some privacy. Steve and Peggy discuss mission-sensitive information and come to the conclusion that Barnes owes a story.
For Me August 30th, 2020 Taskmaster and Livewire get in some basic training.
Ice Palace: Sharing what we know August 30th, 2020 The Infinity Watch and friends devise several plans to deal with the Sorcerer Vega.. and Loki who seems to be pulling strings behind the scenes.
Family Magnetics August 30th, 2020 Lorna, Gabby and the Cuckoos run into Magento at the Mansion.
On The Subject Matter Of OpSec August 30th, 2020 Tim and Laura talk about the security breach.
Bao and Blue August 30th, 2020 Meetings are made between Heather, Dawn and Rave over Chinese food.
Surprise!! August 30th, 2020 Val surprises Jason in Gotham. Shakes are had and negotiations are made.
Real heroes, real estate! August 30th, 2020 An apartment is looked over, feelings discussed, and heroics plotted.
It's not Spying, it's Protecting August 30th, 2020 Pepper, threatened by a foul villain, has Tony to thank for his protection and Greek food.
The Life Giving Sword August 30th, 2020 Laura and Logan discuss Mercy as a tenet of Bushido and practice quiet contemplation and meditation in the woods.
Court of Owls - Black Book Prologue August 29th, 2020 No description
20,000cm Beneath The Sea (With Added Lurkers) August 29th, 2020 No description
Court of Owls: Talon Strike August 29th, 2020 Talons attack Robin and Sparrow!
X-MEN: The Dark Down August 29th, 2020 The X-Men venture into an unfinished abandoned subway tunnel, only to discover an underground race is in full swing! THE DARK DOWN CIRCUIT, only there's no banana peels in this race, just giant MAN EATING SPIDERS! And yeeting!
File Away August 29th, 2020 Dr. Banner and Agent Carter meet at Banner's apartment. Carter brings Banner up to speed on her current work.
Titan Memories 2012: Donna and Caitlin Meet August 29th, 2020 Donna Troy and Caitlin Fairchild meet for the first time!
Drinks and Notes August 29th, 2020 Nessa and John share drinks and notes about ice golems, necromancers, and Loki.
Moms Can Be Right Sometimes August 29th, 2020 Mother-daughter chat. Its all kinds of uncomfortable!
Catching Up at the Red Cave August 29th, 2020 Carrie visits Jason and the two talk about their pasts, love lifes, and the situation with the Court of Owls.
A Fire In Need Of Heroes August 29th, 2020 A fire at the condo of Roberto's mother has Spoiler and Sunspot meeting for what they think is the first time.
Day One - Orientation August 29th, 2020 Slade Wilson finds a recovered Thea, and lays down some of the ground rules and curriculum for his training.
Recreating Goblet of Fire at the Lake August 29th, 2020 Lorna tests out a potion to breath underwater. Gabby cheerleads.
On Matters of Security August 29th, 2020 There's a long conversation about security risks and breaches.
Hitting Walls August 29th, 2020 Tim and Hope chat opsec breaches and about setting ground rules for the team.
Hellooo People! August 29th, 2020 Carol and Rogue, meet Starfire and Angelica! Tea is drank, muffins are had and hugs are shared. It's a feel good kind of thing.
Star-Struck August 29th, 2020 Courtney confronts Bikers terrorizing a small business.
Zodiac Rising: The Henley Crowne Affair August 29th, 2020 Daytripper and her allies confirm Henley Crowne died because he possessed a piece of the Tablet of Zalmoxis. And they catch a glimpse of the mastermind behind the attack.
Mission: A Covert Rescue August 28th, 2020 Rescuing kidnapped metahumans!
Mission Interlude: A New Nemesis August 28th, 2020 A smash and grab op goes all wrong.
Mission: Some Folks Have Bad AIM August 28th, 2020 Mission: Success. AIM beekeepers and MODOK are no match for the Outsiders! The data is downloaded, the backups destroyed, the macguffin is dispersed into space, and Cassie is over yellow-wearing goons with bad lasers and worse science.
Mission: The Trickster's Toys August 28th, 2020 The Outsiders stop the Trickster!
Slush Sleuthing August 28th, 2020 Arthur and May explore the slush rivers beneath the Bronx. It's a real snake's nest.
Questionable Medicine August 28th, 2020 Claire patches the Question back together. He has lots of questions for her, to little surprise.
=They're my Consultants... Really! August 28th, 2020 Wisdom is shared, and dumplings.
Ice Palace: When I am Older August 28th, 2020 Another skeletal threat! Nessa, Thea, and Lucifer team up, and future plans are made to meet up again... eventually.
Tripping Wards August 28th, 2020 Nessa turns up on Amanda's doorstep, seeking the source of the magical pulse that swept over the city some days earlier.
It Came From the Deep: Fish & Ships August 28th, 2020 Spoiler and some sea monsters crash Cheetah's auction!
Brighton Beach's Bounty August 28th, 2020 Sera meets Glamour and the two of them capture a really annoying illusionist bounty with the hopes that may be Asgard will pay up.
Ice Palace: Spirit Board August 28th, 2020 Entering the ice palace for more information, Nessa finds the layers of lies are piling up.
Li'l Bats. Li'l Phants. Li'l Supes. August 28th, 2020 Jon Breaks into a school to keep up with his learning, Damian shows up to make fun of him, Mike is there being the observer.
Olena Kovamurderface August 28th, 2020 Olena and Gambit team up despite very different viewpoints
One of the Summer's Last Barbecues August 28th, 2020 Good news delivered! Good food? Not so much.
Ice Palace: Research Materials August 28th, 2020 Nessa goes to find some information and finds an unexpected lead.
Strangers in the Night August 27th, 2020 No description
The Scene Formerly Known as Atlantis August 27th, 2020 No description
Recon at the Spa August 27th, 2020 The ladies of the Outsiders do some recon at a spa. Miraculously, no one bleeds and nothing blows up - except those blow outs!
Ant-ennas for a Wasp Girl August 27th, 2020 Nadia ventures into Hanks lab wanting to learn more about her mother and receives the gift of hymenoptera communication!
Reality Check: A Midnight (S)Troll In Central Park August 27th, 2020 Central Park comes alive (literally)!
Old Friends and Fresh Clothes August 27th, 2020 A long drive in the dark. The caring touch of an old friend. Washing away the blood and dust to clear the path to a brighter future.
Old Fangs, Older Claws August 27th, 2020 More old friends reunite over pints. Of beer, not blood. Though the latter will probably happen down the line, both spilled and drank.
Old Friends and New Faculty August 27th, 2020 Charles and Moira reunite, and Moira agrees to become part of the faculty at Xavier's school, and a consultant for X-Corporation. With his responsibilities expanding, Charles offers the position of Headmistress to Jean Grey.
The Metropolis Reserve Heist August 27th, 2020 When the Shockwave gang tries to rob the Metropolis Reserve Bank, the Titans respond. Things don't go entirely in their favour though. Supergirl has flown away, Heather needs serious amounts of food (pizza may be?) and Nightwing'd bike has been trashed. Oh, the bank was damaged and a lot of gold was stolen too... and the bad guy got away.
Asgardian Attention and Favours August 27th, 2020 When Pepper invites Thor to the apartment to ask him to help protect the fragment Radu dropped in Amanda's lap, Loki turns up, too... and Amanda makes a deal with the devil.
Rollercoasters and Ice Cream August 27th, 2020 Julio and Bobby head to Coney Island. There is funnel cake. It's kind of like churros made by a third grader with a really unsteady hand.
The Replacement Marie August 27th, 2020 Roulette meets Firestar and takes her under her wing. Don't tell people she was nice.
Name Dropping August 27th, 2020 Terry is in trouble (again), and April wants to find out what the heck he has been doing to be blamed for making a turtle want to join a moon base.
Wizard Questions, Dear Reader August 27th, 2020 Siobhan visits the Sanctum Sanctorum to discuss her other self.
Better than a Dance August 27th, 2020 Tony visits Pepper's balcony for some honest talk.
Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening. August 27th, 2020 Shazam stops by Happy Harbour in search of robots to fight. And while he finds a robot in disguise no fighting happens. Meanwhile Viv writes some absolutely terrible poetry (Thankfully none of which makes it into the scene).
Investigation at the Port August 26th, 2020 No description
Meeting The Night Nurse August 26th, 2020 Getting to meet the Night Nurse
Fragments and Clues August 26th, 2020 Amanda and Pepper take Radu's tablet to Stark Industries, where they are joined by Tony and a very lucky tech named Kyle... and learn just how dangerous the information the tablet holds may actually be.
You Are Cordially Invited... August 26th, 2020 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a secret identity, is going to have one hell of a time when it comes to dating. - Jane Austen (not really)
Matt. In 6C. (A Moment in History) August 26th, 2020 Claire meets that nice lawyer boy, Matt who lives in 6C. By dragging him out of an alleyway bleeding violently and stitching his unconscious body up on her couch. It's a bonding moment.
A Metropolis Date, Morning of Departure August 26th, 2020 If I go there will be trouble, if I stay there will be double.
Rain and Lightning August 26th, 2020 Sarah and Mary meet at NYU campus, and chat a bit about classes, jobs, powers, and D&D.
Tim Drake in the House of Fashion August 26th, 2020 Tim Drake approaches Janet regarding a matching ensemble for him and his special lady.
Probably the Right Brother to Ask August 26th, 2020 Tim arrives early for patrol and asked Jason for some advice.
Getting Caught Up, Ambiguously August 26th, 2020 A reunion between very old friends mixed with very old hostilities. Some things never change. Hiding bodies is more fun with people you know and trust!
Xavier's Kitchen Meet and Greet August 26th, 2020 People catch up with Moira and Betsy during meals and snacks in the kitchen
Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. America and All the Ships At Sea August 26th, 2020 A stern receptionist rules over her waiting room, resulting in Vanessa having a chance to meet Thor.
A Morning Meeting August 25th, 2020 No description
Epicenter: Biochemical Madness August 25th, 2020 Daniel Whitehall wanted Dr. Morse to find him a curse to death. Instead, they met Jacob, rescued Jiayang, 'handled' Toshiro Mori and let Whitehall ..expire. Agent Quan picked them up in a quinjet when their stolen mini-sub mysteriously exploded. HYDRA's base on Lian Yu is no more.
Epicenter: Agents of SuperSHIELD August 25th, 2020 Agents Bobbi Morse and Jemma Simmons have been taken by HYDRA. They were taken from Toshiro Mori's estate in Japan, who is known to have been working for HYDRA and specifically Daniel Whitehall. Whitehall has been running his ridiculous 'SuperSHIELD' and Bobbi was investigating it.

Now the small teams Bobbi has been sending out to find SuperSHIELD have come back with something concrete. A secret base of operations. The mission: Infiltrate SuperSHIELD, Disrupt their operations, Rescue Bobbi and Jemma, take down Whitehall, take down Toshiro Mori.

NOTE: Some of the Agents of SuperSHIELD are unaware that SuperSHIELD is actually a HYDRA operation. They are working under the pretence that they really are Agents of SHIELD's super-powered division. They have been helping SuperSHIELD find Inhumans, Mutants, and Metahumans unaware that Whitehall has been using them for genetic experimentation.

WARNING: Agents of SuperSHIELD and HYDRA agents within their ranks are equiped with a new piece of technology, a watch that lets them select stolen Inhuman abilities and give them a small dose of it for a brief period of time. They should all be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Seeking SHIELD August 25th, 2020 Sif approaches SHIELD to warn them of ill omens. What are those omens? The bad kind.
Diner Dialogue August 25th, 2020 Remy and Rogue share a smoke, make a joke
On the Path to NOWHERE: Lab Results August 25th, 2020 Conner's genetic identity is discovered! Superman offers contraceptive tips. Nothing about this log is comfortable for anyone.
The Ladies Who Hunt August 25th, 2020 Peggy brings the missing files to Bobbi for evaluation and gets a lot more updates on SHIELD than she expected. Plans are made.
Breakfast in Bed August 25th, 2020 Julie makes breakfast for Dinah, and they chat a little. Dead mentor is brought up.
Memory: Themysciran Healing VIII August 25th, 2020 Yes, the flashback is STILL GOING. In this week's episode, Donna tells Caitlin the secrets of how to become an Amazon, and explains why she'd make a terrible Disney princess.
Metropolis Date, Day two, An Adventurous Detour August 25th, 2020 Adventure! Intergang! Explosions! ...We should not have gotten involved.
A Good Pub is Hard to Find August 25th, 2020 Peggy and John are drawn to the same pub for the same reason -- a good pint like back home. What they find is a slight mystery in each other and ice golems.
Behind the Curtain August 25th, 2020 Donna and Damian spar in the Titan's dojo and talk about things they couldn't talk about if anyone was there to enjoy the impressive display of swordsmanship.
Happy Birthday Jason, You're a Real Boy August 25th, 2020 Jason comes home on his birthday to find Bruce waiting for him with a surprise he wasn't ready for.
Queries and Connections August 25th, 2020 Amanda Sefton receives a call from Brian Braddock and must explain to him what she knows about the magic pulse out of Romania.
When there's reckoning to be reckoned August 24th, 2020 Siblings talk. At least they're talking, right?
The Free Clinic August 24th, 2020 Ben, Mike, and Nyssa end up at the hospital. More insight into Ben's condition is revealed!
A Visit from a Large Bat August 24th, 2020 An evening of pool and socializing turns awesome when Batman shows up bearing gifts of new transport. Also, Hope shoots Batman.
Court of Owls: Bloodlines--A Little Test August 24th, 2020 Dick gets his butt kicked. Thankfully, Beacon can fix him up.
Morning Visit August 24th, 2020 Steve checks in on Peggy the morning before she goes to see the Punisher. They end up having a hard, honest talk about Bucky and future plans.
Metropolis Date day two, Planet Herowood August 24th, 2020 Val and Jay have dinner at Planet Herowood on their couple days and nights in Metropolis
What Evil Lurks In Yonder Waters August 24th, 2020 Two Megs, one ruined Lurker!
Fiji, It's A Magical Place August 24th, 2020 Lorna, Blink, Clint and Wanda escape to Fiji for a break from a world gone crazy
One Night in Gotham Makes No Woman Humble August 24th, 2020 The cultish Crime Bible monks don't succeed thanks to fists, guns, and spells.
Fangs and Physics August 24th, 2020 Maxwell interrupts Blake during her normal vampire activities. After a quick terse exchange, the situation is resolved peaceful, and Maxwell is out a few hundred dollars to replace a broken window.
Galaxy Ninjas 3 August 24th, 2020 And the first meeting of F RH of A
Spider Girls and Super Secrets August 24th, 2020 Ghost Spider saves 'Kara Danvers' from muggers. Supergirl shares her secret identity with her fellow Titan and they hug.
Once Upon a Time in Paperwork August 24th, 2020 Daisy catches Peggy going through some old school paperwork and offers assistance. Some ghosts are dug up and new friendships are made.
Bandages Solve All Problems, Right August 23rd, 2020 Just like old times, some old timers come together to deal with the aftermath of a good scrum and make plans to stick it to HYDRA.
A Metropolis Date Day One, Concert August 23rd, 2020 Jason and Valeria go to a concert and it's surprisingly normal
Big Sorta Kinda Trouble In Brooklyn August 23rd, 2020 Cats have a tendency of stumbling into secrets, as Raphael finds out.
Gimme Shelter August 23rd, 2020 Mike surprises Ben at the shelter and it happens again.
Braddock Family Reunion August 23rd, 2020 Betsy and Brian get reacquainted after a long time apart.
The Zen of Gardening August 23rd, 2020 Betsy bumps into Ororo in the gardens. Home and family are the themes of the conversation.
Wake Up Call August 23rd, 2020 Peggy and Bruce talk after his rampage. They grow closer.
A Long Flowing Conversation August 23rd, 2020 Conversations about many topics.
In The Wake Of The Kingfisher August 23rd, 2020 Dawn gets introduced to a few more Titans, and Vorpal continues his never-ending feud with Bruce Monkeywrench.
Looking for Solutions August 23rd, 2020 Ruth lures Julian into a life-changing situation. Introducing: Moira MacTaggert!
The drone superhighway August 23rd, 2020 When the Ninja Turtles and SHIELD crash a drone sewer party, new allies are made but the drone threat is not done yet.
Checking In Post-Brainiac August 23rd, 2020 Kitty checks in on Luke to make sure he made it through New York's woes safely
Metropolis Date Day two, Titans Tower August 23rd, 2020 A fun trip to the Titans Tower, complete with Robin ragequit!
Old Man, Old Bike August 23rd, 2020 Logan works on his bike with Lorna, Remy, and Negasonic making entrances. Logan evidently is 'cool enough' for the teen. Remy taunts with an explosive cigarette. Lorna informs Logan about the monsters emerging from the deep. At least one joke about Namor is made.
A Funny thing Happened on My Way Through Hell's Kitchen August 23rd, 2020 Matt and Daisy discuss Matt's meeting with Bobbi Morse and a plan is made.
They finally meet again! August 23rd, 2020 Diana and Oliver meet again after years and talk of what they have been doing, family, and what the future will bring.
Superman and the Main Man August 23rd, 2020 Superman encounters Lobo for the first time, while the Main Man is hunting a bounty. They don't become friends. But at least Superman tried.
Hunting the Myasnikovs (3 of 3) August 22nd, 2020 As the Myasnikovs attempt to flee, SHIELD closes in. May leads a team of quick thinking agents -- Barton, Drew, and Whitman, with Alexander Aaron along as support -- to finally apprehend the killers.
DonKai: Date Night August 22nd, 2020 Date night for Kainashi and Donatello. Some hilarity, some touching moments, and a second date is totally in the future!
Hunting the Myasnikovs (2 of 3) August 22nd, 2020 A team of experienced SHIELD agents intercept the Myasnikovs at the home of Senator Jackson Gauge (R - FL), only to find he and his teenaged son in mortal peril.
Hunting the Myasnikovs (1 of 3) August 22nd, 2020 Fitz and Tampambulos attempt to track down one of the Myasnikov brothers' potential targetts... and risk blowing themselves to Kingdom Come in the process.
Two Archers Meet in NYC August 22nd, 2020 Thea Queen nearly gets run over. Olena Kovalenko manages to keep her feet.
A Night at the Circus August 22nd, 2020 Psylocke and Gambit answer a distress call in a far off land.
Taco Tuesday: Friday Edition August 22nd, 2020 Some of the Titans talk about the implications of a new 'Dove' rejoining them.
Something to Do August 22nd, 2020 Julian brings Ruth along as he finds an outlet for his aggression.
Team Stick: Tres Case de Batuta August 22nd, 2020 The Hand attempts to discourage Team Stick by means of death, but only galvanised their resolve.
A Bit of Hellish Socializing August 22nd, 2020 Four Inner Circle Members Walk Into A Bar....
Ethics In Superheroing August 22nd, 2020 Advice is precious. Advice is valuable. And sometimes Bruce Monkeywrench breaks you.
Gotham Art--Misnomer August 22nd, 2020 Brian and Mori meet at a Gotham City University Art Show
Preliminary Consultation August 22nd, 2020 Sam Guthrie talks with Doc Samson as part of a psych eval for his recruitment to the police force.
The Phoenix and the Alien August 22nd, 2020 Julie meets with Starfire, and after a little talk a friendship is kindled and souls are bared a little.
Surprise Training August 22nd, 2020 Cass the Ambusher attacks again and tries to get Conner and Hope to learn some moves with mixed success.
Lectures and Consequences August 22nd, 2020 Mom lectures and teenager moodiness never mix well.
You done messed up now, A. A. Ron. August 22nd, 2020 Dondon does super mean stuff and Alex stomps off!
Dinner Date August 22nd, 2020 Alex and Emma catch back up over a meal at the Strait Lace.
Urban Tracking August 22nd, 2020 Frank fills Peggy in on his current investigation after a spirited bout and some minor explosions.
A New Dove Dawns August 22nd, 2020 Dawn Granger makes her first visit to the Titan's Tower. She confronts a destiny; the Titans confront a memory.
=Sins of the Daughters. August 22nd, 2020 Hank plans and plots, and gives Nadia a pretty scarf.
This is not my beautiful house! August 22nd, 2020 Batman warns Catwoman about the Court of Owls in the process of gently foiling her robbery. Catwoman is Catwoman about it. He gives her a GPS device to summon him in case of trouble.
It CAME from the LEGO Room August 22nd, 2020 Some work lunches are just doomed from the start.
Post-Purgatory Pre-Semester August 22nd, 2020 AJ and Roy prepare to go back to school, setting up their dorm rooms again. They also talk about the Purgatory opening and plans for the future.
Team Stick: Stay out of our business August 22nd, 2020 Two stick fighters meet in an alley, the four ninjas who also met there didn't leave conscious.
Asanas with Alex August 21st, 2020 Alex decides that Dawn is weird, Dawn knows that he is weird. A detente.
Just Another Night in Paradise August 21st, 2020 Learning about the world.
War of the Worlds Finale August 21st, 2020 Earth's defenders draw away the Warzoon and finally confront General Zod. They drive the rogue Kryptonian away, but at what cost for the House of El?
The Fortress of Kryptonian Prejudice August 21st, 2020 Kara meets Conner and he's not what she expected. Conner states a universal truth, that no one is allowed to disappoint Superman. Also the S does not stand for Super.
Work is Play August 21st, 2020 Discussions of drugs and dealings in Gotham and beyond.
A Request from the Good Richards August 21st, 2020 Doom offers Valeria the use of several Doombots as protection should she and Nadia find themselves in danger. He also tries to offer some wisDOOM about life.
A little cracked. August 21st, 2020 Old friends meet over wine, Peggy gets a small lecture about getting herself shot, the subject quickly changes.
Matters of Verdant Royalty August 21st, 2020 Lorna and Doom meet to discuss Genosha. Doom promises his assistance.
Texts from Last Night August 21st, 2020 Jason Todd and Valeria Richards exchange texts and make plans.
Escaping the Echo Chamber August 21st, 2020 Kara and Troia share in each other their struggles understanding Earth.
Entering the place where the music is made August 21st, 2020 Ben swings by to drop of Mike's notebook
Dude What happened to your Car August 20th, 2020 No description
Caught in Translation August 20th, 2020 A funeral turns into a ball of chaos, with Cecily in the middle of Peggy and the Punisher's work.
Black Sun: The Fisher King August 20th, 2020 Sam Wilson begins his Grail journey.
Post Yoga Brunchies August 20th, 2020 Two pairs get together for delicious brunch!
Black Sun: Watchtower August 20th, 2020 Mikhail and Kara Lynn win a victory for the Russians and slay some Nazis in fallen Konigsburg while SHIELD fights to give Sam time to recover the Holy Lance.
Movie Night August 20th, 2020 Movie night! Friends! Fun! Opsec failures! And some gentle mindwiping.
Holding Pattern August 20th, 2020 Seafaring mayhem ends with a picnic. Featuring Strider kicking crabs!
Sweet Summer Time August 20th, 2020 Donatello comes to April for dating advice. She definitely give advice. But was it any good? Who knows!
Taking That First Step August 20th, 2020 Thea Queen makes a potentially dangerous choice.
Marvelous Rage August 20th, 2020 The Hulk goes on a rampage. Thankfully, Blue Marvel and Agent Carter help calm him down.
Rooftop Run August 20th, 2020 Frank and Elektra chase down a trio of kidnappers on the roofs of Hell's Kitchen
MTV Cribs: Gotham August 20th, 2020 Steph shows Tim her new college pad across the street from the University
New York City Traffice August 20th, 2020 Beast and Cecily are joined by Green Arrow and Quiver in a car chase of attempted assassins
Stop The Presses! August 20th, 2020 Lois leaves Terry with empty tupperware and no easy questions. It's hard being a weirdo with a secret!
Unquality Time August 20th, 2020 Pepper finds Tony asleep in his lab.
A Joyful Reunion (or Grey Goo Scenario Avoided!) August 20th, 2020 Swath is back!
It never hurts to ask. August 20th, 2020 Vivian Vision stops by Four Freedom Plaza to drop off some scientific data for Valeria Richards. Oh and also invites her to do a little international espionage. What could go wrong?
Let's Talk About Moose and Squirrel August 20th, 2020 After the incident with the Russian Consulate Jennifer rushes over to Hank and Nadia's place to keep them in the loop as to what is going on. Donuts were eaten.
Have You Seen This Girl August 20th, 2020 Avengers Mansion gets a visit from the Russian Consulate. She-Hulk is not amused.
Glimmer In House August 20th, 2020 Batgirl shows Glimmer around the Bird's Nest and talks about the young heroine's she wants some help training and providing alternative approaches to.
Descent of the Warrior Queen August 20th, 2020 Maxima arrives on Earth disrupting traffic and is greeted by a contingent of the World's Finest, also Doom.
Battleground beneath Our Feet August 19th, 2020 No description
Fox and Hound: Life Lessons August 19th, 2020 No description
X-23's X-specially X-ceptional As-X to X-Cel on X-Force August 19th, 2020 No description
NYU Cheers August 19th, 2020 Alex makes up a silly nickname for Dawn
Infinite laps in the pool August 19th, 2020 A quiet evening of introspection for Steve and Janet.
Dine and Dine Again August 19th, 2020 There are no spies at this diner. Nope.
The Morning After August 19th, 2020 Do not poke the mamabear. (Also Val is grounded until she's 30.)
Team Stick: Wrong person to mug, wrong place to mug August 19th, 2020 Two stick fighters meet in an alley, the thugs between them did not fair so well.
Broken Veins August 19th, 2020 A protest in Bushwick becomes something much stranger ...
Ice Palace: Quid Pro Quo August 19th, 2020 Loki gives Nessa some information. Some of it might not be lies.
Swordfish has a bald and inconspicuous bartender August 19th, 2020 Agents of SHIELD blow off some steam together at the Swordfish Bar
Chance encounters August 19th, 2020 The Question meets Silk, and they split up to work a case he is working on.
The Way We Were August 19th, 2020 Star-crossed lovers share a bittersweet reunion.
Fun in the Sun August 18th, 2020 Some time in the sun with She-Hulk.
Home Away From Home August 18th, 2020 Roberto gets a tour of Stephanie's first college apartment
Epicenter: Kataomoi August 18th, 2020 Bobbi and Jemma go looking for answers at Toshiro Mori's estate, only to find Lance and a HYDRA ambush. They are captured.
Transformative Happenstance August 18th, 2020 I don't know. I think things happened, but it isn't a lot of sense. Maybe you should read it. Oh, also there's some D&D talk.
Going Forward August 18th, 2020 Various X-men stop by with supplies and have a conversation.
The Rain Down With America August 18th, 2020 America runs into Sarah Rainmaker, and offers friendship and some advice. Snowcones are had.
Never alone in the City August 18th, 2020 Out of millions, Malcolm manages to find the needle in the haystack, after following his own network of leads.
The Fortress of an Increasingly Inaccurate Name August 18th, 2020 Superman brings Conner to the Fortress of Solitude to introduce him to some Kryptonian culture. It doesn't quite go as planned.
Falling Sky August 18th, 2020 The sky is falling but Matthew is able to pick up the pieces. For now.
No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Scene August 18th, 2020 Shooting hoops at Xavier's, and discussing the latest situation with Genosha
Old Memories, Old Places August 18th, 2020 Old friends meet for drinks in a bar dipped in nostalgia. Logan and Peggy both get deep in the cups. Topics range from clone daughters, daughters of magnetic tyrants, and dreams of killing genocidal Hydra agents in their sleep. Not their first night of drinking and most certainly won't be their last.
Please sir, may I train with Loki August 18th, 2020 NO!
Goodnight. Maybe. August 18th, 2020 Tony ambushes Pepper for dinner.
Heroically Heartfelt Hunger! August 17th, 2020 No description
Doom Over Gotham - Alpha August 17th, 2020 Bats, Sparrow, Red Robin and Nightwing work together to prevent one of Doctor Doom's tests from going out of control. Minimal collateral damage, zero casualties and maximum results. That's how the Bat Family rolls.
Doom Over Metropolis - Pre-Alpha August 17th, 2020 Doomdrones and Doombots attack Metropolis but the heroic efforts of America, Power Girl, Cyborg and Princess Crackaboom (Mary) save the day!
It Came from the Deep: A King's Sword August 17th, 2020 A group of X-men and Aquaman explore the King's Sword and come face to face with an ancient evil, a mermaid of old who was using her victims as zombies. Fight ensues and they are able to win the day. Featuring a Queen turncoat, a kitty playing with tentacles, deaf Atlanteans and, of course, explosions!
It Came from the Deep: Kittery, Maine August 17th, 2020 Bobby, Illyana, Julio, Gabby, James, and Lorna all fight tooth and nail to stop a Lurker feeding frenzy from tearing apart a small town in Maine.
Evening Calm August 17th, 2020 Some citizens do a walk in the park and chatter about serious business and not so serious foods and maybe a measuring contest. Who knows.
Always wear a cycle helmet. August 17th, 2020 A purse snatcher gets less than he hoped and more than he bargained for outside the Rockefeller Center.
The Re-ant-imator August 17th, 2020 Scott heads to Hank's lab to apologize for his recent ... exploratory foray ... into ant-related communication technologies. A few suggestions on heroic philosophy are offered, and some decent and not-so-decent business proposals are considered.
Greenline Editing August 17th, 2020 Terry and Gar reach a very important decision. Hold the presses!
The Worst of Ideas August 17th, 2020 A date goes either exactly to plan or exactly not to plan. Maybe both. The only thing that is absolutely sure is how mad mama bear will be tomorrow.
Packing & Planning August 17th, 2020 Pepper packs for a trip, finally admitting she's got a boyfriend. Amanda plans her next event and tries not to laugh too hard at her friend.
Watchtower Unveiling August 17th, 2020 A crowd of dignitaries, journalists, and superheroes gather at the Justice League's moon base to celebrate the inauguration of the Watchtower.
Not The Friendliest of Reunions August 17th, 2020 Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson enjoy a tense conversation.
Setting the Stage August 17th, 2020 A few Justice League members chat about the upcoming opening hours before it's scheduled to begin.
Genosha: From the Ashes - expedited delivery August 17th, 2020 Thanks to Power Girl's help, the CMS fast container ship _Amphitrite's Grace_ arrives in Genosha several weeks ahead of schedule with a cargo of supplies, fuel and temporary container homes.
Symbiote Encounter August 16th, 2020 No description
Court of Owls: Gotham Society Fall Gala August 16th, 2020 Drama and spilled drinks and rogues and fainting socialites, oh my
Night Sisters August 16th, 2020 With an ambush, a fight, and a thrown ice cream cone, three sisters unite! Well, sort of. They had to meet sometime.
Outsider Downtime August 16th, 2020 Casual hanging out at The Roost among the Outsiders. The only one without drama is the robot pirate butler.
Always More To Learn August 16th, 2020 Nyssa and Alexander meet for a spar - physical and verbal.
Pool Party August 16th, 2020 A full-on bar brawl breaks out at Josie's while Johnny Blaze and Tara Markov are present. Violence ensues--as does fun, somehow.
Do CFOs Dream of Green August 16th, 2020 Ivy meanders about Central Park and meets an unlikely individual, along with an all too likely individuals. She tries to use the unlikely one to her advantage.
Ashes to Ashes August 16th, 2020 Rising from the ashes is hard, but Mori finds some help from new friends.
Awake at the Bottom of a Bottle August 16th, 2020 Mori is offered comfort and conversation by Cecily post fire rescue. Chatter is had and promises are made.
Scarlet and Silver Spiders Meet August 16th, 2020 Silver helps Scarlet learn some about himself. Food makes friends.
Of Ashes and Islands August 16th, 2020 Namor and Lorna talk about political matters.
Real Talk about Real Estate August 16th, 2020 Hank and Warren talk about Hank getting his own apartment, about life, and about how to keep the craziness of the real world from affecting everyone too much.
Cajun Pool Party August 16th, 2020 The Cuckhoos, Hope, and Remy Le Beau chat out by the pool and share a meal.
Court of Owls: Bloodlines - Prologue August 16th, 2020 Damian Wayne gets a bit of a family history lesson...and a dangerous set of marching orders...from his father.
Amateur Anglers August 16th, 2020 Fishing, a jet ski and a grumpy Canadian, oh my!
So No Sleet There I was August 16th, 2020 Kate gives Sio a peptalk. Terry and Kian give Kate firstaid. Heroics were recounted.
Drinks Coming In Hot! August 16th, 2020 Talk of music, fires, and bad days PLUS a display of fast reflexes
A scorpion's visit August 15th, 2020 Elektra speaks to Colleen about her vision during the Citysoul events.
Hellfire Purgatory Teen Club Grand Opening August 15th, 2020 The grand opening is a hit! Drinking, dancing, socializing, loads of fun... oh, and a cameo by a very annoyed one-eyed security goon.
BLEEP August 15th, 2020 Not Everyone's a Fan.
Glitter and Glamour (oh come on, you knew it was gonna get used eventually) August 15th, 2020 Glamour intervenes in a food cart dispute. It goes ... about as well as you'd expect.
Not Ideal Circumstances August 15th, 2020 Lorna returns to Genosha and the X-men and allies convene.
Having some Pho August 15th, 2020 Good phood and discussion of joining the Outsiders.
Tangled Webs and Secrets August 15th, 2020 Ben wakes up in a dumpster and Nyssa is quite curious about it.
TMNT: Past, Present, Future August 15th, 2020 The turtles deal with Michelangelo's desire to get out and see more of the world above, discussing how it might impact their lives and safety relative to potential friends and foes on the surface. April provides her own perspective and is left to consider some ninja training of her own.
Planning Ahead August 15th, 2020 Shaw and Tessa discuss previous and future events.
The Most Dangerous Game August 15th, 2020 Peter Parker picked a peck of painful Puma.
Lego Out to the Lobby August 15th, 2020 The rise and fall of the menace of Brickhead!
Computer Refresh August 15th, 2020 Kitty and Scott talk school, computers, and world happenings.
Training Extravaganza August 15th, 2020 Steve observes Tony fixing a hologram, and gets a bit more on Tony's dating life.
Grandpa Barry August 15th, 2020 Barry goes to find the mysterious person on Twitter who was calling him out, only to find out that he has a future grandson running around the streets of Gotham. Wild!
A Touch of Crimson August 15th, 2020 A Black Cat goes looking for a sword and finds a dragon instead.
Down Time August 15th, 2020 Outsiders chatter in the kitchen.
Reunion August 15th, 2020 Magneto outlines the true nature of his return to Lorna.
Hunting Down the Three August 14th, 2020 No description
Black Sun: Glorious Summer of the Reich August 14th, 2020 Death and war gather at the footsteps of a necromancer wielding the Holy Lance. Now what?
Grilling on the Roof August 14th, 2020 Grilled foods and discussions were had
Black Sun: Once More Unto the Breach August 14th, 2020 The cavalry is coming.
Starting to See the Negative August 14th, 2020 A Ninja, a Spider, and a Firehawk walk into a gun heist...
The Meeting of Lightning August 14th, 2020 Two speedsters meet up and Impulse offered to help Kyani after a background cehck.
...said the fly to the spider. August 14th, 2020 Spiders eat flies, even when they're invited guests.
A New York Minute: Insane in the Drone brain August 14th, 2020 Quake is accosted by mystery drones. McFly hacks 80s SHIELD tech.
M-town Street cleaning August 14th, 2020 Husk and the YSB chat.
Flashback: Cassie in WONDERland. August 14th, 2020 2019: Just after learning she is Zeus' daughter, Cassie and Helen Sandsmark are taken to Themysicra by Diana. She meets with Queen Hippolyta and a pair of ex-Titans, Troia and Caitlin, who seem to be in residence. Cassie accepts the queen's offer to train and her mother reluctantly agrees - for now.
The half life of a donut is 35.7 minutes August 14th, 2020 Following the resizing of the people of Genosha yet another care package gets delivered to Hank Pym by Vivian Vision.
Magneto did What August 14th, 2020 Julio comes to visit Bobby and tells him about what happened with Magneto in Genosha.
Not Making Friends August 13th, 2020 No description
L'amore Vince Sempre August 13th, 2020 Oliver takes Vanessa to Italy for her birthday.
Harley Sessions: Netflix and O'Neil August 13th, 2020 Terry and Harley speak on April's couch.
A Woman Sconed August 13th, 2020 The misspelling is intentional....
Water in the Urban Desert August 13th, 2020 IMP, Michael, Greer and Gabby assist X-Corp with some volunteer work and convincing a homeless group to evacuate a dangerous area. Alton demonstrates a dangerous flaw to Charles Xavier and Gabby and is offered suggestions and help.
Sins of the Fatherland August 13th, 2020 Hans Schneider is revealed as the 'ghost.' But like all spectres, he's got dangerous things to say.
Aftermath Coffee..ish August 13th, 2020 After the fire, Angelica 'texts' Cecily to catch up. There may be some panic involved, and occasional brain activity. Emphasis on occasional.
Mead and Cupcakes! August 13th, 2020 Heidi celebrates surviving another year while her friends cheer her on.
A Change of Atmosphere August 13th, 2020 Nessa speaks with Johnny and Ben about determining who to trust in a complex situation, with a side discussion about hero names that may have marketing potential.
A Moment of Peril August 13th, 2020 Spider-Man comes to a fork in the road, and accidentally burns it.
Kitchen surprises August 13th, 2020 vignette of Steve and Pepper in the kitchen. Janet is going to eat healthier if Pep gets her way!
It's a Perk August 13th, 2020 Somebody sent Pepper flowers.
Bronx Bombers August 12th, 2020 No description
The Inner Circle Meets August 12th, 2020 The Inner Circle gathers and plots.
Seven Deadly Sins Ball August 12th, 2020 Surprisingly devoid of any real scandal
When the Demon Queens Come A-Knockin' August 12th, 2020 Demon trouble in Little Sanctum.
Ice Palace: Do you want to build a Skeleton August 12th, 2020 Frost magic and skeletons erupt in the Bronx! A fight is waged between the minions of a necromancer and our heroes. Loki is kinda snarky.
Something Just Like This August 12th, 2020 Burgers, conversation, a little drama, and plans for movie night.
Agent Evals: Mission 2 August 12th, 2020 Four SHIELD agents are dispatched to look into the murder of a SHIELD asset. Additional bodies are found as the crime scene expands to include two additional buildings and four additional victims. The hunt for the killers begins...
Ignoring Injuries August 12th, 2020 Phoebe talks Tim into being healed, and Rose is a great girlfriend (but don't tell her that, she'd deny it).
Bombs of Many Kinds August 12th, 2020 Mania and Spider-Man tag-team a bomb...and drop a few others.
The best of intentions August 12th, 2020 Bobbi gives Nadia 'the talk' about looking like the hero she is, and also not blabbing about state secrets and the red room.
The Awkward Continues! August 12th, 2020 Donatello and Kainashi meet again for continued awkward and less cologne. Donatello struggles with Kainashi not knowing what a date is, exactly, and Kai shares her real name with Donnie.
Ice Palace: Show Yourself August 12th, 2020 Nessa meets Loki.
Boosh Boosh Boosh August 11th, 2020 No description
A Second Opinion August 11th, 2020 No description
A Quiet Place August 11th, 2020 Bruce and Peggy meet, having a very profound conversation in the process.
Backyard BBQ and shocking visitor! August 11th, 2020 Shazam crashes a backyard BBQ, asks for advice
Agent Evals: Mission One August 11th, 2020 Agent Morse leads a team of SHIELD agents on a rescue mission into the Himalayas to retrieve an American businesswoman, only to encounter a mercenary gunning for the same prize. A stand-off ensues.
Two Birds, One Bar August 11th, 2020 More philosophy of life between the wise and the bouncy.
Ice Palace: The Magic Fox August 11th, 2020 Nessa speaks to the mage Tristan about the Ice Palace trouble, and Loki's name comes up.
The Skittering Dead August 11th, 2020 A swarm of undead insects--which may or may not have been accidentally reanimated by Scott Lang--threatens the safety of New Yorkers in the vicinity of Scott's van! Luckily, Julie Yan, Siobhan Smythe, Jane Foster, and Bruce Banner are on hand to competently deal with the situation.
A Tale of Two Changelings August 10th, 2020 Hopes and joys can be found all over.
Girls, Interrupted August 10th, 2020 Pepper and Amanda are set to enjoy a pint of ice cream when a magical interruption derails any thought of another night of girltalk.
About bottles and fishes August 10th, 2020 Lorna and Scott were going to talk about Atlantis. Incomplete scene.
The South American Operation August 10th, 2020 The mission was a tough one and Morse is ordered to take three days off.
Two Birds, One Stone August 10th, 2020 Happy time to chat.
The Blue Light August 10th, 2020 Colette and Terry have a quiet dinner together. God-killing, city-dooming and crotch-kicking are but some of the topics touched upon this very normal conversation.
You're gonna what August 10th, 2020 Sally and Heidi talk about cloning. Sally's cloning, specifically. Oops!
Never ask a symbiote where they keep their cellphone. August 10th, 2020 Mania encounters a suspicious perfectly normal Human teenager (Viv Vision) out at night around the Feather-Maiden's Grotto and stops to make sure nothing nefarious is afoot. Turns out it's just the usual Happy Harbour goings on.
Pho Goodness' Sake August 10th, 2020 Pho, and off to the Moon?! Best day ever.
Poisoning the Well August 10th, 2020 Roxxon learns you don't pollute waterways and cause mass eutrophication without Someone caring.
Promises to Keep August 10th, 2020 Spider-Man helps keep a promise to The World's Mightiest Mortal.
Pizza Makes The World Go 'Round August 10th, 2020 Where Terry gets a sharp rebuke for encouraging flights of fancy.
Awaiting Admittance to Monaco August 10th, 2020 While waiting to get into the club monaco, a rag tag group of heroes save the day from some random thugs and a strange dude.
Sunlight Heals All Poison August 10th, 2020 Conner's kryptonite shard is removed and his superdad gets him into the sunlight to heal. Afterwards, some small celebration!
Fly Me to the Moon August 10th, 2020 Pho leads to plans, improvements, and friendly behaviour.
Divine Training Day August 10th, 2020 Alexander convinces Kaminari to come train with him. Things get philisophical. Kaminari mutters about 'Kids these days...'
An Alien Display August 9th, 2020 Colette attempts to convince a group of Titans that the most moral course of action is to perform a heist on a museum. They do not agree, because Superheroes don't do situational ethics!
Happy Doom's Day Richards! August 9th, 2020 Doctor Doom unleashes an evil new contraption upon the Fantastic Four. The 5-in-1 Doombot! Reed and Susan make short work of these Doombots and Valeria tames one for whatever hinjinx may come from that. Then Doom sits down with the family to discuss what he views as a real problem... the fact that aliens want to attack Doom's world. Oh, and Mamabear Sue makes several appearances throughout!
Genosha Burns: Resizing the People of Genosha August 9th, 2020 The heroes restore the people from Genosha's bottles... but at what cost?
An Online Conversation August 9th, 2020 Hope and Tim chat online.
Are we good August 9th, 2020 Warning: (Awkwardly) Romantic Content.
There's a Small Problem in Metropolis August 9th, 2020 Tim lets Conner and Rose know about a dangerous job this afternoon.
A Day on the Town August 9th, 2020 Ali and Warren go shopping, have some heart-to-heart talkin' and make plans for a party. Oh and buy some clothes from JVD's!
Atlantis Needs Help August 9th, 2020 Namor and Lorna address the X-men about the threat to Atlantis and the surface world and ask for help.
Keen To Meetcha! August 9th, 2020 The Cheshire Cat meets the Silver Banshee, and the bird throws some shade.
Behind The Mask August 9th, 2020 The question of a superhero's costume is one to be taken seriously. Mostly.
Agent Evals: Mary Jane Watson... or is that Red Sonja August 9th, 2020 Trainee Agent Watson faces Field Leader May in a hand-to-hand evaluation. Red Sonja comes out to play.
Memento: We Didn't Start The Fire August 9th, 2020 Heroes rush to save people from a fire in a NYU dorm. But who started it?
With A Side Of Gamma August 9th, 2020 Banner, under an alias, checks out a Starrware Labs event. Karen Starr shows him around personally.
Black and Black August 9th, 2020 Gangster blood is spilled in a territorial clash between Jonah and Frank.
The Insomniac Show August 9th, 2020 Greer and Nick experience what its like to be on a talk show with a sub-par budget
Zodiac Rising: No Stone Unturned (Part 3) August 9th, 2020 Serpens sends the remaining four Avatars of the Zodiac to find the last fragment of the Tablet of Zalmoxis... only to find they face more obstacles than they expected.
Atlantean PD on the case August 9th, 2020 Elektra comes across Aquaman as he stops some cutthroats who stole some Atlantean artifacts. A deal is made, Aquaman keeps his artifacts, Elektra finds what she was here for.
Classroom Prep August 9th, 2020 Julio helps Bobby prepare the classroom for his first days of teaching.
A Long Walk August 8th, 2020 Cassandra runs into Wanda in Central Park. Pretzels are eaten, and a bit of magic enhances a wish made at a fountain.
The Winter of Our Discontent August 8th, 2020 Nessa meets with Pandora to get some expert help on dealing with the ice palace situation.
The Trouble with Kings August 8th, 2020 Namor, Gabby, and Lorna take a drive to the UN and discuss the King's current troubles.
Something About Clones August 8th, 2020 Laura is moving to the Roost and Conner has a chance to talk with her. Clone things.
A quiet night to sing on the Boardwalk August 8th, 2020 Ella and Siobhan meet again by chance.
Meeting Over Tea August 8th, 2020 Lorna and Peggy meet up and chat over bad coffee.
Hunt for Green December: ReBirth August 8th, 2020 The Agents of SHIELD (and friends of Banner) finally track him down and convince him not to make a terrible mistake!
A Meeting of the Minds August 8th, 2020 Trainee Mary Jane Watson has her first one-on-one meeting with Director Palamar of the WAND Division.
Drinking a Toast to Absent Friends (Instead of These Comedians) August 8th, 2020 Secrets are exchanged. Deals are struck.
A visit from the little sis. August 8th, 2020 Brother and Sister talk about independance
Court of Owls: A Rest August 8th, 2020 Dick and Kate check in on Tim.
Stars and Shades August 8th, 2020 A superheroics history student and a man who's lived it meet in a diner at midnight.
The Great Outdoors August 8th, 2020 Bobby, Julio, and Lorna go for a bike ride... and Creed shows up.
Zodiac Rising: No Stone Unturned (Part 2) August 8th, 2020 The ancient order of the Monks of Thoth attempts to repell an attack by the corrupted Avatars of the Zodiac, who come in search of ancient knowledge.
An Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain August 7th, 2020 No description
Picking Up Other Pieces August 7th, 2020 SCIENCE! FRIENDS!
The Bats In The Walls August 7th, 2020 Batwoman and Zee stop a serial killer who was obsessed with the Crime Bible. Clearly no foreshadowing, really...
A Totally-Not-Surprise Bat-Birthday Party! August 7th, 2020 Damian Wayne celebrates his 15th Birtday! There's Ox-Blood Soup, Assorted Swords, Cute Animals...and only one stabbing!
Court of Owls: Marshalling Forces August 7th, 2020 The Batman reveals what he knows of the Court of Owls to some of his closest allies. And Ravager.
Life's a Beach August 7th, 2020 Sunset on the beach brings some people together, with a side of icebergs.
Court of Owls: A First Strike August 7th, 2020 The first of Bruce's family falls to Talon blades, but not the last. Tim is stitched up, but the first shots have truly been fired by the court.
On The Left! August 7th, 2020 Spidey gets help from a Living Legend.
Bishop Bow Proficiency 101 August 7th, 2020 Kate and Kara bond over giant robo-scorpions and secret identities.
Playboy gonna play August 7th, 2020 Tony's drunk, Pepper bargains with him.
Court of Owls: Patrol August 7th, 2020 Strix, one of the Talons, takes a target of opportunity. Red Robin does not come out better for it.
Spider-Man and...a Different Kryptonian August 7th, 2020 Spidey meets yet ANOTHER Kryptonian during patrol.
Training Grounds August 7th, 2020 Talking about training and armor.
The Titans Take A Time Out August 7th, 2020 America comes back to the tower. Nadia comes back to the tower, and brings Hank. Kyle visits the tower. Everyone's at the tower! Supergirl and Nightwing geek out at lego. Mary geeks out at RPGs. Donna makes kerbals explode. Caitlin bakes the world's best pie, and they all lived happily ever after.
Zodiac Rising: No Stone Unturned (Part 1) August 7th, 2020 Henley Crowne, one of the nouveau riche of Adams Heights, Starling City, has a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad night when four of the corrupted Avatars of the Zodiac show up in search of a treasure for their Master.
The verdant's underbelly August 7th, 2020 Arsenal and Hopscotch go explore Verdant's underground and come across some mutants. Turns out they have been squatting there after Mutant Town got zapped.
Two Out of Time... August 6th, 2020 Peg and Bucky catch up in the SHIELD cafeteria...
Picking up the pieces August 6th, 2020 Working to save Genosha (continued in scene 2814).
Have We Met August 6th, 2020 Two infamous villains unknowingly encounter each other in the VIP Lounge of the Hellfire Club.
Don't Judge Me August 6th, 2020 Mystique judges Rogue.
Chance Favors the Cheesy Mind August 6th, 2020 Pete and Chizue get together for quiet talk and good pho.
What's up, Doc August 6th, 2020 Jessica has a visitor at Alias, someone she recently snarked for the purposes of her own online ads. But online ads work, she got a case out of it.
When Thunder Calls August 6th, 2020 Thunder called and Cecily answered, but alas no true answers are found.
A Melody atop a mello T August 6th, 2020 Caitlin and Siobhan share an impromptu jam session on the roof and Kian gets a taste of Earth music.
Moving In! August 6th, 2020 Marie's best friend and her girlfriend bond over moving.
Moonshot August 6th, 2020 Superman and Wonder Woman, with assistance from Supergirl, establish the beginnings of a base on the lunar surface.
House Call August 6th, 2020 Donna and Samuel come to check up on a missing Nadia. The aftermath of Bushwick is discussed. Many cookies are eaten. Donna springs for Turkish food.
Down on Pugsley Creek August 6th, 2020 Kitty gets to see Jamie-vs-Jamie interaction first hand
A visit from a new 'friend' August 5th, 2020 Ivana Stoyanovich visits Thea with an offer she absolutely can't refuse. But Thea refuses. But what can change in a month?
Popcorn and TV Time August 5th, 2020 The X'ers fail to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Embarrassment abounds.
Just Another Day At Coffee of Doom August 5th, 2020 A goddess and a world-class assassin walk into a coffee shop...surprisingly revealing conversation ensues.
Fruit for a Fruit August 5th, 2020 Viv brings fruit and a discussion on the possibility of interstellar war is had.
Donuts and Coffee: Staples of Surveillance August 5th, 2020 On a stakeout, Oliver and Vanessa discuss life, the universe and everything
Catching Up: Spa Style August 5th, 2020 Emma and Lorna catch up and have girly talk.
On Krypton, it is a High Crime August 5th, 2020 Kara and Caitlin hug it out. Clones are a difficult topic.
Dakkadakka August 5th, 2020 Late night at the range, conversation and interesting weaponry.
Welcome to the X-Men, Thor! August 5th, 2020 Betsy falls off a roof.
Showing Off The Van August 5th, 2020 Donatello shows April the latest updates on the Turtle Van and gets some great advice in return.
Bam! Zoom! Straight to the Moon! August 5th, 2020 Three particular members of the Justice League of America discuss plans to revitalize that team, along with ideas for a shiny new HQ.
Strange Clouds August 4th, 2020 No description
Going Green August 4th, 2020 The Titans kick butt and meet a new Green Lantern!
Tropical Sunsets August 4th, 2020 Lorna and Namor have a conversation about Genosha and Atlantis' alliance and their relationship.
Ice Palace: Tristan's Story August 4th, 2020 Nessa talks to the boy she'd rescued at the ice Palace.
Hit by a Thunderbolt August 4th, 2020 Billy gets some Wisdom of Athena laid on him.
Black Sun: Westchester Burning August 4th, 2020 Faces are found and a disturbing plan proposed.
A tired call August 4th, 2020 Tony checks in with Pepper during the Mutant Town relief effort.
The Billionaire Boyz Club Goes Bankrupt August 4th, 2020 The Billionaire Boyz Club is at it again. Mania almost exacts revenge on them again, but she is interrupted by someone else again - Ghost Spider.
Killer Kittens from Space August 4th, 2020 Tim and Cassie have a talk about recent events. And by talk, this means lots of screaming and breaking things.
Devils Wild August 4th, 2020 Some demons, a mortal, and an angel sit down for a game of cards.
Sometimes you can even scream when you're quiet August 4th, 2020 Pizza is had and people talk!
Of Irishmen and Autoparts August 4th, 2020 Heroes raid a warehouse owned by the Irish Mob
Sorry, Wrong Address August 4th, 2020 The Black Cat crosses the path of Deathstroke, and luck is not on her side.
Panic! At the Planet! August 4th, 2020 Gabby rescues birbs. Gets stuck. Meets Singularity, America and Thunderbolt along with Superman. Talk ensues.
Desert Search & Seizure August 4th, 2020 Domino joins another mercenary in escorting an important weapons crate from Cairo, across the river, to Giza... And walks away with the prize.
Reverse Housecall August 4th, 2020 Doctor Strange visits Sera's brownstone, throws up, gives her a plant, and leaves.
Unstopping the Unstoppable Waspette August 4th, 2020 Janet comes by to give Nadia some cheering up, and Nadia decides to dub herself: The Unstoppable Waspette!
Kidnapping Chaos August 3rd, 2020 No description
Karaoke Night! August 3rd, 2020 The X crowd goes out for a night of karaoke, pizza and wings, and general camaraderie. Rogue admits to some knowledge of the Shrek franchise.
Stopping a Bullet August 3rd, 2020 A fight with DEATHSTROKE! And it totally does not go as the Outsiders planned, at all...
The Downside of Being a Champion of Man August 3rd, 2020 Billy's battle finished but Angelica's is just starting.
Court of Owls: The Walking Dead August 3rd, 2020 Red Hood is attacked by Talons. Plural. Lucky for him, he has backup in the form of Ravager. Rule one: Cardio. Rule two: Double Tap.
Something About Nowhere August 3rd, 2020 Conner brings to Tim some information about N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
Sanguine and Ichor August 3rd, 2020 A monster on the hunt rescues a monster caught by those who hunt them. A dance in fountains of blood and ribbons of flesh see a new alliance formed between two creatures of the shadows.
Still gotta work, no matter how much you scream August 3rd, 2020 Circumstances bring Starfire and Siobhan together at a coffee shop and they get to meet.
A night in the Roost. August 3rd, 2020 And Bart and Laura find little in common but decide it is ok.
Brotherly Chat August 3rd, 2020 Tim and Dick have a surprise guest.
Rooftop Pizza August 3rd, 2020 Rooftop Pizza is arguably the best pizza!
Look, Doc, A Sentient Universe! August 3rd, 2020 A fascinating sentient universe is brought to Reed Richards to help with her problems.
Hunt for Green December: Parting Gift August 3rd, 2020 Bruce brings Nadia a strange and alien gift.
All The Glitters Is Not Stolen August 3rd, 2020 Batwoman halts a dirty deal and Zee gets involved.
Nothing Stops... the Juggernaut! August 3rd, 2020 It's a tie! And a trip to urgent care.
A surprise Visit August 2nd, 2020 No description
A Searching We Will Go August 2nd, 2020 Batgirl, Red Hood and Spoiler track some shipments from a business owned by underworld interests, and take down the small drug lab they find at the destination.
Meeting the New Recruit August 2nd, 2020 Cassie and Dick meet Siobhan
The Torch August 2nd, 2020 A group of Titans gather to discuss leadership and flick peanuts.
A Quick Study August 2nd, 2020 Doc Samson solicits work-study help for a research project. Landry Lugar is among the interested parties--but will his own secret conflict with the project aims?
Support for the Lost August 2nd, 2020 Steve and Tony help out at a hospital caring for Mutant Town denizens.
Tacit Permission August 2nd, 2020 Bruce and Tim have some discussions about Tim's new team... and a couple of other things.
No Strings On Me. August 2nd, 2020 Doug is working out in the Danger Room, Hope shows up, they have a conversation about current events.
Relief August 2nd, 2020 Relief comes in many different forms. Amanda and Pepper have a quick girl chat in those moments before relief mobilization into the restored Bushwick.
A Screamin' Good Time August 2nd, 2020 Siobhan brings forth the Banshee in the training room of Titan's Tower, but confides to Caitlin her fears of 'cutting loose' with the spectral force.
Picnic Date by the Lake August 2nd, 2020 Histories are told. Akwardness ensues.
Oh Some Sunny Day August 2nd, 2020 People were on the roof, having food, and talkin' about things and also stuff.
Seeking The Barista Cat Of Doom August 2nd, 2020 Good drinks, good company, new friends, and cats. Today was a good day at DOOM Coffee.
Beaches and Bottles August 2nd, 2020 Gabby and Hope come to visit Lorna on Genosha.
There's Got to be a Morning After August 2nd, 2020 Sometimes the hardest battle you can fight is to not do evil.
How can we ever thank you... August 2nd, 2020 Meggan rescues a family from a storm at sea, and receives the best gift they have to offer as thanks.
When a Banshee cries for help August 1st, 2020 Siobhan moves into the Titan's guest lodging while they try to help get a handle on her mysterious spiritual 'else'.
After Battle August 1st, 2020 Logan checks in on Lorna after the fight against the Acolytes in Genosha
What Lies in the Red Room August 1st, 2020 Hank gets some answers, none of which he likes about Nadia.
A Timely Rescue August 1st, 2020 Tim gets mugged. Luckily X-23 is around to stop it.
Castle Rocks August 1st, 2020 Peter and MJ go out to White Castle after a very busy few weeks.
Court of Owls: Dark Horizon August 1st, 2020 Lucius Fox informs Bruce Wayne of brewing discontent amidst Wayne Enterprise's Board of Directors.
Footprints in Blood August 1st, 2020 After the Genosha fight, Victor heals and chat with Domino.
When Irish Are Conspiring... August 1st, 2020 The Parker Family meet up with an Irish lady who joins them for a shopping trip.
You owe me. August 1st, 2020 May cultivates a contact! Arthur gets good eats.
Teaming Up Is Hard To Do August 1st, 2020 The new members of the Outsiders are introduced. Shenanigans and a new kitten!
Green Lantern's in orbit after being exploded. Supergirl to the rescue! August 1st, 2020 Hal is rescued by Supergirl, and magically healed by Tempest. He returns the city of Kandor into Supergirl's keeping.
Rooftop Meetings August 1st, 2020 Up on the rooftop, sharing cheeseburger pizza and Mega-hurts -- err... megahertz. Kainashi learns about Cellphones, and Donatello learns that dogs don't like Axe.
A Couple of Gifts August 1st, 2020 Tim's back from a trip up to NYC, and brings presents back to Rose, because he's a very good boyfriend. He is probably reading some guidebook somewhere on how to do it.
So You Catch On Fire August 1st, 2020 Angelica investigates her powers and Reed provides a new wardrobe.
The Stories We Tell August 1st, 2020 Mary Bromfield aces her internship interview with Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, and the wholesomeness singularity is achieved.
Telepathic Ninjas Cheat August 1st, 2020 Arthur saves the day and Psylocke tries to kill everyone and Bolo shoots a guy in the knee meanly.
It's All About The Bread August 1st, 2020 Indian takeout at Chikara Dojo
Title Date Scene Summary
Dolls and Guys September 30th, 2020 Stephanie's pain from breaking up with Roberto leads her to home, where an unexpected visitor is playing with her doll collection. Combat is entirely within the realm of ponies and stuffed playthings.
ZZGU: The DEO calls in a favor September 30th, 2020 A piece of ZZGU is in the wild, the research facility is lost, but SHIELD has a sample.
Sewers Under Seige: Old faces, New Enemies September 30th, 2020 The Rat King has come to the turtle lair with an army of rodents. Splinter leads the charge to defend their home, only to fall under the Rat King's control and attack his sons. A combined effort of all the allies of the Turtles pushes the Rat King into retreat, but the lair is no longer safe, and the turtles have had to fight their own father... Where does this leave them now, with the very real threat of this dangerous enemy still moving around in the sewers.
=Mid-term meeting September 30th, 2020 Falafel sauce and conversation.
The sacred right of all SHIELD agents: The Swordfish Bar September 30th, 2020 Bobbi, Phil, Jess, and Angelo catchup at the swordfish